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  1. Noah's Flood and Evolution (on steroids)

    Well it wasn't the Main Point, See: "AND". It was a little confusing but I muddled through. Everything 'changes' over time. (SEE: Laws of Entropy, 2LOT) And someone once said: If your 'theory' explains everything; then...it explains NOTHING. Then what is your Actual Argument...? Well... Your "such a limited number of animal species" is an Abject Conjectured Speculation, Begging The Question Fallacy; so I don't need to offer an extrapolated explanation... off a Myth. Scientifically Validate the Premise FIRST; then...I'll provide an explanation if needed. regards
  2. Noah's Flood and Evolution (on steroids)

    Pen, Paper, and some Imagination. Nope, didn't even "imply" it. And, is this a Triple Negative? regards
  3. Noah's Flood and Evolution (on steroids)

    Yes, actually...been in a couple. Yes Well the aftermath of every single flood I've seen...the plants always grew back. Yes Are you saying that if the Grand Canyon was forged in God's Flood; Therefore, plants/seeds wouldn't survive? Well yours is a plausibility argument and... you just Imploded it. Today it is. Wait a week. And as I have explained and illustrated quite explicitly, the Taxonomic System (In TOTO) is merely a contrived convention. Many 'Species' can survive Brackish Water; and water will sort based on density. This was discussed at some length very recently here in this forum. If I'm not mistaken, a thread you were involved in. Please go back and review it. Nope. regards
  4. Noah's Flood and Evolution (on steroids)

    Now... drain the pool. Well that was the response to the entire 'evolution' (Whatever that is??) mess. It was comprehensive and right on point. regards
  5. Examples of Applied Physics

    The Coriolis Effect certainly exists in a 'merry-go-round' scenario, since it's rotating. However... There is No Coriolis Effect with Respect to the Earth, I Falsified that Earlier. (SEE: Charlotte to LA Flight "Time" example) You don't notice it because it Doesn't EXIST. It's a Fairytale. You don't need a Source... I'm the Source (and the Brigade Level Tank/Fire Control Officer reference I provided) Baloney! I don't care if they resurrected Audie Murphy and he swore an Oath to the Coriolis Effect. It's Horse Pucky. You're Welcome. Well we chewed some of the same ground. Yep. The "SHOW ME" State. Yep. 70 Miles Wide Speaking of which... According to the Heliocentric (Sun Worshiping) Spinning-Ball Religion, the sun is 93 million miles away (smh); Therefore by definition, all Light Rays from the Sun that contact the Earth MUST BE "PARALLEL". 1. So according to 'The Narrative' (aka: Fairytale) we have the 'purported' Penumbra (Caused by 'Convergent' Sun Rays) vs Eratosthenes ('Parallel' Sun Rays). We have people Stage 5 Cling with a Kung Fu Death Grip to Eratosthenes Trainwreck (Which btw, was Independently Falsified unwittingly by Cleomedes six ways from Sunday and common sense) yet at the same time Mindlessly PARROT "B' gAAK... Penumbra !!"?? See the Contradiction? Listen Closely, Every Photon that hits the Earth/Moon MUST -- by simple geometry and definition, be traveling at a Dead 90.00000000000000000000 degrees from ANY point on the surface of the Sun to it's straight line sister location on either the Earth/Moon. If a Photon is fired at </> 90.00000000000000000000 degrees from any point on the surface of the SUN to it's straight line sister location on the Earth/Moon from 93 MILLION MILES AWAY...then it will MISS the Earth/Moon by Hundreds of Thousands to Million of MILES! Ya Follow? They ('Convergent' Sun Rays vs 'Parallel' Sun Rays) are "Mutually Exclusive". Which is it Spinning-Globe Adherent's? Pick One...?? (Choose Wisely ) Then... 2. How can a Total Solar Eclipses Path of Totality Shadow... ~30 TIMES SMALLER than the MOON'S DIAMETER ??? There's NO POSSIBLE way an object can project a Shadow "SMALLER" than it's own Diameter !! It's Kooky Talk. 3. Moreover, if with a Total Solar Eclipse Path of Totality Shadow is 70 Miles Wide...THEN...with Lunar Eclipses, the Shadow of the Earth on the Moon should be... 256 MILES IN DIAMETER !!! Ahhh... regards
  6. Noah's Flood and Evolution (on steroids)

    Begging The Question (Fallacy): 'evolution' What's that...?? Define evolution...? a. Post the Scientific Theory of evolution...? b. Post just TWO Formal Scientific Hypotheses then Experiments that concretized it into a REAL Scientific Theory...? c. Post the Null Hypotheses that were Rejected/Falsified for each...? d. Highlight The Independent Variables used in Each TEST...? Plants have seeds; Floods don't destroy seeds. "Species" Which Definition?? There's about 50 in the last 100 years and hundreds since Aristotle first coined the Term ca. 330 BC. And "Species" is a 'Man-Made' categorization system, i.e., it's an ARBITRARY CONVENTION; MEANING -- any extrapolations OUTSIDE OF IT ... are a Stone Cold Begging The Question Fallacy from the Black Lagoon. e.g., There have been many of the EXACT SAME organisms classified as an entirely different "Species" (and Genus!). (Review Dr. Carl Werner's work on 'Living Fossils'.) Of those 'alleged' 1-1.5 million 'species', you can eliminate a Healthy Chunk (Over 1 Million known 'Species' plants/animals) live in the Ocean. They need not, 'evolution' doesn't and never exited. Horse Pucky. regards
  7. Examples of Applied Physics

    Thanks for the 2nd Grade demonstration. The Coriolis Effect most certainly exists... with respect to a Rotating Body. You do realize that the Coriolis Effect EXISTING (the "Apparent" Deflection of an object)/Tenets of it's Existence, is the entire foundation of my argument. For a person observing from the Inertial frame of reference (i.e., Non-Rotating) the ball travels in a Straight Path; however anyone who is attached to/in the Non-Inertial frame of reference, the ball Deflects ... this is an APPARENT Deflection (See above: Straight Path) Ergo...it's NOT REAL. Unfortunately ?? They use it because that's what it is... "CC.12 The Coriolis Effect: When set in motion, freely moving objects, including AIR [Atmosphere] and WATER masses [Clouds/Water Vapor], move in straight paths while the Earth continues to ROTATE INDEPENDENTLY. Because freely moving objects ARE NOT carried with the Earth as it Rotates, they are subject to an APPARENT DEFLECTION called the “Coriolis effect.” To an observer rotating with the Earth, freely moving objects that travel in a straight line APPEAR to travel in a curved path on the Earth." Segar, Douglas A; Introduction to Ocean Sciences, 2nd Edition: Critical Concept Reminders -- CC.12 The Coriolis Effect (pp. 313, 314, 323, 324), ISBN: 978-0-393-92629-3, 2007. http://www.wwnorton.com/college/geo/oceansci/cc/cc12.html "The effect of the Coriolis force is an APPARENT DEFLECTION of the path of an object that moves within a rotating coordinate system. The object DOES NOT actually deviate from its path, but it APPEARS to do so because of the motion of the coordinate system." http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/glossary/coriolis_effect.html "Within its rotating coordinate system, the object acted on by the Coriolis effect APPEARS TO DEFLECT off of its path of motion. This deflection is not real. It only APPEARS to happen because the coordinate system that establishes a frame of reference for the observer is also rotating... The Coriolis effect (sometimes called the Coriolis force) is the APPARENT DEFLECTION of air masses and fluids caused by Earth's rotation . Named after the French mathematician Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis, (1792-1843), who developed the concept in 1835, the Coriolis force is a PSEUDO-FORCE (FALSE FORCE) and should properly be termed the Coriolis effect." http://www.encyclopedia.com/earth-and-environment/atmosphere-and-weather/weather-and-climate-terms-and-concepts/coriolis-effect Coriolis Force --A PSEUDO FORCE used mathematically to describe motion, as of aircraft or cloud formations, relative to a noninertial, uniformly rotating frame of reference such as the earth." http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Coriolis+force "The Coriolis force is not the only FICTITIOUS FORCE that acts on the ball from the point of view of an observer sitting on the rotating merry-go-round." http://www.real-world-physics-problems.com/coriolis-force.html "An elegant example of these types of apparent influences is the FICTITIOUS Coriolis force..." What is a "FICTICIOUS FORCE"? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-is-a-fictitious-force/ How many more do ya need? Factually Incorrect, they should be quite noticeable...just like they're quite noticeable on the merry-go-round. Not according to Neil "Smokin de-grass" Tyson (You Tube): 'Neil deGrasse Tyson explains Coriolis effect on field goal kick'. ps. 'gravity' is a Fairytale. Really? I'm retired Army, half my career spent in Combat Arms (Reconnaissance)... Expert Infantryman . I cross-trained with Snipers nearly every quarter (besides being drinking buddies)... they were right down the hall. I never even heard the Term "Coriolis Effect" much less ACTUALIZED IT !!! I've personally made shots between 1100 and 1500 Meters without taking into account some Fairytale Coriolis Effect. MOREOVER, a Globe Earther tried to float the same 'Story' as you and got PUMMELED by a Tank Master Gunner, here (You Tube): Flat Earth vs Globe Earth Debate. (Time 34:35) regards
  8. Examples of Applied Physics

    Well those two things aren't Necessarily Mutually Exclusive. Oh it goes much much further than Grade School. That depends on the "Things" you observe. Well 'commonly accepted' doesn't offer any Veracity to what's being "Accepted". Why?? Just answer the questions. (You or Anyone... especially the "Physicist" 'GandalfTheWise') I stopped "Pretending" many years ago. regards
  9. Examples of Applied Physics

    I don't think that's the Case; the 2 questions are not that complicated. Again Irrelevant (Red Herring Fallacy) to the subject. regards
  10. Examples of Applied Physics

    1. Can you be a bit more specific (How what works?). 2. I don't need a replacement 'theory' to PUMMEL the current 'Narrative'. The appeal is tantamount to a Judge not allowing a Defendant to present a case for his innocence until such time as the Defendant has found a suitable replacement for the CRIME! Which is quite inane. 1. I don't know for a Fact that the Moon is/isn't a Sphere (I know with Absolute Certainty the Earth isn't ). 2. Scientifically Validate the Moon being responsible for Ocean Tides... a. What Phenomenon was Observed...? b. Post the Formal Scientific Hypothesis then EXPERIMENT that validates your claim...? c. Highlight the "Independent Variable" that was used in the TEST...? d. Post the Null Hypothesis that was Rejected/Falsified...? 3. Scientifically Validate 'gravity'...? (Same abcd above) 1. False Dichotomy (Fallacy). 2. It would just be a "Speculation" on my part... I tend to not hang out in that Neighborhood. 3. It's not a "Simple" question. regards
  11. Examples of Applied Physics

    Neither. My argument is 2 Fold: 1. How do you have a GAS PRESSURE (Atmospheric Pressure) WITHOUT a Container...."TO BEGIN WITH" ?? When... "The "PRESSURE OF A GAS" is the force that the gas exerts on the WALLS OF IT'S CONTAINER". http://chemistry.elmhurst.edu/vchembook/180pressure.html Basically, explain how you can have a "Tire Pressure"... WITHOUT THE TIRE !!! 2. How can you have a Vacuum (Outer-Space) attached to a Non-Vacuum (Earth) WITHOUT a Physical Barrier in the same system simultaneously, without Bludgeoning to a Bloody Pulp... the Laws of Entropy (2LOT) ?? a. In other words, How are you still Breathing and adhering to the fairytale 'Narrative'... BOTH, at the same time?? b. Then, Define the Law of Non-Contradiction...? c. Then, please list each fairytale associated with "Outer-Space" that gets taken out back to the Woodshed and Bludgeoned Senseless as a result of the fairytale "Vacuum of Space" VAPORIZING....? As you can see, "MEASURING" Atmospheric Pressure isn't among them...it's a Red Herring Fallacy (Irrelevant). This isn't a Subjective (Agree/Disagree) Topic...it's either Black or White. regards
  12. Examples of Applied Physics

    OK, this ENTIRE POST... https://www.worthychristianforums.com/topic/212853-examples-of-applied-physics/?do=findComment&comment=2669518 By the Numbers for us, K? OK, let's get to some specifics here. To confirm your 'claims' here, can you answer some basic questions? This is a very simple query that will clearly and quickly confirm your fundamental "Science" knowledge base. a. Define then identify the parts of a Formal Scientific Hypothesis. b. Post a Formal Scientific Hypothesis regarding ANYTHING...? c. Dovetail the parts of your Formal Scientific Hypothesis with the parts of a REAL Formal Scientific Hypothesis you established in (a.). d. What is the goal of Scientific Hypothesis formulation i.e., what is a Scientific Hypothesis attempting to elucidate...? e. What is the goal of EVERY SINGLE Scientific Inquiry...? Each can be answered with no more than a short sentence. btw: You MUST be able to answer these questions to Pass 5th Grade General Science, so the burden is light. Please, if you will... ps. The Navy's Primary Navigation Tool is "Gyros"... NOT GPS (Ground Positioning System). regards
  13. Examples of Applied Physics

    Why?? The 'scientific community' (as if) doesn't follow Newtonian 'gravity'... "...Einstein created his GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY—which provides OUR MODERN UNDERSTANDING of gravity —with the express purpose of expunging nonlocality from physics. Isaac Newton's gravity acted at a distance, as if by magic, and general relativity snapped the wand in two by showing that the curvature of spacetime, and NOT AN INVISIBLE FORCE, gives rise to gravitational attraction." Musser George: How Einstein Revealed the Universe's Strange "Nonlocality"; Scientific American, November 2015. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-einstein-revealed-the-universe-s-strange-nonlocality/ Apparently you haven't been keeping up on your CEC's. Can you reconcile your Conundrum for us? Apparently Newton himself wasn't all that enamored/married to the idea... In a letter to Dr. Richard Bentley on Feb. 25th, 1692, Isaac Newton says: "Tis inconceivable that inanimate brute matter should (without mediation of something else which is not material) operate upon and affect other matter without mutual contact... That gravity should be innate inherent and essential to matter so that one body can act upon another at a distance through a vacuum without mediation of anything else by and through which their action or force may be conveyed from one to another is to me SO GREAT AN ABSURDITY that I believe no man who has in philosophical matters a competent faculty of thinking can ever fall into it." Scheurer, PB., Debrock, G: Newton's Scientific and Philosophical Legacy, 1988, p.52 Begging The Question Fallacy (x2): earth and moon (which are mostly spherical). This isn't Newton's Equation. This is... Fg ∝ m1M2/d2 Where'd you get "G" from...? Where'd you get "r" from...? Your 'scientific community' (as if) will beg (quite strongly) to differ. (SEE above) regards
  14. Examples of Applied Physics

    The Coriolis Effect is an "APPARENT DEFLECTION"... "The effect of the Coriolis force is an APPARENT DEFLECTION of the path of an object that moves within a rotating coordinate system. The object does not actually deviate from its path, but it APPEARS TO DO SO because of the motion of the coordinate system." http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/glossary/coriolis_effect.html Therefore, The Coriolis Force is a Pseudo or "Fictitious" Force. Water (or anything else) doesn't "Deflect", Naturally. What on Earth is that? There's nothing "Orbiting", save for on Balloons or Airplanes. Don't worry, 'models' are demonstrable Pseudo-Science... Please show "models" in the Scientific Method...? (and not "Ball-Stick" Airplane 'Models' Either)...? "A model is used for situations when it is known that the hypothesis has a LIMITATION ON IT'S VALIDITY." https://www.thoughtco.com/hypothesis-model-theory-and-law-2699066 Allow me to translate: "Pseudo-Science"...There is no such animal as a Scientific Hypothesis with 'limited validity' it's tantamount to a woman being 'A LITTLE' PREGNANT !! REAL Scientific Hypotheses are either CONFIRMED or INVALIDATED, PERIOD...End of Story!! Furthermore, Scientific Hypotheses do not exist in PERPETUITY or wait for more DATA !!! 'Data' comes FROM Experiments - (Hypothesis TESTS ). Complex? More like Trainwrecks. regards
  15. Examples of Applied Physics

    Say again? I beg to differ. Red Herring and Begging The Question Fallacies. The question isn't measuring Atmospheric Pressure, it's... How do you have a Pressurized System (Gas/Atmospheric Pressure) to BEGIN WITH...so as to "Measure". And we can get to that right after you show how we can have a Gas/Atmospheric Pressure without a Container...? regards