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  1. What do you think about BitCoin

    What do you think of bitcoin Or crypto currencies generally?
  2. I made a free tool

    @4LdKHVCzRDj2 awesome. Thanks, I'll give you a start after I try it.
  3. I made a free tool

    Okay, I should probably say this again... I made it for myself and decided to share it here in case someone might find it useful (maybe a learner goes through the code and learn from it or someone uses it to generate random codes). Either way, @Omegaman 3.0 The idea of open source is not to create something unique... not always... it's to learn from each other. I would read people's code even though I know how to achieve whatever is the end product of the software... because while reading it, you'll probably see something new.
  4. I made a free tool

    Nice! Your read me file does not have explanation on how to run it...
  5. I made a free tool

    Hmm, good point. Thanks for the resource you shared, I'll have a look at it. Did you make it? @4LdKHVCzRDj2
  6. I made a free tool

    I don't like hardware talks...
  7. I made a free tool

    It's fine. If not you, someone else would have said the same thing.
  8. I made a free tool

    I edited my response. I anticipated your response.
  9. I made a free tool

    it's not. The source code is open to anyone to check. But good point... here are a few security tips though: 1. Your password alone is useless to anyone except they know the platform you are working on and the username attached to that password 2. You don't have to use it for anything serious like I said, I use it when testing things or registering for platforms that i might never use again.
  10. I made a free tool

    Hi everyone, As a developer, I register on a lot of platforms, and do a lot of testing that requires using "secured" or strong passwords, it can be annoying to come up with letters, symbols, blah blah, So I made a tool to help me do that. Its free and open source, and frankly, quite easy. I don't know if there are any developers here who might be interested in contributing to it (the repo is on github). Here's the link: http://spg.xyluz.com/ Link to the github repo is also on the page. Hope someone finds it useful. Thank you.
  11. So i work for a television station now... :D

  12. No one is born a Christian.

    No not one.

  13. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus

    Your presence is heaven to me. :)


    Israel & New Breed --> Your Presence Is Heaven

  14. someone said to me 2 days ago: "You are too ambitious" (said more) ... I admit it almost got to me, I started thinking, maybe my dreams are too big... Maybe they will never happen.

    Then this morning, I believe the Holy Spirit ministered to me, and I am uplifted!

    I am not moving as fast as I will like, I am not where I thought I would be a few years ago... yet, I am not where I used to be, I am moving forward, and for this, I am grateful to God and trusting for better days ahead.

    My dreams are not too big, for me they are not possible, but with God..all things are possible.

    I trust God, I know he will never fail. I hope this encourages someone someday. :)

    Good morning worthy family.

    1. midnight special
    2. xyluz


      Evening mid... :D how are you?

    3. midnight special

      midnight special

      im good. a bit on the tired side today so cant complain

  15. Pray for President of Nigeria

    He's going to London for treatment...