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  1. ‘Christian’ Church In America Changes Sunday Service And Leads Congregation In Muslim Ritual Of Praying To Allah RAZC Education 1 min ago Share on facebook Share on twitter A Christian church in the U.S. is causing outrage after leadership officials changed up their typical Sunday service — and began performing Muslim rituals which included praying to Allah. This makes me sick! It was a typical Sunday morning service, until a Muslim began leading church attendees in a prayer to the Islamic deity. The Presbyterian church in Portland, Oregon, began lifting up prayers to Allah at its general assembly meeting as a part of the “first order of business.” “Allah bless us and bless our families and bless our Lord. Lead us on the straight path — the path of all prophets: Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.” According to CBN News, these were the words spoken over the congregation at The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, meeting in Portland, Oregon. In addition to the prayer, church leadership projected the following text during the morning service: In the Name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful: let us praise the Lord of the Universe who has created us and made us into tribes and nations that we may know each other, not that we may despise each other. Incline towards peace, and trust in God, for the Lord is one that hears and knows all things. And the servants of the God Most Gracious are those who walk on Earth in humility and when we address them, we say, “Peace.” Amen! Don’t believe it? Watch the full prayer in the video below: Despite the controversial prayer, the Presbyterian church maintains that it will continue to advocate for “positive relationships with people of other religious traditions” and is committed to fighting “the rise in Islamophobia.”
  2. I saw a linked article on FB about this, and I followed the link. The article focused on the democrat's reaction to the news - citing statements by Pelosi, Hoyer, Obama and others. To a person, they were very complimentary of McCain - praising him to the skies. The comments section of the article was revealing, as well. Sadly, some of the more bitter and at times obscene ones illustrated the depth of the country's current political divide. It is bleak, indeed. First off (and this shouldn't even need to be said) I am saddened to hear that the Senator has this diagnosis. Cancer is something I would not wish on anyone (well except perhaps a couple of history's worst dictators and tyrants). While Senator McCain is the poster boy for the establishment and what is wrong in DC, his ranking is nowhere near the worst of the worst when one has a historical perspective. I will be praying for him and his family - as all Christians should. But circle back for a moment to the reaction of the democrats - keeping in mind that EVERYTHING they do is political. Democrats of the caliber of Pelosi and Obama would (in my opinion) throw their own mothers under the bus if they could score political points. In this, the democrats have been handed a gift. McCain was always the most reliable republican to roll over for democrats - thus he's the democrats' favorite. He worships at the altar of 'bipartisanship' (defined as giving democrats everything they want). His first commandment is "thou shalt reach across the aisle." Therefore by praising McCain (and by contrast, cursing the 'evil' Trumpians who refuse to 'reach across the aisle'), they can further divide while at the same time looking like they're not doing so. "See, this is what DC was like before Trump arrived" they'll say. While nothing could be further from the Truth. If you don't believe it, then just Google some of the things the same democrats were saying about McCain when he had the 'audacity' to run against Obama in 2008 (probably the only time dems. said anything negative about him). "Crazy old man." "Will start WWIII." "Senile". So while the call will go out to "rise above the politics" and honor the man, if this call is coming from a senior democrat, take it with a grain of salt. Blessings, -Ed
  3. Two Bodies Found in Melting Swiss Glacier Believed to Be Couple Missing Since 1942 A couple who disappeared more than 70 years ago in the Swiss Alps has likely been found after two bodies emerged from a melting glacier. Their daughter — who never gave up hope — told the Le Matin newspaper of Lausanne, Switzerland, that the news has given her a “deep sense of calm,” after not having answers for so many years. She and her six siblings “spent our whole lives looking for them, without stopping. We thought that we could give them the funeral they deserved one day,” Marceline Udry-Dumoulin, now 79, told the newspaper, according to CBS News. “The bodies were lying near each other. It was a man and a woman wearing clothing dating from the period of World War Two,” Bernhard Tschannen, director of Glacier 3000, told local media, Reuters reports. “They were perfectly preserved in the glacier and their belongings were intact.” GLACIER 3000/KEYSTONE VIA AP Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin had gone off to feed their cattle in a meadow above Chandolin in the Valais canton on August 15, 1942, and never returned. According to local media, the bodies were discovered last week near a ski lift on the Tsanfleuron glacier, by a worker for an adventure resort company. An autopsy and DNA test is being performed to confirm their identities. “It was the first time my mother went with him on such an excursion,” Udry-Dumoulin told Le Matin. “She was always pregnant and couldn’t climb in the difficult conditions of a glacier. “For the funeral, I won’t wear black. I think that white would be more appropriate. It represents hope, which I never lost.” POSTER'S COMMENT: Not much to add here, except to say there must be a "global warming" angle in here somewhere. Al Gore. Paging Al Gore. Please pick up the white courtesy phone - urgent call for you. Blessings, -Ed
  4. I wrote that for the benefit of any FOX phobes out there. Blessings,
  5. Here's the CNN headline. After all, if you can't trust CNN, who can you trust? Minneapolis woman killed by police: What we know and don't know Blessings, -Ed
  6. Posted in wrong thread.
  7. NAACP leader Rev. Barber says praying for Trump ‘borders on heresy;’ NCGOP ‘outraged’ Religious leaders gathered in the Oval Office laid hands on President Donald Trump to pray that God gives him guidance, wisdom and protection. A photo of the gathering made the rounds on social media, but didn’t sit well with North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber II. On MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Saturday morning, Barber called the prayer “theological malpractice bordering on heresy.” “"It is a form of theological malpractice that borders on heresy when you can p-r-a-y for a president and others when they are p-r-e-y, preying on the most vulnerable, you’re violating the most sacred principles of religion.” Barber’s comments set the North Carolina Republican Party ablaze. In a news release on Sunday, the party said it was “shocked and outraged” over Barber’s “claim that it’s a sin to pray for President Trump.” “In the strongest possible terms, the NCGOP condemns the hateful actions of Dr. Rev. Barber, who cast tens of millions of people, of all faiths, who pray for the president, as sinners in a nationally broadcasted interview,” NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes said in the news release. “As a pastor in North Carolina, Rev. Dr. Barber has crossed the line this time. Using his role as a supposed faith-based leader to falsely drive citizens away from praying for the good of our nation and our nation's president, is absolutely grotesque. The idea that it is a sin to pray for any individual, much less the commander-in-chief of our country, goes against any religious teaching that I have ever heard of. Rev. Dr. Barber is spreading a repulsive lie, and he should apologize immediately.”
  8. One might think there were two sets of laws in play here. One for protected groups, and another for the rest of us that are somewhat sane. It couldn't be that, though . . . Blessings, -Ed
  9. Why Are Naked Men Being Allowed To Expose Their Bodies In Front Of Young Children During Gay Pride Parades All Over America? It it okay for naked men to flaunt their completely exposed bodies in front of young children as they march down the street during pride parades? Summer is a time when all sorts of groups hold parades all over America, and even if we disagree with what certain groups have to say they still have a First Amendment right to say it. But nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there a right to public nudity. Every year completely naked and nearly naked men participate in these parades in cities all over America, and we never hear of anyone getting arrested. For example, during New York City’s recent annual pride parade many people marched without any clothes on at all … Is this legal? Can we just take our clothes off and march down the street nude in New York City any time we want now? If not, why weren’t people getting arrested? Link to article
  10. While I understand the frustration and the motives behind this, it's probably ill-advised. It will just be seen as 'deflection' or (to coin a favorite phrase of another poster here) 'whataboutism'. The establishment IS NOT INTERESTED in 'going after' the Clintons. Period. It's not going to happen. I saw an update to the dated proverb "don't ever pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel." It goes like this: Don't pick a fight with someone who buys pixels by the billions. I think the establishment has already achieved its purpose - i.e. ensuring its agenda marches on. The wall isn't going to be built. Obamacare 'repeal and replace' is dead, while the gop establishment continues shooting themselves in the foot. Late night comedians have fodder for generations. All is good. Blessings, -Ed
  11. Luke 17:26 Blessings, -Ed
  12. Well okay, Mr. Trump has pen in hand. But Mr. Obama had a pen AND a phone. Let's all chip in and buy Mr. Trump a phone, and then see what happens. All kidding aside, if anyone thinks the GOP(e) wants to get rid of O-care, I have a swamp in DC I'd be willing to sell you. Blessings, -Ed
  13. The Terrifying Way Sweden Is Killing Itself I could be writing every week about Sweden. Every day. Every hour. For reasons that will be analyzed by historians for a long, long time – provided the Western world doesn't become so thoroughly Islamized that the possibility of objective historical scrutiny is utterly obliterated – the Swedes have chosen a path ofcultural and societal suicide that puts all other countries in the shade. For anyone curious about self-destructive psychopathologies, it is a grimly fascinating phenomenon. Why, of all places, Sweden? How can a Swedish woman raped by an illegal Muslim immigrant be so bursting with racial guilt that she hesitates to report the crime to the police for fear that her report might lead to her rapist's punishment or deportation? Or, more generally, because news of the offense might result in an increase in “Islamophobia?" This is the kind of madness that's going on in Sweden now. More than any other country in Europe, it has a government and a media that are in denial about the truth, a legal system that punishes those who dare to tell the truth, and a people who have been brainwashed for decades with the vile lie that they have a moral obligation to hand their country over to hostile, despotic strangers from far away. No, Sweden isn't North Korea. The ugly news does get out, one way or another. Some of it, anyway. It's just that, with extremely rare exceptions, the important facts about the nation's disastrous Islamization don't find their way into the country's own mainstream media. On the contrary, Sweden's major TV, radio, and print outlets are notorious for the fidelity with which they parrot the government line and omit or whitewash uncomfortable news developments. No, if you're looking for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about most of the nasty stuff going on in Sweden these days, you're better off checking out Swedish websites such as Avpixlat and Fria Tider, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and two Norwegian sites: and, the latter being the site of the organization Human Rights Service. I've previously quoted a March 11 Jyllands-Posten editorial that spelled out the Swedish situation quite frankly: what should “most worry Sweden's neighbors,” the Danish editors wrote, is the Swedes' “unwillingness to openly and honestly discuss the government-approved multicultural idyll. ... In the long run, the mendacity that characterizes the Swedish debate cannot be maintained. The discrepancy between the official, idealized version of Sweden, 'the people's home,' and the brutal reality that everyone can see has simply become too great.” German Judge Says Turkish Man's Forced Violent Sex Is "Culturally" Not Rape Indeed. This is a country where rapes by Muslim men are systematically ignored by the authorities or responded to with minimal punishment. Routinely, Swedish courts refuse to return these monsters – some of whom have repeatedly subjected small boys and girls to violent sexual abuse – to their home countries for fear that they'll be put in danger. In other words, Swedish judges care more about the safety of foreign rapists than that of Swedish children. (No wonder U.S. News and World Report has just named Sweden the best country in the world to be an immigrant. Yet another cockeyed ranking. The proper question isn't which country is best for immigrants, but which country has the most sensible immigration policy.) It's a country where even prominent Swedish feminists – fanatical boosters of multiculturalism – are now moving out of Muslim-heavy neighborhoods not only because of the Muslim rapists but because of the Muslim “morality police,” who are less concerned with monitoring rapists than with controlling women's conduct. (One such feminist organized “coffee shop meetings” with Muslim male community leaders in an attempt to resolve the situation, but gave up.) It's a country where the government rolls out the red carpet for returning ISIS members, giving them special benefits, in hopes that they'll see the light and put down their weapons. It's a country where, while Muslim rapists and terrorists are forgiven, critics of immigrant conduct are punished. In May, a 70-year-old woman in Dalarna, Sweden, was arrested for writing on Facebook in 2015 about immigrants who “set cars on fire and urinate and defecate in the streets.” (She faces up to four years in prison.) No surprise, then, that on July 7, Jyllands-Posten reported that the Swedish government plans to alter the nation's Constitution in such a way as to give itself the power to limit online free speech about precisely these ticklish matters. Among other things, wrote Jyllands-Posten, it will become illegal “for certain websites to publicize information about private persons' ethnicity or conviction of crimes.” Of course: the best way to address the ever-rising tide of Muslim criminality is to close down every last media outlet that reports honestly about it. The mainstream Swedish media are already playing ball; it's just a few recalcitrant websites that need to be scrubbed clean. Presumably the next step will be to block access in Sweden to Jyllands-Posten and other foreign news sources that tell Swedes the truth about what's going on within their own borders. Then everything will be just perfect, no? And what are the chances that no matter how much Sweden tightens its already alarming (if currently tacit) limits on freedom of speech, Reporters without Borders will keep Sweden at its ridiculous #2 spot on the World Press Freedom Index
  14. This is going way back, but in 2000 when Hillary was first running for the Senate from NY, she and Walter Cronkite were guests on his show. Letterman was a democrat shill even way back then, but apparently Cronkite (another democrat shill) felt he had to warn Dave to 'be nice to her.' Hahahaha . . . that Dave was so funny. Hahahahah he just cracks me up! Blessings, -Ed