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  1. Same thing as most years. I'll either be volunteering at one of the homeless shelters in the area or serving at a couple of recovery groups I belong to. Plenty of ways to serve the Lord over the holidays.
  2. The T-Rex traps seem to last quite a bit longer than that. I've got a couple of them I've had for several years and its still, "Snap!" and RIP for the mouse.
  3. If you know where the hole is, you can fill it with steel wool. Rodents don't like chewing through that stuff so its good for keeping them out.
  4. Right. A flock of chickens will happily kill and eat rats too. Regular velociraptors and on rats and mice.
  5. Rats are bad . . . but seeing a huge python in the bowl looking up at you is a shock I don't want at 3am! Found out later that the friends I was staying with had been flushing mice they caught in traps, so the python showed up looking for a snack.
  6. We had a rodent problem at church. I say had, because we used the T-Rex traps. Snap! No more mouse. They look like this:
  7. 1. Don't get mad at God when really bad things happen in a fallen world. That would have saved a lot of self-inflicted suffering over the years. 2. A list of stocks to buy and hold for the long term. Do not sell them for any reason until after a certain year. (Time travel is supposed to be impossible, but you never know! ) 3. Don't buy that '68 red Ford pickup no matter how good it looks.
  8. I'll bet they take away all your carbon credits if you don't fall in with the party line. On the other hand: just another set piece being set up for the end of the show and Christ's return.
  9. I'll have a go. First: The Bible nowhere condemns alcohol as being sinful, evil, etc. Intoxication, though, is roundly condemned in scripture. There's a message there. Getting to a point where you are filled (controlled) by something instead of the Holy Spirit is off limits for the believer. Second: I can have a good restaurant dinner and wash it all down with a beer or some wine and not be drunk/intoxicated or otherwise out of control. I cannot do that with marijuana . . . Third: I'm a druggie that Jesus cleaned up. I my experience getting high, loaded, fried, wasted, intoxicated, etc. was the only reason most if not all the folks I partied with used marijuana. The "high" was the whole point. Now, don't any one freak out just yet . . . Fourth: Now that many states have Medical Marijuana legalized there has been some research to show the stuff may have some uses in helping to relieve suffering for many patients. I'm all for something that's going to help folks in a medical setting, but I won't go anywhere near it for recreational use. Why? It took around 3-6 months for my mind to get back to something more normal after all the drugs I had been doing. That takes time. In 16 years of sobriety I find I like being of sound mind and not all scrambled and loopy. Jesus took care of all the stuff I was trying to run away from. It makes life a lot easier when I can make right decisions based on God's Word and not my own drug addled "wisdom." That's my experience, anyway.
  10. You forgot: "There is no snooze bar on a hungry cat at 4am!"
  11. I hear that. Some relatives from cold country asked my how I was dealing with the heat on Skype. I told them it was 112 outside and a comfortable 80 inside, so the heat of the day wasn't a problem. The look on their face? Priceless.
  12. "All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any." - 1 Cor 6:12 I think Paul explained all that pretty well. There are things that the Bible does not mention, like caffeine and nicotine, but alcohol is mentioned - but not condemned. Drunkenness is roundly condemned. Whether caffeine and nicotine are sin or not is between the individual and God - if He wants someone to stop, they'll stop. I'm not the Holy Spirit (that position has been filled for some time, I hear,) so I'll leave all that in His capable hands.
  13. Nothing. I live in the desert southwest so the high summer temps are normal this time of year. I do things the same way I always do: get up early and get the errands, car maintenance, etc. out of the way before it gets really hot, and spend the hot part of the day inside, then possibly come outside in the evening like the rest of the desert critters.
  14. I'm not sure, but it gets better . . . the metal spiked shoes provide and even better ground and the golf club seems like it would make a good lightning rod. Haven't heard of anyone getting struck in awhile though.
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