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  1. Acts 3:1 ..........silver and gold have we none...... How can that possibly be with all the thousands of folks getting saved and paying tithes?
  2. ejected

    Are you wearing old clothes?

    When God speaks of a new covenant or agreement, He makes the first one obsolete (out of use). And what is obsolete (out of use and annulled because of age) is ripe for disappearance and to be dispensed with altogether. (Hebrews 8:13 AMP) This letter to the Hebrews sets forth the all-inclusive revolution or reconstitution which God made when He brought His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world – that is, the religious revolution. This revolution, which was rejected by Judaism, has been almost entirely overlooked or lost sight of by Christendom since Apostolic times. The entire present system of Christianity as generally accepted would be impossible if the meaning of this letter were received as a heavenly revelation in the power of the Holy Spirit. That is – if it came into the heart by the Spirit's power with the effect of a revelation in the same way as the Apostle Paul came to see who "Jesus of Nazareth" is, then a Christian-Judaism, or Judaistic-Christianity (which Christendom so largely is) would be impossible; as it became in his own case. The Letter to the Hebrews is only one other aspect of the battle fought out in the Letters to the Romans and Galatians. In the light of such a spiritual eye-opening a whole lot of things would go: but being a "heavenly vision," there would be no tears, no sense of loss, and no fond farewells. The gain and joy would rather put all such things into the category of a worn-out and no-longer-to-be-desired suit of clothes. In saying this we are only contemplating the full-tide of spiritual life known before any of these things came into being. These things only came in when the fullness of the Spirit had gone out, and, being an artificial substitute, they can never but be limiting things in the realm of Divine purpose. And yet, behold how these things have become the very nature of traditional and organized Christianity! So much so that to touch them in any way which threatens their existence is to meet something more bitter and formidable than any persecution from the world. This is not said carelessly. Religion can be, and is very largely, a terrible force; and Christianity has become a religion. There are very few communities of Christians – even the most evangelical, and spiritual – who wholly escape the tendency or propensity to persecute or ostracize other bodies of Christians who might be regarded as rivals in their field of activity... "God... hath at the end of these days spoken... in His Son." But the new era and new order had brought out a new and mightier-than-ever conflict. By T. Austin-Sparks from: "God Hath Spoken" - Chapter 1
  3. ejected

    Not Made with hands.

    I cannot comment.
  4. Sarah beyond child bearing age....on purpose. So the child could be of God. Abraham and Sarah wanted to help God out by their own means. Hagar's child became the picture of bondage born of the flesh. Hannah was mocked for being barren. The other wife was arrogant and proud. God finally gave Hannah a miracle....Samuel, the greatest prophet of old. Have you spent a life time 'waiting on your ministry'? Wondering why others seem to get there's on a silver platter while you continue to wait and wait and pray and pray with no results or open doors at all? Abe was 90. Sarah was 80. The word of God is pretty clear. That which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of Spirit is spirit. The impatient try to establish ministries by the arm of flesh. This will end in little fruit for God. Flesh will not glory in His presence. Meaning, if flesh is in operation and self glorifying, His presence is NOT there. Quenched as it were. For one thing, the fleshly mind cannot receive the things of God. So error and untruths have a rightful foothold. So if you are one who has been faithful and waiting on God for a life time, you are right on target. Don't give up on God and don't give in to the god of this world who would be tickled pink if you'd strike out on your own without the Holy Spirit leading and unction to 'fake a ministry of sorts'. Another lifeless ministry keeping the folks in 'Ismael bondage.' Follow Hannah's lead not Sarah's. Yes you'll be scorned and looked down on as an oddball like Hannah was but that's part of the test. Wait i say, wait upon the Lord and you will bring forth your Samuel! By His Spirit, not by the flesh. We've all had enough of fleshly, Spiritless ministries. They're everywhere.
  5. ejected

    Outside the Camp.

    A mans foes will be of his own household. Buck the system and despised and rejected you'll be. See: Isaiah 53.
  6. ejected

    9 Ways People are Bullied in Church

    You dont have to study Babylon to figure out what the duce is going on with what is called 'church'. See: awildernessvoice.com and truthforfree.com yo get you started. But if you want to dive into the deep end of the pool see: wickedshepherds.com
  7. ejected

    Outside the Camp.

    December 5 Let us go out to Him, outside the camp, and bear the disgrace He bore. (Hebrews 13:13 NLT) We can organize our movements, lay our plans, and draft our schemes. We can lay it all out according to the New Testament and it can be dead, ineffective.... You see the difference between a traditional system, whether it be Judaism or Christianity, and a living thing coming all the time in a living way out from the Christ Himself by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit Himself doing it. Well, this is going to cost something. See what it meant for these people. At the end of this letter you come on this: “Wherefore, Christ also... suffered without the camp. Let us therefore go to Him without the camp, bearing His reproach.” The camp was Judaism, and He suffered without the camp because He repudiated Judaism and stood for the realization of all God’s thoughts as in Himself personally. He gathered up everything into His own person, “I am.” It is the Christ who is the full sum and embodiment of all God’s thoughts and ways, and that takes the place of Judaism, and He, therefore, repudiated Judaism and suffered without the camp. "Let us go to Him without the camp." What is the issue? If you are going to take this line you are going to repudiate organized Christianity, going to repudiate Christendom as a traditional system, going to repudiate that order of things which is made, and going, therefore, to suffer reproach and be outside of the camp suffering His reproach. In other words, we are immediately going to come up against that force of antagonism to stop what has come in through the death and resurrection and exaltation of the Lord Jesus, the heavenly thing. Is it not sad that these people met it through God’s historic people, the people who claimed to have the oracles, to be the elect, to be the favored of the Lord? It is always like that. “A man’s foes shall be those of his own household.” Do not narrow that down to the limits of a family where one is a Christian and all the rest are not. That is not the point at all. It is his own household, the Christian household. You will meet the antagonism to what has come in from heaven as a heavenly thing; you will meet the antagonism amongst those who are the traditional people of God in this dispensation. That is how it will be. That is going to be the cost of a walk in Life with the Lord and not with man, knowing the Lord for yourself. By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Kingdom That Cannot be Shaken - Chapter 2
  8. ejected

    To show Partiality.....

    To show partiality is not good, for a piece of bread (or a big tither) that man will transgress. Proverbs 28:21 The reason Jesus said 'you freely received, freely give' This is called 'tickling the ears' for gain. 'He who justifies the wicked and condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination'. Proverbs 17:15 I saw this 'a plenty' in the 'church'. The rich given ministries while the poor had no open door. James 2:3 If you show special attention to the one with fine clothing and say to him 'heres a good seat for you', but say to the poor man ' sit on the floor' . Is this not showing partiality? Looking for those bigger tithers? Of course it is. Sometimes it was the 'good looking' or charismatic. Some of these did have talent, some didn't. Talent not withstanding, this negates the every member participation meeting confining the gifts of the Spirit that God gives every believer to the back of the bus indefinitely. 'God giving gifts to men'. Which fulfills the prediction when 'and the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of you, nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you. 1Cor. 12:21. Before you go off on a tangent, the head here simply pointing to the fact that a body has many parts. There is only one head and His name is Jesus. So, many stagnate in this fleshly environment. Why? Give you 3 guesses. The Spirit is quenched Jesus stands outside the door knocking. Eventually many of these on the bottom leave. Some back to the world. Others searching for the real Jesus, the real, gospel, the real Spirit. Just hungering for more of Christ. Ten virgins. Five ready, five not ready. Are you getting the picture yet?
  9. Jesus is on the outside trying to get in. Is He knocking on the door of a movie theater? Is He knocking on the door of an abortion factory? Is He knocking on the door of a bar? Is He knocking on the door of a pool hall? Is He knocking on the door of a strip club? Is He knocking on the door of a school house? Is He knocking on the door of a gambling joint? Is He knocking on the door of Congress? Is He knocking on the door of any Hellywood god? What door is He knocking on? What is He trying to get into? I are befuddled between confusion and stupid pit. Help me out please. Revelation 3:20
  10. ejected

    Not Made with hands.

    December 2 Wherever two or three are gathered (drawn together as My followers) into My name, there I AM in the midst of them. (Matthew 18:20 AMP) Jesus, as the Truth, is contrasted with Satan, the liar. But He is also contrasted with all representations, types, symbols, outward forms, etc., which were – and are – not the true, the real. When our Lord spoke of His body as the Temple, deliberately refraining from the fuller explanation because of the fixed prejudice of His hearers, He introduced the great truth of the transition from one dispensation to another, and the complete change in the nature of temple and worship. It was because Stephen saw this and declared it that he was murdered by these very people. Said he: "The Most High dwelleth not in houses made with hands" (Acts 7:48). Paul said the same to the Athenians (Acts 17:24). This does not mean that God never came into representations when they wholly corresponded with His thought. Both the Tabernacle and the Temple were "made with hands" and God came into them in power and glory, but not to commit Himself to the thing. The time came when He forsook both and He was no longer found there. They were only temporary representations and His presence was conditional. The "true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, not man" (Hebrews 8:2) is "not of this creation." The whole Letter to the Hebrews has to do with this change from the earthly and temporal to the heavenly and spiritual. Hence, He is no longer in "temples made with hands." To come right to the point: the New Testament teaches that the Temple in this dispensation is a Person, and persons incorporated into Him through death, burial and resurrection, and "baptized into one body by one Spirit" (1 Corinthians 12:13). We must also remember that Jesus foretold the passing away of that entire temporal system, with Jerusalem as its center and representation. With His foreknowledge of the passing of the earthly, temporal and material things; places, systems, fixed locations, and outward forms, the Lord Jesus put the whole matter of survival upon Himself as the constituent of a spiritual structure against which the very powers of hell would not prevail. Against fixed localizing and systematizing of Himself and His presence He was emphatic, and history is evidence of how right He was. If, according to John 3:16, salvation is a matter of "whosoever," the Lord's presence and true worship, according to Matthew 18:20, is "wheresoever." By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Dispensation of the Holy Spirit - Chapter 2
  11. ejected

    The Church...

    The church is perfect and needs no correction.
  12. Cleric Response Teams. What is your opinion?
  13. ejected

    You're going to find...

    This is talking to the ecclesia at large. Sound doctrine cannot be discussed.
  14. ejected

    Where do you go for oil?

    I am 100 percent in favor of assembling with other saints.
  15. ejected

    Where do you go for oil?

    Ten virgins (born again christians). 5 had oil, 5 did not. Why is that? All ten saved but only half were ready for the rapture. This would explain a pre-trib rapture and also take care of the post trib rapture. I digress. I believe we are to go directly unto the throne of God daily for our supply of oil. You've heard some say ' cant wait to go to church so i can get my tank filled'. Are we to look to man to get the oil of the Spirit in our lives or are we to go directly to Jesus moment by moment. What if Jesus returns on Tuesday, two days after 'church', and one day before Wednesday service? And your lamp is without oil? Do you miss the rapture like the 5 virgins with no oil in their lamps? And if your oil is so depleted, are you sure you're even getting any oil in the first place? A goose bump or two from a beautifully crafted sermon, eloquently delivered may not be a source of the oil scripture talks about. Besides, can you even remember on monday what was preached on sunday? If you can, then you are a rare one. Most cannot. Ten virgins. 5 depended on other sources and came up short when they really needed it. The other 5 had their oil delivered personally by Jesus, a one on one daily relationship whose voice they followed disallowing any other.