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  1. Link to the Full Article on Desiringgod.org I saw this article and thought it might make a good discussion topic. I may not agree with her on all points, but she does make some valid points about the Western Church (though certainly not all local churches.)
  2. Respect is a 2 way street, and while we are supposed to respect our parents - they are suppose to respect us as well. I've had to impose some boundaries on a couple of family members who started getting rude, abusive, and the like. Its a long story, but they've learned over the years that I will shut them down and call them on their mind games if they try to play them on me. Early on they got mad, huffed and puffed, and all of that. They still don't like it all these years later, but they do respect the boundaries. That was necessary for my situation, but will likely be different from yours. We do not have to be door mats and allow everyone to walk all over us at the same time. Its a difficult balancing act to walk, but it can be done.
  3. This goes with the OP, since its the "This was Your Life" tract, but give this link a try. Its the chick.com website, and they have several French versions available . . . including Tahitian French. https://www.chick.com/products/tract?stk=1 The page will default to English, (or maybe what ever your system language settings is) then just use the drop down for the language you want.
  4. I should also add that I was growing up in a non-religious home at the time. We also lived "out in the sticks" at that time. Religion was something that wasn't allowed to be discussed at the time due to my dad's strong dislike of the subject. Funny how the Gospel got in anyway, not just for me, but for my younger brother and our mom. Christ knows no barriers.
  5. I read that same tract when I was about 10 or 11 or so. I got saved then, but didn't get any real Christian training until much later while in the Air Force. There were plenty of folks who were lead to Christ either by tracts directly or indirectly. At one time I had a small collection of that tract in half a dozen languages while in Europe. Paul said it well: one sows and another waters, but its God who gives the increase.
  6. Heard this one in a recovery meeting: "Sometimes God speaks with a still small voice and we won't listen. Keep that up and He'll get our attention some other way, so be careful. He threw a couple of bricks in my case - and it definitely got my attention!"
  7. "Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'." - "Red" from the movie Shawshank Redemption
  8. I'll start with the blanket statement that all churches, etc. in the USA are in apostasy. Blanket statements are a bad idea because they rarely represent reality. First: What is your definition of apostasy? How long have you been looking for a new church or other believers? If you're looking for a perfect church . . . give the idea up now. Paul said we see through a glass darkly, so no one is going to "get it" perfectly on this side of eternity. My last church went "seeker friendly" and watered down the gospel, they liked the numbers (and probably the money coming in) and were not going to change. It was suggested I could leave if I didn't like it . . . so I left. It took me a year and a half to find a church where the Lord wanted me, and it wasn't the big building with the fancy campus down the road. I was pretty disgusted with the whole thing at that point. My current church was the last on my list, since I decided I wasn't going to look any more after that one. Fellowship and believing friends was different. I was into drugs and alcohol before I got saved, so I have that background and I found plenty of other believers in some local recovery groups and volunteering at the rescue mission in town. Met all sorts of believers there too. I've lived and worked all over the world, and sometimes we have to let our personal definition of Christianity crack and expand a bit. The Lord will often put us in situations where that's the only way we can survive spiritually. I personally do not do well in my walk with Christ when I am alone too long. Paul compared the Christian life to being a soldier in an army and he's right - a soldier isolated behind enemy lines is in grave danger. So are we when isolated in this world.
  9. You beat me to it. The universe seems to go on "fast forward" the older you get. I hate that. lol
  10. Its not hopeless. The Lord still answers prayer, and can and will provide for us. That would include friends and fellowship. I've lived and worked a lot of different countries and strange places and always found some fellowship when it was needed.
  11. I have to agree with this: On the OP, this is a look from a different perspective heard at a recovery meeting not long ago from a woman who'd had an abortion. She was not a believer at the time, had no religious exposure as her parents were atheists, but still struggled with feelings of guilt about the abortion. She is a believer now and knows she's been forgiven for all her sins in Christ, but she described a very heavy emotional price a woman can pay for her "choice" to end a pregnancy. Turned out there were several women there that night that talked with her, and I'm pretty sure some babies lives were saved that night from what I heard later. I think sometimes the price the woman pays after an abortion is something often neglected in the discussion. Other women I've heard speak describe similar experiences, and none of it is good. Some are so eaten up by the guilt, etc. that they commit suicide. A second thing I'll share has more to do with the seared conscience. It was a remark I overheard on a bus one afternoon while going to work and heard the whole conversation between 2 women. Toward the end of the convo one woman said to the other that she "had to get rid of another <explicative> baby" and was headed to the clinic. The cold determined way she said it got my attention. She said it in a tone and with body language that said she'd made the trip before. I don't want to know how many times. I have never heard a colder more determined tone of voice than what I heard that day, and I've been to and seen some rough stuff in my time. Its a rough world out there, and not even the womb is a safe place. Even so, come Lord Jesus!
  12. You might try http://www.christianbook.com, if you haven't already, or perhaps the publisher may still have some copies available. Ebay or Craigslist might be some other options to look at also.
  13. While caffeine nicotine and alcohol are all drugs, the Bible nowhere condemns them as sin in themselves. They are simply chemical compounds. This is why blanket statements tend to be a bad idea. The Bible does condemn being drunk or intoxicated. It also condemns becoming enslaved (in bondage) to anything, be it a drug, food, or what have you.
  14. I have one question. Why the huge chip on the shoulder about mental health and its treatment? Your open hostility is showing as others have noted.
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