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  1. " . . . because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen." ~Romans 1:25 Blessings, -Ed
  2. I have a question: When it comes to Al Franken, what should be the REAL outrage? Satire website: Al Franken Didn't Do Nothing When 1,099 felons vote in race won by 312 ballots Blessings, -Ed
  3. WorthyNews: Allegations against Roy Moore roil US evangelical ranks

    Wow - I didn't know that. I wonder why he doesn't play his 'Democrat - get out of jail free" card? Blessings, -Ed
  4. WorthyNews: Allegations against Roy Moore roil US evangelical ranks

    He certainly knew about Chappaquiddick when he referred to Kennedy as " . . . my good friend, Ted Kennedy." I don't know about you, but I would have a difficult time considering someone who left a young woman to drown in his car under the circumstances that Kennedy did "a good friend." Even if the drowning DID take place in 1969. You have so-called republicans - McCain included - coming out of the woodwork basically saying Moore isn't fit to serve in the Senate. If Moore is guilty of what is alleged, then yes - he is a creep and a child predator. But the so-called standards of the Senate - given the late Kennedy's "lion of the Senate" status - are laughable to say the least. Talk about "he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone . . . " Blessings, -Ed
  5. Woman Offered Big $$ to Accuse Moore of Sexual Misconduct

    Could be worse . . . he could be a truther who believes Nixon pardoned the Russians and McCain killed JFK. Blessings, -Ed
  6. WorthyNews: Allegations against Roy Moore roil US evangelical ranks

    I don't "know" any such thing. As I've stated previously, the only ones who know are the accused, the accuser, and God Himself. I'm none of those. My post was actually aimed at the hypocrisy of McCain and others who said nary a word about the FACTS of Ted Kennedy's immorality. Blessings, -Ed
  7. Washington GOP tries to oust Republican nominee Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Overheard, just the other day . . . SHAM: Good news!!! The republicans are finally united about something!!! SAM: Repealing Obamacare? SHAM: Well, no . . . SAM: Comprehensive tax reform? SHAM: No, not quite . . . SAM: I know! Building the wall and dealing with illegal immigration! SHAM: No. SAM: Well, what is it then? The deficit? North Korea? What?? SHAM: No, and no. The republicans are UNITED against . . . [wait for it] . . . The republicans are united against . . . Republican Senate candidate ROY MOORE!!! Blessings, -Ed
  8. WorthyNews: Allegations against Roy Moore roil US evangelical ranks

    I'm posting this link without comment: https://i.imgur.com/L4elDJC.jpg It is sarcasm, but it makes a point. I wonder if the honorable Senator John McCain - who was best buds with the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), would care to comment? Blessings, -Ed
  9. Exactly . . . why would they want to stop him? Mueller is one of them. Blessings, -Ed
  10. I don't live in Alabama, but I think I remember hearing about Judge Moore many years ago when he was involved in a 'Ten Commandments' controversy. He became somewhat of a hero in conservative circles nationwide. Whenever that happens, anyone who is in such a position automatically becomes a target for 'the other side.' Even though he didn't hold national office, a juicy tidbit such as this (especially in the era of Swaggart and Bakker) would have made bringing down Moore a 'feather in the cap' for someone. But like I said, we'll probably never know for sure. While most, if not all, Christians have done things in their (our) past that we're ashamed of, this one's a biggie. Unfortunately, if it is true, it's not a surprise. What is wrong with men who profess Christ that causes them to do this? I'd like to think that if one REALLY has a serious Christian perspective, and is a genuine Christian (as Moore claims to be), then if this is a true allegation - how could he lie about it? Is he not afraid of God and of Judgement? A senate seat is temporal. Eternity is . . . forever! Blessings, -Ed
  11. If the allegations aren't true and it is instead a hit job, I'd put my money on McConnell, Ryan and company rather than Nancy, Barack and Chucky. It's true they're part of the establishment/ruling class, but I don't think they're technically 'Left.' Though at the end of the day, what does it really matter. Blessings, -Ed
  12. It's possible. It would be 'red' vs. 'blue'. Therein lies a problem - perhaps THE problem. If you look at an election map of the last few election cycles (especially one that breaks it down by counties) you see it's as much an urban vs. rural thing as anything else. At first glance, you could say the coasts are 'blue' and the center of the country is 'red.' But closer inspection shows that there are large 'red' areas (even in blue California and NY) and large blue areas in the center of the country (Illinois and other urban areas). Plus, the center of the behemoth federal government is in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. It doesn't get bluer than that. And all the 'power' (military, etc.) is there. I happen to live in probably the most conservative county in ultra-blue NY state. Our local Congressional rep. is an R (and a fairly conservative one), but as for representation at the state and federal level, conservatives like me have none. The governor, a couple of years ago, declared that '[conservatives] have no place in NY state" (except of course when the tax bill comes due. Pay up, and shut up.) Would I (and other conservatives/libertarians) be worse off in a blue United States of Socialist America? And on the flip side - would progressives/socialists/communists who live in red areas feel they were better off in a United States of Conservative America? And how would the land be divvied up? It presents a lot of questions. I think I'll buy stock in U-Haul and Ryder Truck rentals . . . Blessings, -Ed
  13. And since he's McConnell's pick, he would make a fine demopublican. Or republicrat. Take your pick. As I've read more about this, I'm seeing Steve Bannon's name pop up. That gives me an 'aha' moment. If this is indeed a political hit job (we'll never know for sure), then it could be a pre-emptive strike by the R branch swamp creatures to destroy Bannon and any candidates he may be backing in the future. After all, Bannon has not been updated to Trump ver. 2.0 yet - he's still at Trump ver. 1.0 Blessings, -Ed
  14. If this is indeed a made up charge, then yes. Again, only he and the accuser (and God) knows that for sure. However, as a Christian, Judge Moore (if the charges are true) had better be more concerned about God's opinion and do the right thing. I'm not sure how politics works in Alabama, but I heard last night that it's too late to reprint the ballots - so I'm not sure what would happen if Moore stepped aside. People would (I assume) have to write in another candidate. The gop(e) might go all out and instruct the voters to 'write-in' the name of their preferred candidate or (to save money) they might just sit it out and let the democrat be elected. In the end, it's the same difference. Blessings, -Ed