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  1. Modern drug testing technology has improved over the years. Some of the common tests are actually pretty cheap. Just sayin'.
  2. I'm going to add something to this. Random drug screening should be added to the requirements for the programs. I've been on food stamps twice. Once for about 3 months and again 2 years later for about 6 months - because I couldn't make enough to pay rent and buy food. The abuses of the system are real. I spent 15 years in the Air Force and lived with random drug testing for that entire time. It keeps people honest, but there are always those who try to game any system. I have no issue with anyone who really needs the help since that's what the programs are for, but there needs to be some accountability. Layabouts don't need to be getting high on our tax money.
  3. I get some of that. I've had enough bad experiences with American churches that I could probably write a book, but that probably would not be edifying for anyone. I've had the "high and mighty" look down on me because I didn't "measure up" to some "standard" they had fixed in their minds - and you know what. That's their problem, not mine. Finding a new church isn't something most of us would call fun. Imagine being in your mid-fifties and single. Its even less fun - unless someone asks if you're gay. (Yes, that actually happened more that once! First one who asked that was a 90 year old grandmother.) I've been to a lot of churches over the years due to my military career and other jobs that had me moving a lot. Over all most folks were pretty decent and we were able to worship the Lord without any unnecessary drama. I learned a few things along the way, like church isn't about me, its about the Lord. Believers need each other just like the embers in a fire. Take an ember out and set it on the hearth and it will die out on its own. Put it back and it will glow again. Same thing for us as believers. I've visited churches where someone stood up in the front and said, "Let's all just worship the Lord." Chaos did reign, like someone emptied a mental health ward, skipped the meds, and amped 'em all up on meth first before letting 'em loose. I left one place because the hair on the back of my neck was standing up in a way that let me know someone other than God was being worshiped in there. The 2 mile walk to the nearest bus stop on an August morning in Phoenix (it was already 102 by that time) was nice in comparison. Its easier to make a quiet escape if you sit in the back or near an exit when visiting a new church. Just in case things go off the rails. Bottom line is if you can't find a place in the local church to serve others - find another church. There's plenty out there that could use the help in the Lord's work. Not all churches are bad in my area, not by a long shot, but it sure took a long time to find the one the Lord wanted me in. I'm currently going to a church that was literally the last one on my list. At the time I didn't have a car so getting around on mass transit wasn't easy because everything is so spread out here. I was so fed up with "modern, relevant, or whatever buzzword" churches in my area that I was about to give up in sheer disgust. I let the Lord know it too. I was almost done looking for a church because I'd been at that game for about 18 months and I'd had it. Disgust with hearing the same music in a worship service as I heard on the Christian radio stations, and the Bible presented as something other than the Word of God just put the disgust-o-meter somewhere off the scale. Fed up? Yeah. In ways I still cannot describe to this day. I didn't really feel like riding a mountain bike 6 miles to church that morning but went anyway. Surprisingly enough no one freaked out about this guy showing up to church in a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and mountain bike on Sunday morning. So I showed up to church even though it was hot and I really didn't want to, and I'm still going to the same church today. Its small. Small enough that there are no "programs" but the building is paid for, and just about everyone is involved in a local ministry of some kind like food banks or shelters and things like that. Several others are volunteering at a local Christ centered drug rehab. The Lord has found ways for all of us to serve the community without a mega-church and I think that's a good thing. Note: Sorry, didn't intend to write a novel.
  4. Yes, I've been to the Houston area, and I lived in Central Louisiana long enough to learn about all the larger bugs that would try to move into your home with you in the fall. It was rather like living an entomology course. Never saw Palmetto bugs there, but they have them all over in Florida (and probably south Louisiana too.) Strangely enough we have them in Arizona too. Got way too familiar with those working night shift. Anyone wants to eat bugs - feel free to munch away!
  5. I've been to places where the bugs seemed big enough to carry the burger off before you could eat it . . . The military was always good for sending us somewhere at exactly the wrong time of year, like Alaska in January.
  6. That's pretty effective. I come from a military family, so we were usually on another continent from the toxics in the rest of the family. This was before the internet, so it was supremely effective, because those causing the drama were too cheap to call long distance to the UK or Germany! Sometimes love from a distance is the healthiest thing you can do.
  7. Good point. I just happened to be stationed in Arkansas when Bill was Governor . . . White Water was a real mess in more ways than one.
  8. First of all: I get it about tight budgets. I've been there and then some, but you're running an OS that many are no longer supporting including Microsoft so there may be more issues like this in the future. Just sayin'. There is some good news though: Clamwin free anti-virus. Its an open source project that's been around for a few years and it works okay. I used it when all I could afford was on old e-Machines system cobbled together from spare parts. The website is here: http://www.clamwin.com/
  9. Exactly. I've thought that myself for a very long time. Example for the pollies: "Maybe that heavy booted tyrant is keeping a lid on the *really* evil crazies in that country."
  10. This is starting to sound like Muammar Gaddafi before they bombed Libya. He went silent after they bombed his palace . . . stayed quiet too, for the most part. Just like most bullies who've gotten a bloody nose.
  11. No, it doesn't & I've never seen a scripture reference for it either. Just sayin'.
  12. There's been so much Trump bashing from the lame stream media that I don't even hear it any more. Its become background noise for the most part. I still keep up on the news, but not from the lame stream media.
  13. Sometimes rockets & missiles just blow up without rhyme or reason. They are fickle beasts in that reguard, but sometimes they have help . . .
  14. TV

    Anything good can be taken to a point where it can become a problem. Or an idol. Its a matter of striking a balance, and sometimes that's not all that easy. Example: I'm not going to tell anyone they can't watch TV if they're a believer. That's not my call. Speaking strictly for myself, the Lord worked things in my life in such a way that I realized I'm too easily drawn into the whole TV thing, movies, sports, all of that. So, the best thing for me at the time was to stay away from it. I've found that I can watch a program here and there in the years since, and it doesn't "take over" the way it used to. I guess the best way to describe it is that it doesn't have power over me any more, and that is because of what the Spirit has done to change me. It's nothing I've done.
  15. TV

    If you feel that TV in general takes you away from the Lord and your conscience is (perhaps) causing you to question whether its a good idea. Stop watching for awhile and see how it affects your relationship with the Lord. I was drawn away from TV myself for a variety of reasons. First: I could not afford a new TV. Second: I had time for things like more time in Scripture and other things when I stopped spending so much time watching the tube. Third: I realized that between Amazon Prime and Netflix there's more than enough TV to watch on those rare occasions that I have time for it. Bottom line: I can't stand all the commercials on network TV and about 99% of the content any more. I just don't want to watch it for the most part, though there are a couple of shows I wouldn't mind seeing but those are exceptions.