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  1. Body invaders

    Which is enough time to have an abortion before that happens. Ok. It still seems to me that we're hanging onto symantecs to get around an issue. You're suggesting that God programmed a wasp to invade another creature, steal it's mind and use it as a host. That still seems to go against the nature of God at least the way I've understood it.
  2. Body invaders

    https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn16597-ancient-virus-gave-wasps-power-over-caterpillar-dna/ I'm not making it up.
  3. Body invaders

    I'm just going by what the Bible seems to consider creatures that are "alive". Lungs, nervous system,blood etc. Early on in fetal development these things are not present. So if an insect died in the garden of eden, death didn't occur but it's alive?
  4. Body invaders

    You mean the wasp larvae secreted chemicals to paralyze the fruit and then later the viral injection caused the fruit to defend the larvae? I think we're dealing with much more than behavior.
  5. Body invaders

    Well I guess this would open up a whole 'nother can of worms....using this argument one could argue that early abortion is not killing a human life or even "life" at all. Just pointing that out. Based on what I'm reading it's not so black and white as to whether insects would be included in the "living" category based on ancient Hebraic writings. Some argue that the Ark would have had insects on it and some would disagree. I guess at best the conclusion would be the God programmed the wasps to do what they are doing.
  6. Body invaders

    You say it's not brain surgery but you missed a significant part of my point. If this was just wasps killing things then I would have no objection whatsoever. This is way above and beyond life ending another life. The core issue I'm getting at is that some creationists [usually young earth variety] assert that at one time all life was non-violent, death did not always exists. Sin was committed and death entered into our reality, creatures became predatory etc. These same folks also assert that evolution is not near as powerful as secular scientists would have us believe. You will have adaptation as in the peppered moth but not newly added features, abilities and mechanisms....certainly not like what we're seeing with these wasps. So either something decided to guide these wasps to have these new traits or this occurred naturally somehow.
  7. Body invaders

    We know these creatures exist and we observe the phenomenon that I described. Unless my understanding of Genesis is flawed, these wasps did NOT have these mechanisms initially [pain/suffering/death was not part of initial creation]. Somehow these wasps CHANGED drastically if this is the case. It's not just that they sting, it's not just that they are killing...they're injecting larvae into a host and also injecting viral DNA that later takes over the hosts natural instincts. The caterpillar starts spinning silk to create a shelter over the larvae that are still developing and also protects them against rival wasps. It does this until it starves to death, that sounds pretty drastic coming from 6000 years ago where it just existed not bothering anything. Ok so the objection that you have with evolution is that creatures don't get pregnant and then deliver other creatures babies?? I'm hearing something very different on this forum. If you'd like I could take a look at your historic posts on evolution to see if you have been advocating that evolution is NOT making major changes to species. Although this thread isn't about you or any particular person here it's about a perplexing observation we see today given certain creationist views.
  8. Body invaders

    Compared to what they were when they started out [given the strict Genesis narrative]...I'd say yes they turned into something very different. I mean for starters I would think wasps didn't even have stingers initially. I would say the caterpillar is an unwilling host [virus] to the wasp larvae, so I guess surrogate might be a proper term in this case.
  9. Body invaders

    I'm not suggesting design because I would hardly see a biblical defense for that proposition. I guess my underlying point was that there are typically two claims that I'm seeing from creationists [mainly young earth]: 1. Evolution is not very powerful ultimately, creatures will change colors etc but they don't change drastically. 2. All creatures were made "good" [ie not predatory etc] until AFTER the fall of Adam and Eve. So considering those two items, I'm curious how someone [who holds those views] would explain this development in nature. I'm not sure I understand, we humans aren't the only creatures that suffer or feel pain. My focus isn't so much on that the caterpillar suffers, but that this is a bizarre and complex and yes brutal mechanism that we know happens. Considering the two items above, how did this happen if evolution is rather impotent? There are many that believe evolution doesn't even exist [as we speak of it] but rather just adaptation. I concede that the caterpillar may not have felt pain like we do, I'm still curious how someone would explain HOW this complex situation arose given that the Bible would suggest it wasn't like this from the beginning. It's not like the wasp stings the caterpillar in the brain and then eats it...it injects little babies into it, they chew their way out and a virus takes over the caterpillars normal brain processes. And YES even from a secular evolutionary standpoint I'm wondering how the heck this developed lol.
  10. Body invaders

    According to what I read on this forum and within the Christian theistic community, creatures are able to adapt to their environments but not much more. My understanding from Genesis is that God created everything as "good" [not killing machines etc] but later on Adam and Eve fell and pain/suffering entered our world. So I was watching a nature show a while back and they were talking about a certain species of wasp that are able to inject larvae into a caterpillar. The larvae feed and grow until they instinctively know they need to chew their way out. The caterpillar is now 30% larger than what it should be due to all these little guys living inside it. They start chewing away while they release a chemical that paralyses the caterpillar. Once free the caterpillar is still alive. The parasitized caterpillar is now instructed [by the wasp virus] to make a silk cocoon over the larvae as they are in need of protection. It will watch over them and protect them until is starves to death. So from a biblical perspective, how did this nightmarish scenario arise if creatures don't change drastically from when they were created? I'm looking for more specific and detailed answers than "Corruption entered the world".
  11. Christian views on Trump

    If Oprah runs I'm voting for Trump lol.
  12. Christian views on Trump

    Of course nobody is perfect but that only goes so far in defense of someone's behavior, otherwise Snoop Dogg is a perfectly acceptable Presidential candidate. This is kind of the way I expected most Christians to evaluate the election. Hillary was such a terrible candidate that Trump became the choice for many. What I found however is that a good number of Christians were delighted that Trump ran and couldn't wait to elect him...even after hearing him brag about touching and kissing women who were starstruck [taking advantage in my book]. The same defenses I hear for Trump you just won't hear for regular people like you and me [especially not democrats I'll bet]. Many things are negotiable in life.
  13. Wait until you find out what "supernatural" means.
  14. Christian views on Trump

    The one thing that I heard would happen is that the stock market would be unstable. I couldn't be happier with my 401k going up daily [although it was doing well before]. I would also credit Trump with bringing illegal alien issues to the fore where most politicians weren't even focusing on that. I have the back of Americans who do not want our Country being a door mat. I think I've actually slid more to the right in the last year. I am hoping that Republicans will embrace State rights [as they claim they do] and stop approving of the government to intrude into our privacy.
  15. Christian views on Trump

    I still maintain for many there is cognitive dissonance going on. The ones who were pining for Carson or Huckabee later on "realize" oh Trump is the man we've been looking for all along, God gave him to us! Funny how God wouldn't have this good work done through a Christian man [a real one].