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    We owe it to one another to tell each other when we are wrong. However, one must also be willing to listen and able to rebut. A more prominent issue, at least as far as my eyes have seen, is that people are willing to dish out their own voices, not take in others. They stand upon an opinion or belief yet when they are asked why, they shrug it off because they do not know. Let's say, for example, Benedict does not support gay marriage. He goes around to various LGBT+ forums and gatherings and starts trouble, his argument essentially boils down into calling them either gross or idiotic. If you were to ask Benedict why he doesn't support it, he doesn't have an answer, he just simply dislikes it. It's just "gross" or"stupid". Benedict needs a few things. First, he must have an actual argument. One must remember that they are trying to convince others to their way of thinking, not strutting about and peacocking one's own ego. Bible verses work fine, but you may wish to back that up with statistics and studies; unbelievers don't care for the gospel, after all. Cut out any and all insults; it can be a sign of either insecurity, or over the web, insincerity like that of a troll. This lends to the second thing, which is an actual basis for him to stand upon, an answer as to why. Third... Willingness to listen. Often people take this as just agreement, but it doesn't mean relenting to the opposition. My way of going about this is asking questions to the opposition, showing a will to listen. Why do they support gay marriage? If they do not like this, why not this other thing? Stuff like that. Asking questions can also work to disarm the opposition; after all, many of them might be like Benedict wherein they don't have a solid basis for their opinion or belief.
  2. Video forum ?

    It's near the bottom. It's a category rather than a forum, like 'Inner Court" or "Outer Court".
  3. CSPAN comment this morning

    I really don't think someone with an attitude like that needs to be a teacher. The kid had an AR-15 in his truck? He really could have just planned on hunting, like hmbld suggested. i don't know why anyone would bring their hunting equipment with them to school, but hey. I had a friend in high school who kept a machete in his trunk for protection. It's not like the area was particularly crime-ridden, but there were inconsistencies. One of those inconsistencies: football players. Because they played football, they could pretty much do no wrong in the eyes of both the school and the law. One day, as he was pulling up to school, the FB players started hurling stones and insults. His car was dented, they cracked his driver side window and windshield, and he had a few bruises from where they threw stones at him. In an attempt to scare them off and protect himself, he popped his trunk and grabbed his machete. He didn't attack anyone, but he still got expelled and sent off to juvi. The FB players did no wrong and the cops overlooked the physical evidence cause the car was "in poor condition" and my friend appeared to be "one of those". Maybe the kid brought the AR-15 for protection, like my friend did.
  4. Angst about Corporate America

    This is true. You sweat and toil away, getting lashed by your higher-ups, all the while receiving little pay for the workload. Cost of living is up, prices on the incline even though they're making everything smaller, and far too much reliance on credit/loans. It is a sick practice; you either have money or you don't, and if you do have money, everyone else wants it. However, if one is willing to take on a lower standard of living, it's not so bad. All a man really needs is a roof and a bed. Everyone wants their big house with their big car and their big family, but where does that come from? Lo, the poor feed that mortgage, deceit and manipulation fuel that hummer, the wife is only there for the money as are the children, a home who's foundation is wickedness. Remember; their life is in this life, not this one. Let them be stingy about their money, use and abuse people like they do; they reap what they sow. Think of the world like a raging sea and yourself like a boat. The world pushes and hurls, doing all that it can to topple you, drag you down and make you become one with it. You just simply have to keep afloat and maintain your course. You are due for land some day, after all; the water won't be an issue then. Keep your wits about you; letting yourself go solves nothing.
  5. Handguns in UK

    It's differing areas. Not only does the US have a much, MUCH larger black market, but the UK is more fond of stabbings and the whiny sarcasm they call "humor". I don't think i'd look at a series of countries where you're about 85% likely to be stabbed on any given day as an example, especially when you're talking about Northern Ireland.
  6. I don't know how to feel about mental illness

    This is something I can't really answer on myself, but to clarify, I am familiar with Terry Davis. He is a very religious person, but the version of 'God" he speaks to is a bit off. He puts up long sequences of numbers that he believes are communications between God and himself. He claims that God is very chatty; God's favorite band is the Beatles and he wishes he could dance like Mick Jagger.
  7. Legally, yes. Socially, no. It's been a growing trend that anyone who voices such opinions, especially in left-heavy areas, loses their jobs and chances at finding another one. People will harass their employer: How can you let some hatemonger work for you? Do you support his or her ideas? For fear of further harassment, the business typically lets the person go. The person doesn't go to jail, but their life can be pretty much ruined either way. Schools are on a downfall. It's an open secret that universities and colleges here in the US are pretty much brain-washing centers. Students who go to these schools to attempt and voice their opposing opinion are tossed out into the street. You either buy into their opinions or you throw your future away. Pretty much throw it away anyway, what with how expensive it is to go to school. They have been aiming younger and younger over time. I wouldn't be surprised if sex ED classes now included all kind of weird wickedness. On the note of gender issues, they bring that up often in elementary schools. One school in Nebraska insists that every student be called a 'purple penguin" so as not to offend any gender sensibilities. One kindergarten teacher brought in a boy and introduced him to the class. Then he went into the bathroom and came out wearing a dress, and she reintroduced the boy with a girl's name. They are pushing hard here, without the parent's permissions, to turn young folks to their ideas. Make these kids confused about their gender, make them question their sexuality, introduce them to things like BDSM and scat when they just barely have stopped suckling on their mother's teats... It is a sickening trend. If a child came up to me and claimed to be confused about gender, i'd tell them that is unsurprising. They are a child and they don't know any better, especially in a society where the line between man and woman is increasingly blurred. I'd try to teach them the difference and that God does not make mistakes; you are what you were born with. To not buy into the insane rantings that educators have been spewing for some time now.
  8. I try to keep anything I say online. I'm not too good at speaking (speech impediments), and even then, I don't feel as if I know enough to go around preaching about this or that. As it stands, I have much to learn, and I will always have more to learn. In the US, it's typically confined to churches, though you do get "soap box" preachers now and again. Soap Boxers typically put a box somewhere in a crowded public place (like a town square) and they will preach what they wish to. Churches typically don't get in much trouble because they stick to their area, but these soap box preachers typically aren't well-received. I've seen videos of crowds gathering around to screech at the preacher that he's engaging in hate speech and he needs to die, people running up and assaulting the man, you name it. I can't answer about the preacher because I do not attend church. It seems to be a socially unacceptable thing to preach about certain things, though. You have many churches that speak of nothing but love and never a word against homosexuality. "Homophobic" churches are typically shunned by everyone who disagrees, though are typically candles in the darkness for those who agree. There have been government restrictions in the past. I'd count forced homosexual marriage as a restriction. There are also individual churches who get targeted because the service is "too loud" or the "vast majority" doesn't like certain statues or decorations put up on or near the church. In all "freedom of religion" just means that you can practice your religion at your church, but you are subject to other peoples rules and opinions and you better strictly keep to that church. Mind what you say in church as well.
  9. North Korea

    While a man can't see into other men's hearts, I don't think NK is going to do much unless we or anyone else does much. NK typically sticks to "we are just trying to protect our native soil". That could just be a ruse, but I just see it as a country attempting to establish itself among the very few nations that do carry nuclear weaponry. We all hear horror stories about NK, but not everything there is terrible and things have been gradually improving over time. One source of income is their animation. Yeah, believe it or not, many countries hire NK animators not only because they are skilled but they don't charge as much as others. This has helped improve NK. I just look at it like a nuclear Cuba, more or less. We might not be on the friendliest terms, but if we could talk and come to agreements, maybe we could be neighbors again. What i'm worried about is that both media and government don't seem to have an interest in that. Nuclear weapons means power and we wouldn't want to lose any of our power now, would we?
  10. I always figured Gundam would become an actual thing at some point. I call dibs on a Hambrabi. On a serious note, though, I think any satellite warfare would be rather small-scale. Stuff in space costs a lot of money, and if I know people, I don't think they'll want to put too much into it.
  11. Get Ready For A World Currency.

    Ah yes, bitcoin. What was once (and still is) used on internet silk roads so that people could buy drugs, purchase sex trade slaves, and hire hitmen... Will now become mainstream and the solution to differing currencies from country to country. It makes sense to me, something born from such immoral practices, lending to the new world order.
  12. Why not an all knowing omnipresent God?

    As soon as one sacrifices freedom for security, one has neither. I personally don't have a cellphone. Why, even just having this computer makes me paranoid. There is no such thing as privacy anymore. The internet never forgets and the internet never forgives. You've got organizations like the NSA out there and I just don't like it. Sure, you might catch the oddball criminal here and there, but is it really worth our own privacy?
  13. What change was Job waiting for?

    I saw it as him begging God for death and asking if there even is an afterlife. "If a man die, shall he live again?" He was struggling in his beliefs. The change he wanted was death, to be put out of his misery.
  14. What is the significance of Samson?

    Thank you for your answers, everyone. You have given me food for thought.
  15. Give a straw, go to jail!

    My local paper put up a story like this recently. It was talking about how many establishments are switching over to alternative straws as plastic straws are too dangerous to the environment. Straws made from paper, bamboo, even twizzlers. Like America doesn't eat enough, now we're eating our straws.