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  1. RockyMidnight

    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    I will when you get out of my way! Cheers!!!
  2. RockyMidnight

    Shiny Gospel Shoes here ...

    Oooops! This was supposed to be just a URL link, not the actual recording. How to delete since this belongs elsewhere? Cheers!!!
  3. RockyMidnight

    Favorite Lines from Movies & TV

    "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." The Usual Suspects, 1995
  4. RockyMidnight

    Favorite Lines from Movies & TV

    100 "Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!" Planet of the Apes, 1968
  5. RockyMidnight

    Favorite Lines from Movies & TV

    "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Love Story, 1970
  6. RockyMidnight

    Favorite Lines from Movies & TV

    Russell Casse: HELLO, BOYS! I'M BACK! Independence Day
  7. RockyMidnight

    Favorite Lines from Movies & TV

    Godfrey to Ibelin: You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be. Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath. The Kingdom of Heaven
  8. RockyMidnight


    Brujaq! I had no clue! Great post and historical facts! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/john-hanson-first-america-black-president-barack-obama-pj-wilcox Cheers!!!
  9. RockyMidnight

    Hello am new

    Hello Laura! Welcome to Worthy! Cheers!!!
  10. RockyMidnight

    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    Hmmmm! You may be sorry you asked! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_in_a_poke Cheers Debp!!!
  11. RockyMidnight

    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    I think this is a popular mid western saying, although I remember hearing it occasionally growing up in the northeast. Can't make chicken salad out of chicken droppings. (The less offensive version! ) Cheers Debp!!!
  12. RockyMidnight

    I'm a journalist seeking opinions

    Hello Archie_Evans! Welcome to Worthy! Opinions about Jesus and Christianity? That's easy. It's called the Bible! Once you have three posts here, you can start a new thread in one of the forum topics. according to what questions you have. Are you a journalist for a Christian media organization or secular one? Cheers!!!
  13. You have OCD. What you wrote about your fears seems to definitely confirm OCD behavior. What kind of help are you getting for this condition, and if not, why not? Also, are you a born again Christian? Have you been baptized (full immersion) in water at your church? As has been said multiple times to this post of yours and the other on discipline, NONE of what you fear is coming from God. God does not torment people, He judges and corrects and heals and saves people through Jesus Christ.
  14. RockyMidnight

    John 19:11, veil, blindness

    Hello Heb 13: 8! Again, Proverbs 3: 5. How positive are you that "neurotransmitters"effect love, and not the reverse? Can God's Love come from neurotransmitters? Not very realistic, since God's Love existed before He even created neurotransmitters! Heb 13:8, you are relying on your natural "habit" of trusting your intellectual understanding of things before trusting God's creation of them. and is a major source of struggle in accepting faith. We ALL go through this, and continue to deal with these contradictions between the flesh and the spirit. Just keep seeking and you will understand. Just as you now understand things you did not at a previous time. But to make sure you allow God to keep you safe in your explorations, do your seeking based on His word, as in the verses in the previous post so you do not unintentionally fall into the trap of evil. (Matthew 10 : 28 and Luke 12: 5) Cheers!!!
  15. RockyMidnight

    New to the forum

    Hello Mark122831 (Jeff!). Yes, Mark 12: 28-31 is my signature below! (Well, actually Matthews version!) Praise God! Welcome to Worthy. Looking forward to you participation here! Cheers!!!