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  1. My two cents: There is nothing wrong with a large wedding or a small wedding. What is important in a wedding? The most important thing in a wedding is that the bride and groom love eachother, nothing else matters. The only argument against a large wedding that I can think of is if you cannot afford it and if it will send you into dept. If however you are able to afford it financially, I can find no logical argument or Biblical Scripture against a large wedding. I think that is between the bride, the groom, and God, nobody else.
  2. Hi everyone! I have a question: Without getting involved in a political debate of party A vs party B, I just wanted to ask, is it un-Christian to protest against a government? (e.g. Mr. X makes some policy you don't agree with, is it ok to protest?) Many Christians believe it is un-Christian because the Bible says to respect authority and that in protesting a policy by Mr. X, you are protesting against God. However other Christians believe that if protesting is legal that it is ok to protest. I am interested in the theological-Biblical side of this debate, not the political side. The argument for not protesting: if a) all leaders are appointed by God, then b) their their policies are, if not made by God, approved or allowed by God, therefore c) you are de facto protesting against God, not Mr. X. The Bible says clearly to respect authority so by protesting, you are de facto protesting against the authority of God, and not Mr. X The opposing argument: The Bible says to obey the law, and if the law allows protesting, the Bible has nothing against it, because you are, in essence, obeying the law What do you guys think?
  3. Hi everyone! I have another question. Once we are in heaven will we still be sinners? Some Christians argue that only God is perfect, so yes, we will sin in heaven, for we are not, and never will be, God. Others argue that since it is the spirit that wrestles with the flesh (e.g. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.) the flesh will be remade during the resurrection and the spirit will be joined to the flesh or something to that effect. Anyway, they argue that since all is remade and made new we will be perfect, or at least, we will never again sin against God or make mistakes, but rather we will be perfect as Christ is perfect. But if that were true, how did Lucifer, who was/is Spirit, rebel and sin against God? Presumably he too was perfect, until his fall from heaven, when he became lifted up in pride. If the angels are perfect and everyone in heaven is perfect, how did Satan sin against God? He was called the "son of the morning".
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    who is igotquestions?

    I have used it many times, from a Biblical standpoint, they seem pretty good. I think what I like most about them is that they are usually easy to understand, they don't use big words to sound important, and they usually back up their conclusion with verses from the Bible. I don't agree with everything they say on a theological level, but that usually boils down to a matter of opinion and interpretation, and who knows, my opinion/interpretation might be the one in error. Too many websites describe simple concepts in such a way that I need a dictionary to figure out what they are talking about.
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    New Laptop

    If all you are going to be using your laptop for is on-line classes and web surfing, a laptop under $300 should be more then enough. Things to look for: Processor: i3 will do, but i5 would be better, try for 2GHz, but 1.5GHz will also do RAM: 4GB is more then enough if that is all you will be doing, but more RAM is always a plus (try for 6GB or 8GB, but for $300 that might be difficult) Hard Disk: If you are only storing photos/personal documents then 300GB-500GB is more then enough. (For $300 it will be hard to find, but try to get a SSD HD, they will be smaller and more expensive, but you can always get an external HD, e.g. 1TB (1000GB) external costs about $50-$70) OS: Windows 10 is the fastest version of Windows to date, if you don't like the way it looks, you can always customize/theme it to look like another OS, e.g. Windows 7/Vista/XP etc. - If you want something better/faster but it is too expensive new, you can always buy second-hand/refurbished. (e.g. ebay) Keep in mind that second-hand rarely if ever comes with a warranty, but refurbished sometimes comes with a warranty. -
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    Please pray for my Mom.

    I am praying for this, GBY!
  7. Hi all, I have a question. A few months ago someone on another website asked me this, and I was unable to answer. "If God is just, and we know that God is just, how come God allows women who don't want children to get pregnant (and they end up with an abortion) whereas some women who really want a child are forced to remain childless or adopt, as they are unable to get pregnant no matter what. " I replied with, "God allows these people to get pregnant because of free will. God must give them the choice in order to be just and fair." The person then asked, "But if God is all-knowing, and we know that He is, doesn't He already know what they will do?" I replied, "Yes, He does." The person replied, "But if He already knows what they will do, and He let's them go through with it, how does that apply to Him being a God of justice?" I was unable to reply, and now I am curious, what would you reply to this question?
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    Hello, New Here

    Hi and thanks for the welcome everyone. I am a student studying computers. I am swiss and I live in Italy.
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    Hello, New Here

    Hi all! I am new here and I joined this site in order to talk/discuss/chat with fellow Christians.