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  1. o'kie dokey. I figured out how i think. Didnt you start this one?
  2. In Hebrew the word truth is Emet/Amet. The word is spelled Alpeh/Mem/Tav I saw a bible study on Job Here on worthy chat. It Made me think of how the Lord used Job to steer me away from temptation. I wanted to take some time to post it here for the Lord to use if he desires. As a excited young christian I got involved in a study group with some other young onfire christians. We did not have any leadership but we were extremely excited about getting together and just free feeding on the Word. I had just finished reading Job and was so excited to learn our troubles in this world are a drop in a bucket compared to our rewards (as christians). When i had a bad day i would put one drop of water in my horses water and consider how it was almost meaningless. Then I would turn the water on full blast and rejoice in the goodness of God as it filled. Our little study group found a scripture that told us every word of God is powerfull and true. We started mixing scripture and sending Gods words out in prayer to do our fleshly bidding because we found scritures that made it seem like it is what we are supose to do. We were convinced even half of a verse was a truth and Gods Will and ours to use like a power tool to control every one and every thing. I started getting convicted and talking to the Lord about it. I felt like we were doing with Gods Word what Satan was trying to get Jesus to do. When I was filling my horses water buckets every night and morning my mind would remember things Jobs friends Said I believe it was the Lord that would ask me, "Is that verse truth". I would answer "No Lord" and then the question, "How do you know it is not true?" Then I would answer, "Because at the end of Job You said those things Jobs friends said were not true. So I brought the arguments the Lord gave me to our group and we studied them in our study group. Then we searched the bible for scriptures that taught us how to study the bible and use Gods word. So I share this snall but beautiful pearl. THE SUM OF THY WORD IS TRUTH. Truth is Emet in hebrew There are 22 letters in the hebrew alphabet (Aleph-Bet). The three letters that make up the word Emet are the beginning (א), middle (מ), and the end (ת) of the Hebrew alphabet. This means that TRUTH is all of the scriptures. Truth is not just the parts that we choose. Truth is not just what we want to accept but truth is all of scripture. If you take away the first letter of truth which represents Yah, then you have the word (met) which means death. There is no truth without Yah and there is no truth without ALL of scripture. The WORD is TRUTH! There are so many more incredable things about the hebrew word for truth and so many scriptures that tell us how to find the truth. Best of all Jesus is literaly identified in the hebrew word TRUTH. If i share all the beautiful truth God has showed me just in this one Hebrew word I will end up writing a book. Please brothers and sisters Study to show yourself appoved and rightly dividing the word. Oh And please do share your pearls about truth.
  3. I know there are many, many things within the book of Job for us to learn. The book of job saved me from false teachers and taught me a lesson about rightly dividing the Word. I was a young, impressionable believer and got involved with a study group super excited about meeting and studying. The Person teaching by fuzzy scriptures showed us every word in the bible Truth. So any verse or half verse or mixture of verses are truth. Before I got in this group i hade read Job and took from it the joy our adversity is just a drop of water in a bucket in comparison to the rewards we recieve. I would actually put One drop in my horses bucket then fill the bucket when I had bad days. the people in the group stared teach weird stuff and speaking mixed verses of the bible say God had to do it and the devil had to obey because they were speaking Gods words like they were magical. Anyway Holy Spirit started reminding me of things Jobs frirnd said and ask is that true? i'd answer No God said what they said about God was untrue. So i started an argument about there every word is true doctrin and used what the Holy Spirit was using to keep me straight. We ended up studing how to study. Learned that scripture interprates scripture and the sum of his word us truth. You have to take all of it into consideration. So anyway. The Lord used Job and turned a group of young zealous christions away from a slippery slope of false teaching and doctrins.
  4. Imagine how Paul feels 99.9 (a ridculous) percent of Turkey (where the church of Ephesus was) Is muslim. I read an article in a study a few months ago so my number thou close may not be exact.
  5. lol. this post makes my head spin.
  6. Welcome to worthy. Hope you find good fellowship and good friend.
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    Mostly pray cause the problem is the thinking.
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  14. Amen and Amen. It is our Lord who saves.