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  1. Its just an email newsletter you can cancel after your order arrives. I still do the newsletter as it has some good hardware deals from time to time, and I'm in the market for a new cpu/motherboard, etc.
  2. Exactly what I've been saying for years. The "Weapons Free Environment" signs where I used to work basically said to any potential evildoer: "Target Rich Environment."
  3. Why I could personally never chose to be Catholic

    And that's part of what started the Reformation.
  4. This is posted in the Tech section but I figured I'd post here so other see it. Found a great price on ESET Internet Security on www.newegg.com. The Anti Virus is on sale also and that one runs through Monday. Details in the Tech section here.
  5. How and why Trump was elected.

    I would only add this: Trump has actually tried to do many of the things he said during the campaign unlike the above mentioned politicians. He's not perfect but that alone sets him miles ahead of the career pollies.
  6. Well, I've done some combat time and its a legitimate question.
  7. I get it about not being a proponent of violence. I'm a vet also, and I've had to do things I didn't enjoy doing in the past but such things happen in a combat zone. I know of no one in that situation who wasn't afraid at some level - its a normal response. I really don't ever want to be in such a situation again, but if that happens I will do what's necessary to protect others. I often wonder about those who espouse standing like a dear in the headlights during, say, a mass shooting and just waiting to be shot, if they've discussed that stance with their spouses/children or families. I think the family's reaction might be a bit different.
  8. Just found a killer deal on the 3 PC for 1 Year license for ESET Insternet Security. The promo code is: EMCPREW43 and it will take $55.00 off the $79.00 regular price. The promo code will want your email address, but you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter after the sale. There is also a promo code for the Antivirus too, and that one runs through Monday. Just search "eset internet security" from the newegg.com home page.
  9. Shooting in Florida :(

    To the bad guys a "weapons free zone" sign reads like this: TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT.
  10. We returned our absentee ballots by mail when I was in the Air Force, and it seemed to work well enough. Email isn't secure, so there is actually some sense to that from a security stand point. Email can be made secure - but all the data breaches lately show electronic communications can be compromised. I don't see going back to the USPS as a restriction though. It's the same way us old folks did it. There are some bad actors on the internet, and its time the US started securing things like the elections, i.e. voting machines, etc. Maybe a trip back to the 80s isn't such a bad idea in some cases. Just sayin'
  11. Get Ready For A World Currency.

    I'm not a prophet, but one thing is certain: Jesus wins. On the "Phoenix" currency: The Economist is not a prophet either, but that article makes a lot of sense because you can't build a new world system without destroying the existing one. That's going to be messy.
  12. Trump Wants To Replace Food Stamps With Boxes

    I can tell you from personal experience that food card fraud is rampant. I learned that from my time staying in a homeless shelter - there's a market for just about anything you can think of on the street. There's a few you didn't think of too. It was a real eye opener. There are many more people selling food cards than cops enforcing the rules. I remember those food boxes when I was a kid. Our family didn't get them, but some of our friends did. I'm probably dating myself, but we (my brother and I) grew up on tinned (canned) food and what ever would grow in the garden. Yeah, we got to work the garden after school too. Granted, fresh can taste better, but if canned all you have you make do.
  13. anti virus

    You're welcome. Keep in mind that with ESET a "new" license from 2017 will work for 2018. The year date is just packaging, but you'll want to make sure its for the same product you have installed. ESET is well worth the cost . . . its kept my Windows machine out of a lot of trouble.
  14. anti virus

    Keep an eye out and you can find discounts on that on places like www.newegg.com and others.
  15. For the GEEK Scholars...

    Never heard of it until your post, so I gave it a look. Seems pretty decent, and its based on the Chrome browser. It also syncs with Chrome, so I don't have to import any bookmarks, extensions, etc. I'm using it as the default browser on my laptop for the time being. Here's a link to it for anyone else that's interested ---> https://www.slimjet.com/