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  1. Because, I want to slow it down and cover it step by step. So people that are stuck, can walk it out and people that don't understand one another can hear each other's thought process. If your a sinner and Holy Spirit or maybe Satan is tormenting you that you are being judged by God? And you call on the Lord and you still are tormented like your under judgment. What have you missed In the word or is that normal? What has the person not heard or recieves to comfort and encourage them? Their are confessed Christians on her still tormented by Satan. Slow it down, so it's evident and they can see it and recieve it. people are spouting out everything they learned in 10 to 20 years in one post. Same thing over and over again. Instead of leading people through the path of the mercies they themselves recieved. You see the second part but others only see the first part cause they are not free and at the second part yet. They are still in torment and judgement. And we should care about that not just proclaim people unsaved since its mature Christians that are suppose to help the weak in faith not Lord their position over them.
  2. How did he do that for you? What are you believing in Him for?
  3. Still can you put up the verse and the word study? That shows that is what it says and find 2 or 3 other verses to confirm his Word with 2 or 3 witnesses? I think you can, I would do it, But I'm getting ready to leave the country tomorrow.
  4. What is sin? Please no commentary no opinion straight up clear verses from Gods Words. Let's listen to God's word not peoples opinions.
  5. Let's Go and debate this.. backing up.. what is sin? 2 or 3 verses that are very clear. No opinions no commentary.. 2 or 3 clear verses in God's word? Does any one know what sin is?
  6. That is an awesome study.. thanks for bringing it up.. maybe I'll have time to start that soon..
  7. Breaking of God's Law. Rebellion against God's Soveignty. Refusing him his right as creator to govern your life and this world. Stubborn defiance. No trust in his instruction or his judgment. Betraying him, abandoning him, rejecting Him, ignoring him, twisting what he said, so we can get what we want. Even insulting him and hating him, cursing him, defieing him, complaint he is unjust, unfair, tyrannical. Wanting to be God and Lord over our own life and create are own destiny for ourselves suppying for ourselves the needs of our flesh. Using food, drugs, sex, alcohol, blood letting (cutting ourselves and tatooing ourselves) and charms and sacrifices and spells and money, to use people, lie to people, fabricate things to be able to cope and feed our desires in our flesh and create a sence of well being. Will you grab that cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God that submitted to Gods judgment of sin and die with him today guilty of sin? Or is there another way? Give 2 or 3 clear scriptures.
  8. Today, if you faced your imminent death. Could you kneel at the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing you have sinned against God and his judgment against sin is rightouess and true? For the wages of sin are death. And say, yes amen, I am guilty, I accept Gods Judgement? Walk away from all your irons in the fire. You loved ones all your worldly hopes and dreams accept they end today and follow Jesus into the grave accepting Gods judgement? Take hold of that cross where our Lord is dieing and except the judgment of God and your death? Listing to him say I'm thirsty, hearing him cry abba father, why have you forsaken me? Having his blood drip onto your hands and you? Can you trust him and die guilty of sin, Today? Give 2 or 3 clear scriptures, no commintary no opinion why you could die Today and trust the Lord and walk into that unknown, leaving everything in your life. And will you give me 2 or 3 scriptures (clearly stated with no narrative) that encourage you and give you the knowing that excepting Gods judgment and accepting your death is the path to a new life. If you do not believe we kneel at the cross and except a judgment on all our sin willing to die Today with hope. Please give 2 or 3 scriptures that clearly state your belief. (No commentary, no opinion. God clearly absorbing you of his judgement of Sin and death. The wages of sin are death is not an absolute truth and the reality because?????
  9. Walter, Deb, Today, if you faced your imminent death. Could you kneel at the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing you have sinned against God and his judgment against sin is rightouess and true? For the wages of sin are death. And say, yes amen, I am guilty, I accept Gods Judgement? And will you give me 2 or 3 scriptures (clearly stated with no narrative) that encourage you and give you the knowing that excepting Gods judgment and accepting your death is the path to a new life.
  10. Aaron's dead twig that bloomed is in the mercy seat.
  11. I been reading alot of what people are writing. I wonder do you know the wages of sin are death? Do you know we accept that judgment of God confess our sin and enter a guilty plea at the cross throwing ourself on the mercies of the court? That we are barried with Christ and counted dead no more arguments over us with Satan in the heavenly courts? Then in recieving the Holy Spirit we are given a new life? I think a lot of Christian are still trying to justify sin, their sin and are still fighting Gods judgement, Satan's accusations, their flesh, Holy Spirits conviction of sin, encouragments for rightouessnes and warning about Gods judgments because they haven't entered a guilty plea at the cross. Let's study all this? And see if we can make all this very clear with scripture and get some of these torrential souls some relief. Please.. first question for debate.. Is it a firm non wavering judgement of God that the wages of sin are death? Please post scriptures for and against that statement being an absolute truth.
  12. What you wrote is beautiful and true about the devil. I see Jesus as our lawyer and the judge. As our judge saying "guilty" the sentence for sin is death to the flesh, punishment granted and served. Then Jesus calls the Holy Spirit to testify of the blood and our life in Christ and right to the tree of life. "Did they repent and call on me when they heard a witness to the cross, my resurection and assention? (If the answer is no then Jesus will ask then to step to His left hand's side of the court) if yes, Did they respond to you and obey the works of obedience i prepared for them? Did they give anything to eat or drink or show kindness to anyone over hear on my right hand? Did the visit people in prison? care for widows or orphans? Is there anyone the have not forgiven? Were they listening to my words or working iniquity? Were they clean and were you able to enter in to them to be sealed? Did they listen to you? and how did they recieve you when you were teaching them? When you were convicting them of sin? When you were warning them about Gods Judgement? How much fruit of your Spirit did they bare? Did they testify to the truth about me? Can you please confirm the day they excepted God's judment of sin and the flesh and were barried with me in baptism? May it be confirmed and accepted into evidence they are recorded in the book of life and followed me in baptism. Satan why were you accusing them of things they did when they were considered by Me and my Father dead? Court reporter please enter in to the court record the evidence of Satan's false witness against a child of God. Satan and Holy Spirit, please approach the bench. Whispers " Holy Spirit schedule this child with the court to give witness at Satan's trial and any of his demons, angels or messengers or servants trials, according to Satan's testimony. Whispers to Satan. "You realize your position in this court is st my left had and your trial is on my docit? Please stop waisting this courts time with your shenanigans". Child of God please step to my right hand's side of the court. Cool thing to me is we can except His judgment of sin and death while we are still alive and have the works of our flesh barried with him and be counted dead and still be alive to His Spirit within us, doing good things that pleases God and are accredited to us by His Spirit as we grow and bare fruit in Him. We will even have a reward ceremony celebration for God's children, after Satan's trial, I think. Satan can only bare witness against the living not the dead. Or something like that:)
  13. There is a group of scriptures In the gospels and the letters to the churches that beautifully align with the old testiment and the prophets. I haven't revisited in awhile. So if I try to write on it. I'm sure I will slaughter it and have to check scripture and edit for a month. Basically it teaches us, "do not be offended", "Refuse to be offended" by God, Christ, Man or Sin. Because taking that offence in your heart is Satans bait for deception and corruption.
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