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  1. Friends today people in India are lighting their houses, there is lot of fire works. Its a Hindu festival. Lets pray Jesus is the light of the world and let all these people in India celebrating Diwali come to know Jesus and worship Him and every God's and Godesses of this world are devils in different form. God bless!:)
  2. Drinking water & food

    Friends after drinking mom's milk for 6 months, Salome today will start taking water and milk food(cerelac). please pray for Salome. God bless!
  3. Feeling weak

    Friends can you pray, God refresh me and strengthen me. God bless!
  4. Severe stomach pain

    Thanks for the prayers friend. fish bone was stuck inside the rectum , the doctor has pulled it out and given medicines for 3 days.
  5. Severe stomach pain

    Friends dad is complaining of severe stomach pain. Can you pray that God remove the pain and bless with strength and peace. please pray for his complete healing. God bless!
  6. village Children

    Friends these are poor and needy Children in a village , pray that God will have grace upon them so that the grow in the Lord also get a good education and food and also their families come to know Jesus. pray that God meet their needs
  7. 7 acres of Rice field

    Friends a man is selling his 7 acres of rice field. Its my desire to buy this rice field, so that the rice from this field can be given free to some Believers working for the Lord voluntarily, can be used for the children in the day care centre freely. "Freely we have received, Freely we should give" Can you agree and pray if it is God's will, He will work and make a way for us to acquire this rice field. God bless everyone.
  8. Gospel Car for my place

    Friends, there are places in my state, where gospel is not reached. every week i want to go for outreach with few workers and Bible and materials. can you pray that God bless with this car it costs around RS 5,00,000. it will be a big blessings to travel to villages where it may talk long time by walk. we may gain the whole world but loose our soul. it is no profit. it should be our efforts to extend God's kingdom. God bless!
  9. Prayers

    Thanks Fidei Defensor
  10. Prayers

    Thanks Abby-Joy
  11. Prayers

    Friends praying is talking to God. lets pray daily