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  1. ejected

    To charge or not to charge.....

    Someone said that preachers cant depend on God for a miracle yet the widow woman who had nothing is suppose to. How does that work?
  2. ejected

    Blazing a Trail!

    Praise Him!
  3. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    You are right as rain. I don't deal with the little things, only a big one. First century ecclesia that turned their world upside down in contrast to todays 'church' that has been turned upside down by the world.
  4. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    Overseers/elders are not to lord it over His heritage. Folks are to submit to their teachings, be persuaded by them. We are to submit one to another as as far as the Holy Spirit dwells in each of us. Elders are not our lords and masters. God is our Lord and Master.
  5. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    That verse doesnt prove the monologue sermon. Preaching is testifying/witnessing. Teaching is done in the believers meeting.
  6. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    I'll answer it. See: 1Cor. 12 and 14, Ephesians 4, and Romans 12. Elders teach the newbies unto maturity then cut them loose to use their own gifts and functions. Rather than just warming a pew for the rest of their lives. Thats all we're saying. Its a body with many parts with many gifts all used to edify the whole.
  7. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    Whats goong on hear is a misunderstanding. Teaching is part of this deal. But so is an every member participation meeting. No one is saying there is no place for teaching.
  8. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    Give us one example of a monologue sermon.
  9. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    Monologue and dialogue. Apples and oranges. Paul taught in the context of a dialogue. Folks could ask questions, debate. Like the modern sunday school. Thats closer to the mark. Monologue sermons were derived from the Grecians who spewed their philosophical rhetoric. Athens was noted for this.
  10. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    I use the word of God to correct. I get accused of bashing when i do. Also the 'how do you like them apples' line seems like a smart alek.....but its possible this person has had enough of everyone bashing anyone that actually uses scripture to describe what the NT assembly looked like. Im just saying. God bless. Lets keep it civil. Smile.
  11. ejected

    We Don't Do Sermons

    Now if i had used that tone id be warned. How does that work? What about the NT gathering? Everyone shared as they matured. Also this. A sermon is a monologue. Only Jesus did this. No sermons there on forward. And this. How do you know the one man at the top isnt making mistakes or straying from holy writ?
  12. ejected

    To charge or not to charge.....

    I am 44 years over due. Smile. I know this is a hard message but i still believe the bible directives are eternal and would serve the ecclesia best. King David loved God with all his heart and had his own idea about hauling the ark. I'll leave it there. God bless one and all. Be free. In His hands.
  13. ejected

    To charge or not to charge.....

    The pastors are suppose to work secular jobs. But i'm not talking about them. Im talking about the traveling preachers. God has provided for my ministry. No begging, no charging. I worked a job for years as the word tells us to do. I had to stop as an evangelist because of jealous 'pastors' but i continued other ministries on my own dime and distributing our film without charge, my recorded songs without charge. As far as other ventures like teen challenge, sure it takes money. But i say that begging is not the best way. Trusting God is. Trying to think of the guy in Enland, i believe, that started an orphanage in the 1800's. Never solicited, begged, tooted a horn. Trusted God for the needs. God always provided. One guy approached him when he had about 12 children waiting on God for supper. They had nothing. This guy asked 'could you use some money?' The brother said 'we're doing fine'. He would not accept an offering that way. Only if they gave it without question. Before the day was out, food came through the door. I guess i'm asking....does anybody ever operate in faith anymore?
  14. ejected

    To charge or not to charge.....

    So let me help you. When a man charges for his ministry, the great temptation is to leave out or twist scripture so as not to offend. The less offensive the message, the greater probability of receiving bigger offerings above and beyond the initial honorarium. Back in the day rabbis did not charge for their teaching for this very reason. Besides we are commanded to 'rightly divide the wird of truth.' Paul said 'we don't corrupt (twist) the word of God as some do'. There are precious few who are willing to spot light apostasy and heresy anymore.. they know their ministry will be soundly rejected. The cost is to high for most. And about methods being between a man and God is ludicrous. There is only one method. God's method. And it is not up for debate. Hope this clarfies things. God bless. Be encouraged. Be free.
  15. Are traveling preachers free to charge or are they charged to serve for free? Is an offering suppose to be the preacher's idea or the idea of the giver? What is the connotation of the word serve? My humble opinion is that it means to help without negotiating for something in return. Like feeding the homeless on the street. Jesus did that but didnt submit a tab after they ate. Come to think of it, where can we find Jesus taking up an offering for an honorarium? He obviously accepted secret donations, for Judas carried the money poke. But you hear nothing about fund raising, offering plates, or church auctions, or chicken dinners to raise cash. Why is that? Taxes were due at one point. Jesus didn't turn to the crowds for a 'love offering'. Why do you suppose? He looked to the Father for the need. Does that sound a little 'fishy' to you? A bit of humor to break the tension that i feel building. Smile!