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  1. ...And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town...


  2. i think there is a GOOD reason for it. and i REALLY BELIEVE< THAT FATHER IS JUST. so, if you want more... go on! stop speaking harsh words against God and start study - how to be equal with men. because God NEVER say -it is not possible. because God wants us to suffer less (feeling guilty for whole world or suffer pain for several hours... i think God did spare us, women A LOT!!!) and you do not like it - dont mean, we are not equal to men. God say opposite! Ro 2: 11 For God shows no partiality. btw, i was in place of men for 10 years. and i totally hate it!!! you were too? no? dont ask it too... my advice. reminder from God just seconds ago - "many women are now in the place of men - single mothers. there is not much happy of them about it. but they have chance to learn out, what "being a man" really means.."
  3. no, they were not equal - man, by plan of God, had to bring home food, build home, be good father to children - discipline, parenthood - most jobs were put on men... and that "poor" woman have to be just helper at home... that is, what were plan of God. Women were like flowers, that had to been to care of, like a fragile crystal. that is not so, doesnt mean, Father is just and had good plan.. put Bible also say, that listen yours mother is good for you in many way's - especially for men... women in fact, were put in "vase" with respect and love from God the Father. btw, God still take care of me, like i am something very... very fragile. He always find gentle words for me. He WERE NEVER UNJUST TO ME, NEVER DID PUT ME SITUATION, THAT WERE UNEQUAL!
  4. you think so? woman have to suffer birthpangs. because of Adam WHOLE EARTH WAS CURSED... what is harsher - suffer by yourself or make suffer whole earth? Father the God IS JUST, then WHY ADAM's deed bring curse to whole earth?
  5. i, as a woman, and was put in situation, that i had to act like man, almost 10 years, still believe, because i have some experience, what means to be a man (just some) and having several man-friends and having a huge interest - who is a man ( ) and talking about it with God, now are very sure - man do that job better, in many ways. but i am agree with you - there are women, who are good in that position also. if God did choose some women to lead whole nation (even married), there had to be a good reason. and i DO believe - God KNOWS what He is doing , so i trust Him, when He says - i make no difference between man and woman. so +1 from me
  6. "Sirach exhibits little compassion for either women or slaves, and advocates distrust and possessiveness over women" ??? what could be interesting in that? Ro 2:2 Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. (distrust against ANYONE) Ro 2:11 For God shows no partiality. (does NOT matter, are you man or woman, rich or poor, strong or not, young or old) Psalm 11:5 The Lord tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence. (slavery = violence against man/woman right to be free. Even God do not break rule - free will... (FREEDOM to make choice))
  7. it was my start also. question was - 1 - is ther God at all? 2 - which religion is right? as i did know only christianity at that moment, i did ask for help in the Name of Jesus. so i did get help once (appartment, was homeless), second - with milk 2 times (had only flour to eat and that is not enough to get milk in my breast for a baby), with food .... many times, with things i did need (clothing, electronics and so on) ... still get help every month, even every week, with food almost every day... with parenting, guiding, with teachings and Bible study - every day. with my job and so on and so on... thing is - i did notice, that NOTHING DID NOT HAPPEN when i did ask for help without Name of Jesus - so i had to admit - it was not an accident or coincident, but RULE. yet i did want more - be sure 1000%, because Bible say - it is matter of life and death. so i did ask God the Father, in the name of Jesus, help me out there. and He did... just - a pay attention and follow Jesus teachings step by step - and... Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. will be real experience in yours life. because Jesus DID PROMISE IT TO EVERY BELIEVER John 14:21 Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.”
  8. can i add? there is one thing more - that thief was on cross BEFORE New Testament came into force - Jesus didnt die yet, when that thief did accept Jesus. so there was testimony of Jesus and John's water baptism. (and as you did say and i did read from Bible - second that thief did fulfill, about first - water baptism - none knows... ) just note for make truth complete.
  9. Job 5:13 He catches the wise in their own craftiness, and the schemes of the wily are brought to a quick end.
  10. you are not alone here. I just did give it into God's hands. my search did not give any results. about bitter in the heart - i did ask God to help me out and forgot what made me bitter. He did. after i did forgive them, i did forgot those moments and even people. i did ask it, because God also say in the Bible - "I wont remember yours sin anymore" - so, if Jesus did take Father the God as example to learn, why shouldn't we ?
  11. i think, say "im sorry", what did not do, is hypocritical. in another situation, share yours work or not... i honestly cant say nothing more, that, what God the Father did teach me once, when i was in the similar situation. in my life, i was used to hit back each time, anyone did hit me. was it with word or literally - doesnt matter. and of course i did refuse help my enemies, always. but then one day God the Father told me: "When you answer evil with evil, you gave them JUSTIFICATION to they evil deeds from past and in the future. if you continue answer to them with good, you SEED HOPE for regret and repentance."
  12. you may thank Father - He did stand on, that i post it here thank you for kindness
  13. God - "I cant change, what you did. But I can clean you from that sin." When my first week with Father end, whole week or so i did ask questions about everything - life , world, wonders, mysteries, Bible, me and so on, i did start study Bible with Him. i remember very clear how He did explain me Bible, about quote with stones, altar and why Father told, - dont change stones. but just lately i did remember, what did happen after. when we did talk about "come to God as you are", i did remind something, i did wrong. when i told Father - forgive me , that i did it wrong. Father told me - I cant change, what you did. But I can clean you from that sin. DONT TELL ME, WHAT YOU DID, TELL ME - WHO YOU ARE! THAT MEANS "COME AS YOU ARE" its a big difference. its easy to say - oh! sorry i did stole yours bag! but try to say - forgive me, im a thief, i did stole yours bag. its a big difference. and its truth. it hurt, but it is only way, let Father to clean you - ADMIT TRUTH, NOT ONLY SIN, YOU DID COMMIT. again my kids were those, who needed that lesson and Holy Spirit did remind me, why i always ask forgiveness, who i am, not only, what i did. i forgot reasons and lesson and how i did get there, as many other things, i know now, but forgot, why.. i am glad, Holy Spirit did remind me that lesson. and i am glad i can share it.
  14. it is. but if honestly, i didnt understand nothing in Paul's letters. when Father told me "truth will set you free", i had many questions, like how? when? who? why? and so on. what i love, its, when Father starts to reveal truth. He brings examples from my life. He quotes verses from Bible and put them together, that i could see whole picture. more of that, Father always (ALWAYS) lead me through step by step, explaining very detailed, how and what to do, and even when. if you see that in the chapter of 6 and 7, you must have gifted with a lot of wisdom. i could understand Paul only when i did went through, what he is talking about and even then - AFTER Father "translate" he's words to me with examples and quotes... only good news is, that im not only one, who couldn't understand Paul so easily 2Peter 3:15 And count the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, 16 as he does in all his letters when he speaks in them of these matters. There are some things in them that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures.
  15. when i did start to think, that which religion is right or is there God after all, i did turn to Jesus and said - if You are there, You should have mouth, eyes, ears. Speak with me, do something, that i could know FOR SURE, You exist and are ONE and ONLY GOD.

    then i did read Bible and did like Jesus teach there. just took chapter after chapter, did look, what He say and  didnt read more, until i could do at least part of it, what Jesus teach.

    now i DONT BELIEVE, Jesus is God and He is alive and is real, i KNOW.

    Father and Jesus did give me proofs, until i had no excuses left, no "logical explanations" left, for miracles, that i did went through, after i did start follow Jesus teachings.

    end. i have now facts, proofs and witnesses and that is what you need, IF you really want to find truth. because truth ALWAYS have facts, proofs and witnesses. or its just a myth...

    if you really care... go ahead, do as i did - at least those steps did lead me to truth, why not you too?