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  1. Photo off my two girls

    Precious babies!!
  2. My santorini on holiday at pet resort few weeks ago while i was on pasific dawn


  3. Hi

    Just new here i am having a lot trouble, cant figure out chat room, an joined the cat cats an cats and cant see were we can post in it...

    Sorry if seems strange questions, i just wanted start to enjoy this site..


    Aren't they the best, sweetest loyal breed???

    Is Graycie a Russian Blue????? Mine are both Russian Blues. Sir Lancelot and Xena
  6. If you truly believe that Jesus was our penal substitute, then CI is the only logical path.
  7. Simon comes soon!

    We are excited about Simon coming soon, an exchange student from Germany
  8. Haven't seen you in chat, just checking up!

    1. Kindle


      She was in chat last night.  She probably left earlier than she usually does. 

    2. Crazycatlady66


      How do u even get into the chat , i dont seem to be having any luck 😯

  9. kataratos/SurferGirl/Norry passed away

    She was a chatter here years ago and personal close friend of mine.
  10. I'm not sure if anyone remembers kataratos, she also went by SurferGirl and her name was Norry but she committed suicide Monday evening. I know her family and spoke to her mom. Very saddened and shocked. She suffered from severe PTSD.
  11. Humor relief... http://babylonbee.com/news/driver-cuts-off-annihilationist-told-go-hell-brief-period-time/
  12. Chatpocolypse 2017

    So you're saying I invented a new word?
  13. Chatpocolypse 2017

    So I have been sick and decided to (or rather my body decided) I needed sleep last night instead of coming to chat. Only to wake up and discover, Chatpocolypse was not just a myth, but was in fact, a reality. Has anyone used the supposedly "temporary" chat? It shows there are more people than there actually are. Oh well missing everyone now that I am actually awake. Any other survivors of Chatpocolypse 2017?
  14. Question for jehovah's witnesses

    One thing to understand is that the word "hell" has been (inaccurately) translated from 2 different Greek/Hebrew words. You have "Hades/Sheol (same thing), and you have Gehenna. Hades/Sheol is simply "the grave or underworld". We see this in The Parable of The Rich man and Lazarus (which was not an actual event, mind you, it was a reiteration of a popular belief/fable of that time period). Gehenna is what we see as the lake of fire mentioned in Revelation. Now Sheol/Hades being the grave or underworld, is more like a 'holding' area. I believe the individual will not be conscious, but in a type of suspended animation state (whether this is "sleep" or not, not sure). But there is definitely some consideration to be had for it. Gehenna is the lake of fire mentioned at The Great White Throne. The Bible is clear at the throne judgement there are 2 sets of books. The books (plural) of deeds, and the Lamb's book of life. It tells us the books of deeds are opened and judgement issued. However, if you name was found in the Lamb's book of life, you would receive eternal life (which is a gift for believers). Hope this helps explain it a bit for you.