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  1. Pumpkin Spice Pizza

    Hmm . . . that reminds me of "lifetime" brake pads. They make 'em out of something that wears the rotors away before the pad goes . . . Pumpkin spice, though? Nah. Gotta draw a line somewhere!
  2. Yes indeed. A wall worked in Israel too as I recall. There's a message there.
  3. Thought this just made sense:
  4. Vegans

    First off: Don't give 'em the keys, and they can't drive you crazy. I've noticed there are a lot of vegans who look down on meat eaters like me. (There are also many who are not!) That's their problem if they want to be judgmental, not mine. They are free to choose a meat free diet if they want. They start acting like a lot of judgmental Christians I've had the misfortune to meet over the years. That's when I'll either shut them out (ignore them) or shut them down when they start pushing it on me or others. One bit of advice for the vegans out there: If we're going out to lunch let me know you're vegan first. If you don't, then don't get mad when I eat a steak right in front of you! (yes, I've had that happen.)
  5. I forget who said it, but I heard it on the radio: Things like hurricanes and other natural disasters are the result of the Fall. Adam and Eve's fall messed up creation too. So the storms of life remind us that we're all broken - and need a Savior.
  6. Crashplan is a cross-platform backup solution that worked really well in Windows, Mac, and Linux for home users. Not anymore, it would seem. They are going business only model. Linux users are out in the cold on this one because their "recommendation" for replacement is Carbonite - which has no Linux support. From their blog post: Today we announced our decision to no longer offer the consumer version of our product, known as CrashPlan for Home. We will honor all of our existing agreements with consumers, but we will no longer renew any consumer subscriptions, nor will we sign up any new consumers for Crashplan for Home. Rest of the article here: https://blog.code42.com/data-protection-needs-diverge/
  7. The New Animal thread

    When you wake up and realize you're late for work:
  8. Trump Ripping Amazon

    I can believe it. With modern computerized inventory systems stores only stock what moves. That means you're wasting your time going to a store if you need something that's the least bit "uncommon" for want of a better term. Example: Its been a few years since I could find trousers with the right length inseam in my area. I'm not a giant at 6'2", but I'm taller than many - and most stores here don't carry the sizes I need. That's not my fault. Hello, Amazon (and a few other sites.) Problem solved. I started shopping online for convenience when I was stuck on mass transit and a trip to 3 or more stores could take most of a day. Now its a case of the stores don't carry much any more and I'd rather not waste petrol to not find what I need again. Chances are good that I'll get it cheaper online these days anyway.
  9. It is a joke. I found the image on front page of reddit.com, and thought of this thread. Yes, its a joke. PhotoShop job is pretty decent too.
  10. Trump Ripping Amazon

    That reminded me of something, so I'll put it here. I'm probably going to be dating myself, but there was another company before there was Amazon. It was Sears-Roebuck & Co. They used to do mail order back in the pre-internet Dark Ages when I grew up. I still remember the catalogs that would come in the mail, and the Saturday run into town to the local Sears storefront (if you lived a town big enough to have one) to pick up our orders. Big deal for small town Texas kids. The company started in the mid to late 1800s and still did a good business in the 1960 and 70s, but they started to fall behind the big mall department stores and all that came after. They didn't change with the market. Then came the internet - and Amazon. Their management never adapted, and today the company exists almost in name only. They've even sold the rights to their Craftsman tool brand. That's what happens when any company doesn't change with the market.
  11. Sadly, I think you may be right. It also illustrates something I hope the leadership on all sides will notice: use a nuclear warhead and everyone on the planet gets to share in the fallout. Literally. The leakage from Chernobyl and Fukushima are illustrate what happens once the radiation genie gets out of the bottle.
  12. Darn. You beat me to it. I was thinking the same thing.
  13. North Korea or Venezuela?

    The US might not, but someone else might. Power vacuums are dangerous in that they tend to get filled by dictators (Communists, Marxists, etc.) just like we saw in Iraq. I really hope the people of Venezuela are left alone to sort things out - but there are other countries that would love to have access to the oil fields and other resources there. Yes, I'm looking at you, China. If North Korea is stupid enough to really do something . . . well, then they started it and will deserve what's coming.
  14. Keep the money or have your car repaired?

    It was an example, that's all.