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  1. The difference was that the Jews didn't sneak into Germany. Many were born there or came in legally from elsewhere according to the laws of the time before the Nazis came to power. I'm not advocating treating anyone like garbage, but illegal means illegal.
  2. There's no defense for wasps. Wasps are total jerks. Source: Routinely got chased down 60ft stairways by them while working at a fuel tank farm. They always built nests above the doors I wanted to use at the house, and once in the engine compartment of my truck. I hate wasps.
  3. I've been okay more or less. I had to get a new career after my ankle surgery in June 2015, and that demands more time than my old one as it has a steep learning curve, so I haven't spent as much time in the forums as I used to. I mostly stop in the chat room on weekends now.
  4. FYI: Android phones have a huge number of apps available that will do the magnifier thing. Just sayin'.
  5. I have a similar story. A friend had his iPhone in his mom's living room, and they speak only Spanish at home as a general rule. It didn't take long until his iPhone was showing him ads in that language. I mentioned it when we left and headed over to another home where we were helping out with a brake job - and they speak Russian there, so Raul decided to experiment. Short version: each time we changed languages so did his iPhone. I tried it with my Android, but nothing changed on it. (That might be because I have modded mine to take the factory junkware off of it.) So far Raul's poly-lingual iPhone will spew ads at you in English, German, Spanish, and Russian. French is probably on the list too, but no one we know speaks French - and no one thought about YouTube until later. Siri seems to have a talent for languages.
  6. Good possibility (now that I think about it) is that Fukashima is basically still going on. Its still leaking radiation into the environment making it worse than, say, a one time even like a nuclear warhead going off. The explosion releases however much radiation and other stuff into the environment and then its done unlike the nuclear plant. They are still trying to find some of the melted fuel in one of those reactors last article I read, but the radiation keeps killing the robots they send in.
  7. True, but everyone will still get to share the fallout from both. They're still picking up radiation from Fukashima that's managed to cross the Pacific.
  8. Most normal humans, the Soviets included, didn't really want to die - that's one reason the Mutual Assured Destruction during the Cold War worked so well. That and God's restraining grace that kept us from nuking ourselves to extinction. You're right about Iran, too. It's run by a death cult . . . and they want nukes. This is a really bad idea. The Fukashima nuclear accident really should have reminded the world that using one or more nuclear warheads is a bad idea since we all share the same atmosphere. Everybody will get to share in the fallout from that, if it happens.
  9. It is . . . after a fashion.
  10. I've had a couple of family members try the guilt trip thing. It didn't work. Called 'em on it any time they started to go there, called 'em on all the unnecessary drama-rama they wanted to bring into my life and shut it down. One actually thanked me and apologized years later (after they were saved) but the other still sees nothing is wrong with it. Sadly, she is now getting older - and wonders why no one wants to be around her. Sometimes living several thousand miles (or kilometers) from family can be a blessing.
  11. A. No one said it did. B. The mark of the beast is a mark of some kind (Scripture describes it as such, anyway) - but it also comes with a decision to worship the beast rather than the living and true God. Big difference between that and chipping employees, although its easy to see now how the ground work is being laid for it whatever the mark of the beast turns out to be.
  12. Sounds more like just looking to pick a leftist let's play the victim fight after reading the thread, but that's just me. I also live in an area with a huge illegal problem, and quite a few of my immigrant neighbors (who did it the right way) have a really nasty opinion of the illegals. I've lived and worked internationally and when I'm in another country they want me to abide by their laws. Amazing. That makes so much sense! Are all fast food workers illegals? Of course not. Straw man argument. I have zero sympathy for anyone who got fired over their "protest" because if they were not illegal themselves they were supporting those who were. "If the shoe fits wear it."
  13. Here's a great example of how to lay the ground work for something. The chips will be presented as something to make life easier, more secure, etc. and with all the companies getting hacked and spilling customer data all over, it'll probably be pretty popular. This is partly from what I gather from our clients at work. Many are quite concerned about computer security and welcome the fingerprint reader on the newer iOS devices. One step at a time . . . The chess pieces are certainly being moved into place.
  14. All Muslims may not be terrorists, but lately an awful lot of terrorists have been Muslims. Just sayin'. I learned a lot while I Saudi Arabia, and we're all fallen creatures. No one is innocent - that means everyone. Paul makes a good argument for that in Romans.
  15. Sounds like the dilemma in my area and I would thing most metro areas: how far to commute? I was able to cut my commute in half when I moved, but I know others that spend up to an hour driving in to work each day. Mass transit would only take longer, making it impractical for many here.