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  1. And btw April i put you on my prayer list. I know this must be hurting you so deeply. My heart goes out FOR you to ask The Lord for protection of your heart and healing and strength and wisdom.
  2. Seperate yourself and Pray, set boundries on yourself to not blame and shame him, put boundries on him ybyour heart is not a winepress he should be allowed to freely trample. Ask the lord for help WITH communication. Give your marriage to the Lord and let him guide your life with or with out your husband. Be faithful to your husband even though he is not. Mariage is a covenant. Both sides have vows both sides have responsibilty to protect when one breaks any of the vows they break covenant. Do not break any of your vows but be sure you understand exactly what the vows you made are. Covenant is not only the vow to death do you part. Remember that God hates Divorce. Bur, he gave divorce through Moses. Because the hardness of mens hearts he allowed a way out for the sake of peace. Also remember God divorced Part of Isreal for breaking his heart with their adulterery. Also rember God hates sin. But, he gave us The Lord for peace with us. Remeber your life is not your own you were bought for a price accept the Lord may lead you through reconciliation and the Lord may take you out of your husbands house and authority. Have peace and trust the Lord through your circumstances you are not in a situation you have much control over. Ask the Lord to help you walk in love and grace and for his peace. Put your house in order. When a man puts away his wife God still expects him to make finacial providion. Get all your paperwork together and be ready for a divorce and to go after what the law provides or have an idea of a fair what you think is fair and settle without contesting. If the Lord reconciles you. The time you spent puting your house in order is time well spent and better then spending your time worried, in fear, chasing after a running man. Stand with your armour on and God will make you able to stand. In tribulation and in peace. Also remember the secret of praise dont study to overwhelm yourself with the conflict of law and the rules for the world in this situation. Use your bible study time to reinforce the promises of Gods love for you. Christ faithfulness to you. The blessed assurance to supply peace greater then our circumstance. Go to the Lord for the love and acceptance and security you needing right now. Smile at the Lord and thank him that he will never leave you of forsake you. Let Him fill you with his goodness. Take your thoughts captive and let Him lift you up.
  3. March 26, walking with Jesus.
  4. March 25, walking with Jesus.
  5. My time for rest is over back to the grindstone monday. Really enjoyed the lay around and heal time i got to spend with my beutiful brothers and sisters in Christ. Hope i didnt offend to many of you. God bless worthy chat and ya'll are in my prayers. I'll try to share jesus walking in my devotion time everyday but probably won't have time to post and reply for awhile. God Bless

  6. Jesus was and the dead people who rose from their grave when he did, Lazuras brother of mary, elijah and moses. And Lazarus and Abraham and that poor thirsty rich man. What about the souls of those beheaded crying out to God for Justice? What about ables cry to Good? What people gathered Jacob, david, and OT saints gathered unto their people? Then you have samuel or something raising up out of sheol if you take the words literally. Who are the captive souls Jesus went to preach to. Did the bible form you doctrin or did you come up with the doctrin and find evidence for it after words? Forgive me if im off base. I did pull this quote out of context.
  7. Yes, like ranchers on the border are. and it wouldnt be good if ranchers on the borders out numbered ya'll 100,000 to one. Ya'll probably wouldnt have snow plows if the decision was theirs.
  8. I am last
  9. We pray. I have no idea why people need snow plows:)
  10. Not to be off topic. Living in a body of sin that constantly councels me and works up all kinds of chemical cocktail reactions against my knowledge of God and my desire to do good can be totally afflicting. The attacks within me are tourtures sometimes without the present enemy of the world attacking externally.
  11. Is one finger picking at a cell phone even considered typing? I am last!
  12. Just read the cutest thing.


    I havent sinned today, i havent walked away from anyone in need, i haven't used harsh words or participated in any arrguments. I haven't allowed fear to take one strike at me.

    Lord i am about to get out of bed please forgive me for anything that happens after i put my feet on the ground. Keep me from doimg evil Lord.

  13. Who can find place for fears and troubles then in the hands of the Lord. Dont carry your budens on your own back give them to the Lord in prayer. He is able.