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  1. walla299


    Um . . . move to Arizona? But you still wouldn't be able to ride half the year here, unless you wanted to roast in the summer. I know some folks that do, and its an experience best done with proper riding gear. I like the Harleys and other bikes with loud exhaust when I'm driving - because then I know they are there. The silent ones can sneak up on you too easily, but I still look for motorcycles. Plenty of hills and curvy roads north of here - but you have to survive the bad drivers first! Some of these folks can't seem to keep the shiny side up, much less see a vehicle the size of a bus or big truck. Just passed someone who'd rear ended a city bus an hour ago. How do you not see a big white box in your lane in broad daylight?! (Texting, maybe?)
  2. walla299


    The weather can vary from year to year. However, if we're going to talk climate change, lets start another thread rather than hijack this one. BTW: Welcome back!
  3. walla299

    WorthyNews:631 missing, 63 dead in California wildfire

    I saw a bush fire in Australia once and it was moving so fast it was scary. Found out later with winding pushing were around 50 mph across some very dry areas, and it sounded like a blowtorch coming. Not something l ever want to see again. It was like a wall of Hell coming at you, and all you can do is get out of the way. Pray for these folks. If your are ever asked to evacuate for a wildfire, hurricane, or other natural disaster - do so. The authorities are not ordering an evacuation for fun.
  4. walla299


    Its not Global Warming anymore, its now Climate Change, which is probably a better name. Its better because the climate is changing - its changing to Winter! Just like God said it would change from cold to heat, etc. They are called "seasons." 😎 We're finally getting into our winter season here that the folks up north envy. Lows in the upper 40s and highs in the 70s. Perfect weather for some golf or other activities!
  5. You're obviously not talking about this version of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.
  6. "Chocolate is its own food group." -- unknown I still agree.
  7. Absolutely. Don't be discouraged by said judgement and condemnation either. Keep going to church. The Lord has His reasons for you to be there, and your presence is likely something He may be using in someone else's life. There are a couple of good examples of that in this thread.
  8. walla299


    You poor soul. That's a cold snap around here. High of 70 or so today, and cold enough this morning that I had to turn on the heat in the car on the way to a job interview. I think winter is here . . . and I'm not complaining.
  9. So would I go to a church whose congregation had different beliefs than I do? Yes - up to a point. I am not talking about "unity at any cost" here. I grew up in a military family and served myself - so I've traveled a lot both in and out of the military and this is a bit of where my perspective comes from. I'm also old. I grew up in that ancient time before cell phones and the internet. Over the air TV, radio, and newspapers were the media of the day. I've gone to a lot of different churches looking for the preaching of the Word of God and fellowship with other believers because I don't do well as a Christian without these things. No one does. There is no such thing as a "Lone Ranger" Christian. We need each other. Paul uses a lot of military images in his descriptions of the Christian life and I think that's for good reason. We are in a spiritual battle and the whole world is enemy territory. Being isolated in enemy territory as a soldier will get you killed physically, and it does not work well for our spiritual lives either. As long as they love the real Jesus, aren't into any serious doctrinal errors, and Spirit doesn't tell me to leave I'll stay for the service in most cases. (That's the prick of conscience. Also knowing the Truth will light up error every time.) Why? Because I spent too many years in situations where there was no fellowship at all, and its really easy to get beat down under those conditions and that's really dangerous for me. The length of time in an area could vary from a few days to six months and I needed the fellowship. This forced my definition of Christianity to crack and expand a bit. Who cares if some in a group having a bible study, fellowship, or worshiping in an airplane hanger somewhere during a war in the Middle East believe in baptism by sprinkling or other non-salvation issues that folks have argued about for the last 2000 years or so? I would not go to a church that is a cult or others that are badly off the rails from orthodox Christianity, but there's lots of freedom within the bounds of scripture for how we worship and I think that's by design.
  10. I saw the other side of that as an NCO in the Air Force. Lots of divorces and adultery due to deployments, and most were the nasty kind with kids involved. Not something I was all that comfortable talking with someone about since I was (and still am) single. I've heard the same thing the pastor has too. I guess that should be filed under, "Be careful what you ask for." - because you might get it! 🙂
  11. walla299

    Albert Einsteins Fear

    One of the reasons I still go to recovery meetings (even though Jesus sobered me up year ago) is the fellowship. People talking face to face - and my friends and I get to share the gospel. That is something that's gotten surprisingly rare today. Its hard to just talk to someone on the street or the bus (unless they're bumming money, cigs, etc. and it didn't use to be that way. It can be just as bad in a lot of churches too: Heard 'em for an hour, then heard 'em out to make room for the next bunch is the norm in many churches in my area today. No one has time for fellowship any more.
  12. walla299

    What is happening?

    Yes, yes you are. Sorry, but many of your posts I've seen reek of vegan evangelism that many find problematic. If you want to live that way, that's fine, but stop pushing it on others.
  13. walla299

    What is happening?

    How about we keep in mind that the position of Holy Spirit has been filled for some time now? We have freedom in Christ to be vegan or not, so why imply that others who disagree with the vegan/vegetarian choice are somehow "less than" those who agree with it?
  14. walla299

    Veteran Civilian Interaction.

    True enough, though it likely needs to be moved to the video section. Perhaps we should set a link to it here once moved so more folks might see it?
  15. 1. What maryjayne said. (emphasis mine.) 2. "Plant based steaks, chicken etc are evolving every day to the point where you would not even know it was not the flesh of an animal" is something I've never understood. Serious inquiry here: If you're choosing not to eat meat, that's fine. What I don't understand is why so many want to make "plant based" steaks, chicken, and the others? What's the point? Why imitate something you've chosen not to eat?