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  1. good to meet you! i've always heard New Zealand is such an awsome place. Lots of your kiwi mates on worthy are so cool too.

  2. Gidday chickie, I'm from across the ditch ;)

  3. hey friend.


    Its been so long (too long)


    How are you?



  4. Pray for 10 year old girl

    we can only hope, have faith and continue to pray. thanks for asking and for praying!
  5. Pray for 10 year old girl

    thank you all again for continued prayers!
  6. Ralph the Roo droppin' in to say g'day, and have a squiz at your profile page! Haha! :D


  7. Pray for 10 year old girl

    thank you all for praying. things are still are uncertain. please keep her in your prayers
  8. Pray for 10 year old girl

    thank you everyone who is praying! please continue to remember Serena
  9. Pray for 10 year old girl

    on behalf of a girl, born into extremely dire circumstances, i ask for your prayers. it may be best not to get into details, so i will just ask that people pray to God for this little girl, Serena. she will certainly need comfort, safety, and guidance her entire life. perhaps you could remember Serena as my friend's neighbor girl when you ask God for his protection for her.
  10. No worries, I freely admit the burden of any failure is my own to bear

  11. You honor me. . I hope I don't disappoint you, but remember, I too am fallible. Your brother in Christ, Spock

  12. A reminder due to recent posts

    Thank you, hip
  13. Hello Midnight!

    1. midnight special

      midnight special

      hi, paul! I haven't been around lately because it's difficult on my new phone to see whats going on in chat and keep up but it's good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. maybe soon I'll see you around in chat. until then, take care. your friend -keith

    2. KPaulG


      Thanks, Midnight.


      God Bless you.


      Your friend,