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  1. in 11 Corin 11:4 they are talking of a different gospel that differs from that of The Christ. It is happening today as well how can one choose today which gospel to follow. one says homosexuals can continue as they wish one says it is an abomination; one can not follow both. How can one choose if one gospel says that you can pray directly to God in Jesus name for forgiveness the other says you must go the the head of church for forgiveness
  2. ok Ive read 1 Cor 11:4 several times. I do not see where it is stated of ANY other Jesus. I do not see a relation with jesus and a spanish Jesus pronounced different God has also been a swear word for some thats on them not you if you believe you are not a Christian ( gentile) then I agree Yeshua
  3. If I remember correctly Palastine was offered a land deal and refused then Israel was offered a land deal and they took it. 1947/1948
  4. thanks anyway fellows
  5. Not sure if people in heaven will have living quarters. Living quarters we have on earth are built for the comfort of The Human Body. Once a person goes to heaven they leave the human body on earth. The body one has in heaven will not need comforts of a human body.
  6. I do not think that paper supports Christians, maybe they support liberal churches. Also this was in U.K.. What have you found in the Bible that is "not true"
  7. I think God when he wants can create severe weather on us. God created a pattern for the weather to follow. A pattern that man can not control or explain exactly how it works.
  8. that does not match a version I read
  9. hide ur money. id separate from everything else. I was pick pocketed twice on the subway and did not know til I got off all it takes is a bump and they are gone with ur stuff
  10. I was in Brooklyn with a pal. We had went to pool hall and he and a girl talked a lot and made a date. for next day. when he arrived at the pool hall to meet her her brother and several of his buddy's jumped him and he wound up in hospital all because he was white and not from Puerto Rico. just be careful
  11. Bible very clear on this subject, imo when this is approved then it is no longer a church just a group of people
  12. you may be right, I have been doing this for a few years, I see no problems yet. Also vinegar help flavor sink into food.
  13. plenty Christian videos for kids, if a kid ( young child) start with junk on tv You alreafy lost
  14. Keltec makes some slim small(not to small) pistols. when you buy ask who gives safety class, they usually give other classes also.
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