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  1. Andrew007

    Joyce Meyer

    The Bible says that women are to be under a man... Are women preachers not under God, whom is our father? A lot of people try to overcomplicate this issue.
  2. This is the back of my car. Covered in Christian stickers. Thought I'd share. Some of them are hard to see, if anyone is interested in knowing what they say just say so in a post and I'll let you know what the ones you can't read say. Stickers
  3. Andrew007

    How long?

    I voted 0-3 days, BUT the body has been known to do some AMAZING things... like survivng without the internet for a couple.. weeks? months? YEARS???
  4. I'd love to do another Pray Vigil.
  5. Deuteronomy 4:24 - For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.
  6. I love this thread! I can't believe you've been passing it up all these years, Calamity!
  7. I remember back in like 1997 we had a big revival at my church... and i dunno but it seems like even back then everyone was convinced it was VERY close like before the Y2k thing or whatever.. and now its 2004.. and I just don't know! God is soooo awesome though. I am, though, in no rush to leave earth. I want to do more of Gods work before I go home!
  8. Not only is it a sin, but it is illegal since you are a minor.
  9. All I have to say is that its SO SAD that they are deceiving SO many people. They are very dedicated in the street ministry they do door-to-door. I blame myself for so many being deceived. We as Chirstians are SO lazy! We need to get out there and do what they are doing. Walking the streets and knocking on doors! We need to become as dedicated as they are, for we know the TRUTH!
  10. Will someone go WAY back and bump the link to the Worthyboards Christmas card? Appreciate it!
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