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  1. going ok still have our ups and downs but we got a new puppy named her Hannah from the Bible
  2. i ask for prayers for me and my family as we lost our Dog to Cancer 2 days ago he was 78 yrs. old in human yrs. and it's taking a heavy toll of our every day lives thanks
  3. Brother he created us for a purpose and that is to go out to Preach and Teach to all nations Baptizing them in the name of The Father, Son , and Holy Spirit it's Scripture , this is for us to preach and teach to non believers too
  4. The Word Catholic means Universal Believer in Christ Jesus and yes they worship different then Protestants do but that does not mean they are not Christian's they are, they believe in baptizing in what i call titles but the way Jesus Baptized John in the River, in the Name of the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit, this is the original way that Jesus Baptized in the Bible , i disagree here....
  5. its a friend of mine they have Windows 8.1 and i think Google Chrome or IE
  6. it doesn't matter mine is a brand new computer and a brand new OS, it's their site because entering chat me and my friend have a hard time getting in all the time to chat and even the forums
  7. no viruses or infected i do scans every other day
  8. how come when i enter the site or go into the chat room i always get not responding or long running script or all kinds of ads
  9. Amen you are already Saved , but when you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit it does change this such as how you talk to people, how you handle stuff ect.. these are only a few things their is a heck of a lot more i can't even think about
  10. i agree sister you are right when i received it i was not the same either because once that happens we are a new Creation in Christ Jesus
  11. this was a day i will never ever forget this is the day that Jesus was resurrected from the grave , i was watching at our church the part where they beat and whipped Jesus Christ with the 9 tails whip one of the worse parts to watch but this is what all he did for us all so we wouldn't have to bare the burdens and pain that he did he says if you just cry out to me i will answer you my child and i believe that even tho sometimes i don't think he is even with me because of pain and sickness which i know that this could be a way he is working through me for those that are suffering through their pain and sickness i just offer it up to the one and only Jesus Christ, my risen King , my healer and my comforter and almighty God over all the earth... i have asked him to take certain things from my life and i am not in as much pain anymore , Praise God but i still want it completely gone so i don't have to ever do through it again , Jesus Christ is everything to me and even more
  12. would you tell your children about the Easter Bunny or Jesus Resurrecting from the Grave and what the meaning of Easter is all about not the Candy or Chocolate candy bunny ect... i sure would tell him their is no such thing as a Easter Bunny but their is a Jesus Christ
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