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  1. Bible very clear on this subject, imo when this is approved then it is no longer a church just a group of people
  2. you may be right, I have been doing this for a few years, I see no problems yet. Also vinegar help flavor sink into food.
  3. plenty Christian videos for kids, if a kid ( young child) start with junk on tv You alreafy lost
  4. Keltec makes some slim small(not to small) pistols. when you buy ask who gives safety class, they usually give other classes also.
  5. I wash and dry all chicken in vinegar before cooking, not sure if it helps the safty of eating it but it helps me feel I cleaned it before I ate it
  6. messedup


    sorry to be late replying Thank you for taking time to greet me
  7. messedup


    sorry Im late to answer you I am not getting notifications Thank you for tasaking time to greet me.
  8. messedup


    sorry I was not clear. On welcome page I made a "hello" post an was notified people had replied to me ( all this occurred on first page) then a couple days went by and I kept checking to see if anyone replied to my hello post and I had NO notifications that others replied to my post. On day 2 or 3 I seen a thread called civilwar so I posted in it and I DID get 2 replys and 2 notifications of 2 replys to my post; when ever I tried to replyin civilwar thread it says I casn not reply to the people that replied to my post in civilwar. Hope thi is better
  9. messedup


    I received notifications on forst page of my hellow post but I see post on page 2 and page 3; I was not notifiied on page 2 or 3, Also I replied to post in civil war I DID received notifications from civil war; it tells me I do not have permission to reply to the notification HELP ps at page that says I can not reply to anyone that replied to my post I have send posts on that page to get help.
  10. In 1970 I was in crash crew at SAC base Barksdale AFB Shrevesport La. we had one come in to refuel we had to be present for all refuels, jet engine work, atg missles testing and of course jet crashes.
  11. Anyone here builds ubuntu desktop computers New? or know a decent company, most have gone to laptops only i find
  12. I can not recall but didn't God tell them not to have anything to do with other nations before this? Im thinking she went to a celebration of some sort. Im sure God laid out certain rules to live by. And feel he left some for mankind to work out. Exodus 18 for example Jethro advised Moses. I think if God were not happy with Jethro's advice he would have stopped it. imho
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