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  1. Raven

    Can't I just be broken?

    Acceptance is the key to all our problems. Accept it when you feel down, and accept it when you feel up. In both cases, stay in touch with Christ, stay in touch with The Shepherd and He will lead you along the right path of acceptance. Once you can accept it, everything that you would not accept vanishes. When we have a story about feeling down, that story makes it feel worse and we suffer for it. Through acceptance, the story vanishes. Though we may still feel down, it no longer bothers us because we have accepted it. This liberation from our suffering makes us feel grateful. In that gratitude, we are back to loving God unconditionally. To accept, I usually let go of an old belief I had from my old nature (without Christ in my life) that if things don't go MY way, I won't be/feel okay. But my new nature (with Christ in my life) knows I will still be okay if things don't go MY way. So it's okay if I am down or up or whatever. Knowing I am okay regardless, helps me to accept it.
  2. Raven

    God cant fix everything.

    The past can be changed by making amends and forgiveness.
  3. Raven

    Saved from what exactly?

    From the bondage of self. It is only the 'self' (ego-self) which suffers from multiple forms of fears. Such as the fear of judgement, rejection, misunderstood, exposure, vulnerabilities, etc. Jesus way and life is about the truth, and the truth will set you free from all fears created by 'self'.
  4. Shocking! Praying for all concerned.
  5. Raven

    Texas mass shooting.

    So sad and shocked the read about the mass shooting of Christians in a Texas Baptist Church today. Sorry for the grief of those effected by it. May God console you. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/05/us/church-shooting-texas.html
  6. First of all, how do you know you did not ask to be born before you were born? The Greater Reality of Truth (All truth, not facts) stem from the realm of the invisible. From the realm of what all things (including matter) stem from. This realm is invisible to us. To have any idea of the invisible realm is to use faith, not knowledge of this visible world. To have faith is to become unconditional. To trust in the Greater Reality of Truth (God) without reservation. If you have reservation, then one is still looking back at the visible (worldly thoughts). When one becomes faithful, they are open to see the truth. And part of that truth is that everybody is totally responsible for their own thoughts and actions. What this means, is there is no more blame, no more forgiveness, all is accepted. Peace and harmony comes from having no fear, no deceptions, no tension. Love and truth is the new way of life. In that state of mind of truth, one realizes they are not here for 'self'. What does not want to be here is the fearful 'self'.
  7. Raven

    We serve a God that

    Loves our faith, truth and love unconditionally. In other words, innocence.
  8. Raven

    Cutting Ties

    Do not fear, have faith. Do not fear checking voice messages. Your friend maybe asking for reconciliation.
  9. Raven

    Truth & Critical Thinkimg

    Regardless of religions or sciences there is a truth which is so profoundly real and doubtless that surpasses all reasoning. It is this Truth, when revealed to a person, that no amount of logic can shift it. To change from this Truth is like asking somebody to return to a world of fear and deception and not know any difference. But that can never happen because we do know the difference. It is only the non-believers that suffers from no differences. They don't know any different and therefore cannot understand us. But since we do know the difference we have chosen the better side.
  10. Here is another set-up which I enjoyed playing around with, though it got frustrating at the end due to lack of knowledge on my behalf. The idea here was to simulate lightning, and it did the job very well. The goal of this experiment was to see how I could store the energy of a lightning flash. I read somewhere that a good two second lightning flash (average maximum flash time) could operate all the washing machines in an average rural town for over two months. The TC is AC, so to is a lightning flash in a way. That is, it starts of as a static discharge from, lets say, cloud + to earth -. Once the flash is established then the polarity has reversed to cloud - to earth +. This exchange happens many times within a second until the potential differences, between cloud and earth, become too weak to continue bridging the gap. My thinking is to use a high power bridge diode between the flash and a storage device like a pond/lake size battery. Of course, no such devices are available for such high electrical power of a lightning strike, let alone a half million volt TC. This experiment led my to further understand, and appreciate, the vast energies required to keep this planet going. There is always a lightning strike happening somewhere on the earth at any one time. <-- this link is to observe a real-time lightning map of the world. It records every lightning flash. (tip: zoom in to see more flashes). The planet's vegetation rely on lightning strikes to ionize oxygen in the rain to help break down nitrogen in the soil, which feeds the plants.
  11. You followed me correctly. The glare, if any, could be controlled in terms of intensity. Besides, the path of the photons would be random and not focused like a beam. I suppose ozone could be controlled if certain things were eliminated such as Ultraviolet light and nitrogen oxide. However, I like your thinking because it is that sort of imagination that is required for discovering new ideas. Much like scientists relying on science fiction writers to come up with the ideas so they can try and make it fact instead of fiction.
  12. Hello Omegaman 3.0, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I still have more to show, but I thought that I might be wasting my time here about this subject, so I stopped posting. Then you responded, so there is some interest here for this topic. Here is another experiment using a Jacob's Ladder, but in this instance the two vertical poles (aluminium arrow shafts) are set too wide for a gap spark, so it then works as a high electromagnetic field antenna. As you mentioned about the fluorescent tube, it can be lots of fun playing with it (in safety). The drawing is of a black and white photograph of me holding the tube. the centre part was short circuited through me, so the gap, in the tube, was not ionized enough to become lit. However, I used B&W film here because I wanted to pick up any Infrared or ultraviolet which B&W film sometimes detects. Here, on the B&W film, an ultraviolet, part halo, was evident on the film, yet was not seen by us. So it was just off the visible spectrum. The revelation for me was that here is a light which appears without coming directly from a light source such as a heated filament or a flame. But from emitted energy (ultraviolet photons, so to speak) from the air surrounding the tube. Within that part halo, there is no shadow. Shadowless light implies that the air itself could be the light source. One day they maybe able to create shadowless light between two electrodes. If the electrodes were opposing wall space then the agitated gas between them, say nitrogen, could let off photons. In this case, the whole room would become lit without any shadows. It would be great asset for such things as surgery, where it could be detrimental if something was not seen in the shadow of a wound. For those unfamiliar with the Jacob's Ladder:
  13. Raven

    Need help!

    The above is a bit of comical relief. Cold Turkey is best way. Get rid of EVERYTHING voodoo NOW. Then ask God, to reveal to you, why you think you need to be in control over people, places, things and situations. Then turn your will and life over to the care of Christ / God on a daily basis until you no longer need to, because you have already. Try this, and it will be the best thing you will ever do.
  14. loving the Love eternity.
  15. Raven

    How To Get To Heaven When You Die

    For me, How To Get To Heaven When You Die? is not to expect to go to heaven, but only care about loving the Love that loves me. My concern is to live a truthful way of life as taught by Jesus Christ. What happens as a result of that, is up to Jesus Christ. I will accept whatever judgement is passed onto me, and I will still love the Love that loves me.