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  1. Firstly Marv, it matters not what you think. It matters only of what I KNOW. It does not go against scripture - on the contrary. I do hope you Glorify Him because He is pouring out gifts of the spirit and visions and dreams on many believers right now. He is unsealing Revelation to many. I will say I had a vision and Yeshua spoke to me because He was there and I in His presence. Yes it was Him and HE SAYS I CAN speak and He tells me to keep speaking. I do not submit to your naysayer type who discredit the Lord, His words and speak against those who He tells to speak. I owe you nothing more than that response. I also don't suggest YOU tell people it is the "LORD" speaking if it isn't and it surely is not. I have no worries or fear to say it is the LORD because it is the Lord. The Lord is very happy with me and He is delighted in me to speak the truth of Him being alive. You have no concept at this time. You are blind and trying to intellectually understand scripture without the Holy Spirit. This is why I am giggling at your response of Paul and horses and Satan. Yikers Marv. I am not making fun of you just shaking my head at the so called scholars who act like the same ones who mocked Yeshua when He was here. Foolish say foolish things. Point made. You do not have the Holy Spirit indwelling in you nor does it dwell any where near you at this time. You must have belief first on the Lord. You must GLORIFY Him before the Holy Spirit comes to indwell. You have not GLORIFIED HIM YET. just because you "said you believe" means nothing. You can not trick Hashem. He knows that you are a doubting Thomas about Him. He will not send the Holy Spirit to you until you believe on Him and GLORIFY HIM. Go back and read scripture again. Somebody told you that you could just 'say you believe' huh? He knows that you don't fully believe on Him. NO Living Water will come forth from you until you GLORIFY Him. Glorify Him WITH BELIEF! You can not recognize Living Water coming forth in anyone else because you have not experienced the Living Water coming forth in yourself. You have lack of belief in the Lord thus no Living Water yet. You have a mind full of scripture. That is all you have Marv. An empty change purse right now. Believe on Him with the heart of a child and that is what brings him GLORY. Then you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will reveal the scriptures to you. You do not understand where John was because you have never experienced where John was. I have experienced these things, in spirit and sometimes in body when I am take somewhere in the world with Him. I understand John completely. He was a prophet and He was shown into the future. Just because He was in Heavenly places Marv does not mean these things are happening in the future in Heavenly places. He was being shown future events of the End Times down here on earth. The first of the seven seals has already been opened. The white horse! "The rider held a bow and was wearing a crown and he rode out as a 'Conqueror' bent on conquest." Many have said this is 'SISI' but it surely is not. The one who rides the white horse with the bow in his hand is the Pope. Why is the rider only carrying a bow without an arrow? Who could ride out and conquer and be bent on conquest with no actual weapon such as an arrow to kill and destroy? Who would carry a pistol for protection but have no 'bullets' inside? The Holy Spirit says that he is only carrying the bow in his hand to show that he is the originator and author of the conquering and the quest to conquer. He is not doing the killing, so he does not have an arrow. He is a Jesuit who is conquering and killing by proxy. Yes. 'SISI' was created for this very conquest and sadly even they are unawares. Have you not noticed that the Jesuits and SISI doctrine is exactly the same? Infiltrate, pretend to be their friend and then rise up and kill all of the infidels. (The true followers of Jesus Christ.) The Jesuits have been doing such things for centuries. No surprise. Some have said that this is the Lord riding on the white horse. No! They are two very distinct riders. The Lord carries a sword and comes with a huge army at the end of Revelation not in the beginning. This rider comes with only a bow, no arrow and he has no known army around him--he is alone. This is how the rider wants to appear to people--very distanced from the army he has created. He is mimicking Yeshua riding on 'white' and he is wearing the crown which has been given to him. He is eluding that he is the vicar of Jesus Christ though he is not. Yes, it has been given to him by Yeshua. Yeshua is the one who opened the first seal and handed him this crown to wear and it is only to fulfill the Lord's prophecy. As we speak, he is riding the white horse as a conqueror bent on conquest. The Lord is always 'Faithful and True' but this other rider is not! Since you have called me a liar, you in essence have called God the Father a liar so I will end any more discussion with you. I will pray that you do receive the Holy Spirit because once you do...you will recognize it in another. Shalom, JG
  2. Those that you are speaking about Marv, those whom are eating, drinking, marrying etc are the 10 Kings of Revelation. The Lord came to speak to me about them in a vision and He was very specific of them and what was going to happen to them. He is speaking about the elite and their families thinking that they are untouchable and that God's wrath will not come down on them. They will be doing all of these things and whooping it up while the majority of world's people are living in chaos, famine, pestilence, debauchery - pure craziness. The only horse from Revelation that is now running at this time is the white horse- the conqueror bent on conquest with the bow. (pope) I will believe Yeshua's words over mere man say because Yeshua does not lie....EVER! We are not in the 'days of Noah' YET. When you see orgies and murders on the street, complete lawlessness which is not happening yet and certainly not in the U.S. ...you will know the difference. It will only be the elite that are partying it up. They will not be affected by this...but later down the road they will be. They can not hide from Hashem. wink wink
  3. We are not in the days of "Noah" yet. It has not even begun. When the 6th seal is broken and all of the 4 horses of Revelation ride....it will begin to get like the day of Noah. The economy collapse, the murdering, the plundering, the famine, disease. It has not even started yet.
  4. Aweee I am sorry to hear that Lady Kay. I know what you mean about that feeling. God bless you.
  5. It is not a "literal' Elijah but the spirit of Elijah. That is why he has came already and Elijah will come again. It is the "Spirit" of Elijah that will return. The spirit will be full of Hashem! The Seven Spirits that Yeshua walked with inside Him...this is what will fill a man. A transfiguration of such. A huge gust of Hashem blowing over and indwelling. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Are you a Muslim man? You never answered that question on the other thread. Curious. Are you Muslim?
  7. I believe the question itself was asked to be antagonistic or an attempt anyways. The fact of the matter is that women of the Lord's have long hair and this is our covering. Now if we are talking about any other false God here on this Christian website then this particular question is irrelevant to us in the U.S. Here in the U.S. I used to tan at an apartment pool. I always found it quite strange and hypocritical to see the women covered in all this garb but their husband has a speedo on walking around the pool area. What is THAT all about? I think the men should wear a veil too..to go along with the spiritual veil they wear- it just seems proper. Just so women don't look at the icky speedo and lust. I have to go now and concentrate on getting that horrible memory out of my head and stop my urge to vomit right now. LOL
  8. I think that I will never be forced to wear this garb. Oh no...that is not what I think...that is what I know.
  9. One can only be well versed in History if History is written with truth. I am not speaking of biblical things but about the Reich. I know of many things that are in the history books right now that are an outright lie and deception to the people who are being taught these things.
  10. Prayers said for her healing. Prayers for you and all involved as well.
  11. So I am curious here.... Why are all types of links allowed but I leave a link to a personal writing of my Holy Spirit meeting and it is removed? Did I miss something in the welcome package?
  12. I listened to The Book of Jasher on audio last evening. Interesting. Well...Jasher is in the Bible and referenced in a few places which I found unexpectedly. I did not listen to the Book of Enoch yet. Jasher was very interesting. It seemed to me as if this had much to do with Eve, the judgment of the wicked, it sounded just as it always sounds to me when I read the bible. History is repeating itself over and over. Reiterating that one is to walk with God and not in wickedness. I did have a few questions that stood out to me. Why did the two whelps smote the Lioness and she ran to be in the midst of the Lions? Noah wondered greatly...and so do I. It was very interesting and I am headed to listen to Enoch. Thank you to some of you who left scripture here in reference to Jasher.
  13. Bless you back I wanted to leave this link of a writing about how I met the Holy Spirit and How I KNOW that the Holy Spirit leads us to all truth, whether it be about false doctrine or hidden things or even whether the book of Jasher is true or not. People must understand that many years ago I knew nothing of Jesus, I knew nothing inside the bible. I was living out in Las Vegas in 2006-2009 when all of these things began and that alone can give you a very good idea of where the Lord met me - I was in deep sin. Please remember that you are talking to a person who had no formal anything and knew nothing of Jesus. Imagine yourselves being me and not knowing anything of church, church lingo, scripture. When these spiritual things began I was shocked, frightened, so remorseful of my sins, very happy to know that Yeshua existed but totally creeped out that the devil and demons existed as well. I sat for over a year in guilt, shame, remorse and fright because of these things and I had nobody from the church who understood. Completely alone! They prayed at me instead of praying for me. Nobody came to talk to me about the Love and Mercy and Compassion of the Lord and how I did not have to sit in shame, guilt, fear and that I was free of sin because of the Blood Yeshua shed on the cross. Instead they accused and caused me demon and the devil and if caused me to stay very alone with Yeshua. They never gave me the Good News. Yeshua alone gave me the good news. I had no Christian friends to help me with these things that were happening to me and no interest in God before this began. I went to the churches for help and understanding and I realized that most of the churches had not a clue either. They said I was lying etc. Some denied, some called it the devil...oh the list went on. But the great news was that Yeshua began teaching me and showing me many things. Even some of the pastors would ask me, "How do you know that?" My response would always be the same YESHUA! "And you do not know any of the words of the bible?" Nope. Many said, "Well it lines up with scripture but you are just saying it in your own words." Yes, because that is what we are told to do. Wear Christ so others can know Christ. All of those churches could not even speak to me because they used big words, things I had no clue of, they used scripture as a weapon to hurt me instead of help me and they did it unawares. They would say the Holy Spirit told them that I was lying or that I was a demon or a devil because I knew something personal of them. Some even called me Jezebel because the Lord blessed me with outside beauty to go with inner beauty. They said the Holy Spirit told them this. Oh no the Holy Spirit did not tell them this. I became celibate for many years before these church people did these to me. They were saying the Holy Spirit told them. How can the Holy Spirit lie? I always thought the Holy Spirit was a liar because of the many people saying "The Holy Spirit told me" and then they would lie. The Holy Spirit can not lie! But...a person who does not have the Holy Spirit can lie. The day that I knew that the Holy Spirit was true was wonderful because I found out what the Holy Spirit does and that it was real and that it comforts and that it speaks all truths and it does not lie! It reveals all truths Not just some! ALL! So I have left this here for you to understand that we should open our spirits to the HOLY SPIRIT to lead us in everything we do, think and say before we do anything, say anything or think anything. We must all ask ourselves privately if we truly have the Holy Spirit indwelling in us and if we truly believe in the Holy Spirit to lead us to all truths. You may find this awesome of what the Holy Spirit can do through a person as well as what it means to have the Holy Spirit and how to let the Holy Spirit lead you to all truths.
  14. I believe the Holy Bible to be true. I also believe that man has taken the original writings which were written in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek and translated them. They did not translate them with the "Power of God." Hardly. All of these bibles other than the originals are translations of men and truth be told some who did these interpretations were half guessing of what the original writers meant. Words are very different and mean different things in different languages. This is why we study and learn before we make assumptions or call anything satanic or a lie, fake or forgery. What would Yeshua be thinking and feeling for instance, if we were to say that the book of Enoch was actually true yet His followers are calling them lies? (using this as an example only hypothetical. I will not know until I listen to it and read it.) This is why we should be careful on how we divide and sort. There are many people who actually believe that the "Apostles creed" is in scripture. No. It is not. It is man-made doctrine that was placed into the Catholic doctrine - one of many things and they ARE the the worst at twisting and leaving out scriptures from the true words of God. Those who are affiliated with all these denominations have been led away from the simple truth and the Good News of Jesus Christ. We were sent the Holy Spirit from Yeshua. He is the interpreter and only interpreter of the word of God. If a person truly has the Holy Spirit residing inside them they will be able to discern what is good and lovely from the Lord and what is wicked and to be tossed out. I only know this much. I was not indoctrinated and I knew nothing of scripture. When I read such things about Enoch or the fallen angels that Paul told women to cover themselves as to not entice, but I see nothing else in the entire Bible in regards to these things...I was saying...wait a minute. What is missing here? Why is there nothing of this? Scripture is supposed to be placed upon each line and precept upon precept...a little here and a little there...but guess what? I don't see a 'little of anything' anywhere in scripture of Enoch. This can not be so. There are things missing. THAT I do know. Because of the word JASHER that has been brought in front of my face enough times and I feel my spirit move with this word though I do not understand why, I KNOW that it is the Holy Spirit guiding me to ALL truths. I would never have looked into it otherwise. This is the HOLY SPIRIT which moves us to all truths! The Holy Spirit will teach, guide and reveal what those in the world may have tried to hide, or the devil has tried to distort. But just as nobody can stand against the Great I Am, nobody can hide the truth and the wisdom of the Lord from us. *even if they attempt* The Holy Spirit does ALL THINGS. It is just a matter of if one has the Holy Spirit or they not. Many believe that they have the Holy Spirit but they are clearly following cults, lies, different doctrine. Interesting don't you think? The Holy Spirit is very real and does disclose truth and wisdom but you must trust God in all of your ways and let His Spirit guide you and teach you - not man.
  15. Thank you Oakwood. I did not realize that what was chosen in the canon was from the Catholic movement. This makes so much sense to me now. I am going to download it and listen to it and wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal anything to me. I do know that the Vatican has twisted and removed scriptures and teaches against the Lord's words. This is apparent fro scriptures. They teach all sorts of nonsense that the Lord says is nothing about Him and it teaches others to do the very opposite of what He expects. I am going to listen to it. I trust the Lord to speak to me on this. This may answer many of my spiritual questions in regards to demons, fallen angels and the end time things that I have been seeing. Thanks to all who have responded.
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