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  1. you are not alone here. I just did give it into God's hands. my search did not give any results. about bitter in the heart - i did ask God to help me out and forgot what made me bitter. He did. after i did forgive them, i did forgot those moments and even people. i did ask it, because God also say in the Bible - "I wont remember yours sin anymore" - so, if Jesus did take Father the God as example to learn, why shouldn't we ?
  2. i think, say "im sorry", what did not do, is hypocritical. in another situation, share yours work or not... i honestly cant say nothing more, that, what God the Father did teach me once, when i was in the similar situation. in my life, i was used to hit back each time, anyone did hit me. was it with word or literally - doesnt matter. and of course i did refuse help my enemies, always. but then one day God the Father told me: "When you answer evil with evil, you gave them JUSTIFICATION to they evil deeds from past and in the future. if you continue answer to them with good, you SEED HOPE for regret and repentance."
  3. My apologies, i am guilty of misunderstanding. In the future i will use "God the Father" to avoid that happen again.
  4. You are right. It is my fault, that brothers get in fight with each other. In the future i will use "God the Father" Thank you!
  5. you may thank Father - He did stand on, that i post it here thank you for kindness
  6. i wont talk about do we or not talk with Father. i even wont paste here quotes, in the bible, that show us, that leading by Holy Spirt = walk in Spirit - directly means hear Father's voice. if you didnt get there with 44 years, i cant help you for sure. i hear Father since 1992. i do not belong in any church. (because of Paul, who did talk about it in the bible). and, btw, after i did start talk with Father - i did went to psychiatrist. i did many tests and the psychiatrists words were - i dod not know, what you hear, but i know for sure - you absolutely normal. since that day i did try to explain it in many ways ..."logically" and even "mystically", until i had no excuses... Father did prove that it is He talking and then my study WITH Him did start. so, excuse me, if Father say - I am easy to find - it is true. what ever you say further, sorry if i refuse to talk about it, is it possible...
  7. God - "I cant change, what you did. But I can clean you from that sin." When my first week with Father end, whole week or so i did ask questions about everything - life , world, wonders, mysteries, Bible, me and so on, i did start study Bible with Him. i remember very clear how He did explain me Bible, about quote with stones, altar and why Father told, - dont change stones. but just lately i did remember, what did happen after. when we did talk about "come to God as you are", i did remind something, i did wrong. when i told Father - forgive me , that i did it wrong. Father told me - I cant change, what you did. But I can clean you from that sin. DONT TELL ME, WHAT YOU DID, TELL ME - WHO YOU ARE! THAT MEANS "COME AS YOU ARE" its a big difference. its easy to say - oh! sorry i did stole yours bag! but try to say - forgive me, im a thief, i did stole yours bag. its a big difference. and its truth. it hurt, but it is only way, let Father to clean you - ADMIT TRUTH, NOT ONLY SIN, YOU DID COMMIT. again my kids were those, who needed that lesson and Holy Spirit did remind me, why i always ask forgiveness, who i am, not only, what i did. i forgot reasons and lesson and how i did get there, as many other things, i know now, but forgot, why.. i am glad, Holy Spirit did remind me that lesson. and i am glad i can share it.
  8. it is. but if honestly, i didnt understand nothing in Paul's letters. when Father told me "truth will set you free", i had many questions, like how? when? who? why? and so on. what i love, its, when Father starts to reveal truth. He brings examples from my life. He quotes verses from Bible and put them together, that i could see whole picture. more of that, Father always (ALWAYS) lead me through step by step, explaining very detailed, how and what to do, and even when. if you see that in the chapter of 6 and 7, you must have gifted with a lot of wisdom. i could understand Paul only when i did went through, what he is talking about and even then - AFTER Father "translate" he's words to me with examples and quotes... only good news is, that im not only one, who couldn't understand Paul so easily 2Peter 3:15 And count the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, 16 as he does in all his letters when he speaks in them of these matters. There are some things in them that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures.
  9. when i did start to think, that which religion is right or is there God after all, i did turn to Jesus and said - if You are there, You should have mouth, eyes, ears. Speak with me, do something, that i could know FOR SURE, You exist and are ONE and ONLY GOD.

    then i did read Bible and did like Jesus teach there. just took chapter after chapter, did look, what He say and  didnt read more, until i could do at least part of it, what Jesus teach.

    now i DONT BELIEVE, Jesus is God and He is alive and is real, i KNOW.

    Father and Jesus did give me proofs, until i had no excuses left, no "logical explanations" left, for miracles, that i did went through, after i did start follow Jesus teachings.

    end. i have now facts, proofs and witnesses and that is what you need, IF you really want to find truth. because truth ALWAYS have facts, proofs and witnesses. or its just a myth...

    if you really care... go ahead, do as i did - at least those steps did lead me to truth, why not you too?

  10. it is. how it did start with me, what i did and what Father did told me, what really is important to a start: first, its is like thought. second - turn off all noises in your home - tv, radio, music - keep quiet for weeks or more (until you recognize Father's voice, at least) third - read new testament and try to do everything, what Jesus teach there - Jesus's teachings are for beginners mostly. why i say "try" because you cant do everything, like He teach, right away. you will understand. fourth - ask Father to speak with you fifth - my sister in faith did give me prayer, i write it here: Father, please open my eyes and ears of heart, in the Name of Jesus. you will definetly understand, do Father speak to you, or its yours thoughts, believe me but i did it simple way - when i finally did believe, that thoughts i did get, were not mine, i ... just did ask "who speak with me?" yeah i did felt myself silly that moment and yes, not so long after did went to psychiatrist to check out - maybe im just crazy..? :)) yet, it was beginning of beautiful time. Father will lead you from this point by Himself 1 John 2:27 have no need that anyone should teach you. btw in reality Father speaks with everyone every day through Holy Spirit - ideas, "instinct" and so on - it is really Holy Spirit guiding people... and animals example, that ideas come from Father: Isaiah 28:23 - 29. pay attention - all people did know (at last in the past) , how to plow right ... all good come from above... Proverbs 1: 23 If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you; I will make my words known to you.(24 Because I have called and you refused to listen,...) 33 but whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster. now, when you already know, that you hear Father already through Holy Spirit, just didnt recognize He's voice yet, i can say, from my experience, that hard part is to pay attention and thats why you need silence for a time (for me it was 3 months total silence in home.. not even one minute of music or tv or smth). it is possible to hear Father very clearly, but.. that part is , where Father will take the leading in He's hands He is best teacher ^^ there may appear some questions, after you already do recognize He's voice, ask them and i will answer as Father says, ok?
  11. an example: my son did start stole toys from other kids. for years i did all i could, to stop it. i did pay a lot of attention on him. did ask my friends and family to talk with him. went to psychiatrist to get help. did look for advices, from other parents, in the internet. so it was several years nightmare. he did promise to stop stealing, but one day, i did find out, that he did it again. so i did run away another room and said to Father, that He knows my son's heart, He can help, that i am out of ideas and hope - all my job was useless. Father told me to go back to my son and tell him, what He say to me. i did cry, was upset and really do not remember much, what exactly Father did told me. i just did repeat everything, He did say. just few minutes later, my son suddenly looked at me, like he understood something very important. he didnt say a word, just seconds later we did cry together and did hug each other. since that day stealing did end. all my years of work was useless, but few words from Father did change my son forever. now its 4 years, since he did stop stealing. and more of it - my son is so different now, he work hard on himself, to live, like it is right and just. and relationship between me and my son, it was painful and hard before, but now its like - we are best friends. he is 16 now. Father give me almost every day little tips, how to react, what to say, when to stop talking or what to not to say. often Father give advices before my son enter home. i honestly say - when i look at others - all that fights and hate and to us - without advices of Father i even do not want to imagine, what could be situation now. just few words or years of pain - what you choose?
  12. mmm...? i say - we can and should live without sin, just HOW - it was my 18 years study. what we can do when Jesus free us and how and so on... hope its more clear now.
  13. Hello! Honestly - i do not understand, what you mean under "if we do not have a deep and sincere desire to please Jesus Christ, if we have no pleasure in His company." did you read all post? it was because of Jesus, i did cry 7 years, and did everything to stop sinning. because, i dont want to be hypocrite. i may add just, that i was set free from that sin. it was powerful moment and my friends were witnesses of it. 18 years of my life i did study, what means live without sin, how can it happen and what means "if you sin, you are slave of sin" "I did come to free slaves" "do not sin anymore" all those 3 points, i did get tens of lessons, practice and proofs, that i do understand it right. that means - what i know, works always and every day. "no pleasure of Jesus's company?" ... how can i comment that? i think there is misunderstanding. maybe my english is just too bad... i do enjoy every minute with Jesus, talking with Him, seeing Him sometimes (mostly in my visions).
  14. what i am really amazed, that i see here many GUESSING, what is like to be filled, baptized with Holy Spirit, speaking with Father, seeing Jesus (open eyes).... AND NO EXPERIENCE??? how can it be? HOW can be christian without experience Bible IN YOUR LIFE??? dont call me proud - i dont point with finger, but it surely make me wonder and sad. IT SHOULD BE YES AND AMEN IN every christian life.. should be, but is not... 

    1. Reinitin


      I think it is because the Holy Spirit confirms the truth (Jesus). How many hear the truth? plus there many teaching against Holy Spirit filling cause they love their flesh leading their life and they are comfortable with blood covering their sin but don't want to be by the Spirit into the new nature. 

    2. Eha


      yeah, what people need, is love the truth. and mostly we... dont 

  15. this is my testimony ACCORDING with Bible. who deny ANY WORD OF JESUS, let him answer to Father. 1 Timothy 6-20 Avoid theirreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge,” 21 for by professing it some have swerved from the faith. speaking in tongues is sign with Holy Spirit baptism. i have had met many baptized with Holy Spirit and all they speak some tongue. also it is what Paul say. and what we see in acts and most , that many DENY, important are JESUS words - Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; HE DONT SAY - SOME will speak tongues. HE did bring it out as something to WORTH to remind. i dont speake as I UNDERSTAND but what i have seen, experienced and know now - is true. also did ask FATHER about it - does REALLY EVERYONE get new tongue? FATHER - YES! even im laughed out here, as i "hear voices" i, when speak with Father ALWAYS CHECK out, that is written also. He do help me, giving and revealing verses from Bible, that are obvios and are hidden, that proves - it did come from HIM. and btw filling is, that i also go through time to time, sometimes every day. i , again, speak, what i have experienced. you may believe or not. BUT YOU, AS EVERYONE, have SOURCE to go, ask for Himself - is it true, what i am saying? is it so in the Bible? filling is something, that is, called, "being drunk". prophets were drunk, apostles were drunk... and i am. so i understand now, how it look like and what you feel then. because im talking NOT about understanding, BUT UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWING, experience. Father told me once - I GIVE TO MY CHILDREN KNOWING AND EXPERINECE, WHAT I TEACH! i have nothing more to add and what i really wont do is answer to deniers. James 4 1 What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? 2 You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. 3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.