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  1. Hey, blessings and prayers to you. Like any other here if you need to talk feel free to inbox any of us.
  2. Philitus


    Welcome to the message boards!
  3. Hello all. As I have become active here I recently reintroduced myself as being Zelgamer, ChristOlogos and now Philitus. I was wrong however, my original name was not Zelgamer but rather Combat68w. If anyome remembers me as a user please feel free to hit me up.
  4. History is definitely on the side of Orthodoxy when it comes to teachings, practices and the faith.
  5. Best to look for the church the early church partook of.
  6. Mostly the Scriptures and even the early Church Fathers writings are silent on this but the fact that Christ defeated death himself at the resurrection, and the raising of Lazarus he is Lord over life. It proves his divinity. Rejoice, death is defeated and as is sin. Our sins are paid and we can be one with Christ!
  7. Hello and welcome to WCF!
  8. This is a Christian forum, I assumed that was a given. To add to my statement, seeking to be content in all, thanking God for both the bad and the good for such things produces much in Christian fruit.
  9. To seek the virtue of Joy is a good thing. Often times we give in to the passion of anger or any other amd fall into dispondancy. However, joy/contentnessbis most assuredlybto be strived for.
  10. Zelgamer is a name I used for gaming, eventually I chose Christ the word but visited the chat today for the first time and it was way too weird to be called Christ... So I didnt think that through. Philitus is a Christian Saint of the 200's who was martyrd for the faith on 23 March, so I chose that name as that falls on my Birthday and he is a good Christian to emulate.
  11. Hello all, Ive been on these boards before. Long ago I was Zelgamer Than ChristOlogos And now Philitus. I am happy to be back here, and look forward to meeting others here and making Christian friends. If you have questions please ask away.
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