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  1. You are more blessed then you know. To believe and not seen. Know that He is not a man that He should lie. So everything He has in His word promised to YOU He will do. The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy. To many times its so hard to NOT be moved by what we SEE HEAR and FEEL. Feelings are up and down and all over the place. That HOLY SPIRIT as GOD said..is with you forever. He has never once left you. To even think wonder if you have blasphemed.... you haven't. You posted for help so I take authority over the enemy that tries to use fear hate and suicidal thoughts. Its our right through Christ JESUS.. we have been given ALL power over the enemy and NOTHING shall by any means hurt you. Its written "The Peace Of God, Which Surpasses All Understanding, Will Guard Your Hearts And Minds Through Christ Jesus" You know its so easy to back on the right path.. just ask Him to put you back on the right path. To just confess any sins you did. See its written we are in right standing with God because we simply BELIEVE in Jesus. aka RIGHTEOUSNESS! No matter what you feel hear or see.. what HE HAS started in YOU..He will finish. And He will NEVER let the enemy have you. YOUR HIS! Rest in His word. A song playing RIGHT NOW.. called "TRUST (Cmc Remix) 7eneth Time Down" look it up.. listen to it.. Give everything to HIM! Let HIM take care of it. No matter how dark it gets HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! All you said.. are just LIES from the enemy. Remember he can NEVER tell the truth. So the holy spirit has never left you.. You are so LOVED! See Hes not like man. No matter what you do.. His arms ONLY CLOSE with YOU IN THEM! SEE THIS! Relax in His arms. The OT a verse that believe it or not was written for you also Isa 41 10 So do not fear, for I am with you;do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you;I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. He loves you.. WE LOVE YOU..
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    Hey all THANKS! Like reading the word... well they way they greeted each other. Such joy and love.. and it was meant from the heart. Thats what came to mind as I read each post here. Praise GOD and all glory to Christ our lord.
  3. Not sure if this fits but.. what comes to mind is Jesus..that is the way the truth and the life says "if you were blind you would have no sin. You say you see your sin remains".
  4. Hi all.. hey Equippers you know I've read that verse and like so many studied it and when your young in the lord the enemy really can use some verses to get ya going with fear. The 1st red flag...if it was of God He wouldn't, does not every use fear. Fear is not of God. From the start we read "tasted" said more then once. The short it.. I personally believe its not talking about a believer. One that is sold out to Christ. Well I can go to dinner and while they all eat ME? I am only tasting the food. Like you test the waters.. never get in.. you take your foot out .. walk way..na not going in. You see it.. felt it.. nothings going to make you go back. These are very few and far between. Been with the lord since He found me for over 40 years. We all have had things happen in our lifes where.. GOD I QUIT! Does God judge us in one of these moments for ever? OR does He look at the start to the finish..and most of all the heart. I believe its far easier to be saved then lost. Satan and all the fallen angels and the demons. They KNOW HIM. Seen Him in all His glory. They freely walk away. Now take us.. we born into sin. This is all we know. How do we freely walk away from Him? I've never seen Him. Wanna talk about eyes.. feet, hands lol. Presences.. the power of God ..seen things happen no one can answer other then "had to be God". Still so many times its as if SIN is my (NOT) best friend lol. I believe its far easier to be saved than lost. I am in Christs hands. His hands are in the Fathers.. Never read once where the Father dropped one I know preachers friends.. that have seen great men of God walk away and then believe you can lose your salvation. But.. we only see this ONE moment..you know what I mean? God does not. I truly don't know..its if I sin? Man I ALWAYS want to repent get it right All this has done for me right now is "I wanna go home" haha. Praise GOD!
  5. Hey all.. new here yeah! Hope its ok to chime in. So we know that everything Christ said was from the Father. And we know Christ can not lie. So who to some think about Mark 16 17 " And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; " I read follow them that believe. Not some here and there.. but follow them that believe. Unless I missed it and I could have but when in the word did they pray for someone to receive the holy Spirit and it never spoke in tongues? In a bible study the would ask if I wanted the holy Spirit. I was already saved. I said yes one night. They read what the word said about the holy Spirit prayed then stopped. Said "you got it" Nothing happened. I got up went to go sit down and BAM! Tongues just came out. Same as it happened in the word. I've never meet one that said they were not saved because they don't speak in tongues. I guess they can be out there What do I personally believe? ME.. every one that asks for the holy Spirit can speak in tongues. When I don't know how to pray.. I pray in tongues. And MAN do you get blessed.
  6. Hi Mary... I'm new here WOOT! lol. So I'll share what happen to me. When I was young I use to go to this bible study ran by husband and wife. She a grandmother prayed 4 hours a day. Well every now and then they would ask me if I wanted the holy Spirit. They never pushed it. One night I said yes. So I sat in this chair and they read out of the bible what it said. Then asked me again if I wanted the holy Spirit. I said yes. They prayed then stopped. Said "you got it!" Huh? Nothing happen. No one said a word. See they believed the word of God. If He said it He will do it. And always said "if we say anything that is no written in the bible don't believe us". So I got up.. went to sit down and BAM! Tongues just came out. When I was in my 40's..how could I have missed it so many times. Well what happen to me is exactly like what happen to those in the word of GOD. In Luke 11 I believe it says if you ask the Father He will give the holy Spirit to them that ask. And Jesus also said in my name they will speak in new tongues. Now for ME...ME its not what anyone else says.. or what has or not happen to them. If GODS word says it.. dont go by how you feel what you see or hear. Be it a moment to a month what ever. Stand on His word. He can not lie. Even Jesus prayed to the Father for the 12/120. For the promise the holy Spirit that fell on them Praise GOD glory to Jesus. So if I said anything to offend forgive me
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    Just saying HI! Just found this site.. Hello little blue ball
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    New here also..just saying hi
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