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  1. Luke 17:6 6. He replied, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you. [NIV] 6. And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you. [KJB] What does '...it will obey you' mean. How does the tree obey the command of faith. Does it actually uproot itself and transport itself to the sea?
  2. What Is Repentance?

    Repentance is acknowledging one's own truth about what they have been in denial about. Repentance is facing judgment of God. It is the willingness, at all costs, to step in the Light to be exposed and vulnerable to judgment. Not only that, but prepared to take responsibility for it; even if it means rejection, segregation, abandonment, and annihilation. Repentance is an act of faith. It is worthy of God's forgiveness and love, though most don't understand this because they have not yet experienced unconditional love. Repentance is the gate which opens the door to the kingdom of God. Repentance is being True. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life. Repentance on a daily basis is a way to live truthfully.
  3. Artists Lounge!

    These are photographs of a collage artwork. It is about addiction to pharmaceutical products such as caffeine, codeine, and other chemically induced feel goods. Taken in excess can cause internal organ damage - hence the jaundice skin colour.The collage is mostly made from pharmaceutical packaging, except for eyelashes and pupil.Top photo shows the pupil as reflective (of self)The second shot shows a slight curvature look when viewing from the side.Bottom photo is overall photo of artwork.
  4. So what is wrong with God's confirmation?

    There is no corona inside the circular wire and to the spheroid, like a vacant cone. The gap between spheroid and circular wire is wide enough to not allow arcing. If any closer, an arc would appear. There is no state were an arc and corona co-exist. So while there is no arc there is corona and visa-versa.
  6. First Scale Model, a Work in Progress

    Made metal connectors from a sheet of metal that had some spring to it. Wires were connected to them and the navigational lights (red and green LEDs) were also connected. Wires were routed to back of span and along the vertical framework. Then I filled in the trench work with wood putty. After it dried I sanded it flat and smooth. Then gave it an undercoat of acrylic primer paint.
  7. Feeling sad

    Hello Francisca. If your depression is not clinical, i.e., due to some chemical imbalance, such as a drop in serotonin levels. If your depression has been consistent for last few months, I would definitely see my doctor about it. If the depression comes and goes then it is more likely to be the way one thinks. For example, if I start thinking about the things that have not going my way I will get depressed. Some things that have not gone my way include, broken relationships, unhappy in my job, stress, loneliness, etc. The main problem here is not accepting the fact that not all things have to go our way. Because this have not gone our way does not mean that something must be wrong with us on a personal level, What has gone wrong is that we have relied too heavily on things going our way for us to feel okay. As soon as they don't go our way (in the present) we get upset. If it seems it might not go our way (in the future), we get anxious. And if we think about the things that did not go our way (in the past) we get depressed. In this regard, we need to realize that as a Christian it really is okay if things don't go our way. Read Philippians 4:11-13. Here are some bible verses about depression
  8. Nice thread. There is another way which works really good for me. That is, to be thankful for all things good or bad. Yes, even the bad, for they provide us with the greatest lessons. So when a burden arises, I immediately thank the Lord for the opportunity to learn, and progress towards living the way the truth and the life. By being grateful for the burden, I find myself open for my lesson. In that openness I find what I need to do to deal with it. Surprisingly, most of the lessons requires me to not interfere, but accept the situation and be responsible for my thoughts and actions. In all things (thoughts and actions) I try to be thankful. I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength. - Philippians 4:11-13
  9. First Scale Model, a Work in Progress

    Finished the basic framework (except for the top) of the bridge span. I was surprised how well it turned out. Now with some added confidence, a part of me was looking forward to building the bridge towers.

    Considering the photograph above, if the gap opened up another 1/4 inch the arcing would stop and streamers from both ends would be desperately trying to reach across the gap, but to no avail.

    Time for switch on. At first switch-on nothing happened at the Tesla coil (TC). The Overload Spark Gap (OSG) was too close together, so all energy went there instead of the TC. After a few test adjustments, the OSG stopped working and the TC became continuously active. Below: The big blur of light you see between the TC output terminals is actually a single arc. The photographic time exposure (about on second) recorded over 2,000 arcs. Each one adding heat to the air gap causing the following arc to track slightly on a different path. You can see where the corona leakages are: secondary coil ends and the TC output cables. Corona and spark discharges uses any part of a surface which has a sharp edge or point to escape from. Also, you can see the three small spark gaps through the welding glass of the Rotary Spark Gap casing. A friend took this photograph, for I am standing behind the TC to see how close I can get to it. I stopped advancing towards it as I felt the skin on my face tingling (about a meter away). Below: Here is a closer view using a fraction of a second exposure. The arc can be seen here. Visually, you only see one arc moving around in a seemingly random motion. The sound of the arc is very similar to a welding machine (but a bit louder). I used black and white film because in my research I discovered that some B&W film was also sensitive either side of the visual spectrum (Infrared and Ultraviolet). I was hoping to capture anything invisible as well, which I discovered later.

    Here is the basic circuit diagram which I had been using: I have experimented with many variations of the basic circuit. I bought a copy of Tesla's diary when he conducted experiments at Colorado Springs. Tried some of the variations of circuitry he experimented with. But the circuit above was the main one I used for my experiments. This is the general layout of the components on top of a wooden table. Not knowing what to expect from the initial experiment, I placed it outdoors. The Neon Transformer (used for neon signs) had a 15,000 volt output, which fed the Tesla Coil circuitry. The breakout box was so I could control individual items of interest. They were labelled by erasable pen, depending on what I had plugged into the box. Below: The Tesla coil is a simple air transformer with a primary of 8 turns of multi strand wire (later versions used copper piping). The secondary, from memory, had about 500 turns of copper wire spaced with nylon fishing wire between each turn (for added insulation). Output voltage was about 500,000 volts. The Rotary Spark Gap (RSG) is purely for safety reasons. Tesla designed many variations of these. The purpose is to bring the voltage frequency from 50 Hz (Australia) to above 2,000 Hz. The human nervous system cannot react to impulses above 2 kHz. The RSG was made from 1/8" aluminium plate with an insulated (perspex) centre hub. This was attached to a 3,000 rpm motor (from an industrial printer). Each of the 16 blades passed 3 air-gapped contact points, which broke up the 50 Hz voltage to about 2,400 Hz (chopped). The blade is finely balanced (note the holes drilled into the blades). The whole thing is boxed in and welding glass is used for observing the gap sparks. When it gets up to speed it sounds like a muffled jet engine. Above: The capacitors are homemade Leyden Jar types, made from 3 mm thick glass flagon bottles. The glass is the dielectric, and the conductor between the glass is salt-saturated water in and outside of the bottles. The overload spark gap is just to take up the load in case there is a short circuit, such as the dielectric of the glass breaks down. When the glass shortens out you cannot tell where it has ruptured. The jar still can contain water, but not electricity. The jar needs to be replaced.

    Low Frequency Interference is common with such devices. A Faraday cage is often used to isolate/earth it. To get a 12-15 foot arc from a coil not only requires a large neon transformer (of good amps) but a special way of insulating the Tesla coil winding from shorting out. I built one that produced 6-8 feet and both the Tesla coil and one side of the neon transformer secondary winding blew its insulative integrity, i.e., it became unusable again. So whatever you did, you must have done it well and had the right equipment to handle its output.
  14. Don't expect much traffic here but - Rocketry!

    Very impressive even without the music. It sure is huge, much like a missile. So a full-size one must have been absolutely huge. It would have been interesting to record the G-forces on take off, because it took off very quickly. Thanks for sharing.