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  1. The ex-seal's response was a little harsh perhaps - but understandable. I don't know much about Katy Perry (and I knew nothing of Arianna Grande prior to last week), but I suspect she has the same mindset as many celebrities and younger people. You have to wonder if this is how she really feels, or if it's something her publicist came up with. After all, given that 99.9 percent of celebrities hold similar views, it's much easier to spout these platitudes than attempt to swim upstream. Blessings, -Ed
  2. Without getting into the weeds as to whether or not President Trump is a coward; not signing on to the hoax that is the Paris Accords is the right thing to do. Kudos to President Trump if we do indeed not sign on to this. EDIT: (and Hillary, or virtually ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN would have signed on in a second) Blessings, -Ed
  3. I hate to be the one to throw cold water on this thread, but I think this is one of those examples where I cannot root for either side. Joy Behar is easy to "boo", but don't forget that Donald Rumsfeld was Defense Secretary when the fiasco in Iraq was hatched. Blessings, -Ed
  4. That was some of their first stuff that was released here in the US in '64. I agree with your somewhat 'tongue in cheek' remarks that the lyrics or the music was not that profound. You have to remember that at the time it was their appearance (long hair, edwardian suits) that was 'the thing' (even though very tame by later standards) Personally, I think their best album was one that hasn't gotten as much notice historically - "Rubber Soul". It came out in '65, I think. The song "In My Life" is one of my favorite Beatles songs. It has a rift in it (a harpsichord, I think) that was very beautiful and unusual for a rock song at the time. The song "Michelle" is very poetic. There are several other songs on the album that - to me - represent their high water mark. Later they got into Eastern mysticism and drugs, and while they had some good songs on later albums I'll agree much of it was probably over-rated. And if someone could explain "Revolution Number 9" to me (from the White Album), I'd appreciate it. Blessings, -Ed
  5. Hannity's is an opinion show, however. To my knowledge he's never claimed to be unbiased. From what I know about FOX's straight news shows, anchorman Shepard Smith is slightly left of center, and Bret Baier is pretty much down the middle. I haven't watched CNN in years, but I think Anderson Cooper is supposed to be news, not opinion. Yet his recent 'eye roll' with Trump spokesperson Conway would belie that fact, however. FOX seems to drive the Left crazy - I think it's the mere fact that it exists. Let's all go back to the glory days when Uncle Walter told us at the end of his daily newscast " . . . and THAT's the way it is," then today's date. Blessings, -Ed
  6. Blessings, -Ed
  7. It's no effort to keep score - it's right there under the little graphic. Currently it's 8199 to 2183. (or 2184, after I hit 'submit') Blessing, -Ed
  8. Sorry, I stand corrected. You didn't post articles, but you posted a lot of comments. Feel free to ignore the rest of what I posted, then. Blessings, -Ed
  9. Very nice article. Thanks for posting it. Blessings, -Ed
  10. I take you at your word that you do not hate anyone. Perhaps the confusion comes in this way: Hatred is a strong motivator (but not the only motivator, obviously) Most of us - when we think of what might motivate other people to do things - use ourselves and our own experiences as a guide. So I ask myself - what would motivate ME to take time out of my day to post one article after another pointing out the (shall we say) 'idiosyncrasies' of our current president? I think back to the 90's when Bill Clinton was president. I thought it was just awful - how could this have happened? But most people (save family and close friends) didn't know how I felt about him. (granted, political BBs weren't around back then - and FB was non existent). I did put an anti-Clinton bumper sticker on my car, but that was about it. More recently we had the 8 years of Obama. Again, I couldn't figure out how this had happened. He was against pretty much everything I was FOR. And political BBs WERE around - but I didn't post on them all that extensively. Even so, I was accused of 'hating' Obama at times (even though I didn't and still don't. My understanding of Christianity does not allow me to hate anyone). I understand your frustration. Only you know what is in your heart and what motivates you. I'm only posting this in the hopes you'll see another point of view. Blessings, -Ed
  11. I cannot speak for others, but the main reason I voted for him was because the establishment hated him. I'll admit I underestimated its hatred, however. I also underestimated the degree to which they would resist and fight back. The country is divided almost equally in half - that is nothing new. What is new however is that the 'losing' half can simply disregard the results of an election without suffering negative consequences. It does not bode well for our system, going forward. Blessings, -Ed
  12. In other words, Boehner is a perfect example of the GOP. It's the party that makes noises about opposing, but in the end gives democrats everything they want - sometimes more. And Boehner did it with such flair and emotion - tears and all. Sit! Stay! Roll over, good doggie! Blessings, -Ed
  13. Not necessarily. Blessings, -Ed
  14. Boehner: Trump's presidency so far is mostly 'a complete disaster' Former House speaker John Boehner dismissed GOP efforts to craft a tax reform bill as “happy talk” and offered a scathing assessment of President Trump’s first 100 days in office while speaking at a conference this week. The Ohio Republican said Trump has handled national security and foreign policy issues well, but added: “Everything else he’s done (in office) has been a complete disaster,” according to Rigzone, a website that covers the oil and gas industry. “He’s still learning how to be president,” Boehner said in remarks Wednesday at a global energy conference hosted by KPMG, a major accounting firm. Boehner told the audience that Trump did the best he could in pushing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. But he suggested the president’s approach was wrong-headed. Trump should have worked to “repair” the law, not scrap it, Boehner asserted — something he never advocated while he was at the helm of the House. Asked about GOP efforts to overhaul the tax code, the former House speaker said he was optimistic at the start of the year but he now doubts whether Republicans can pass such an ambitious bill. “Tax reform is just a bunch of happy talk,” he said. The House GOP proposal to impose a border tax on imports is “deader than a doornail,” Boehner said, putting the overall odds of Republicans passing a bill at 60-40. Boehner said he didn’t know anything about efforts by the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election. But he said Democrats are only hurting themselves by talking about impeachment of the president. “Talk of impeachment is the best way to rile up Trump supporters,” he said. “Remember, impeachment is not a legal process; it’s a political process.” POSTER'S COMMENT: I've made no secret of the fact I voted for Donald Trump in the last election, so there may be those who are surprised by my posting this article. I do it for several reasons: 1. John Boehner is a former GOP Speaker-of-the-House, so his musings WILL get press. In my eyes, he was a failure and an unmitigated disaster, and a perfect example of what is wrong with politics today. 2. It illustrates the all to common tendency of GOP'ers to 'eat their own.' Democats NEVER, EVER do this. I would say that Jack the Ripper - if he were a democrat - would be immune from any criticism from other democrats. Say what you want, to their party faithful, party TRUMPS everything (pun intended). 3. It illustrates why I'm slowly returning to the theme I've had for years - way before the election: Elections don't matter, and the country's problems are beyond what an election (or two) can fix. Blessings, -Ed
  15. Plus they had early voting, so many people had already voted by the time this event occurred. (One reason I'm not a fan of early voting). Blessings, -Ed