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    Love being a christian, living my faith, happy to share my faith. I am also involved in my local Gideon camp for 10+ years.

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  1. Worthy art Thou my Lord and God, of All Honour and Glory and Power, for You are reigning now on high, hallelujah. Naomi, I'm not at all surprised at you feeling despondent and feel like "what's the point." You have been told that in a short while you will no longer be needed at your work place. Is it any wonder then, that all seems bland, you think that you are no longer valued, your boss/ bosses have told you so. Yet, until that day arrives, you get up, get dressed and go to the place of work that doesn't want you there. Are you able to pursue some other employment while still making money where you are, I guess that you've probably looked into that already. What encourages me when I see your posts, is the caption at the bottom which says, "God exalted, the enemy defeated." Don't allow the enemy speak to your conscience and allow negative thought processes in, remember the caption and then remember that Jesus has called us to be Over comers, we're not under comers, we're on top, not underneath, "In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart, for I have overcome the world." As always, I hope this helps, God bless.
  2. Heybro

    Hi everyone! I am new!

    Welcome, in this case, back, Mark, may this season be a better one than before, God bless.
  3. Heybro

    They don't know

    Our dear sister Naomi, we pray that your husband will see and understand his need to "step up" and be the husband to you that he needs to be, the "head" in your marriage, (not meaning to be too harsh). I can't even begin to know how hard it is for him to get a full-time job where you live, again, it is a matter of committing it to The Lord in prayer. The Word exhorts us, "to stand still, and see the salvation of Our God." I'm sure that you will have the victory and it will be a forever testimony to the "faithfulness" of God unto you both. Naomi, you can't do God's work, and be "all things to all men" you must "let go, and let God" in these times. As always, I hope this helps, God bless.
  4. Heybro

    Do you pray to the Holy Spirit?

    Welcome to Worthy mynickname, as I haven't come across you before, just wanted to share with you that as my wife and I come before the Throne each morning that we say, "Good morning Father, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit." We recognise that The Godhead is 3 persons, all co-existing in perfect harmony. But we pray to the Father, through The Son, by the power of The Holy Spirit. Hope this is helpful, God bless.
  5. Heybro


    Welcome Nigh, and I'm quite sure that our Heavenly Father Will draw nigh unto you.
  6. Heybro

    Life falling apart

    Holding him up before The Throne, that he won't lose heart, God is Over All, and He will see you both through this time of trial, Amen, God bless.
  7. Heybro

    Hi Not my first time here.

    Welcome Bob, it is not an unusual thing that you are experiencing as you look around the globe, seeing what you're seeing. How easy it is to get discouraged and think all is lost, but that is so much further from the truth. What I believe you are seeing, along with quite a number of believers, is the Soon Coming of Our Lord and Saviour. The Lord foretold these times, and I truly believe that we are in "the last days." It is a sad fact that there is Global "moral decline," the "left-wingers" are doing all they can to blot out All Godliness and Moral Absolutes. It is as if we see the walls closing in around us, the crowds are "hemming us in" on every side. The enemy is having an all out attack, his time is short. I am encouraged knowing that, "Greater is He, Who is in me, then he who is in the world." We have Greater Authority over him, than he has over us, don't lose heart Bob, continue to strike a blow for Righteousness, pray God's Kingdom come, His Will be done, on earth, as IT IS in Heaven. Our focus, I believe, is to keep our eyes fixed on Him, The Author and Perfector of our faith. I hope this helps, and as always, God bless.
  8. Heybro

    Priorities - Where is 'Me' on the List?

    1Sheep, thank you for reply and clarification and I wholeheartedly comply with you in this matter, I appreciate your insight, and I, like you, don't want to go further than that which has been "laid bare." In relation to Naomi's revealing regarding her husband not wanting people to know his employment status, yes, it's their business, that's a given, and I recognise Naomi honouring her husbands wishes on the matter. At the same time however, there is the "other side of the coin." It was this "side" that I wanted to address, the pride factor that doesn't want people to see, that they might think less of you. It also seems that he is sitting back and not "putting his hand to the plough," and that was the other issue I wanted to put forth. We continue to prayfully bring all these precious ones before the Throne, in order for more freedom to come to their lives, in their walk with The Lord. Thank you again for your admonition, it is duly noted, we all do see differently, maybe I should tread more "lightly." God bless.
  9. Heybro

    Looking for new buddies

    Welcome to Worthy Freedom2be.
  10. Heybro

    Priorities - Where is 'Me' on the List?

    1Sheep, I both hear and understand your reply to my post, but I only meant it as an encouragement to Naomi, us blokes get "tunnel vision" and have need to be "awakened" to the reality that is around us, cos sometimes we just don't see what is right in front of us, right under our noses. I both hear and "feel" Naomi's heart beat in her situation, and was only trying to clarify some points. If I have in any way spoken "out of turn," I take this opportunity to humbly apologise, this was not my intention. I beg to differ on your response by saying, "it's none of our business," because it has become our business, simply because Naomi has reached out, asking for help in her circumstance presently. As always, I hope this helps, God bless.
  11. Heybro

    Priorities - Where is 'Me' on the List?

    Our dear sister, what burdens you are placing on yourself, burdens that our Lord and Saviour did not ask us to."Cast your cares on me, for I care for you." Can I just say, as someone who in my early years of marriage, expected my wife to be the same person my mum was. I needed a "wake up" call, and I got one, "your wife is NOT your mother, she needs your help and support, you are BOTH in this situation, TOGETHER. I understand he feels inadequate, not working full time, but that is no excuse to allow others not to know, it's called, Ugly Pride, "humble yourself in the sight of The Lord, and He will lift you up." Letting people know your situation allows them the opportunity to bless you and help you, let them, and thank them. As always, I hope this helps, God bless.
  12. Heybro

    End Time Topics

    Dear sister Marilyn, my darling wife and I agree wholeheartedly with all you've just shared, Praise The Lord.
  13. Heybro

    Non Musical Worship By Christians

    What a deep, rich blessing it is to us who awaken to a new day, every day. It appears for one day only, never to be repeated for eternity. How intrinsic each day that The Father gives to us, to embrace, to enjoy, to love HIM for the beauty we see in all around us, the bird song , the cool breeze early each morning, the quiet, the trees, the sky, all there for us to enjoy and Glory in His beautiful creation He has given to us, We love You Father, You are so Precious, if we embrace this beauty, what must Heaven be like, "Heaven is better than this, oh my, what joy, what bliss, walking on streets of solid gold, living in a land that never grows old. Heaven is better than this, oh my, what joy what bliss, I love Holy Ghost meetings too, but heaven is better than this."
  14. Heybro


    Hello Leah, and welcome to Worthy.
  15. Heybro

    can a person stop sinning

    The thing is, that we know now what we've been delivered from, repented and asked forgiveness for our sin. As a consequence of that reality, we are heaven bound and that is sufficient for us. What has transpired this side of Glory will no longer be an issue, for our treasure is IN Heaven. cheers.