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Poem: The Strength of a Woman

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The Strength of a Woman
(For my wife. Also for girls, mothers, daughters, wives, aunts, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and women everywhere)

She is exquisite yet tenacious
She is strong yet gracious
At times independent and others vulnerable
At times courageous and others fragile

She is a peacemaker and friend
She says she’s okay when she’s clearly in pain
She is cute, charming, gorgeous, and splendid
She finds laughter after crying in the rain

She’s one of the first to wake up
And often the last to go to bed
She carries her family through the day
Raises her children in the midst of the fray

She often holds her tongue when her husband is clearly wrong
She laughs and endures with her family in the midst of the storm
She sings in her heart a lovely song
She is an overcomer even though she feels worn

She sometimes wants to hide
She redirects her children with a single look in her eye
She often swallows her pride
She picks herself up and dusts herself off holding her head again up high

She is a princess oh so royal
She is a warrior and every bit as tough
She is a friend and oh so loyal
She is true even when life is rough

She helps though who are down and those who are in need
She makes life joyous with her jokes
In a pinch she is willing to take the lead
She gives out hope like candy to all sorts of folks

On a cloud filled day she is brightness like the sun
Her laughter and love are contagious to everyone
She is no stranger to sorrow
Yet hopes in God for the tomorrow


Inspired by my wife and the movement. Hope this is encouraging! ;-)

God bless,


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My dear brotha,this is just beautiful!!! Thank you!! :clap:

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