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  1. Haha. Well our landscapers would go out of business during the winter if they couldn't double up as snow plow drivers.
  2. For me the opinions of persons like yourself who live in border states hold quite a bit of value for me. It's easy for persons like me in northern states (I'm in Michigan) to be desensitized to boarder issues because, for me, my experience with Mexican immigrant communities where I live is that they are extremely hard working and do jobs that, frankly, many others won't do. But again, I don't experience the issue as up front and close as you do. For me, being opposed to the wall is about something more fundemental. I simply do not want to wall off the whole sourthern border of my country because what can be used to wall people out can also be used to wall people in. I am willing to accept some risk to ensure freedom. For me, it's not any different than second amendment advocates who are willing to accept some gun violence risk in defense of their second amendment rights and freedoms. It is a bit baffling to me to see people who proudly display bumper stickers that say "I love my country but fear my government" turn around and, in essence, say "Wall off the whole souther boarder so that 3/4 of our country is bound by either walls or ocean, sounds good to me!" Then when you combine that with having someone as President who I see as a bit of a lunatic while others are having second Sampson fantasies about him does not give me warm fuzzies. I agree with your comments about the debt (although I think you mean derivative market) but nobody is talking about the debt and I am hearing a lot about big spending (including the wall). My fear is that my kids don't even understand the danger our debt presents us because they have grown up with it. It is the single biggest threat to our freedom in my opinion. For the record. I did not cry during Old Yeller but I do get choked up sometimes at the end of It's a Wonderfull Life.
  3. I understand where you are coming from in that you are tired of illegal immigrants getting the same level of credence as legal immigrants but the definition of an immigrant is simply someone who comes to a country to live permanently. You are adding a bunch of other characteristics that simply are not actually part of the definition. Even some who come legally never fully come heart and sole. My wife's grandmother who immigrated from Europe after WWII paid taxes, ran a business, raised to sons who were job creators but her heart sole and loyalty really never left her mother-land and she always resented her family dragging her over here. Illegal immigrant is an accurate description.
  4. I don't think even Steve Bannon would necessarily disagree with this article. What newsheist (and I appreciate the honesty in their self naming) spins it to make it seem like they are being compared as whole people when they are mearly pointing out a similarity in philosophy which happens to be true. Both Reformed Christians and Muslims believe in pre-destination. Does pointing that one similarity out mean I'm saying that I'm claiming they are similar religions? Newsheist is playing with words to generate clicks.
  5. Certainly you have a right to think this but to many of us the lazy and selfish cried "waa waa waa the government has forgotten us waa waa waa we can't compete in a global economy, waa waa waa we need someone to make it easier for us", and then when Trump came along and their guy got elected they stood behind him looking over his shoulder saying "hey snowflake". Good grief. Sorry but not buying responses that are based on the assumption that Trump is "God's choice."
  6. The violence, while reprehensible, is people accepting Trump as President. Look at Trump's campaign. He encouraged violence, even offered to pay the legal bills of those who assaulted protesters. He is now living in the bed he made. I'm sure the Trump apologists will show up shortly to claim that he was misrepresented but it is pretty obvious to thinking humans what he started with his campaign. Having said that, most people who don't like Trump are indeed waiting out his candidacy. In the information age it is very easy to make isolated incidents seem like wholesale riots. It sells and generates clicks.
  7. And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” Merry Christmas all! Hope you all have a blessed Christmas wherever you are! We have packed our bags for a few days and left the enchanted mitten to visit our family in Ohio because, hey, who wouldn't want to spend the holidays in a swing state. SU
  8. You are asking a rhetorical political question in a news forum but I suppose since it is so close to the election it is connected to the news. Assuming you are asking in the context of recent election news, the question is a bit of a straw man because many of us don't believe for a minute that Trump is a pro-life candidate so it was not a factor in our vote. When asked how many abortions he has paid for her responded with "next question" and this is a man who never chooses not to speak when it can benefit him so if if had indeed never played a role in an abortion he would have jumped on answering that question. His dispassionate defense of being pro-life on 60 minutes only affirmed that this stance was an election pander and now is a quid pro quo with the Republican establishment. His loyalty towards it will disappear like Chris Christie as soon as he thinks he doesn't need it. It would also fly in the face of the many instances during this election year where posters have sited Biblical examples of people who God chose to lead despite their quilt of sins like murder as support for their candidate.
  9. When I first saw this I thought: "here we go again" but good to see people admitting that martial law is not eminent. I don't know if the website that created this fake news is one of them but there have been a number of recent articles about all the pro Trump fake news sites that are being run by teens and college students in the Balkans.
  10. Also, who wants to go bass fishing with me in the palace reflecting pond?
  11. I have not seen this anywhere else which means we are the first to know. Don't spread word of this until we have landed the good jobs working for the monarchy.
  12. You have a lot more experience with this board than I do so I will take your word for it.
  13. I would hardly call liberal kool-aid. I posted this a couple days ago from the National Review which I doubt many would call liberal Kool-aid The fact is that even with an increase this year, you would need to go back to the first half of the seventies to find a time when violent crime was this low. Hillary is looking at this long term trend. Co-mingling the violent crime rate in the US with comparison's of violent crime in the US vs. other countries just creates empty argumentative noise as they are two completely separate things. Mismuffet, the reason it doesn't seem like it is down is because of the change in the speed and volume of how information spreads during the information age. Donald Trump is banking that his followers don't understand the difference. By the way. If you overlay a graph of the percentage of the overall population by year that is in the age group the commits violent crimes (teens - thirties) you will see that the curve follows very closely with the violent crime curve. Simply put, as the baby boomer generation passed into the age group that commits crimes, crime went up, and as they aged, violent crime declined. There are of course many things that impact crime rates but I think that is a big factor.
  14. A while back I saw something on the life cycle of a special interest which basically showed how a special interest starts out with a core important cause and as it attains success is forced to pursue increasingly marginal new issues in order to justify it's existence to the point of where it's demands become unreasonable and instead eventually marking the end of the special interest. While I don't view the basic civil rights cause to be a "special interest" is the term has grown to include negative connotations but I do believe this shows signs of that life cycle. I recently hear an African American person speak to this very issue on college campuses and say that when you are part of the minority culture, sometimes you just need a break. While as a Christian I am sorry about that, I do think when it gets to that point the movement has to define what is the end we are trying to acheive as someone else has mentioned.
  15. This is missing the point. From the gun crowd we often hear the theme “I love my country but fear my government.” Why does that fear not extend to walling off the whole southern exterior of our country with the Great Wall of the US that can be used to wall people out or, if convenient, wall them in. Neat. With guns, the justification acknowledges that we accept some risk in order to protect us from the possibility of a greater risk. Why not this rationale with a walling off our country. A just for the sake of posterity, I am not against guns although it is not the centerpiece of my political views.