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    Love being a christian, living my faith, happy to share my faith. I am also involved in my local Gideon camp for 10+ years.

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  1. Zethea, I hope you don't think that I am in any way putting you down, for that is not my intention at all. What I was alluding to was to not get frustrated with others input when they have another opinion, or they don't see what you see. As has been mentioned we have folk who are new, others who are not, and we do need to respect them all and to promote love in everything. Another thought might be to try and keep the thread simple without all the rhetoric, too much detail, folk get lost in the content, as you can see we are now into page 5. I look forward to reading more from you in the future, and that we will all grow more in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, God bless.
  2. Heybro

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    Essilor, welcome to WCF, enjoy your time here.
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    Hi there wallpaper, welcome.
  4. Xethea, you say that you are highly intelligent, who can deny such a statement, not me! Obviously, there are things that stimulate your thinking, but I believe that Jostler,and others, have embraced the question and answered fully(full stop). Though you may have not intended to answer promises promises in the way you did, you have been offensive with your tongue and I would humbly ask that you have a check on your attitude and ask forgiveness. Just because someone differs from your thought processes, doesn't mean that you're right and they're wrong, surely God's love overrules all, doesn't it, and doesn't that make God good? just saying, I hope this is helpful, God bless.
  5. Hi there De Maria, and welcome to WCF.
  6. My dear sister Willa, as I have run out of my share of "reactions again" I just want to give you a personal "worthy" to the comments above. I don't think that being"alpha female" is meant to be "dominant" in that sense, but I think you have worded it perfectly, just saying, God bless.
  7. Gidday folks, thanks for the topic Annette, I've enjoyed the replies for the most part. While I can and do understand the position that frienduff and short angel point out, I think that we do need to remember that God is our "Father"and what father would not delight in seeing their children doing something "harmless" such as churning homemade ice-cream, and grandies learning "life lessons" from them. Isn't that what HE teaches us along life's journey? In getting to (know Him) we find what is pleasing in His sight, unlearning our way, and because we want to learn how to please Him because we love Him, our way should just "drop away." Let's not be too straight laced and rigid in thinking that "that isn't what God desires of us," instead, shake ourselves loose and "chill" a little bit. My thoughts, just saying, hope this is helpful, God bless.
  8. Hi wretched sinner, and welcome to WCF. An interesting photo placed there, is it by chance one of John Wesley? I'm sure you will get answers to your questions and queries here!
  9. To answer Annette with your original question regarding whether to say anything, or not, it would be my answer to say that, "we need be sensitive to The Holy Spirit's leading." So much to learn regarding the "power" of the tongue, with it we bless, and with it we curse (negativity). Our life here is very much a "learning curve" isn't it, sometimes we need to extend more grace, and definitely a lot more love. Love and blessings to you all.
  10. Whew, I'm with you Abby and Jostler, what's the next instalment going to reveal??? And by the way, Issacsname, welcome from me to WCF.
  11. Hi there to you Zelah, and welcome to WCF.
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