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  1. ejected


    https://biblehub.com/kjv/ecclesiastes/10-1.htm Oil that was used to anoint the articles in the temple. Represents the Holy Spirit. Error, falshood, deception all, quenches the Holy Spirit. Chrisrendom has a few flies in the ointment that cause a bad oder. It cancels out any of the good. Beelzebub is the lord of the flies! A connection do you suppose?
  2. Pray for a particular deliverence and finally get it. A little while later that trial strikes again with ferocity. Thats a test that is a Toughy. Stand your ground as a good soldier. He takes pleasure when you hope in His mercy. Psalm 147:11 And His promises.
  3. We r to fellowship with other believers of like faith. Most churches are what i call monologue oratory halls. One guy talks. The rest listen. Everyone pays him. Learn a lot but this is not the gathering scripture describes. A home or Village Inn setting would be more conducive for what the NT calls the 'assembly'. The paid middle man absent and Jesus, the true middle man,present working His gifts through his people to each other. Thats 'church'!
  4. Million dollar preachers obviously a sham. But what about the ones that use promises and even threats to get ten percent out of you, no matter how poor you are? Is there a difference?
  5. He wasnt afraid to stand alone uncompremisingly.
  6. Slot machine preachers! Sink your money into them, pull the lever and God will give to you. Apostles, traveling preachers, were told to give freely what they received freely. They could receive help if it was the givers idea, not theirs. They never charged for the gospel. A true preacher doesnt beg. Or promise, or threaten like the prosperty preachers do. Jesus never begged. Paul did speak about those that refused to support the gospel, but left it to them to consider it. Heres the sham. These mega preachers claim if you give a dollar, youll get a hundred back. If that works for them they should be billionaires by now. Why are they still begging from you? You have no one to beg from. Get the point?
  7. Two different approaches. One in the flesh, one in the Spirit. One brings death, the second brings life. The law and the letter, written word, kills. The Spirit, on that written word, gives life.
  8. I trust few men. 'Cursed is the man that trusts in msn'. Jeremiah 17:5 However, i learned to eat the fruit and spit out the seeds. Ray Comfort has inspired me to witness more. He has hundreds of videos on line. Street preacher. I tried his style. Its working beautifully. He puts the gospel in a step by step, easy to understand format. Check him out. You may be inspired to give it a try also. We need for christians to start preaching/witnessing more. Might be the answer to an insane culture we're praying for! Im just saying.
  9. Drag queen story time for toddlers invading libraries across the country. Transgender-ising children in public schools. Why are chistians silent? Why is the 'church' silent? Christians keep financing pedo-Hellywood. Why? Why? Etc., etc..
  10. If He came as a servant, are we not to follow His example? All of us? Even the elders/shepherds? Or Is their a divine right to kingship for some to lord it over His heritage as despots?
  11. Here I go a risk! Many christians have compromised with the junk in Hellywood movies. Could be something you possess like Indian religious trinkets, or catholic art and trinkets, etc.. Idols all. Spirits can attach to them. Anything of a spiritual nature in a movie or book. Music is another culprit anymore. Artists actually sell their souls to the devil for a successful career. A lot of christian musicians have incorporated new age symbology on to their cd covers. Possible foothold for the demonic. Many churches now embracing the homo deal, Islam, new age, and the pope as the NWO church head. If u r in any of these gatherings, RUN! Definately seek God about this.
  12. Or did He come as a king?
  13. Appreciate your comments. Could talk about bodily function humor that seems to be a christian staple but the last time i brought that up, i got blugeoned to death. I was going to spell it out, first letter-space-last letter but i cant even do that let alone spell it out completely. Rhymes with cart. Nuff said. Just wish christians would stop using that word. And the B word. You know, 'get your B over here'. I hate it.
  14. We really need to pray for one another and the whole ekklesia. We have given to many Christians over the years and to many non-christians. Sad to report that the most grateful and thise that express gratitude are the non-christians. Have you noticed that as well? I believe its several things. Ill mention one. The trials of life, the weariness of just trying to stay ahead may be a reason for this phenomonon. Any thoughts?
  15. I get you. But there is no glamour. About a bag lady.
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