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  1. Are you speaking about absolute truth, as in the Word of God...or about speaking out loud what we perceive to be true about a situation, or the truth about what we really feel about someone or something?
  2. in no particular order: spin, knit, weave, make rugs, origami, sketching, writing and illustration, puzzles, cryptograms, read, collect vintage books - especially children's books; write music and poetry, make books and journals, play fiddle and mandolin, and sing in a band; bicycling and kayaking. I'd love to learn to embroider.
  3. Psalm 27:1 - "The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" "...whom shall I fear?" as compared to "...of whom shall I be afraid?" from Strong's - fear: 3372 - "yawray"; a prim. root 'to fear'; to revere; frighten, fright, be afraid, dread, reverence, to see as terrible. afraid: 6342 - "pachad"; a prim. root 'to be startled (by sudden alarm); hence to fear in general to be afraid, stand in awe, (be in) fear, make to shake . and then... strength: 4581 - "maowz/mauwz/maoz/mauz" - a fortified place; fig. a DEFENSE- force, forth, fortress, rock, strength, stronghold. from 5810 "azaz" -a prim. root 'to be stout' (lit. or fig.); harden, impudent, prevail, strengthen(self), be strong. (impudent: not modest; shamelessly bold; saucy.) life: 2416 - 'chay'; alive; hence raw (flesh); fresh (plant, water, year); strong; also (as noun) life (or living thing), age, alive, appetite, living thing, maintenance, merry, multitude, (be) old, quick, raw, running, springing, troop. from 2421 - 'chayah'; a prim. root -to live; to revive, keep, leave alive, make alive, give, (promise) life, nourish up, preserve alive, quicken, recover, repair, restore to life, revive, save, surely, be whole. MY DAD IS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN...YOUR EVERYTHING! HE LOVES ME. HE PROTECTS ME. HE PROVIDES EVERYTHING I NEED TO LIVE AND BE. IN HIS KEEP, HIS STRONGHOLD, IN THE SHADOW OF HIS WING I AM REVIVED, NOURISHED, PRESERVED, RECOVERED, REPAIRED AND RESTORED. The Father's powerful provision for the journey: * His promise of protection and provision * A safe place to recover and permission to rest and be repaired, restored, and revived. * Identity. You matter to someone. You are worth fighting for. Psalm 62:7 - "In GOD is my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strength, and my refuge is in God."
  4. You can keep it in the freezer? I thought you had to feed it every day. Oh my word. Mine grew so fast- I fed it every day, consumed it everyday...30 lbs later: threw it out. It was monster movie style out of control. I've also let Kombucha scobis sit in the back of the fridge so long they lost their will to live.
  5. Kombucha is basically sweet tea (which I learned to make properly on a trip to Tennessee) that's had most of the sugar and caffeine eaten up by the scobi/mother/weird looking blob of active probiotic bacteria thingy, leaving it a bit more like soda. I add ginger and lemon for the second brew while the bubbly part is building up...but yes: basically tea with benefits. Though nothing beats a good cuppa with scones and lemon curd. I've made Kefir in the past, using organic whole milk (recommended). For consumption, I usually added things like fresh fruit, honey, maple syrup, etc. I would also mix it in with my oatmeal. The problem with Kefir for me personally was that I went from no dairy at all to at least a pint a day of whole milk ... and gained 30 lbs in 4 months.
  6. wow. I just read this entire thread so I wouldn't look like a newbie...and I must thank you all for the recipes and tasty cooking tips! However, since I took time to google my list, here it is: Kidney Beans, Kefir, Kombucha, Kiwi, Kohlrabi. Actually, I make Kombucha, so cross it out and add Kale...against my better judgement, of course. I wish my name started with a "B" so I could just list "BACON" five times...because I would. Is "derailing" a common event? (holy cow!)
  7. I started this thread in "General" (see, "this fine day - who am I?"), but I think "Absolutely Positive!" will be a better fit for me and for this thread of daily thoughts, praise, and promises of God's faithfulness. Psalm 27 :1 - "The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?" When did David write this? What was going on in His life at this time? Had he spent a night wrestling with fear and doubt, not knowing which way to move or what to prepare for, or how to fight his seen and unseen enemies? Was he exhausted and weak from worry? Did he then see the first rays of dawn breaking over the hills, or through the trees or cracks in a cave, or through an open window...and remember to look up? Did he remember to remember your name? Did everything else fall away in your presence, in the small beam of light, in your name? Did he simply and quietly realize that THE light...THE eternal flame, THE source of all guidance, wisdom, courage, strength, happiness, and release from fear is not only THE light, but HIS light? Thank you for that beautiful sunrise that glowed for ME - pink, orange, and red - through the branches of a winter sky, reflecting off the river below my window. Papa, I can't wait to see the sunrise over Jerusalem with you. I want to be at your feet when He rises over all that the darkness has held, and stands firmly on what is rightfully His, by birth and by blood. You are MY home, My refuge...MY light. "Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; when I fall, I will arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me." - Micah 7:8 The Father's powerful provision for the journey: * a light to show me the way to come home, and a home to come to. * a place to shelter and a covering as I walk. * a champion to rescue me, defend me, fight for me. You are not alone. You never have been. You never will be. "Dance in the wide open shadow - there is music here, music right here...untamed, unfettered, unnamed, unashamed ... the waltz of a well-loved child. I am yours; bring me home." (kkmm - Jan 2018)
  8. Three words of gratitude, six words or sentences to tell a story, social media posts, pics, pins, hashtags, tweets...let's see: who do I want people to think I am today? I can't say I don't care or it doesn't matter; I wouldn't be typing if I didn't feel the need to connect to someone, somewhere on some level. I suppose I'll use today's three tags: "choice", "praise", and the combo tag of "mental health and faith". Who am I - REALLY - when the labels, expectations, familial roles and everyday tasks and duties are stripped away either by circumstance or by choice? I am surely a product of both NATURE and NURTURE - both exquisitely, purposefully designed and orchestrated by the ONE who chose to call me into existence, calls me to himself in repentance and faith, and calls me to remain continually on my face at His feet. I am to PRAISE HIM ("point to Him in all things"). Faith and Praise are both gifts and choices. The sometimes daily struggle to stand boldly and firmly in that faith and praise is a choice. Life's hard. Changes happen. Broken, hurting, sinful people sin, hurt others and break things all the time. Pain, illness, disease, and the rest of the consequences of the fall of man wear us down physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Even warriors can be brought low to the point of despair. In a state of exhaustion it can be hard to remember why you're fighting, why it's important to keep swinging, where to find solid ground to stand on and why it's important to choose to get out of bed in the morning. ON THIS FINE DAY, my choice is to open my eyes, sit up on the edge of the bed and take the Outstretched Hand being offered me. As I place my tired, bunny-slippered feet on top of His I choose to accept His gift of truth, promise, hope and love. What a privilege... to be chosen and and to choose. ON THIS FINE DAY, I pray you too will be free to dance the dance of a well-loved child.
  9. I used to blog, but deleted everything for what seemed at the time to be good reasons. I've thought about starting a new one, but since I've gone back to writing on real paper with real pen and ink, I'm not sure what the purpose would be. Have to think about that one. write every chance you get. It helps.
  10. Thank you, fellow friend to penguins. I just read your blog post about choosing joy. We have shared struggles...and you're right; we have to choose joy, by choosing to stand on what we know to be true, no matter how we feel.
  11. thank you! I like the smiley face... simple and perfect!
  12. whee! look at his little feet!
  13. sorry...can't access the hedgie link...but thanks for thinking of me!
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