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  1. Hi! I just want to say I feel you hurt and I'm so sorry what you have gone through/going through. I have lost my grandpa and mom from cancer and feel the pain. The only hope and comfort I have is that, I know they are free from pain and is with Jesus in heaven. What I also came to understand, is that God wanted them back with him. I feel the same for your child. God loves your child soo much that He wanted him/her with Him. Yes, it is tough not having that person with you. But stay strong and be at peace, knowing your child is with the Almighty Father. And be in great hope and anticipation the day we will meet them again and to praise God together. I hope this helps. I'm here for ya! God bless! *hugs*
  2. Wow thats amazing! I would love to hear about your supernatural experience with Jesus! Loving hearing about how people come to know Jesus and even more someone that was an atheist! Look forward in hearing from ya! Take care God bless!
  3. Thanks everyone for the welcome! Really enjoy being here! God bless!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to the Worthy Network website! I'm excited to read forums and meet new people and just fellowship with believers on here! I'm from Texas, so let me tip my hat and say Howdy!
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