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  1. walla299

    What Church to look for? I have no clue

    Hmm . . . seems like there's some assumptions here that are not true. I'm not attacking anyone, so please do not freak out. Smaller churches can and do have an on line presence without all the stuff you mentioned. My church gets along just fine with a Nest camera that sits on the corner of the pulpit and they stream the whole service that way. Who ever is up there turns the camera either toward the speaker or the congregation when they're singing. The streaming works pretty well, and frankly, its for the sick or others who cannot attend that service for other reasons. A church does not need much more than that to live stream a service. Incidentally, it was the recorded sermons on SermonAudio.com that led me to check the church out to begin with. Its a small church with less than 100 members. The Holy Spirit does not need a full TV network compatible multimedia production to have His presence sensed in a service. That's best sensed in person anyway. The early church didn't have all that technology and the Spirit seems to have done pretty well without it! The Spirit seems more interested in showing up anywhere believers are worshiping in truth, and that can take place anywhere. I've been all over the world in both military and civilian roles and some of the best services I've ever attended took places in parking structures, aircraft hangers, workshops, and more than once in the middle of the world's many deserts. That's been my experience, anyway.
  2. Take it a step at a time. A. You don't necessarily have to give up the thrift store, but you don't have to shop there exclusively either. Check out some of the thrift stores in the ritzy part of town. The ones here have some killer stuff cheap sometimes. Look for sales at any women's clothing stores and see how much cheaper the prices are. It will give you an idea what the next sale's prices might be like. I do that with some places, like Men's Wearhouse. They've got good quality clothes, but the prices are high - until they have a sale about three times a year. Then its game on. B. This is a little tougher - but promotions come from the Lord when you're a believer. I got the sack from my old job in November . . . out of left field, but was able to get a temp job through an agency to keep the lights on, and I'm starting a 1+ year contract job on Monday. So, the Lord provides. No one can fire you unless our Father allows them to. C. Networking can vary by industry, and you can do some of it on line through sites like LinkedIn. You might need some help setting up your profile to get the best value from it. I got some help through our local unemployment office - for free. The Udemy.com site also has a course on how to set up a LinkedIn profile. You can also start face to face networking right in your own department, or others you work with on a regular basis. It wasn't unusual to schedule a lunch appointment with someone to get a better idea what their department did at my old job, for example. There's also a book I can recommend that's been helpful called Hit the Job Running on Amazon. It's not cheap, but you may be able to pick up a copy used for less. Its written mostly for recent college grads for their first job, but works for career changers too. I went from a blue collar job to the finance industry, and things in the office are bit different than in an equipment shop!
  3. walla299

    So is weed a sin or not?

    The Bible does not condemn alcohol in and of itself. Being drunk/intoxicated is roundly condemned in the Bible. Caffeine and nicotine are derived from New World plants unknown at the time (but the same principle would apply.) Paul mentions being in bondage to anything was not a good idea either.
  4. walla299

    An atheist requires an answer

    This. The only thing that sends anyone to hell is dying without Christ. The method used doesn't really matter all that much - if one is a believer, but we have to keep in mind that believers can be deceived too. Christ either redeemed us from all our sins or none. I'll leave it to Him to sort out the details in the case of suicide.
  5. walla299

    What Church to look for? I have no clue

    Great news! One of the best things about the internet is being able to check out the recorded services on a new church website so you can have some idea of what you're getting into. The fun part comes on Sunday.
  6. walla299

    An atheist requires an answer

    No. Scripture is not cold, but just posting a verse with no other comment can seem pretty cold. Its even worse when people do that in person. On the OP: There are also many suicide discussion threads on the site since the subject comes up fairly often. Perhaps a search of those would helpful also.
  7. walla299

    An atheist requires an answer

    Yeah, the Bible does say that, but what maryjane said applies too. Perhaps I'm wrong, but just posting a Bible verse sounds rather cold, especially to anyone who's walked that road. That sort of thing doesn't help, and can seem like a slap in the face to someone who's really hurting because it can sound like the person saying it doesn't really care about them. I apologize if I'm wrong. I've been down that road in the past, and since I spend a lot of time with folks in recovery I know a lot of people who have been down that road too. Life in this world is not cut and dried, and the enemy just loves to bring up suicide when it seems like your whole world has just ended. Sometimes our minds can be so messed up, so overwhelmed that it seems like checking out is a good answer - but its never a good answer. Like maryjane said: The Lord is the only one who knows both sides of the story in each case. "Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?"-- (end of) Gen 18:25
  8. walla299

    What Church to look for? I have no clue

    Your situation sounds like something I've been through many times. A bit of background: I'm from a military family and have served myself - which means I'm moved and traveled a lot as a kid and as an adult. Short answer? The only real solution is going to be lots of prayer and visiting different churches. I've been to many different kinds of churches over the years, and I didn't always have a lot of choices about what kind they were. This forced my definition of "Christianity" to crack and expand a bit as a result. There have been times when I was deployed to places where there were no churches, but we still gathered for some kind of worship anywhere we could. These were usually short term situations. Longer term usually allowed me to find a local church I could attend, though there could be language problems at times. I got deployed to Central America once - but didn't know Spanish (English and German didn't help much!) First thing I learned is that prayer works. Lots of it works better! I've asked the Lord to provide a place to go to church, or gather with other believers as He's always delivered - but on His schedule, not mine. I've been in Spanish speaking countries - and run into a German missionary who told me about services I could go to - and they could do English too, because his wife was from the UK. I met that fellow in the town market in a little town in Honduras years ago. So all things are possible. Second thing I learned is there is no such thing as the "perfect" church, so I had to decide what kind of differences I could live with. I'm generally okay with any local body of believers that preach/teach the Bible as the Word of God and adhere to the major doctrines of orthodox Christianity. The non salvation stuff I can look past for the most part, and I've found many things people want to build a denomination on . . . can be pretty minor. (Just my opinion.) I usually pray and ask protection from error or an awareness of it so I'm not drawn into it when checking out a new church. Third thing all that travel taught me is this: I don't do well without the fellowship of other believers. If life in this world is a spiritual battlefield then getting isolated in enemy territory is dangerous, and the believer is the one that always gets pulled down to the world's level. Many times I've been in situations where I had to go to a service I would have never considered if I were in my home area, and the Lord has shown me that He's got his people in a lot of places you wouldn't expect. Fourth thing is don't let the name tag on the door scare you off. If we spend the time in God's word then any error will be obvious after awhile. If you sense the Spirit leading go on in. He just may have a pleasant surprise for you when you need it most.
  9. One of the take aways from all this coal plant construction is pretty straightforward: we do not yet have a technology to generate power that can completely replace fossil fuels yet. This is something the climate change folks can't seem to wrap their minds around - unless someone's got a working fusion reactor in the pocket those technologies are still years possibly decades away. There's no option for keeping the lights on other than either nuclear (fission) or fossil fuels at the moment.
  10. walla299

    I Often read of "God Told Me"

    I hear from the Lord on a daily basis . . . from spending time with Him in the Bible. With that said, God never contradicts Himself, so any "revelation" better match the revealed word of God - otherwise it gets tossed. Just an opinion, but I've never heard an audible voice when the Lord wanted me to do something. Nothing appeared. No TBN preacher stuff. Just a dead certainty that I was expected to do something now, no questions asked, but there was never any fear. None of those incidents caused me to go against what's in scripture.
  11. No, but perhaps either stealing the plans or one of the missiles would not be a bad idea. The KGB used to swipe plans on a regular basis back in the Soviet days.
  12. If true, perhaps a lawsuit should be filed. Separation of church/mosque and state and all that . . . but Islam always seems to get a free pass.
  13. walla299

    Does anyone else go to church alone?

    I go to church alone every Sunday, unless I'm giving someone a ride also. I do it because it where the Lord wants me according to His Word, and its one of the few places where I can find other believers. Feelings change, and yes, there are days I don't feel like going. That's usually when I really need to go to church because we need to worship as a local body at some point. Like a soldier stuck behind enemy lines, its dangerous for a believer to skip the fellowship be it in a church building, house church, or something else. Isolation is dangerous. I'm going to do what I know the Lord wants me to do, and if someone has an issue with it - that's on them, not me.
  14. walla299

    A Sincere Question

    Can marriage between a truly committed Christian and a non-believer really work? Nope, not for the long term. Maryjane beat me to the Scripture as to why. Notice the comparison between light and darkness in 2 Corinthians 6:14. The two are polar opposites. Light drives out darkness and the two cannot coexist in the example. A marriage with one partner lost and one saved also won't work very well because each partner's life is being pulled in opposite directions that will never meet, and a marriage is supposed to be about two people growing together (and dying to self) as some have described it. I've personally known quite a few couples over the years who got married . . . and the believer was miserable. If it wasn't something on the natural side of things, then they were miserable spiritually. There was always some kind of conflict about something in many cases. How does the lost partner react to the kids being taken to church, etc.? I've also seen quite a few testimonies here on the forums about the misery being unequally yoked can cause - and its almost always the believer who suffers or is brought down spiritually. Sometimes the lost partner does get saved - but generally speaking they find all kinds of reasons to justify their choices in their partners behavior and "hypocrisy." In one case the lost partner got "saved," and went through the motions for awhile, but their life never really changed and they left church and their family not long after. It usually does not end well in most cases.
  15. walla299

    Worthy Book Club

    Hmm . . . 17th is a Monday, and I'll be at work.