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  1. Follow what conversation? For instance? Did they deserve eye rolls? You wouldn't believe some of the Whoppers that come 'a rollin' past my screen. I just had someone tell me that: "The Speed of Sound is Constant in a Vacuum" and that "Ink Molecules were alive". It's pretty hard not to give ye ole ...if ya know what I mean. Who would think? Appeal to Motive (Fallacy) Goodness, you've come undone. And, who's 'we' ? regards
  2. None what?
  3. At this point, you're lucky you got that much; and that's all you're getting. regards
  4. Being brutally honest and being 'brutal' aren't in the same Galactic Vicinity. Let's just go ahead and end this... The Pauline Rescue: (Matthew 23:33) " Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" (John 2:15-16) "And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables; {16} And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise." Is this being Brutal or Rude?? So here's the scenario. You have Wolves in Sheep Clothing (some don't even hide it) that come a waddling into the midst of God Fear'n folk pontificating their "Every Wind of Doctrine" Pagan Beliefs; e.g., ye ole 'evolution' buffoonery... and when they get confronted by the Sheep Dogs (Which is gonna happen *MOST ASSUREDLY*) some of the 'alleged' God Fear'n Folk (and Wolves) cry foul by the manner in which the Wolves are confronted (mainly because some of the 'alleged' God Fear'n Folk HOLD some of the Same Pagan Beliefs ). Rest assured, it's gonna be what I call *"The Pauline Rescue"*(!!), the Sheep (and Wolves) pull passages (mainly out of context) from each or either: Romans, Ephesians, Galatians, and Thessalonians in protest against the treatment of the Wolves. It's quite the sight to behold. Now if you God Fear'n Sheep think that these passages were written EVEN REMOTELY for the protection of these Wolves then you got more *'PRESSING ISSUES'* than breaches in etiquette. Could you imagine an evolutionist (Pagan) waddling up to *THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE --- Jesus Christ* and begin pontificating with conviction and 'pseudo-science' that: CREATION (even "If" there was one) was a mere "accident" that poofed itself into existence from nothing, HIS WORD is a Fairytale riddled with contradictions, No Flood, and that Man...who HE made in HIS IMAGE, condescended from Monkeys!! (These are but a mere taste of the nonsense, as you know) Ask yourself, what do you suppose would happen?? Tell ya what, I wouldn't wanna be within 50,000 Light Years from that epicenter!! If you're unsure, Read Romans CHAPTER 1. Let me be crystal clear, there's a HUGE difference between somebody entering the midst with legitimate questions/concerns and someone 'strutting in' pontificating their Pagan Beliefs as Fact !! Hope it helps.
  5. It's a feeble Anecdotal 'Rescue Device' (There's Many) employed by evolutionists whenever they can't SUPPORT their claims. It's also not an Argument ad Nauseam (repeating the same thing over and over again); it's 'purportedly', drowning your opponent with a barrage of different arguments so they can't focus on any single argument. regards
  6. I try to hold those things privately, these days. Formally/Professionally...Biochemistry. But my passion (in the sciences) is Quantum Mechanics. regards
  7. I said brutal "HONESTY". Kinda different than "BRUTAL". Thanks for the Unsolicited Advice. Next time Pagans come a half-steppin into the midst of Christians with their fairytales in tow, I'll try and remember to put some flowers around it. regards
  8. Like "WHO" for instance...? And go ahead and state some of these "Opinions" to Support your Pontification here...? regards
  9. Don't conflate concise brutal honesty with Kindness/Unkindness it's quite Non Sequitur and a feeble Red Herring Fallacy. You're also merely fly wings breadth away from an Appeal to Emotion (Fallacy). regards
  10. Well isn't it Apodictic at this point? + 1 for the heavy sarcasm.
  11. Why did you even post? You can't recover, "Scientifically". regards
  12. If you can't SUPPORT what you say, then why even post? It won't take long till everyone merely 'Bypasses' your posts... they're not gonna pay any attention to Baseless Ipse Dixit Fairytales. Hope it helps
  13. Here you go again... 1. Begging The Question (Fallacy); you can't even get a 30 mer Functional RNA or Protein Naturally!! Life is 500,000 Light Years away from that. 2. What Time Scales?? What on Earth...Natural Selection?? Natural Selection is a "CONCEPT" (IMMATERIAL). "Concepts" aren't Physical Mechanisms. If you would have said: "if the transition between Classical and Romantic Era's Pressures (Concept) are right", it would have had the same Veracity. Search "Science", 5th Grade General 1 ea. I Clobbered this into the Incoherent Oblivion in my last post... that you failed to answer any of. Evidence, for what?? Figuring out what exactly evolution is !! That's the mere Microscopic TIP of the Iceberg. 1. Brave?? No, just have a basic understanding of Chemistry/Biochemistry to realize that it's Physically and Chemically IMPOSSIBLE!! "Unless the molecule can literally copy itself, that is, act simultaneously as both template and catalyst, it must encounter another copy of itself that it can use as a template. If two or more copies of a particular 50-mer RNA are needed, then a much larger library, consisting of 1054 RNAs and weighing 1034 grams, would be required. This amount far exceeds the mass of the earth." Gerald F. Joyce, and Leslie E. Orgel, "Prospects for Understanding the Origin of the RNA World," p. 11. The RNA World, R.F. Gesteland and J.F. Atkins, eds. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1993 https://cshmonographs.org/inde x.php/monographs/article/view/ 3786/3003 2. "too"?? That implies that they already worked something out; Pray Tell...? No chance of that since there are *ONLY* Two Possible World-Views (*Ontological Primitives*) that can be held to account for how we (Universe/Us) are here; *Unguided -- Nature (Matter) or Guided --- Intelligent Agency (God)* Once we PUMMEL "Nature" ...a semi-coherent Junior High Schooler could do between iterations of Candy Crush, then all that's left is The Cognitive Dissonance and the Name Calling. regards
  14. I not only don't 'Believe' it, I "Know" it has No Validity (it doesn't even EXIST); Big Difference. Why would you need to 'Believe' in Scientific Evidence? Isn't it Apodictic? e.g., Do people 'believe' that Insulin Deficiency will lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Type 1 DM Patients OR...do they KNOW it? Begging The Question (Fallacy): 'old layers'. How Old? Then, Scientifically Validate the Age... 1. Post the Formal Scientific Hypothesis then Experiment that Validates your Claim...? 2. Post the "Independent Variable" used in the TEST...? This doesn't even follow much less make 'perfect' sense; Why? Well, Begging The Question (Fallacy): 'over time'. See Above everything after 'old layers': Rinse and Repeat. regards
  15. Support your Claims or... Go Fish. regards