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  1. Knowing what we do now of what a groundbreaking show it was, it's hard to believe it was almost cancelled in its first season due to low ratings. It certainly was 'black comedy' - people surviving and even finding humor at times in the midst of the horrors of war. As an aside, I used to enjoy watching it with my wife, who's a PA. She would always critique some of the medical procedures they were doing. Blessings, -Ed
  2. Nope. Besides, didn't you ever watch MASH? There was one episode where (Catholic) Father Mulcahy had to assume the duties of a rabbi for a Jewish soldier. And there's no source more accurate when it comes to military life than MASH, right? Blessings, -Ed
  3. Compassion is a wonderful trait when sprinkled with equal parts of wisdom. Without wisdom, it can be a recipe for suicide. Blessings, -Ed
  4. Wow! I thought this was from "The Onion" but I guess it wasn't. Just goes to show that satire is dead. Reality is too competitive. Blessings, -Ed EDIT: I just went to the 'babylonbee' website. Ahh . . . it IS satire. Whew!
  5. Happy Birthday


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      Thank you!



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  6. Now that they're free from the restraints of that archaic and obsolete old Constitution, it's going to be fantastic to see what the overlords in black robes have in store for us as they fight the evil Trump! I can't wait!! Blessings, -Ed
  7. In other news . . . The Pied Piper, Robin Hood and Santa Claus placed one, two and three in a list of popular mythical characters. Blessings, -Ed
  8. I'll attempt to tread carefully so as not to violate the TOS . . . It has been suggested in this thread the things have never been this negative until this president came along. So it's like a sports team. When a team is not doing well, what happens? You don't fire the entire team. You fire the coach. We cannot fire NBCCBSCNNABCPBSWASHINGTONPOSTNEWYORKTIMES. We cannot fire the entire democrat party. We cannot fire about half of the republican party. We cannot fire John McCain. We cannot fire George Soros. We cannot fire Hollywood. We cannot fire academia. So if President Trump resigns (or we fire him via impeachment) that is the equivalent of getting rid of the coach. I had this naive idea that after the election, the losers would lick their wounds (as has happened in virtually every election since the republic was founded). They would get over it, and end up working with the president where they could. After all, there is always another election. We've always had a peaceful transition, and it goes in cycles. Sometimes your party wins, sometimes it loses. Not so this time. We've had a rapper suggest that the president should be assassinated. We've had another hurl incredibly rude comments toward the First Lady. Chuck Schumer and his merry band of democrats have NO intention of compromising an inch. Sorry this sounds so down. I'm reaching the end of my patience with some of the posters and comments here. Blessings, -Ed
  9. Yep. I'm convinced. I've seen the light. I think Trump ought to resign. Maybe it's not too late to install Hillary or Bernie. Then everything will be cool again.
  10. We've come full circle. "Judges" is a book in the Old Testament - now Judges are the ones ruling our nation. Unfortunately for us, the judges of old answered to God. These judges - - who knows? Might as well send all the members of the House, Senate, and Executive branch home. Let the fine men and women in black robes rule. Blessings, -Ed
  11. Well, maybe that explains the nuclear upgrade, then. So when do you think we'll start nuclear bombing Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia . . . Blessings, -Ed
  12. During the so-called 'cold war', it was said that we had enough nuclear weaponry to destroy the Earth many times over. Let that sink in for a moment . . . And then ask yourself . . . why? I understand the concept of defensive nuclear weapons. And in the aforementioned cold-war, the much maligned MAD (mutually assured destruction) actually worked - i.e. there was NO nuclear war between the US and USSR (though we came close a couple of times). But we supposedly won the cold-war, did we not? And now our 'enemies' are radical islamists and terrorist organizations like ISIS - not other 'superpowers'. The kinds of enemies that will be defeated - if they are to be - by infiltration and the work of small military special forces. I see no scenario where nukes would be used against ISIS. To me, this is a waste. Blessings, -Ed
  13. I searched all over the place trying to find a list of the 68 nations and was unsuccessful. I did, however, find an article listing two that will NOT be included - Russia and Iran. Interesting . . . Iran I can understand - but the fact that Russia is not included should give our talking head friends days and even weeks of additional fodder. Blessings, -Ed
  14. No Blessings, -Ed