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  1. It is the only way. We probably need to listen to what a person/ Jesus says to believe in him and also pay attention when Jesus or the Diciples say "IF" If you do x you will receive y. Since God reasons with us logically we shouldn't expect to recieve y if we haven't done x.
  2. GOD is multi faucet, I'm sure there are tons of reasons Spiritual and Physical and Symbolic. Obviously Pigs were not created as a food source for His Children.
  3. I did some psychology training with Dallas Baptist theology seminary few years ago. It was grounded in scripture and the wonderful Councelor of God. But, the secular Courses are way out there. One of the speakers was a Shaman teaching on restoring a fragmented Soul and energy healing and spirit travel.
  4. I have to admit, I have had lots of struggles over the years with pride, ego, keeping self love, self esteem, self worth, self confidence in balance and perspective and in submission to my knowledge he made me for a purpose in Christ. I also know I was most defanently making myself or something besides knowing him and walking with him too important, too big, too something and my beloved way too small when all those things get out of balance. When I get a bee in my bonnet. I try to catch it quick and put the microscope down and sit down in the evening and look into the heavens and say "My Lord show me your amazing Glory again". And all that self importance fades away as I see the Majesty and Perfection and awesome wonders of all his works.
  5. Jesus did everything for the glory of God. Some times when I pick up a glass of water, I ponder, how can I give glory to God in something as simple as drinking a glass of water? I know Jesus did. You would be surprised of the understanding of the plan, purposes and details of creation and provision from God that goes into something as simple as us having water and the process that allows us to drink and recieve hydration in our body. And How close you can be to see the magnificence and omnipotence of our Precious Father and Savior if you consider it. To me being led by the Spirit is no different . By his Spirit he has given us a spiritual hunger and thirst for Him and His Purposes, he is creating and being in us a spiritual resource for the kingdom of heaven and the body if Christ. He has planned every detail, knows our every need and has provided us with ever Spiritual provisions and has made them available to us. We take of those provisions for our own spiritual strength and health. We offer them to others in need. Of Course we all have different gifts and different callings and different kingdom of God life sustaining provisions to use and offer. So we really need one another and the body of Christ to walk out salvation and be lead by the Spirit. I'm not sure how any one can have pride in self if they realize they are just 1 tiny grain of sand and the Lord makes the beach and the oceans and the tides and the moon and the sun and hold them all in balance, raises and liwers the mountains and rules over all creation and all the kingdom's with perfect detail and purpose in everything and yet he will take a moment with you, to display his glory to you, How can anyone not be humbled by the breathless wonders and glory of our God displayed for us in something so simple as pondering for a moment how did Jesus glorified God when he drank a glass of water on a hot day.
  6. The tithe is for the temple (House of God) to care for the poor and the orphanes and widows. Bible says true religion is taking care of people in these powerless situations. When I hear them call their own bank account giving to God I tend to duck my head and pray for them because no one would want to hear what wants to come out of my mouth. I am not sure I want to hear what would come out of my mouth. Jesus WOULDN'T let the sons of thunder call down fire from heaven. And did say when his name is proclaimed, men will be saved. So I just shake my head put my eyes down and walk away from it. I Pray for all the people servicing the idols of a man. I Pray that group of people that tell the Lord. "We cast out demons in your name, we did this and that" and Jesus say's to them, "Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I know you not." Is a very small group and not the whole group.
  7. I had to do some continuing education. So I participated in a psychology workshop with University of Arizona. Most people would be surprised of how much the psychology being taught in our college's is entrenched with mystical and metaphysical knowledge. Even the psychiatry and pharmasia.
  8. That was like the 3rd lady that started coming, She really knew the JW doctrin and the propiganda behind the excuses for the choices they made for their translation . But it became really obvious that the translation was manipulated to support their doctrin. I assumed they sent her because the two younger women came back with questions after a deep dive into their sheol doctrin. I was a young Christian and really didn't have any indoctrination on what was true. I just had a "cool, let's study and see" attitude. Plus it was God he wanted to save Shannon and her family.My brother in law"s dad was a professor at Dallas Baptist Seminary. I loved studying so they gave me his personal library and I had boxes and boxes of commentaries, bible dictonarys, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries, bible archeological encyclopedias, blue letter bibles, strongs, history of the churches, history of bible translation. I still havent read all the books i was given. I think God also wanted me to see how strong spiritual blindness can be and how powerful the control mechanisms behind these false teachings can be. So I try not to become indoctrinated just stay with a let's study and see attitude. Because of 2 thess 2 I try to keep my pray, God keep me loving and open to hear truth no matter how bad it gets.
  9. I did a Hell study with JW. They kept coming back wanting to do bible studied first their was 2 women then 3. I pulled out the strongs concordance and hallie commentary started checking their bible and what they were reading against the srtongs. They started giving me verses and asking what strongs base word for hell/ sheol was. They realized that alot was translated sheol that should not be. They litterly saw their translation and sheol doctrin dissolve in front of their eyes. They weren't aloud to come to my house any more. One girl Shannon kept coming any way and we had great studies she saw Michael isnt Jesus, that he was was with God and the Word was God not a god. Realized their choosing their own 144,000 from themselves was wrong. We debunked the watch tower every time they got a new one. They really shunned her to try to control her. Her mom even shunned her, then she turned her mom in for sneaking cigarettes, so the church shuned her mom. We kept praying and standing, her whole family eventually left/ was shunned by JW and became christians. I'm still marked on there "do not vist" list and it was 20 years ago.. I saw 2 men with watch towers walking to my neighbors a few months ago. Asked them if they could help unload hay, I had a trailer with 100 bales. They always say they just want to be of service. They said they had their good cloths on so they couldn't and started walking faster. Guess that was kinda mean of me, so I repented.
  10. I'm so glad you found your way out. GOD Bless you.
  11. I have this on my wall.. I have always liked it.
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