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  1. I'm sorry I was rude to you when you asked how things are going KPaulG. I feel such anger at what happened, but there was no excuse for my unkind reply to you. I need to let go and let God. God Bless.
  2. How's everything going now? We are still grieving, in shock, and angry at this senseless killing. All of us are moving through the stages of grieving. Seriously, how would it be going for you right now? I'm still full of anger that I can't seem to let go.
  3. I probably could have asked for prayers for a lot lately, so much is happening in my life, but when something like this happens, it hit harder than anything. Years ago, I was a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. A friend of mine was recently killed in the line of duty. She left behind a loving husband and children. Please pray for comfort for her family and friends as they try to deal with this tragedy. Law enforcement officials have charged the person responsible for the incident with murder. She was doing her job, trying to save a life, only to lose hers. Once an E.M.T., always an E.M.T. Any kind of law enforcement and rescue personnel face risks in their line of duty. I was put in a few dangerous positions, but I made it through. If anyone here has face book, please feel free to write a note of comfort for her family on my post. That photo is set to public. It's a darkened photo with a black ribbon around it. It's the Star of Life, a symbol for E.M.Ts. My facebook name is Kate Marie Anderson. Thank you so much and God Bless.
  4. It isn't wrong to ask others to pray for you. There have been times when I have prayed for myself and what I'm trying to deal with, and have also asked others to pray for me. Anxiety can be very overwhelming for many, especially when you're alone. In all reality, God is always with you. There is power in prayer. I have a prayer list, I will add you to it. We all need help sometimes. God Bless, Kate
  5. I understand what you are saying, I really do.
  6. Hello and welcome to Worthy Lindsey.
  7. Praying for you and also praying that your friend turns to the Lord.
  8. I started this topic because there is so much violence in the world today that we don't hear much about real kindness. News is full of violence. I'm tired of the violence, but I don't know that it's going to stop soon, so here goes. First, I want to tell you something that happened to me a while back. I live in an apartment building for the elderly and/or disabled. The elderly man who lives right above me is a very kind person, the type of person who would "give you the shirt off his back." One day, I was just sitting here and heard a loud thud from above me. Initially, I thought he had just dropped something. Then I had a strong feeling that I should go check on him. I went upstairs and knocked on his door, no answer. I pounded on his door, no answer. Then I got scared. I checked his door and it was unlocked. I walked in and he was laying on the floor. I called rescue. A few weeks later I saw him in the hall. He told me that he is a diabetic and had gone into diabetic shock and thanked me for the help. I said "Don't thank me, thank God, because it was a strong feeling that I suddenly had that caused me to go to your apartment." I know where that feeling came from. Granted, this wasn't a random act of kindness, it was God and His love for us. Fast forward to yesterday. My 12 prescriptions are delivered at the end of the month. By the end of the month, I'm broke. Disability doesn't go far. It's great that I can charge them each month. (Very kind of the pharmacy) I usually go about 3-4 days without food at that time. No money=no food. The pharmacy delivery driver commented that I looked more pale than I usually do. I told her something that she didn't know, that I go hungry until my disability check comes in. I was hungry, weak and had a stomach ache from taking my meds on an empty stomach. She gave me my prescriptions and left. About an hour later, she called and asked me to buzz her in. She had gone to the grocery store and gotten enough food for me to last until I can get to the store when my disability check comes. She doesn't want anything in return. I started crying. I never expected that. That was the greatest random act of kindness for me. Anyone else want to share about random acts of kindness? Has anyone you know of ever had a random act of kindness shown to them? Maybe family, friend, neighbor, etc. God Bless all of you.
  9. Welcome to Worthy! Looking forward to seeing you in chat.
  10. Welcome to Worthy Kafunka, glad you're here to share in our Christian fellowship.
  11. “Life and physical health,” the Church teaches, “are precious gifts entrusted to us by God. We must take reasonable care of them, taking into account the needs of others and the common good” (Catechism, no. 2288). Prudence dictates that persons considering tattoos or body piercing research any health risks that may be involved. If a particular act of tattooing or body piercing entails a likely risk to health, it would be more or less sinful depending upon the gravity of the risk. If a particular act involves mutilation—if the act renders a bodily organ unable to perform its function—the act is immoral (Catechism, no. 2297).
  12. I had accidently deleted it when I did an edit. It's back up.
  13. I made a mistake when I edited this and accidentally deleted the post. I just noticed it. I can't remember how I worded it, but this is the reason I'm asking for prayers for the family of a Navy SEAL. Navy SEAL William "Ryan" Owens was killed in action the Department of Defense said Monday. He paid the ultimate sacrifice. His family needs prayers. I'm sorry if this post offends anyone, or is found to be unacceptable, but I believe his family needs our prayers. If it violates TOS, you can remove it. I won't deny that it will hurt my feelings, but I understand. All information regarding this incident is public. I hold the Military very near and dear to my heart. One of the most difficult things for a Military family to see is two Military officers standing at your door. It only means one thing. God Bless.
  14. Prayers for healing for both Logan and Luke.