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  1. ejected

    The Great Physician, Jesus

    My wife is in severe pain. God told me to hold on to His promises. Resist doubt and the spirit of fear. ALLLL the promises of God are yes and amen. 2Cor. 1:20 The greek for 'amen' is 'a solemn expression of certainty'. 'Certainty' is the operative word here. Psalm 92:B 4 'I will triumph in the works of Thy hands.'we are more than conquerors.' 1Tim. 6:12 ' fight the good fight of faith.' The greek: 'struggle the good struggle of faith'. Struggle indeed. God says it will be a 'struggle'. A battle to maintain the fact that His word is true and satan's darts of demonic doubt are just that...demonic....lies they are. Fear couples with doubt. Both to be resisted with tenacity and vigor and deflected. God has NOT given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Be not afraid of sudden fear. Don't give into it. So there in lies all the struggling. God said our struggling is a good thing. For if you give up the struggle you lose. For truly I say unto you, that whosoever will say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says will come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says. Mark 11:23 Now God does NOT CONDEMN us for a moment of doubt and fesr. However if we yield to the enemy in this regard, he's got us. God's hands are tied. It's as rhough we, at that moment of surrendering to the attack, we are saying satan is true and God is a liar. I know its hard, but thats why it's called a 'struggle'. I'll pray for you.
  2. ejected

    God's Streams vs. satan's streams!

    The latest STREAM. SEE: David Zublick, government to vaccinate against religion. I kid you not.
  3. ejected


    That mountain has been cast into the sea. Fighting off the demonic darts of doubt coupled with the 'spirit' of fear. So far i have not thrown the towel in this ring of contention. Fear loves to uproot faith. Thats its devious job. We all get that. Its a spirit that God has NOT given us 'but of power, love, and a sound mind'. Again, His promises are 'yes and amen', solemn expressions of certainty.
  4. ejected

    Prayer Spiritual warfare

    I dont know, so i ask. Different reasons of course. Is there anything in your life or home that may be offensive to God? Is there any unforgiveness? Do a check list. It could be that you got all your dots lined up therefore making youself a target. Isaiah 59:15. Im with you. Im praying.
  5. ejected

    Pray for healing from a fall

  6. ejected

    God's Streams vs. satan's streams!

    I left the worst one out...the main-STREAM media!! Lies!
  7. ejected

    Turned into a Den of thieves.

    Beautiful. Thats what im all about. The biblical example. Silly me.
  8. ejected

    Turned into a Den of thieves.

    Balaam compared to the false pastor? The comparison is the lies they use to rob. Under a law, under a curse. Plenty for comparison. I expect most to wiggle out from under the obvious. To protect the elete. If the false shepherds are donnning titles, elevating themselvs above his heretage, robbing the poor and widows with the lie of the tithe.....well if the shoe fits!
  9. ejected

    Just Wanna Say! Its finally working!

    Its working now.
  10. ejected


    Been dwelling on Psalm 92:4. For Thou, Lord, has made me glad through Thy work: I will triumph in the works of Thy hands. This is for all of us. Placed in a predicament that we can't change by our own efforts. Only faith in His mighty deeds and work. Having done then stand. The isolated lump only. Good news. No cancer anywhere else. Praise God.
  11. ejected


  12. https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=4696714
  13. Isaiah 59:19. When the enemy comes in like a flood (Hebrew is stream) the Spirit of the Lord will (Hebrew is put it to flight). I was thinking and praying about how the planet we live on, especially in this country, we are constantly being bomb barded by the globalist population control elements. Poisons in the food, poisons in the air, poisons in the water, diseases in the vaccines, radio waves, cell phone waves, wi fi waves, you name it. The damage is real...google it. Then God spoke this verse to me. I mean what the duce are we all suppose to do? You'd have to leave the earth to rid youself of satan's take down of mankind. The verse in question uses the word 'stream'. Satan comes in like or with a STREAM. Is it safe to say that radio, wi fi, cell phone waves are akin to streams? How about the hypodermic needle used for disease laden vaccines they pump into babies....a stream wouldn't you say? Those pretty chemtrails in the sky......streams? The poisons floride and clorine and God only knows what else in that 'stream' of water flowing out of your faucet? The insecticides sprayed on the food we eat....streams! Not to mention the GMO scandle.....google it! Our best and only hope is Jesus. I pray daily 'Lord please make null, void, and of none effect the poisons in the food, water, air, and the radio waves when it comes to my family.' He is our only refuge and shelter against satans attack on mankind through the globalist Agenda and depopulation program thats been in play for over a hundred years now. Any christians still in a coma, please wake up and do some research. And part of that coma may very well be the effects of what i just laid out. There is a river whose streams delight the city of God. Psalm 46:4 His streams will cancel out satan's streams. But we need to lay hold of this. Extra. I bought a water purifier cheap. I love it.
  14. ejected

    A friends death has prevented mine

    Ill pray.
  15. ejected

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    Ill pray.