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  1. midnight special

    Pray for 10 year old girl

    we can only hope, have faith and continue to pray. thanks for asking and for praying!
  2. midnight special

    Pray for 10 year old girl

    thank you all again for continued prayers!
  3. midnight special

    Pray for 10 year old girl

    thank you all for praying. things are still are uncertain. please keep her in your prayers
  4. midnight special

    Pray for 10 year old girl

    thank you everyone who is praying! please continue to remember Serena
  5. midnight special

    Pray for 10 year old girl

    on behalf of a girl, born into extremely dire circumstances, i ask for your prayers. it may be best not to get into details, so i will just ask that people pray to God for this little girl, Serena. she will certainly need comfort, safety, and guidance her entire life. perhaps you could remember Serena as my friend's neighbor girl when you ask God for his protection for her.
  6. midnight special

    A reminder due to recent posts

    Thank you, hip
  7. midnight special

    happy graduation logan

    Congratulations Lo!!
  8. midnight special

    happy graduation logan

    Happy day Logan!! Congratulations!!
  9. midnight special

    please pray for misskaylay

    Please pray for God to give comfort to misskaylay.
  10. Mike thanks for asking. She is doing about as well as could be expected. BTW, I told her that you guys were praying and she is very grateful!
  11. midnight special

    self injury

    I can't imagine caring about anyone that I felt wronged me.
  12. midnight special

    How do I post my questions on here to get advice?

    Hello all!
  13. midnight special

    self injury

    Oops, it seems that I responded to someone else's response. Sorry for my confusion
  14. midnight special

    self injury

    Thanks for your insight, Pearl. I am glad for you, it is nice to hear you are so positive and happy. I don't know why I want to hurt myself except that I think its a method to help me cope. My anguish is not over a woman. Thanks very much for your caring response.
  15. midnight special

    self injury

    Thanks, Cloe. I appreciate that. I'm actually surprised someone saw that in that obscure thread. Your friend, midnight