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  1. God will never forget our forefathers and what they gave to God.. as in this nation. God is not a man. He does not think talk act like us. And Hes a FAITH God. He always speaks life never speaks evil or negative but FAITH. The Gospel? America is if not one of the main reasons the WORD is out there. See some of us stood in the Gap.. When GOD looked for just one from among them He found MANY that stood in the gap.. repented for the nation in which they stand. One would have to be blind not to see how GOD is moving in America. PLEASE no offense but we the children of light.. of life. We have words of LIFE when we talk. We are not of this world. This is not our home. Yet we the children of light see and know more about all the darkness that is around and going on 1st vs what our Father IS doing? ALL good things come from God. Yeah He is doing more good then ALL the evil going on in this world. He told us what to keep our mind on.. what to be saying what to keep before out eyes. As our Father is.. we all those things that be not as though they were. And we can't see America in the word? Jesus told them..if you believed Moshe (Moses) you would believe me for he wrote about me. OT is ALL about Christ.. can you see that most can't. Yet from the book of beginnings writes about Christ. My point is.. if we can't see that.. how do you expect to see things about USA. I am 58 and so far man has ALWAYS been wrong. A key.. as He said.. want to know whats going to happen? Look at what was. So if were going to talk about this.. lets be very clear. Judgment starts with YOU and ME 1st. And there is never ever any kind of fear with God. So..where and from whom are we listening to? Faith words of life... is what I keep around me. Not doubt worry fear things like this.
  2. Not trying to push over any carts here. But I have never looked at narrow vs wide road as salvation. One He didn't die yet. He was not talking to any Christian or Church. I can see though how some can take it as finding Christ for " But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it". See I know about the book of life and we see that as only believers. Yet David said "Let them be blotted out of the book of the living, And not be written with the righteous". Seems some not righteous were written in the book of life with the righteous. I wonder sometimes if that book is about THIS life and those written in the LAMBS book are saved. So when someone is blotted out they in this life die. Again this is what I WONDER about.. PLEASE understand that. I am NOT saying this is as in Gospel truth. So for me PERSONALLY wonder if those roads can also mean about this life. He said "I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly." I wonder if that is not the narrow road. I do see in this world many take the wide road and it does lead to destruction in this world. And we must have to ask about all the millions of millions that died and never heard of Christ. Seems hard to believe that now days. Yet I heard this Jewish man. Lived in NY City. It was the year 2000 something. Get that? 2000 and he living in NY never once heard about Jesus before. He is saved now. I believe so many are blind and Christ telling them that were not saved not Christian no Church said "if you were blind you would have no sin. You say you see your sin remains". So again PLEASE remember some of this was just things I wonder about. In the end.. He is just and is the perfect judge. Praise GOD its not me lol But YES JESUS is the ONLY Way the Father.
  3. Unless the lord shows us someones heart..for the good to help them then all we well ever see is the flesh. OT God told us man only sees the flesh He sees the heart. And Christ said "if you were blind you would have no sin. You say you see your sin remains". Kinda hard to judge someone for something they never knew. I believe its far easier to be saved than lost. There is a way GOD talks vs how man talks. God never speaks negatively. He always speaks faith..is always words of life. Angels seen known been with GOD n Him in all His glory and power and freely walked away. Why what would make them come back? They know what they left. Thats why there is no salvation for them. And we think a GOD is going to judge us on what? What some man told us is the truth? When we were born into sin. We seen lived in darkness. Most if not 99% have never seen really know HIM in all his glory and power. I believe most are bind. We the light of this world still live in this flesh. He KNOWS this. Remember He leaves the 99 for that ONE! He never stops never gets tried. He already died and took away the sin of the world. Do we really want truth? Well do we really truly believe people will be lost if they never hear about Jesus? Do we really want to hear truth? This is one of those things best to be blind. Everywhere we go..do we really believe those people we see every day are lost if they don't know Jesus? Do we see the sin in them..or the hope that is in us.. to give to them? To see the chains they are bound up in. Where we know and HAVE the key to set them free. What do we do? Do we really believe they are lost with out Christ? To never ever be with Him forever after they die? I share this short part of something He show'd me. I saw all these people. I didn't see lost or saved just people. And He let me feel see just a TINY part where He was crying so hard so very hard because not one on this earth knew how much He loved them.
  4. there are things believers disagree on. And some that disagree take that to far and call it "false doctrine". So many times its a "personal" view. So it does not go against the word but against how some personally believe. Yeshua came in the flesh. Died on the cross for the worlds sin. Was buried rose from the dead 3d day and is the only way to the Father <---this is what I look for. I me look at HIS word.. its HIS not mine so if one wants to talk about teach about lets say "faith" or "gifts" and your view goes against what I personally believe is not false doctrine. Its not my word to tell you what HE really meant. Even when asking this question. You will get different answers. Christ is real the oh holy Spirit is real. Truth IS Christ. I always try to make sure what is said is written and to not act on something that simple goes against how I personally believe. As in things that seem to be written yet we fully don't understand what He was saying. So I don't tell anyone what HE really meant. He does that.. not me.
  5. No in that asking Him to enter my dreams. To be given dreams from Him yes. Being awake thinking about picturing something in which He took it over yes and it always lines up with His word. Asking about "out of body" never. Christ is the way the truth and the life. All ALL good things come from God. To make this more clear what I am talking (the two wide awake) about here in 58 years only happen twice. Those were moments I was crying out from my heart. So let it be written the longing to know Him.. to KNOW HIM.. to totally fall in love Him.. this hunger is growing. I never SEEK these things. Both were moments I was just hurt and crying out to Him. Was not asking for anything. The strange thing is I wouldn't SEEK to have Him do it. This is me now.. also know that He treats us all the same meaning what He HAS does for one He will do for all. You ARE that special to Him. We have not because we ask not or were asking wrong.. has to go inline with the word.
  6. Hi all still new here. Seems I might be going upstream.. yet am not. As I look at this my thinking with a huge smile is.. I don't know George So .. I can be that ONE. I think I would have got up and played this song "John Waller - Our God Reigns Here". <---if you don't know it.. give it play. Has to GO in JESUS NAME! 1st let me say I understand what your talking about and agree. I disagree with "first thought of her husband -- planted by the enemy -- can you believe that your wife spent money on a dress?" Some (not saying here) see demons in everything. Again I understand what your saying We should not give any foot hold to the enemy. So having natural thoughts..questions or even getting mad.. are not wrong and not always from Satan. And we know ALL good things come from God. The word does not say do not let the sun go down upon your righteous anger. Let not the sun go down upon your wrath. Some things can if not put in check THEN be used by the enemy, open a door to the enemy. TV show, books, Internet.. Personally I don't think this was the best example. Now you understand when I said "new and don't know George and can be that one" lol. The enemy. Spot on George as in.. on so many Christian forums no matter the post.. its as if the ENEMY is not real at all. Can I share something? ...well no one said anything so must be ok If I told you my background and all the things I seen heard witnessed... well we know how to talk the talk. But when comes to face to face.. not this easy. My moms husband had cancer and for the 1st time in her life she said it would be nice if I was there. So we pack up all 4 of us and moved to where she was. We were staying with them. And remember I KNOW Jesus! The blood.. my authority so forth. Well one night late I got up to go to the bathroom. I get to the living room.. this black yet see through comes into the house from my right.. and is now passing infront of me and looks at me and goes through the house to my left (sorry not a good writer). The rest of the week I left the light on lol. Ever hear those STORIES where they say how they just knew what you were thinking? You never had to open your mouth? I take them with a grain of salt...but Well this was the strange part. I knew what IT was thinking. As it looked at me "I am nothing" I didn't matter to it at all. Oh they FEAR Christ. But they only flee when they know that you know that you know your right your authority IN Christ Jesus. That is HIM not you. So I tell my mom she said this "Oh thats just death hes been hanging around for a while". Amen.. understanding the enemy
  7. Hey.. from what I read Mary didn't give birth to a God. Nor was He God walking around. His talk was always FAITH for He is a God of Faith. For this to work as in be legal. Meaning He had to be fully man. Just what did He do here that we can't? I believe He told us just what we WILL do because He goes to the Father. He had to be man and then take the punishment. Oh but not for one.. but for all. Think.. when God told Moshe (Moses) to toss down his staff . What did it turn into? And then what did God tell Moses to lift up? So who ever got bitten just look at it was healed. What was that? This is so much more then just coming to earth then died with some nails and strips and go back to Heaven. This really cost God something. "For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us,"Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people.". I think we picture it as were about to die and He just takes our place. Made Him to be sin. And when He says My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Thats exactly what happen. What do you think would happen if you full sin and no Christ would happen when you die? Gonna go hang out with God? A nope. Before Christ in the earth good went somewhere and evil went somewhere else. Separated by a huge gulf/chasm. Where no God nothing of Him with those that do evil. Were not going to see all or understand this as long as were are here. Only after will we fully understand what it cost.. the price He fully ALREADY paid. Some of what I said is just speculation. And our "speculation" is not truth. So I agree He was THEIR words separated from God. Made to be.. thats ALL of Him. What we can't understand is power to lay down His life and power to give it back. Fully man.. yet is God. Yeah lol lets as man figure that out. He died for all and ROSE! Oh I really truly believe ALL of Heaven is STILL rejoicing. For a thousand years is like one day to God. So.. been over 2000 years. Or just over 2 days. yeah.. ALL still rejoicing. WE stopped
  8. TheBlade


    Not sure why no one can reply. I am new here. This could be one of those site where "this is MY site and I will say what I want" praise GOD! So true. But some one asked a question and the answer was not truthful and was negative. A answer I know to be false. So forgive me please. Sorry ..no clue where to just ask this. We in places like this I believe should really pray first and with others if need be. And never make it personal. As in our personal answer is truth. How we FEEL about what ever it is so if I was wrong..forgive me please
  9. You know I just watched this video of this preacher (other country) and WOW... he was talking about "getting a man" and how they could pray. SO many women pointing to their finger that had no ring on it. Praise GOD. This did remind me when I was about 20 sitting with this girl (girl friend at the time). Assistant pastor was walking by and she said to him "were getting married!" Donny said "did you tell him yet". I didn't know they had past lol. Just remembered that. The pushing part.. not good but.. what did GOD say? Thats what HE said to do.
  10. The verse. When was that spoken and to whom? Those times were SO different and nothing like we are today. If it helps how did Peter feel about none Jews getting saved? The WORD OF GOD. Forgive me not trying to boast. I have seen so many wonders from my Father. Can be from how PERFECT HOLY I am NOT! I just read His word.. since I was very young I took Him at His word. I still have that bible. SO many scriptures underlined, circled. They just keep popping out. So if HE said it I don't doubt. Have you not had times when with someone GOD tells you something about them (always to help and points to Christ) that you never knew and they are like "how did you know that?". Or maybe something like this has happen to you. Where your at some pub (Christian music) while your listening this crosses your mind "Behold I stand at the door and knock". And you think "wow I wonder what that is" and what comes right back is "Rev 3:20". And you kinda laugh and say.. I am just guessing.. And PRAISE GOD.. that was it! You then (since your about 19y) try to run to everyone to tell them what just happen. No one was overjoyed as much as me. See at that time I had NEVER read the book of Rev. No clue where that verse was. I could keep going but.. then just shows of me. Sorry. My POINT is.. GOD/Yeshua/Holy Spirit are real. And He can say ANY time He wanted "write this down". Or bring back in your mind the past and give you ever word spoken. Its always been there with me. Just blind faith. Well Hes real.. so then His word is real. His word is Him. There is NOTHING that is made that was not made BY HIM. As He once said to me... "When GOD tells you to do something you don't question it" See before that He said something and I smiled and said "why" lol You don't have to believe it. But what happen just before and after...it was awesome
  11. AMEN by His strips we are/were healed. Its done. Its nothing God has to do.. Christ did it. Peter and John didn't have to pray, ask nothing. It is faith in that name. We lay hands on the sick and they shall be.. In my name He said.. As for Job I would have to disagree. The part about "God allowed". Might push over some carts but Satan has rights. Well we are born into sin and this world.. Satan is the god of. And as he told Christ this is mine I can do/give it to anyone I want. So when Satan came to God.. Satan already knew about the hedge. That means to me Satan already tried to get them. Well I don't think was just to check up on them . Theres SO much more to this. And faith.. yeah something we must exercise. So many times when something bad happens try to believe but can't. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. If you had faith? Yet did He not deal to each the measure of faith? And yet He even asked "wheres your faith" things like this. And the word makes its clear He always hears the righteous and its also written if you know He hears you then you know you have the petitions/prayers you asked for. Gods word is His will. And doubt.. let not that man think he will get anything from God. Faith.. David Ps 4. At the start David says "hear me when I call unto you" Then verses later "I know you hear when I call unto you". Faith! If we KNEW God can not lie faith would be no problem. But as man we tent to look at the flesh this world what we see hear.. feel. Thats not faith. And faith works both ways :). I have friends that still every year take the flew shot <-NOTHING wrong with that lol. Its the knowing each year they get the flew. I never do.. never have unless I forgot. And what.. I am more blessed? ...nothing shall by any means hurt me. Isa 53 5 1st Peter 2 24. Peter and John at the gate. Exercise.. I have been believing this all my life since I was like 12..58 now. And YES its NEVER EVER me. I NEVER take the credit. For ALL good things come from Him. ANY good in me .. was has will always be Him! But its finished. What did He say in His word? Thats what I live be. And so far .. as He said to me one time when I got mad and was questioning Him.. He said "WHEN Have I ever failed you"? Then saw all the times (crying) He was always there and NEVER once saw it. He has saved us more then we will ever know on this earth.
  12. For me.. forgive me.. this should have more hits then anything else. For God so loved the world. By it I mean talking about it.
  13. If the law could save us then Christ would never have died. Paul talked about the law. No one hear knows the law as Paul did. And then what Paul said was not Paul but the holy Spirit. Same with all the other OT NT books/letters. And in Luke.. yeah who was Jesus talking to? A Jewish person keeping the law as Christ came to fulfill. If thats where it stopped then ok but.. it keeps going. And Christ died rose PRAISE GOD GLORY TO JESUS. MAN I love that every time I write it.. I LOVE IT! So He came for a reason. its not my LAW to make sure anyone keeps it. So no the law did not save anyone. And yes its gone. Oops there went that cart. "For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.". You keep that.. for in that is the LAW! And keeping that does not save you. You will not find it written any where. Again AFTER CHRIST came and died and rose PRAISE GOD! Even Jesus said the same then about keeping the law "Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ [ a ] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ [ b ] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” So..lets talk about other verses. As John 3 16 the same God said that. I am nor any human on this planet can save anyone. And then HE starts something NEW in them.. created new. And He will finish it. Amen. I have been saved.. I was set free. I am called to liberty.
  14. Simple is no. The word of God came from Him not man. So I have no right to tell anyone what GOD really means. Many believers in this world do this. And when they talk about their personally belief it turns in to Gods word. This is one main reason I share a little and thats it. I try to say "personally, for me"...things like that. Well how do you talk to a wall? When they are right period. Ok.. praise GOD..dust off keep going. So for ME when I read about " believe "as in and many other places" 29 The jailer called for lights, rushed in and fell trembling before Paul and Silas. 30 He then brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” 31 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household." John 3 16, Rom 10 9-10. So before Christ died.. who was He talking to? His own as in Jewish people 1st. And how shocked was Peter when he found out GOD saved others that were not Jews. That had to do nothing but believe to be saved.Matt-John.. the problem I see some have is.. Jesus had not died and rose vs Jesus already died and rose PRAISE GOD GLORY TO JESUS. Something has changed So no where in the word does it say "Obedience a Condition of Salvation". If there was we would not be talking. Why ask if its so clearly written? So for in me is this desire to hear say think do everything for Him. To give Him glory in all things. Everything I do.. I want to be for HIM. Is that my desire or Him? Him.. all good things come from God. Its like a fruit of whats in me. Christ fulfilled the law. And now it through Him by what He did by what He already finished. This is how GOD sees us now. Through what Christ already finished. Gods a God of faith. He calls those things that be not as though they were. He sees you as a finished work. We see sin darkness and as man we know nothing is ever free. We know we HAVE to so something to get it and to keep it. Is that now what some are saying? We MUST do something ..some kind of WORK some GOOD work or were not saved or we don't keep our salvation. Not how it works. Oh and the rich man.. theres so much more to that story. What He was showing them. Read above and below and then know there were CHAPTER and VERSES when it was written. Jesus/Yeshua is real. In us and the holy Spirit in us and TALK all the time. Jesus is REAL! We just don't believe or take the time to wait. This all has a part in this salvationi
  15. Sleeping and its as if wake up? Can't move? Yeah had it many times. Scary? yes. I know in it..its not real. Even though I see everything its just.. not exactly the same. But I know I am in this and have to wake up. Its just waking up is hard lol
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