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    Love being a christian, living my faith, happy to share my faith. I am also involved in my local Gideon camp for 10+ years.

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  1. Hadley, I'm sure you are aware of Romans 3:23, "For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God." Maybe you are just "provoking" a dialogue, there is Not 1 sin that Jesus did not die for on the cross for us, otherwise we would not be cleansed from "All Unrighteousness." If there is something that you are not sure of, I think it would be more conducive to ask a question, rather than make a blanket statement, as if it were fact, just saying, God bless.
  2. Heybro

    New guy

    Hi Uri, welcome to the forum, I'm sure that we all are looking forward to what God will do here in our lives and also through our lives, to the Glory of God, blessings.
  3. Just my 2 bits, when we pray in tongues, the enemy has no idea what we're saying, frustrates him no end. It's our "heavenly language" just between us and Him, God bless.
  4. Heybro

    Being saved

    Hi there Dee, welcome to WCF, good advice given above, God bless.
  5. Welcome to the forum NayOz, I can only say we will do our very best to help you along the christian road. Have you ever read the book, "Pilgrims Progress" quite stimulating and somewhat eye opening very helpful in how we should walk. As far as your husband is concerned, leave him to The Lord, He will deal with his issues at just the right time, you just concentrate on walking and being who God has intended for you to be, and watch Him work on your husband, God bless.
  6. Hi there to you, welcome to the forum, though your post is somewhat vague, you have aroused my curiosity!
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum Woman of God, enjoy the fellowship, God bless.
  8. Heybro


    Welcome to the forum JoeMo, happy to have you onboard and to hear of your walk with Jesus.
  9. Hey there Alexandros, and welcome to the forum, God bless.
  10. Hi Cory and welcome to WCF. How true is your statement for us to stand strong in our faith and love for the Lord in the days in which we live, God bless.
  11. Ditto Marilyn, amen and amen, God bless.
  12. To get back on topic with the OP. Back in the day, men sat on one side of the building and the women on the other. When something was said that the women didn't understand, they would call out to their husband asking, "what does he mean.?" The women were asked to "keep silent" till they were at home and ask for explanations there in the privacy of their homes, at least, that is my understanding of the situation, God bless.
  13. Heybro

    I'm not a bot

    Alec2, welcome to the forum in The Name of Jesus, God bless.
  14. Yes, welcome to the forum Grandma Jamie, in Jesus Name, God bless.
  15. Amen and amen, my brother, the reality is that Jesus committed His spirit to The Father, and that Jesus, being God incarnate, cannot die spiritually, that truly is the woo hoo, God bless.
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