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    Why was Enoch taken? Did Mary walk with God?

    So, the new doctrine you are trying to teach -( that is being placed before the woman who had brought forth the male child REV.12) Is the sins of Mary? Finding Jesus in the temple after three days she was wasn't concerned about him after all - I mean considering people sought to kill the child. She was sinning in Luke2:41-52 account. Your interpretation is the correct one? I have to tell you I never saw that dialogue in that way. And in the dialogue at the wedding feast your saying she sinned too- and lead her son into sin because He did what she requested?, kind of like the first Adam ,this is what you are saying? (WEDDING FEAST AT CANAAN JOHN1-12)? I have to say the sins of Mary is a new approach to the gospel. So , you are correcting my writing above and placing this doctrine before for it? This is definitely the Matrix. What else do you have to teach, you said there are other sins she committed that you can not think of here at the moment? Oh, another question-" THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" can you tell me what this means? Is it the Vatican that is Mother of them, and what are the abominations of the earth she has given birth to? Did she give birth to Buddhism? Hinduism? and all the other pagan faiths which existed before her? Are these what spawned up from her adulteries? Or is it something else?
  3. So do I. I was making a correlation about mothers and Jesus' mother who cleaned His bottom, nursed Him at breast, kissed and cleaned His boo-boo's.who saw Him brutalized and a sword pierced her heart. Everyone here attacks me because I hold her in High regard. I talk about her words and what they mean. I give her an Amen, and am told I am evil and deceived. I am told I am from the RCC- even though I present her differently then they. But Farrah's mother was "Indeed ! a Godly woman. With Hail and exclamation! When I do that concerning The MOTHER OF OUR SAVIOR. I AM A PROPHETESS of the jezebel spirit. The worst odor of affliction before God!
  4. I am not sad, and yes I know the scripture. What are you now getting at?
  5. I know- that is why I said" This mother in my edit". Having realized what I wrote after the fact.. Many have lovely mothers. I found this to be a sweet post. It conveyed a sentiment you must hold regarding holy mothers. God Bless.
  6. God Bless. This mother sounds lovely. I feel exactly the same way about the Mother of God. I had not an earthly mother- she died when I was very young. But, I love to hear the graces given to those like you- to have the experience of a lovely mom. All holy moms she be venerated- ( held in great respect , shown adoration). Thank you for sharing this experience. I love to quote from the Mother of God's words.I like this Harriet Beecher Stowe quote-this spoken very eloquently about a mom- she must feel honored.

    revered: feel deep respect or admiration. We should have this for all saints. You people here love to give one another an Amen and accolades and then hypocritically say this same acknowledgement should not be given to Mary and the saints. The only contradiction in this forum to the faith are people of your mind set.
  8. The Book of Enoch

    I also believe the seven spirits administer the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit wisdom , understanding, counsel, fortitude , knowledge piety and fear of the Lord. Thank you for your post. I read some much on this forum, your post were refreshing. I never (not) investigate what I read. Seek , but test all spirits. God Bless.
  9. Your first assumption is right they were not on the Ark. They were an abomination. Do not let anyone deter you form what you know, not all here- are here to encourage. You have a child like soul , this den has many wolves. Follow the Lamb. Who is the Lion of Judah .
  10. Thank you for this video, Interestingly enough I was attacked terribly concerning my belief in Enoch and what he revealed. I believe he is one of the witnesses. For to witness is to give an account of what you have already seen.He along with St John saw the end times and elect. I believe they will be arriving on the seen very soon. The revelation 12 sign in the heavens speaks to all of this. May The Ancient of ancients (BOOK OF ENOCH) have mercy on you and I pray HIS MANTLE BE UPON YOU. Right or wrong on certain things there is no malice in your heart. You are sincerely seeking . And have a humble contrite heart toward Christ. God Bless. f
  11. How The 12 Disciples died (Long Read)

    I will compile that information for you and direct you to sources. And thank you for your non prideful approach- a trait like that is very hard to come by. God Bless!

    I said what the meaning of immaculate conception is in my post. Isn't that what we are discussing?

    My post and scripture is very clear. It is not difficult once you let go of pride .

    So are you saying she was a defiled vessel until Pentecost ? Be careful!

    Did I state something contrary to the above mentioned. Did she?