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  1. Follower Of Jesus, this will clear it up. https://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/treasury-of-david/psalms-146-3.html As for what appears to be a contradiction between Hebrews 10:16 and Proverbs 28:26, Proverbs tells us that when we rely on our own understanding of things we fall short as our knowledge is far from complete so we make errors in judgement constantly which leads to sin constantly. we ALL do this, no exceptions despite (Hebrews 10:16) God having put His Laws in our hearts and minds. We know when we are doing wrong and evil even when we constantly ignore God's Laws. (See Romans 3:23). Cheers!!!
  2. MaryJayne, who ever told you God only hears prayers when two or more are together is mistaken. They are confusing praying with Matthew 18: 20 where Jesus tells us when two or three gather in His name He is with them. As for praying, this link shows scriptures on how the Bible tells us to pray. You can pray with others or alone. God is always listening and wants us to pray often. https://www.biblestudytools.com/topical-verses/prayer-bible-verses/ Cheers!!!
  3. Hello MaryJayne! Welcome to Worthy! Cheers!!!
  4. Hello Gary! welcome to worthy! Once you have three posts here you can post elsewhere in the forum or start a new topic. Simply reply to my post and others that will be welcoming you until you have three total. cheers!!!
  5. Hello Follower of Jesus! welcome to Worthy! You have three posts so you should be able to post in most topics and start a new topic as well. Cheers!!!
  6. Hi Pogi! How are things going with getting your wife to see the truth? Something else came to mind thinking about this "Jesus is not God but just a man" heresy. Since, according to this Iglesia Ni Cristo fiction, that Jesus was just a man, then they should be able to show other men capable of Christ's deeds right? What one man can do, certainly there must be others who can do the same. So, who do they have that can claim being God's ONLY begotten Son, was immaculately conceived, knows the Will of God and has God's Authority, walks on water, commands storms to cease, feeds thousands with a few fish and loaves of bread, heals the sick with a word, casts out demons, raises the dead back to life, can be killed and resurrected on the third day for all to see, hear and converse with and every other deed of Christ? Certainly, if their doctrine is true, they have to have members capable of these things, right? Again, if Jesus was just a man, where are the men in their organization that does what Jesus does? Ask you wife who these members are. They do not exist, not even the Beast of Revelation can do all that Christ does. She has to agree with this. Cheers Pogi!!!
  7. Hi Scott Free! Where did you find that "over half of Christians do not take the Creationist theories seriously"? Not looking to argue, but I find it extremely hard to believe this. Was it just an exaggeration or do you have a resource that has surveyed Christians on this topic? Very interested to know. Thank you Brother. Cheers!!!
  8. Hello Yeshua'sBerean1! Welcome to Worthy! Cheers!!!
  9. Hello DavidReese! Welcome to Worthy! Cheers!!!
  10. Hi Other One. Fine by me if someone wants to listen or not, agree or not, since it is all foolishness to God. Like I stated, scripture is about salvation. Period, end of story! Cheers Brother!!!
  11. What scripture references? There is no scripture that states the earth is flat. References to the earth and heavens are from the perspective of the individual; If you go outside right now, it can easily appear the earth is flat and the sky a dome, but only from a human perspective at a specific location. Travel anywhere on the earth and it will always look flat from that point, yet the sky changes. You don't see the same stars in the Northern hemisphere as you do in the Southern. If you travel from one hemisphere to the other believing it is flat, why would there be a different sky with completely different star fields? If you go to the highest peaks on earth, the curvature of the earth becomes clearly visible. So according to flat earthers, every ship falls off the earth at the horizon, and every plane crashes on the earth there too! Now obviously this is ridiculous but no less ridiculous than a flat earth. Stop this flat earth none sense already. The Bible is about salvation, not geology. Isaiah 40: 22. It is he that sitteth H3427 upon the circle H2329of the earth, H776 and the inhabitants H3427thereof are as grasshoppers; H2284 that stretcheth out H5186 the heavens H8064 as a curtain, H1852 and spreadeth them out H4969 as a tent H168 to dwell in: H3427 Circle, H2329 Chuwg. Circle, Circuit, Compass, Sphere Cheers!!!
  12. Flat Earth is a lie. Lies are from Satan. How can those who believe or perpetuate a lie not be damaged? It is a matter of life and death. Just saying. Cheers!!!
  13. Hello R. Hartano! Welcome to Worthy! Will Jesus return? Without any doubt. Even now when two or three gather in His Name He is among us! No doubt you are referring to the Return in the Book of Revelations, and you can bet your life that he will back for all to see. Cheers!!!
  14. Hello Eliptix01! Welcome to Worthy! Cheers!!!
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