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  1. walla299

    Flat Earth Causing Issues

    Only thing you can really do for them is point them to the Bible and pray. Only Jesus can change a heart. It might also help to point out that the Bible is about God's plan of salvation, not about whether the earth is flat or spherical. That kind of argument just seems to be a useless one to me, and I normally won't bother with it because in the larger picture does it really matter if earth is flat if you die without Christ?
  2. This is not a surprise as the "big social media" sites are all owned and controlled by the left leaning folks, and that is also a symptom of the spiritual battle that is going on behind the scenes. It is illegal and it is discrimination, but I suspect that it will continue and most likely get worse as time goes on.
  3. You know, I'd love to see the video if someone did something like that. They might wanna take some friends though, to watch their back and all that. Yeah, seems like calling good evil and evil good is getting pretty common these days. It reminds me of that old Chinese curse about living in interesting times.
  4. Wonder how many heads would explode if someone showed up wearing a "Jesus Saves" pin or some such? I'd have to figure a "Allu Akbar!" pin would probably get a free pass.
  5. There was a day when there was a term for this: Treason or "Being a Judas (Iscariot)"
  6. walla299

    Shiloh's School of Culinary Magic

    Ice?! It took electricity to make that! Think of the carbon footprint!!!!! 🤣
  7. CT = Conspiracy Theory(s)
  8. walla299

    This morning in all...

    Yep. I was warned years ago that there are 2 things that would kill my walk with the Lord if they were allowed to fester. 1. Unforgiveness 2. Bitterness
  9. Some of it is taxes, and in some areas housing is so expensive folks can't afford to live there. The San Francisco had some of the highest housing prices around last I heard, and there are other areas like it too.
  10. 🤣 Nice. Now its time for the CTs and debunking sites, etc.
  11. walla299


    So have I. The gospel and prayer will work wonders in time - in God's time, not ours. Source: I'm a homeless drug addict that Jesus cleaned up. Something else that may help as the Lord directs: Talk to your pastor, elders, etc. and see if they know of any Christ centered recover programs in the area. The Salvation runs one in my area, its a working program that sees folks saved and start new lives. I found out about it when I went to a new AA meeting and met some of the residents. Also know that your loved one is not themselves when they are pursuing their addiction and you may have to make some hard decisions because of that. Some folks have to hit "rock bottom" before they realize they have a problem, and that varies with each person. For some its the first time they can't pay a bill. For others its waking up behind a smelly dumpster an wondering how you got there. (The second option was me.)
  12. walla299

    Stepping Away I Need A Break

    Choosing to leave and being driven away are two different things. LadyKay is choosing to leave.
  13. walla299

    Shiloh's School of Culinary Magic

    🤣 That wasn't a salmon. It was a Darwin fish. Like this:
  14. I don't think all that much of it. Jesus whole life was lived according to the Father's will, and that apparently didn't include Jesus being trained as a Rabbi. His questioning and talking with the religious leaders as a boy in the temple would have been something to watch, I'll bet! This is just an opinion, but it seems from what we see in Scripture that God can use anyone to further His purposes since not all the apostles, prophets, or even Jesus Himself were trained Rabbis. I think that sets a good picture for anyone who's called of the Lord to a place of service or leadership in a (local) church body or anywhere else. Education can certainly help, but it not an absolute requirement for the Lord's service.
  15. walla299


    Yeah, but the organic stuff just doesn't taste the same without all the chemicals . . . 🤣