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  2. Your post and signature is a testament to your heart. Praise Yahweh that He is raising people like you up in these times. May Yahweh bless you and your goal richly for His glory, in the name of the Lord Jesus.
  3. Shalom BibleStudent100, A timely post and a stance I take with you. There are two paths to take at this time of year: Passover or Yeaster. The former is ordained, celebrated by the Lord and witnesses to His death and resurrection. But many refuse to celebrate it, probably because of either anti-semitism or fear of coming under the law? Some people love man-made traditions. If the truth won't change them, then one post or ten of them won't. I fear that this is a matter where some hold on to traditions of man endlessly, refusing the good advice you have offered. But I wanted to say thank you for standing up for the truth anyway. May Yahweh bless you richly for your heart that shines in this way, in the name of the Lord Jesus. Love & Shalom
  4. Thank you for the welcome! I personally grew up in a church that was solid, but doctrinally weak. Only over the last several years, after joining a church that is in line with reformed doctrine, has God begun to show me that there is so much more to be discovered in His Word than I ever realized before. Now my burden is to share that knowledge (meat instead of milk) with others.
  5. Shalom Reneesb, Great question to ask. Rather than me bumbling for ages, here is an informative 7 min video which goes through the whole 3 days and nights timeline and shows you how it fits in with the Scripture. I hope it helps. Love & Shalom
  6. Shalom Debp, Me too! It's weird because sometimes I think I shouldn't enjoy it that much, but I really don't mind. The Lord separated Himself from the crowds and even the disciples many times for solitude. I think the silence and peace enables us to converse with Spirit without distraction or any stimulus to derail our thoughts. In fact I would prescribe a bit of regular solitude to anyone who wants to peaceful mind in this busy, distracting world. Love & Shalom
  7. Shalom all, I wonder if the matter can be settled for some with this mindset: For those who think the Torah is abolished: Don't argue harshly with those who don't agree with you. You have very little Scripture to back up your stance - except one debatable statement from the Messiah, and the letters of Paul (who Peter says many misunderstand - 2 Peter 3:16). So try not to boast of grace or flaunt it proudly like a medal whenever someone mentions the word "obedience". It's not an attractive trait. Instead, continue your way of worshiping and serving Yahweh and be humble - always willing to learn and refine your walk. Favour remaining in peace with your brothers and sisters rather than annihilating them with posts. Can you say you're a "complete" disciple, knowing all there is to know and needing no more direction? For those who don't think Torah is abolished: Don't push your beliefs on others lest it seems you're trying to enslave them under Torah. People must be wanting to follow Torah willingly, lovingly and joyfully - not because they have been argued into it with Scriptures. Yes, your understanding is correct, but in your zeal to share the truth the most vital elements love, patience and gentleness are being forgotten. Simply do and shine for others. Some will follow Torah, some will not, but we cannot convict like the Ruach HaKodesh. In fact, in arguing about the matter, we might help harden the hearts of those who may have followed freely in the future! Basically, to both sides of the argument (and I speak to myself here as well), let's be cool with each other. If we treat this matter as an interesting, intellectual debate, both sides can come away edified, rather that stressed out in passion and frustration. Whether you do or don't follow Torah, if we can't be loving (or at least respectful) then this argument is all for nothing, we have already lost the whole point. Consider how you would argue if the Lord Jesus Himself was a member of this forum and watching this very post. Because I tell you something, that's not too far from the truth. Love & Shalom
  8. Like Neighbor? They took my brother away today, they took my brother away, but they won't get me I'm normal hey hey -
  9. I try not to worry, but their User Names can be disturbing...
  10. Shalom Chris, Welcome to WCF! I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling. We all struggle with sin and yes, sometimes annoyingly the flesh wins. If you would like advice, please feel encouraged to share your problem in the "ask a question" section of the site. You can share with us confident that we will respect you and maybe we can be of help. Love & Shalom
  11. Today
  12. Shalom Phillpphill, Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you question has been answered sufficiently now but just wanted to say hello. I'm looking forward to seeing you start your own Bible Study in here, if you feel lead to. Love & Shalom
  13. Shalom fairylover, Welcome to WCF! I hope this forum is a blessing to you. Love & Shalom
  14. Shalom Sloth (what a strange thing for me to type!) Welcome to the forum! May I ask why you feel lost? Are you stuck on any particular topic or many? I will help if I can and if you feel comfortable to share. Remember, there are always answers out there. Never stop searching and never stop asking. So please let us know what's up and perhaps one of us can help. Love & Shalom
  15. Labeling yourself Israeli or Jew does not necessarily mean you are numbered among them. Rather, doing the works of an Israeli or Jew reifies the Seed/Identity. Hear the Word of Elohim! John 8:37-39 King James Version (KJV) 37 I know that ye are Abraham's seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you. 38 I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. 39 They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham. Matthew 3:7-9 King James Version (KJV) 7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? 8 Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: 9 And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.
  16. Shalom Jared, Welcome to the forum my brother! Wow, what a testimony and what an introduction. Truly, you sound like a brother after my own heart as I agree with the things you wrote. Didn't the Lord Yeshua prophecy that the church was going to become like this though through His parables? Indeed, when I hear the term Christian these days it is no seal of approval at all. Many use that title and compromise the Word or the way of love. There are many out there not like that, but it's foolish to pretend that every self-professing Christian is truly a disciple. Brother, I feel that the Almighty Yahweh is beginning a great work in both you and your wife. Stay on the path you are on and He will make His perfect Will known to you (if not already). That said, be wise in the Messianic movement as well. In their zeal to correct Christianity's mistakes, they can tend to push to far in the opposite direction. If you have time, please see my post below about this subject: Again, a big welcome to you and your wife and I hope we get the chance to interact more on here! Love & Shalom
  17. Well, God bless you dear friend. As usual, you have blessed many of us with one of your beautiful poems on Resurrection Sunday! What a wonderful day for all of us when the world is going through such a bleak time. We do indeed join with you in praising our amazing, wonderful Saviour and Lord. He is our treasure in Heaven, our everything, our all. Praise the Lord!
  18. "Little known" is one of the reasons for an attack. Publicity is a major part of terrorism. Terrorists have become very good utilising terror not only for leverage in that it works but also for advertising. We usually don't give credit toward organizational skills of terrorists but they are far more systematic and calculating than we think. They are barbaric in there actions but not so much in manipulation. The Arab people are ancient and intelligent people. When their Mulsim beliefs were Hellenized between the 9th and 14th centuries they had a great culture but once radicalism was once again embraced it destroyed their own people. More Muslims have killed Muslims than anyone else. The west isn't solid on any philosophy as we have moved away from Platonic philosophy, in particular, critical thinking, as a culture in our education and have opened the door for a people who are solid in their eyes on philosophy and ideology. "Allah demands the world, therefore, Islam demands the world." We don't even have a definition of what a man is in the west at this time but Muslims do. We may disagree with their version but what do we have as an alternative? If Johnny wants to be Sally then not letting him/she, whatever, be it, is evil? We man up or we die as a culture. The more leftist liberal we become the more barbaric and tribal we become and Muslims are already tribal and have no problem with the barbaric. We define our culture and take a stand or lose.
  19. Shalom Bankrupt, Welcome to the forum. Wow, besides you not being a Christian, we have a lot in common! I hope you decide to stick around and ask questions Love & Shalom
  20. Shalom friend, Welcome to the forum! Aww, what a great intro post. I hope the site is a blessing for you. Love & Shalom
  21. Shalom sister, Welcome to WCF! You come with great motives. May the Almighty Yahweh bless you in your search for fellowship and spiritual growth, in the name of the Lord Jesus. Love & Shalom
  22. Shalom sister, Welcome to the forum! You have come to the right place if your a missing Christian friends. There are a lot of great people on this site. As for the issues you struggle with at the moment, I probably cannot offer much advice on that but I believe there is a Women's section on this forum which might give you a bit more privacy to be frank. However, I can say this: Don't be under the impression that any of the issues you are struggling with are significant enough to pull you away from God. These two statements you made above show that the real you (the spirit) is willing and wanting to battle the worldly you (the flesh). Stay optimistic and draw yourself closer to Yahweh each day by reading His Word, meditating upon its precepts and praising Him for the life He gives you each day (a home, freedom, an able body and mind). Stay on this track and sin will start to lose power over you. The flesh is very selfish. It knows what it likes and will convince you in many ways to carry out its desires. The flesh knows how to convince you, argue with you and justify itself within whatever logic structure you try to fight it with. The best thing to do, when such thoughts arise, is not even to get into debate with it. If you try to think reasonably, it will lead you astray. If you try to fight it with scripture, the flesh will fight back with conditional arguments and cleverly twist your understanding. Instead, try to not engage such thoughts at all when they arise and think - react like a judge and say "overruled". The less you fight the thoughts and ignore them, the less powerful they will be. I hope something in that helps :S Thank you for being so brave in sharing. Love & Shalom
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