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  1. Thank you Ravindran, yes please pray, i appreciate everyones prayers.
  2. KPaulG I just feel terrible, sad, in tears. All I can do is pray but really that is the biggest thing anyone can do. I wish that his faith hadn't all but gone, that he had grown and that we had gotten engaged. I am just taking it day to day. 3 years is a long time to have with someone.
  3. Thank you Amaze0707 & Fresno Joe for your prayers as well.
  4. Robert, thank you so much for your kind response. I think you have really hit the nail on the head. He wants to do things his way even in approaching the Lord. He has a lot of pride and unbelief. He has so many good traits but his pride is his downfall. He is someone who will do the opposite of what he's told just to be otherwise. He called me tonight and we went for a drive, we avoided the 'heavy' topics. just chatted and caught up with each others lives etc. He is a very easy going person, a typical 'nerd' type very intelligent and has a quite even temperament. Sometimes I look at him and don't understand how he can be so stubborn and yet so easy going. I have to say its extremely difficult meeting with him as friends when its clear we do love each other but we are on different sides of the fence at the moment. And will that ever change? How long do I 'wait and see?' He is a very kind person, doesn't have a temper, and has been very good to me. It makes me so sad that things have turned out like they have.
  5. BK1100 thank you so much!! I will definitely be passing those along. He doesn't have much time to read but perhaps a video would help. Thanks again
  6. Hi Everybody I posted a prayer request a while back but I can't find it, it's probably staring me in the face somewhere and I've missed it. My request has to do with my former boyfriend who wasa new christian but has lost his faith and now he says he will only surrender to Jesus Christ if He reveals Himself to him. He doesn't believe that the Bible is the Word of God, rather that it is a book written by man full of man's opinions and 'rules' He is a Scientist and he has a very analytical mind and I think he is his own worst enemy. This is hard for me because a ring had been bought and we were going to get married, but I can't be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. I still love him and he still loves me but unless he is truly born again things can go nowhere. I dont know what is preventing him from believing, he was once an atheist however he does believe in God now, or sort of, but he wants to live life his way, and does not want to be like me (apparently brainwashed and blindly obedient to God) He sees I have a relationship with the Lord, that He answers my prayers, that He speaks to me and finds God does not speak to him, feels that He has given Him a chance to reach out to him, to speak to him and reveal himself to him and has not done so. I really don't know what to do anymore. I've told him over and over what salvation is, what sin is, what it means to be saved. He has gone to church and heard the gospel. I had thought he had gotten to the place of being born again and so did he, but it seems he has even less faith in some ways. He also holds a lot of resentment towards God for me making a stand on not marrying an unbeliever and not going along with sex before marriage. The thing is I didnt really do the breaking up, it was more a point of me not budging on my stand and him saying he won't accept a sexless relationship If anyone has any ideas, anything you can tell me please share it with me. Please above all else pray for him! Pray earnestly for him, and for me too, to know what to do .
  7. I think the name makes perfect sense. It is a nuclear weapon, designed to destroy.
  8. Hi and welcome. I am new here myself. The people here are very nice, much nicer than any other forum I have been on. You are most welcome to be here and I hope that you can find some answers. There is a lounge called the "seekers lounge" I think for people like yourself who are a Christian along with all sorts of other ones you will enjoy. You will see a list of the forums here on the main page Take care and nice to meet you.
  9. Oh wait no I didn't comment on the wrong post.....I got confused when people started talking about muslims and 'allah' Hmm dont know what that has to do with the OP.
  10. Oops I have posted this rely on the wrong thread, somehow my computer jumped to another post. I dont know how to delete it. Sorry about that!
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