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  1. Hi da_man1974, I dunno if you've already made your decision or not, but I hope this will be helpful. Speaking from personal experience, it is quite important how your kids feel. I think it should definitely be one of the factors in the making of your decision. I myself am a teenager, and I know what its like to dislike going to church. My experience also had to do with lacking friends at the church I was going to. There was nothing wrong with the church itself, I just didn't wanna be there and that turned into a negativity, that after a while, I began associating with that church. In hindsight, I see that the reason why I was disliking that church and being negative, was bcuz I wasn't "happy". From my perspective then, I needed something particularly to be happy, and (maybe as a teen way of complaining??? I dunno…) I started being negative bcuz I couldn't get that thing. How was it solved? After a few months (not as a result of my complaining) I got the thing I wanted and I was "happy". So, I guess what u need to do is either find out what they need to be happy, and/or help change their perspective on what will make them happy, then fulfil that one. I realize its not really possible to make evry1 happy, but if u can at least get them satisfied with hope that they will be happy later, then I think that might do it. Your decision obviously shouldn't revolve around what your kids are gonna feel, but it should definitely be taken into consideration. And whatever u decide, u could still visit the other church once in a while. I hope this will be helpful.
  2. Is that really a name? It kinda sounds like a disease or something… Abigail
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