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  1. Welcome Jim! It's alway's nice to see a fresh new face around here!! GBU Alway's Brother Missplaced
  2. (((((Patty)))))) I'm so very sorry to hear this!!!! My son just had to put down his best friend of 9 years...Buster kitty was 1 in a million,it broke his heart he (((Buster)))) had kidney diesase , it was the hardest choice that my son has ever had to make.. my heart goes out to you my sweet sister & your family. (((Patty))) My love to you always!! ~~~Miss~~~
  3. My Dearest Turtle Two, Having grown up in a dysfunctional family myself,there were times i felt that i just couldn't take anymore..BUT if OUR LORD has taught me nothing else, HE has taught me this... 1) pray for them always 2) you DON"T need to have anything to do with them,you weren't born to be anybody's punching bag,that doesn't mean you don't love them. 3)GOD HIMSELF DOESN"T EXPECT YOU TO PUT UP WITH ABUSE!! PEROID! 4) let go and let GOD! 5) OUR LORD CAME TO GIVE US LIFE<AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY...not sadness,distress,and abuse!!! GBU ALWAYS MY DEAR SWEET SISTER!!! ~~~Miss~~~
  4. Bill, WELCOME to Worthy...it's so nice to meet you brother!! The easiest way to get your 5 post's is to say HI to 5 people in this welcome thread..then you can start your own thread and we can discuss your question at length GBU BROTHER ~~~Miss~~~
  5. Ncn, When I first was blessed with this ministry....you have always had a kind word of encourangement for me, I had so many questions...you in your very endearing,loving way were always there to point me in the right direction....so many times you showed me kindness,wisdom thru the many mistakes i made,you never once chastised me...you just lovingly refered to my mistakes as "my learning curve" And because of your compassion I did learn.... Ncn,because of your patient leading,i've learned so much and continue to grow...you make me think..understand...your sense of humor makes me howl with laughter at times... as i often do,as i lay my head to pillow i thank GOD for you my friend!! I'm praying for you even now that OUR PRECIOUS LORD'S Will be done in your life!! GBU ALWAYS my friend!! ~~~Miss~~~
  6. Dear Belle, Welcome my dear sister in CHRIST!!! I'm going to join my voice with those of Hippie & {{{{Alien}}}]}, sometimes tough love is the only road open to us.....I have heard it said & it bears out to be true... You can take the bottle out of an alcoholics hand,BUT if he isn't ready to take the bottle out of his own hand then it's all for nothing... In other words {{{Belle}}},it's got to be his choice...if he's not ready to do this..then you need to do what is best for your kids and yourself. continue to pray for him,but don't allow him access to you or your children. GBU Sweet Sister!! ~~~Miss~~~
  7. Praise you LORD JESUS!!,Thank you Father for keeping your precious child safe in the shadow of your wings!!! Hallelujah!!!!
  8. {{{Kwik}}}}, My beautiful sista!!!,This is the best news yet!!,because I know how much this mean's to you to have those precious babies in touching range!! I'm just plain overjoyed for you!! THANK YOU LORD JESUS!! My love to you!!! GBU ~~~MISS~~~
  9. Chili, Welcome!! nice to meetcha..... ~~~Miss~~~
  10. MissPlaced_56


    {{{{Shira}}}}, Precious sister Welcome!! ~~~Miss~~~
  11. MissPlaced_56


    Esahi, Welcome to Worthy!! Nice to meet you!! GBU!! ~~~Miss~~~
  12. ladyalaska, Welcome to Worthy!! GBU Our New Sister!! ~~~Miss~~~ (My cousin Doug lives in Alaska,,but the name of the town escapes me right now..lol)
  13. Crystal, Welcome to Worthy!! My prayful hope for you is that you find what you need here!! GBU!! Dear sister!! ~~~Miss~~~
  14. wayfaringstranger, Welcome to Worthy!! Did you know that "way Faring Stranger" is a song...it was 1 of my dad's favorite songs..LOL GBU!! ~~~Miss~~~
  15. Maximus1215, Welcome to Worthy! GBU ~~~Miss~~~
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