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  1. There's a difference between hoarding and good sense preparedness. I've lived on an off-grid ranch where we went into town about one a month for groceries and other things we needed. We knew that run could not be made during the rainy season, so we stocked up and waited for the low water crossings to clear. This was common sense for us back then. I've also lived through many bouts of severe weather, including hurricanes, where the power can be out for weeks afterward. Its always a good idea to keep a stock on non-perishable (i.e. canned/tinned) food on hand when living in those areas. It could be some time before help comes in any form depending on how bad the damage is. Living in an area where the power goes out frequently makes having a backup generator a good idea so you don't loose a freezer full of food because of a downed tree. I still keep a small amount of canned food on hand in case of a camping trip, or a storm taking out the power, even though the weather where I am is not usually all that violent. Its also been used to help neighbors out when needed. Being prepared isn't about not trusting the Lord, its about doing what you can. As an example: When I lived in tornado alley, I had a tornado cellar. It came with the house and needed a little work, so I fixed it up. Good thing too. The house got relocated by an F3 tornado one night as a squall line was going through East Texas. Fun times. Being a believer won't necessarily keep you from the bumps in life's road, but a little preparedness can help.
  2. Exactly. I believe single payer was the goal of Obamacare all all along. It makes a huge mess of the existing healthcare system (because you can't bring in the new without destroying the old) then they trot out single payer to "save" us from the mess they made. That pretty much sums it up. What so many don't understand is that Single Payer, or National Health Care, brings with it an automatic limitation. Governments have budgets. Therefore single payer is automatically rationed care. There is only so much money to go around. We've seen an example of this in the case of that young boy in the UK their NHS wanted to pull the plug on against his parent's will. This is what happens when the gov't gets into your health care. I'll close with this: Anyone who wants to know what national health care would be like here in the US can ask members of several groups what its like. Ask a veteran who's on the VA system how long it takes to get an appointment. Or anyone on MediCare.
  3. Yep . . . The Surgeon General has determined that life is 100% terminal. Time, it seems, gets everyone.
  4. All that proves is that the guy is human. He fell to a temptation - and that could be me falling to a temptation, except for the grace of God. We're all sinners.
  5. Its not about Education for the Left. Its about Indoctrination. All students get at some colleges is a degree in drinking the cool-aid, er, towing the Party Line, just like back in the Soviet days.
  6. Agreed. What happened was a tragedy, but I really dislike the way she uses it to push her agenda. Kinda thing makes me glad I don't live in the Tucson district. Used to be ships were named for someone after they passed.
  7. The health thing aside, when I read that passage it seems that Daniel and his friends were trying to obey God's Law even though they were prisoners in a pagan country. Think about that for a moment. They wanted to put God first in their lives and He made a way for them to do that. Were there health benefits? Sure. Life's always easier when we do what God says.
  8. I was fortunate because the Lord led me away from that "WoF" stuff in the early 80's when some of those preaching that were getting popular. It sounded really good as a young believer, but the Spirit kept pointing out error. Then someone at the Bible centered church I was attending pointed out that it essentially put man at the center and made God a servant. I've met many folks who got sucked up into that stuff - and then were angry and bitter at God - especially after the 2008 crash in the US. Many were afraid to admit their "blessings" were no longer coming, or lay-offs, no money, cars being repossessed, etc. Those that did were essentially told it was their fault and given no help at all by the "church" they had tithed to before. They were all but thrown out for that matter. I met many of these while going through a valley of my own and just trying to find another reason to stay sober at the time. Recovery meetings were quite the mission field since there were many "new" folks to witness to. What makes me say some of these folks were angry or bitter? More than one person bristled at the mere mention of Jesus or God. A couple threw a punch. So, yeah, there was some anger there. Bottom line is that we're not guaranteed tomorrow. Or much of anything else. God does promise that He will walk with us through whatever comes. I'll be the first to admit that it is not a easy path to walk.
  9. Got this one from a friend: Keep in mind that answering the question, "What would Jesus do?" could also include turning over tables and chasing people out of a place of worship with a whip. Just sayin'.
  10. Apple has always been too expensive and incompatible with all my other hardware so I can't say much about Siri. I've never had Google ask me if I'm there on my Android tablet or phone . . . I have to hit the microphone icon first to turn on the voice bot. Then it'll get creepy. I'm not surprised more folks are having issues with "smart phone thumb" either. My fingers are too large for all that so I wind up either using the one finger method - or break out the Bluetooth keyboard and "text" properly!
  11. I'll have to agree that I've never seen much value in the Beatles music. I'm not a hater either. I just don't find their style all that interesting and so it gets ignored. Same with a few other kinds of music.
  12. Modern drug testing technology has improved over the years. Some of the common tests are actually pretty cheap. Just sayin'.
  13. I'm going to add something to this. Random drug screening should be added to the requirements for the programs. I've been on food stamps twice. Once for about 3 months and again 2 years later for about 6 months - because I couldn't make enough to pay rent and buy food. The abuses of the system are real. I spent 15 years in the Air Force and lived with random drug testing for that entire time. It keeps people honest, but there are always those who try to game any system. I have no issue with anyone who really needs the help since that's what the programs are for, but there needs to be some accountability. Layabouts don't need to be getting high on our tax money.
  14. I get some of that. I've had enough bad experiences with American churches that I could probably write a book, but that probably would not be edifying for anyone. I've had the "high and mighty" look down on me because I didn't "measure up" to some "standard" they had fixed in their minds - and you know what. That's their problem, not mine. Finding a new church isn't something most of us would call fun. Imagine being in your mid-fifties and single. Its even less fun - unless someone asks if you're gay. (Yes, that actually happened more that once! First one who asked that was a 90 year old grandmother.) I've been to a lot of churches over the years due to my military career and other jobs that had me moving a lot. Over all most folks were pretty decent and we were able to worship the Lord without any unnecessary drama. I learned a few things along the way, like church isn't about me, its about the Lord. Believers need each other just like the embers in a fire. Take an ember out and set it on the hearth and it will die out on its own. Put it back and it will glow again. Same thing for us as believers. I've visited churches where someone stood up in the front and said, "Let's all just worship the Lord." Chaos did reign, like someone emptied a mental health ward, skipped the meds, and amped 'em all up on meth first before letting 'em loose. I left one place because the hair on the back of my neck was standing up in a way that let me know someone other than God was being worshiped in there. The 2 mile walk to the nearest bus stop on an August morning in Phoenix (it was already 102 by that time) was nice in comparison. Its easier to make a quiet escape if you sit in the back or near an exit when visiting a new church. Just in case things go off the rails. Bottom line is if you can't find a place in the local church to serve others - find another church. There's plenty out there that could use the help in the Lord's work. Not all churches are bad in my area, not by a long shot, but it sure took a long time to find the one the Lord wanted me in. I'm currently going to a church that was literally the last one on my list. At the time I didn't have a car so getting around on mass transit wasn't easy because everything is so spread out here. I was so fed up with "modern, relevant, or whatever buzzword" churches in my area that I was about to give up in sheer disgust. I let the Lord know it too. I was almost done looking for a church because I'd been at that game for about 18 months and I'd had it. Disgust with hearing the same music in a worship service as I heard on the Christian radio stations, and the Bible presented as something other than the Word of God just put the disgust-o-meter somewhere off the scale. Fed up? Yeah. In ways I still cannot describe to this day. I didn't really feel like riding a mountain bike 6 miles to church that morning but went anyway. Surprisingly enough no one freaked out about this guy showing up to church in a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and mountain bike on Sunday morning. So I showed up to church even though it was hot and I really didn't want to, and I'm still going to the same church today. Its small. Small enough that there are no "programs" but the building is paid for, and just about everyone is involved in a local ministry of some kind like food banks or shelters and things like that. Several others are volunteering at a local Christ centered drug rehab. The Lord has found ways for all of us to serve the community without a mega-church and I think that's a good thing. Note: Sorry, didn't intend to write a novel.
  15. Yes, I've been to the Houston area, and I lived in Central Louisiana long enough to learn about all the larger bugs that would try to move into your home with you in the fall. It was rather like living an entomology course. Never saw Palmetto bugs there, but they have them all over in Florida (and probably south Louisiana too.) Strangely enough we have them in Arizona too. Got way too familiar with those working night shift. Anyone wants to eat bugs - feel free to munch away!