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  1. Discontinuity of the flood boundary

    It wasn't magic water, it was merely "sprung" by supernatural means [allegedly].
  2. Objective morality

    Whatever helps you sleep.
  3. Objective morality

    I've chosen to believe in things that resonate with me in some way that they are true. By way of analysis, conversation, real life experience etc etc. I also don't see what this has to do with the discussion.
  4. Objective morality

    And if that doesn't work? The context of my question was Christian men who WERE handing this over. What did you think I was referring to? Wow. So the Jesus we hear about in the secular community is the one that will love you and take care of you and allow you to lay things at the cross, that's there to "sell" Christianity. Then when rubber meets the road we get this. If prayer doesn't work blame the person, the empathy, compassion and respect are completely void in this kind of response. I really do feel for gay Christian men who have to deal with this. The one thing these men chose to do is to be a part of this religious worldview that views them as abominations....that choice is on them.
  5. Objective morality

    And the solution for a Christian man who has gay feelings and doesn't want them is what? So the thing that separates you [don't find men attractive] vs. those men who do is what? You're acknowledging yourself here that it's not something you've chosen.
  6. Objective morality

    I would imagine if God is so worried and upset at this practice, then we wouldn't have any Christian men struggling with it. I'll guess that you'll end up blaming the person, but why are there Christian men who struggle? If homosexuality is completely a "lifestyle" choice, then what men do you find sexually attractive? I don't find any, just women.
  7. Objective morality

    Including the experiences recorded in the Bible. Unless you want to invoke special pleading.
  8. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    Right, they were reporting their "experience", just like people today with their supernatural claims that you say we should be cautious with. I'm more concerned about your admission that you want a logically sound framework. What I'm confused about is that you trust specific supernatural claims in antiquity [which we are far removed from] but similar claims today are met with skepticism? How is that logical? I know you believe this and it's part of your faith but how did you get the confidence in the first place to have the faith.
  9. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    Tristen, I'll reply in full later but please elaborate on this if you would. Just so I'm understanding you right on this. You're saying you have confidence in biblical supernatural claims in the fairly deep past but today it's speculation?? Why wasn't it speculation then? P.S. I do appreciate you spending time with me on these topics.
  10. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    Enoch please ignore my posts in the future as I won't be responding to yours. You don't come across as someone that's trying to engage in intelligent discussion but rather playing with terms and just trying to argue over word games. No offense but I just get nowhere with your posts.
  11. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    Let me help you Enoch because it's apparent it's needed. Please show me evidence in the supernatural... such as....ghosts, demons, angels, spirits, poltergeists, djinns and the like. I'm not talking about any bastardized terms you've made up, I mean the definition that the rest of the world uses.
  12. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    Math is supernatural lol. Ok you're just trolling as I suspected. You can't THINK w/o energy, stop eating and let me know how your brain does. Your can't think w/o a brain which requires matter. What are you talking about Enoch? Don't just visit this board to waste everyone's time. You separately look up "super" and "natural" instead of looking up the term SUPERNATURAL. Next topic, meteorology, the study of meteorites!
  13. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    Enoch I don't respond much to your posts because they spend too much time mocking and ridiculing than rational discussion. When you can engage with me as Tristen and others do then we can have some dialogue. To start off easy, explain to me how stating the supernatural exists is akin to acknowledging that water exists. That's extremely bold. So...go ahead and support this. No need for cute insults...just provide rational arguments.
  14. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    Earlier you seemed to imply that we have tested for these affects here on earth and around earth but that we haven't tested decay rate constants in other galaxies or elsewhere in the Universe. So now you are questioning that heating something up with cause the isotopes to decay differently? We can test for that. Not in another galaxy but within our solar system certainly. I do concede however that yes this conclusion is hinging on the nebula hypothesis being true. Out of curiosity, if various dating methods kept pointing to 6000 - 6500 years would this not be hoisted as solid evidence that the solar system is young? I mean I know it would be amongst creationist circles in general but would you personally tout that as significant evidence? You mentioned that archaeology supports biblical claims, did you investigate them to find out if they used radio metric dating so that you could discard the "evidence"? Another words I'm making sure you're not just accepting the science when it's convenient. By the way I'll take a look at the dating issues you mentioned but it's going to take me a little time. You seem to be engaging in equivocation here. If you want to use the word "faith" to just mean "what you believe when you don't have 100% certainty" that's one thing. The "faith" that religion engages in is a different animal and I can prove it to you. The scientific community gets knocked because they change their story based on new data. Why rely on science when you can't trust it right? That argument proves that the scientific community is WILLING to change it's view based on new evidence. Tell me now how quickly the church will change it's view based on new evidence. Over and over I've seen religious sites proudly and boldly proclaim that they will not look at secular evidence if it contradicts scripture. It will be by default, a priori, dismissed because it goes against the story line. I don't doubt at all there are individual scientists who have religious faith, but I don't support that approach at all. It's also irrational to have confidence in something that has the same evidence as something that doesn't exist. I have no problem speculating about the supernatural but answer this for me. When is it a good time to invoke supernatural explanations and when is it not? If you can't distinguish with any confidence what is the use? Even if I concede the supernatural exists, now what? Do you just invoke it when it's handy? I don't demand that there is no supernatural component, but I personally believe that belief in the supernatural can be very dangerous [on top of largely being unwarranted]. Even today we have places in Africa and elsewhere where children who have albinism are tortured or killed because they think they are witches etc. Under your worldview they could be viewed as "rational". I have no issue admitting that I don't have full confidence in any secular model, including common ancestry or the nebular hypothesis. I don't feel that my "soul" [if i believed in a soul] is bound by my beliefs. I completely reject the notion that I have religious faith. I don't attend science class every sunday in an attempt to "bolster my faith". I don't read science "scripture" that I proclaim is infallible. I didn't say anything about bias, I used the words "feelings" and "emotions". I concede that bias can be rooted in emotion but that's not necessarily the case. Culture and upbringing can play a large part in bias, how do we combat that? Certainly not by appealing to emotions! Religious faith often employs rituals and rites that invoke human emotion. I'm no stranger to church or Christian practices. When is the last time someone tried to convince you of a scientific claim starting with "Do you know where you're going to go when you die?". Religion definitely tries to tap into the psyche of humanity, not just share cold evidence. So the day that science, or really specifically me since that's who you're addressing, says that secular views are infallible then I would say we're using "faith" the same way. So you want to invoke the supernatural when it's handy. Got it. If you can't distinguish your supernatural claim against someone elses, you are NOT on equal footing with two people discussing the natural world. You know darn well with the natural world I can't just blow smoke up people's dresses. People can take my claims and study, verify, test etc etc. We wouldn't even necessarily know the difference between advanced alien technology and the supernatural!
  15. Iridium and the K-T Boundary Layer

    So you want to take something that has otherwise no evidence it exists and then use that as a foundation for a world view? You can do that if you want but I can't follow that path, doesn't make any sense to me.