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  1. Tor is a good browser if you want to be anonymous... but you still have to know the proper settings, otherwise, its just a normal browser. I have it, to test suspicious links, nothing more.
  2. Wordfence is not a person, like i said, wordfence is a plugin used by wordpress developers. (or you could just google it)
  3. I got this news from Wordfence (a security plugin Wordpress developers use), i think everyone should read it. I hope you find it helpful. https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2017/04/chrome-firefox-unicode-phishing/
  4. I’m no longer a slave to fear
    I am a child of God
    I’m no longer a slave to fear
    I am a child of God


    I love this song. Jonathan David & Melissa Helser


    My favorite part:


    You split the sea
    So I could walk right through it

    My fears were drowned in perfect love
    You rescued me
    And I will stand and sing
    I am the child of God
    You split the sea
    So I could walk right through it
    You drowned my fears in perfect love
    You rescued me
    And I will stand and sing
    I am the child of God (yes I am)

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    2. SueZQ


      I love this song too!!!!!  Hugs my friend!!!!

    3. Abby-Joy


      AMEN! Love this song as well... praise God!!! :)

    4. xyluz


      @SueZQ so good to hear from you ... :) its been too long... we miss you in chat.

  5. I'm no longer a slave to fear,

    I am a child of God.

    I'm no longer a slave to sin,

    I am a child of God.


    Amen. :)

    1. Abby-Joy


      yes, yes... amen!!

  6. chat really needs to stop telling me i was kicked out...


    I left of my own accord... :P

  7. the concept of giving to the needy has been abused here... i personally hardly gives anyone who ask either physically or via phone or email... well, i mean people i don't know...
  8. I think you should be grateful you spoke with a "fairly" sincere person... another person could have told you 100% goes to the charity...
  9. Hi. A friend at the office, actually, our business development manager, needed a tool to help him keep track of clients he contacts... because he gets paid by how many clients he contacts, he was sort of desperate for a way to keep track on the move. He needed something simple, that loads fast, easily accessible, and preferably free. SO i created BDS for him. He liked it, said, this could be useful for a lot of people... and therefore, i decided to make it open to everyone interested. its here http://dbms.xyluz.com Its just a simple easy to use tool. I am open to suggestions on how to improve it. SO, please try it out and let me know what you think. Thank you in advance.
  10. If you only do what you can do, you will never become more than what you are...

    Push boundaries, break new grounds, expand your horizon

    The sky is a limit, until you attain escape velocity,
    Then the sky becomes a stepping stone.

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    2. xyluz


      oh, thats wonderful!

      I should ask though, when will you change your status from "seeker"? (its ok if you don't want to answer)...

      :) i am looking forward to seeing the change...

    3. midnight special

      midnight special

      X, thanks for your concern. i pray for guidance and that God will let me know what is right. At this point i believe in Christian philosophy, but as we both know this is not the same as Christian faith. God knows our heart. btw, tis good to hear from you.

    4. xyluz


      :) yes. Its good to hear from you too.

      Still praying for you.

      what have you been up to personally?

  11. Yes. Everything is fine. Thank you very much. God bless you all.
  12. sound's good... I don't know of any. Though, i believe their will be something out there... but even if there is, it doesn't stop you from making another one.
  13. From my heart to the Heaven, Jesus be the centre... Its all about you, Yes, its all about you.

  14. by the way, you can run some windows software on ubuntu by using "wine" or/and "playonlinux" ... don't forget to install synaptic package manager too...
  15. oh, ok. thanks.