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  1. But if I were born in Papa New Guinea or various parts of Africa I may not think anything of going outside mostly or fully nude.
  2. I lived in Arizona for 11 years....no problem. Actually I think you ironically make a point for the opposition. Put humans in extended survival conditions and we begin to look a lot more like the rest of the animal kingdom. The Donner party ended up eating each other out of desperation.
  3. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    What do you mean the bones are "fake"?
  4. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    Like One is suggesting often times they use other methods to help verify. Carbon dating is also but one method there are many using many different radio decay signatures etc. These methods do indeed work within margins of error and yes there is no time machine to go back and know for 100% sure.
  5. There is where I disconnect with liberals. I view this as a mental disorder, not something that needs to be embraced and catered to.
  6. Is the point of this thread is to somehow give weight to theistic arguments because humans are superior to other animals in some ways?
  7. That's part of my point, given the arbitrary metrics you are using we can declare humans superior. There are other metrics however. Your firm statement that "animals can't X" are not exactly supported.
  8. I wouldn't argue that we can find ways that humans are "superior" to other animals but I'm not so sure what you say here is all cut and dry. If we were to look at resiliency I highly doubt humans would be the last standing on earth in the event of global catastrophe. I think research over the years has shown that animals aren't just dumb biological machines. There is evidence to suggest that some animals may be able to think abstractly, they have been shown to risk their own lives to help another etc. Darwin once said: I don't know if Darwin is spot on but I think he makes a good point. A lot of these terms are very loose as well [unless specifically defined], what exactly qualifies as "moral decision" making, what exactly qualifies as abstract thinking and what doesn't. There are examples of animals turning down good treats after their peer was not given a good treat [ie, cucumber instead of melon], does that count as "equality"? Some could argue that.
  9. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    You don't carbon date living or recently dead things. If you purposely don't use tools properly why would you say "ah hah!" when the results are poor?
  10. I'm sure there are some in Congress [in the US] that have seen the last one.
  11. Body invaders

    What if there's a creator that isn't omni-everything is it a God or just a creator? How can you be omnipotent and omniscient....once you know what WILL happen you are powerless to change it. Additionally, it would be good to know how you determined ANY characteristics of "God" at all.
  12. Body invaders

    That is the position that we humans are in isn't it? I don't think we are equipped to answer the God question with any confidence. I'm not saying that there aren't theists, but having confidence in something isn't the same as knowing. This can get much deeper into the weeds as the term "God" is so poorly defined anyway.
  13. Body invaders

    No more than me being a network engineer would be trivialized if I'm in a room with a 100 other network engineers I guess. There's a guy in my building in charge of application support that will send tickets to us because ping times to a site are 200ms. I love networking but there are so many times I wish I could write an app to do this or that. I guess I could spend the time working on that but I'm busy as it is.
  14. Body invaders

    I decided that I wanted to have an avatar so I picked something that would symbolize "science" in general I guess. I've determined that I'm more agnostic than anything, in fact I would argue that we're all agnostic ;). Yes I work as a network engineer. I just have a fascination with scientific exploration, the cosmos, nature etc.
  15. Body invaders

    No, if I had that I would have had something to work with.