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    Love being a christian, living my faith, happy to share my faith. I am also involved in my local Gideon camp for 10+ years.

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  1. Heybro


    Hi there and welcome to the forum Bill, God bless.
  2. Heybro

    New here :)

    Hi there to you Peteros and welcome to WCF, God bless.
  3. As with Beau's comments, I also welcome you GregandFlavia to the forum, God bless.
  4. Hi there Old Man, so jolly nice of you to put in an appearance old chap, jolly good, God bless. lol
  5. Dearest Muffet, this was the portion I was referring to, sorry if I offended, God bless.
  6. Hey there Beau, good to hear from you, "Be glad in The Lord and rejoice, all ye that are upright in heart, and ye that have made Him your choice, let sadness and sorrow depart. Rejoice, rejoice, be glad in The Lord and rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, be glad in The Lord and rejoice. Just saying, God bless.
  7. Muffet, your first sentence is correct, but your "Bible" quote is not, when quoting the Bible we must make sure it's correct , (word for word) so that others, who may be young in The Lord, don't get confused and go down a wrong path. Love you sis, just wanted to point out the mis-quote, God bless.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum Tony, blessings to you and in the days that follow, by Gods grace while He tarries.
  9. Heybro

    New Here

    Hello there Dusty, welcome to the forum, God bless.
  10. Hi there to you Mark, God bless.
  11. Heybro


    Hi there to you Mustangguy, welcome to the forum, and can I say, "just ease back in the saddle partner," all will be well, God bless.
  12. Who me, if you are referring to Jostler (Jester) there are times when I think you're right, for some times he does "jest." lol
  13. Heybro

    Good Day

    Hi there Chauncy, welcome to WCF, and I believe you will find that which you are seeking, press in, God bless.
  14. Hi there Jessi, and welcome to the forum, God bless.
  15. Yes, and another "hello and welcome" from me, God bless.
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