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  1. walla299

    Why I left my church and family.

    Going to add this because it needs to be said. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they hate you. The whole "hate" thing comes from Saul Alinsky's book. "Isolate and demonize" - quite the popular Liberal thing to do (to the opposition.) Truly hating someone would likely involve not pointing out the error they may be involved in and just letting them go their own way without pointing it out. For the lost that could mean dying without Christ. For the believer it could mean giving an account to Lord for it, and that would probably not be a good experience. The rest could have been said without playing the victim - something that Liberals also love to do.
  2. walla299

    Anne Frank Study

    "Don't ever let anyone tell you that what you see with your own eyes isn't happening." Good point in the OP.
  3. walla299

    The Normalization of Pedophilia

    Agreed, but I'd like to add something that's found in Acts 19, where Paul starts preaching in Ephesus. He preached the Word and folks got saved and in Acts 19:19 we see that lives were changed when they had that occult book burning. A lot of folks must have converted because by the time you get to Acts 19:24 some of the metal smiths are irate because their idol business was impacted and they started a riot. This example tells me a few things: Christ changes hearts, which will then cause changed behavior. Part of the answer is prayer, but the other part is to preach the gospel in every day life. Only Jesus can change a heart.
  4. Right. I don't try to play Holy Spirit in someone else's life. That position is already filled. Its going to depend on the discussion, but the Spirit is good at opening doors. If you put the Word out there, God will see to the convicting.
  5. Hmm . . . okay, I'll have a go. Quick background first: I grew up in a military family and we moved every few years, so I practically grew up everywhere but the US. That includes the UK, Germany, Australia when I was a kid. I spent just under 15 years in the US Air Force and again went all over the world - but as a believer by then. This is a short version, so forgive me if things aren't as clear as they might be. What makes a non-Bible believing church? Any church that is not following what we find in the Bible as far as how we as believers should live and serve the Lord and each other. I don't have an exact definition for that since we're all at different places in our walks with the Lord. The Bible leaves a lot of room for NT worship, and I think God had a reason for that. I have been to worship services in many countries and when the Lord is honored you know it. That includes a sermon I once heard in a cathedral all the way to the gatherings we would have on deployments wherever we could find the time or place to do so. Garages, aircraft hangars, maintenance shops, open fields, aboard a ship at sea, the place doesn't really matter as much as the people because the people are the church, not the building. That feeling of something being "off" can be an alarm bell depending on how well you know your Bible. Truth exposes error. In the end its all about Jesus anyway. It all boils down to who gets the glory. A couple of examples: I visited a church where the biggest concern wasn't the folks dying without Christ outside, but the color of the carpet to buy. I was somewhat shocked to find that many in that church were also blatantly racist. Another congregation I attended for over 2 years went "seeker friendly" and watered down the gospel. When I asked about it I was told, "We like the numbers and we're going with this." While looking for a new church after a move I checked out one church that fully condoned the gay lifestyle - while ignoring what the Bible says on the subject. And on it goes . . . and its not getting better either. The last time I had to change churches it took about a year and a half to find the one I go to now. While I may not agree with them on everything, there is the preaching of the Bible (as the Word of God,) the sacraments, and the fellowship of believers without which I don't do so well.
  6. walla299

    Seeing The Humor in Things

    Several of my friends always say that you won't have a problem staying awake during a Pentecostal church service because there's too much going on!
  7. walla299

    Seeing The Humor in Things

    I've been told I have a strange sense of humor by some, especially when it comes to British humor. Spending a lot of time in the UK, Australia, and other places can do that. On to the story: We went to a revival meeting at a local church (non-religious home - dad couldn't come up with a good excuse to get out of it.) The guest speaker was an American missionary and as I look back he was a pretty decent preacher. He did at least keep 12 year old me from falling asleep. His wife was supposed to play piano for the service, but she was feeling "under the weather" and wouldn't be playing that night. The entire church erupted in laughter at this point - because in that part of West Australia at the time being "under the weather" meant you were dead drunk. It was hilarious given this was a denom that frowned on drinking any booze at all. Things went on normally after that, but that was a pretty decent way to wake everyone up for the sermon.
  8. walla299

    Babbling Against Tongues

    Is it duck season, or wabbit season?
  9. walla299

    I Never Thought I Would See the Day (Part 2)

    Beat me to it. I was going to do the same. Thinking about both those lists: Things are definitely falling into place. Jesus said all the famines, plagues, natural disasters, etc. were just the beginning of the birth pains . . . think about that one for awhile. A lot of those things I would never have expected to see in my lifetime either.
  10. walla299

    Babbling Against Tongues

    All I'm going to say is, "What Cobalt1959 said." He beat me to it, and likely said it more clearly than I would. Now for some coffee . . .
  11. Well, they'd be pretty lost! You cannot navigate without reference points, and that means you ship or aircraft is not going to arrive where and when its supposed to. Same thing for those who want to throw out Gods reference points (i.e. Bible). We see it again and again in the OT. Israel gets away from the Lord . . . and humans still haven't learned the lesson even though God had it written down . . .
  12. walla299

    Babbling Against Tongues

    Bambi says, "Have a read of 1 Corinthians 12-14." The Holy Spirit is the One who decided who gets what spiritual gift - not man.
  13. Both. No real relativity there. "Up only lasts until you either run out of fuel, or land in a controlled fashion. Down only lasts until impact with the ground, and will ruin your day." -- from one of my instructor pilots. Also: "Remember: Landing is nothing more that a controlled collision with a planet. Notice the word, "controlled." It is quite important!"
  14. walla299

    Windows Update wiped out my Bookmarks

    Yes, if you have back ups or if you use the browser Sync function. Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all have Sync, as does Safari (Mac).
  15. The only reasons I'm on Facebook is to keep in touch with family members and friends. We're scattered across 3 continents so its easier that way. Email and Skype help too. The "friends list" is restricted to folks I know personally. Many of these I met over the years in various jobs, military, and elsewhere. The strange suggestions FB keeps making for more "friends" get rejected completely. Some of those are . . . really strange. FB is just another social media site, and it is therefore a tool. The tool itself is not evil. It is the user who can use that tool for good or evil.