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  1. The person would be forgiven if he repented of the hatred in his heart. That's something that can take awhile depending on what started it to begin with. I know someone who was angry at God because their fiancé was killed two weeks before their wedding. I met him in a recovery meeting, and he did repent and get right with the Lord - after drinking and drugging for over 20 years. Our God is a God of restoration as well as forgiveness.
  2. Yep. That's exactly what it is, and why I don't bother either.
  3. I've had 3 kinds of cats over the years: 1. Barn cats - one or two would usually "adopt" us and be friendly but lived in my uncle's barn for rodent control. 2. Shop cats - cats that wandered into the shop I worked at on their own and decided to stay. 3. Vehicle cats - usually kittens found in engine compartments or in other difficult to get them out of locations on a vehicle. There were 3 of these I wound up keeping at different times.
  4. The same can be said of kangroo chili, stew, or pizza. That'll really make ya jumpy!
  5. To follow up what Ome said, I'll just add this: 1. God is in charge. 2. He is not going to allow anything to interfere with His plan of redemption. This includes running out of oil. Nothing is going to throw His plan off track. 3. Questions? See Items 1 & 2.
  6. I worked construction when I first moved here in the mid-90s. We started early, around 5-6am, and spent most of the work day outside - the body gets used to it, just like the folks in the Middle East. Long sleeves and a hat help a lot. It helps if you start in the spring and then your body can adapt as the temps warm toward summer. Otherwise its "welcome to the toaster oven!" I kept my apartment a/c at around 85-90 at one point because anything lower was just too cold. I've learned that comfort can be relative after dealing with 140F temps in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. 116F is hot, but not nearly as bad as that!
  7. Alcohol is a chemical compound and is not a problem in and of itself. People's using it too excess is a big problem. Alcohol is not condemned in Scripture - but drunkenness is roundly condemned through out Scripture. Putting a stumbling block before a weaker brother or sister is condemned also. Paul said everyone should be convinced in their own minds, which I would take as having their own personal convictions about it.
  8. I'll also add that this happened early in my sobriety - and it was about survival: as in pay the rent or be homeless (again) and so I had little choice. I still smoked at that point too. Survival mode tends to focus the mind like nothing else. The only way I would consider a job like that again would be if I were backed into the same survival corner and that was the only honest job available. Being homeless in Phoenix, AZ in the summer is *not* an option. Tried that . . . would not willingly do it again.
  9. I was desperate for a job, so I worked at a convenience store (i.e. Circle K, 7-11, etc.) that also sold beer but no liquor. Didn't have an issue with it for the most part - except for the guys coming in at 6am and buying beer. These were the obviously homeless guys that slept in the field last night types. That made me feel like a drug dealer selling to junkies (I'm also a druggie that Jesus cleaned up) so I quit. The vast majority of folks were construction workers grabbing a few beers for the crew after work and not an issue for me. Would I do the same thing now? No. There's other was for me to generate income that don't require selling alcohol.
  10. I work in finance so part of my job involves keeping an eye on the markets and things that affect them. Clients may bring up something, such as the trade thing with China, so I need to be able to discuss it with them in a manner other than, "Uh . . . I haven't heard that . . . " So I keep the news at arm's length. Meaning I don't watch it on TV, but read it on the news (local, national, and international) sites instead. It takes the talking heads and video out of the way, and different nation's news sites are going to have different perspectives on what's going on. I'll check market stuff on and off through out the business day, and the rest of the stuff not nearly so often. Politics bores me - especially that circus in Washington D.C. My main focus is on keeping an eye out for things the Lord would have me pray for. Like the salvation of our government leaders, the persecuted church, and that sort of thing. Affairs in the Middle East is important too, but I like to keep a general eye on the goings on because I don't like nasty surprises. I can't do much to change things, except to pray about them and leave it in God's capable hands. I found that I have extra time to spend in God's word instead of the TV news . . . and I think that's the best place to spend it.
  11. No, I don't think you should stop trying to find the church the Lord wants you in. Keep praying and looking. Believers do not do well alone - we need one another. It took me one and a half years to find the church I'm in now. Be careful about being led out of groups of believers. Not all groups are healthy to be involved with. Keep in mind that the enemy like nothing better than to get us isolated. While the Lord does call us to walk differently from others (i.e. the world) He is not going to lead anyone contrary to his revealed will in Scripture. The Church and local bodies of believers are part of His plan. Again, believers do not do well alone.
  12. I don't know both sides, but I do know that convictions are fine - for oneself. Your friend does not have the right to shove his convictions down your throat or anyone else's. The position of Holy Spirit was taken a long time ago from what I've heard. I've learned to set boundaries with some troublesome relatives and others. I let them know when they are pushing it and call them on it when they cross the line. They don't like it, but they have learned to respect the boundaries over the years. There was one that would not respect the lines though, and I had to let the relationship go. Some must be loved from a distance.
  13. I actually stumbled into this method as a younger believer when a couple of friends were getting into some false teaching. 1. Pray for them, that the Lord would open their eyes to His truth in scripture. 2. Show 'em the scripture. In context (I have a well developed hatred of "proof texting!") 3. Pray for 'em some more, claiming God's promise that His word will not return to Him void but will accomplish his purposes. 4. Leave 'em alone about the issue and give the Spirit time to work! "God's word is a lion. Let it out of the cage!" -- Spurgeon (or not. I don't remember.)
  14. I hear ya loud and clear - but if you leave then "they" win. They'll be able to continue speaking their piece without anyone to refute them, and other believers here need to hear (or see) those views against scripture being refuted. The liberals (and everyone else) need the gospel first and foremost - because only Jesus can change a heart. Our behavior only changes after that most important change of heart. Sometimes I have trouble remembering that myself when I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. Keep your eyes on the Lord and not the "panty twists." We had a saying in my first recovery group years ago: People can't drive you nuts if you don't give 'em the keys!
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