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  1. All Authority All - Nation All - Commandment All - Always All - World All - Creature All - Scripture
  2. Friends, today is my daughter's 2nd birthday. Can you agree and pray that God protect her, bless her spiritual, physical, emotional growth, give her peace, joy, good health and take care of her. Thank you!
  3. Friends, i have misplaced my ATM-card, where i had some money, from yesterday i have been searching but not yet found. Now i cannot withdraw money. Can you, agree and pray that i find my ATM card soon or else it will take few more days to go to my bank and get money, as i am in another place now. Thank you!
  4. Friends, there is a conference in US, next month. Can you agree and pray, if it is God's will, God will bless me, to register for the conference, book flight ticket and attend the conference. God bless!
  5. mel85

    Bro. Damru

    Friends, my heart breaks and cries for Bro. Damru. Just got a call that the anti christian people , did accident to Bro. Damru , and he is taken to a far away medical college, where he is struggling for his life, his head broken and forehead teared. his chances of surviving is very less and if he survive's , it is of no use. you know i had posted prayers before for bro. Damru and Jaring village, Bro. Damru is the guy who invited me, gave the front space of his house for day care centre where we taught about Lord Jesus to children and prayed. He was very active though he was unbeliever he was reading Bible, and sharing or bring others to prayers. Please pray for Bro. Damru and his 3 children, wife and his parents and brothers, relatives. Donot know what to pray but lets pray God will take control of everything and bless Bro. Damru
  6. Friends, younger sister, came and asked some money, i gave her but she has been going through financial burden because of no scholoarship and she needs money on one hand for her research work, for fees like hostel and university, conferences and her needs, donot know exactly but she keeps sharing and asking help Please pray God bless her finacially and also bless to successfully complete her studies. God bless!
  7. BIBLE- Stands for B- Behold I- I B- Bring L- Life E- Everlasting share any Full form
  8. Friends, in the morning, i took a loan by mortgaging Gold earrings, & finger rings. Can you agree, and pray that the Gold loan be cleared soon. God bless!
  9. No problem Turtletwo, Its a difficult time, without electricity with temperature remain hot and mosquitoes biting. Anyways thanks for the prayer, hope God will find some solution to this problem
  10. Friends, its very hot here, on top of this, there is power cut frequently for hours, also there is mosquito problem. So its either day or night have to suffer because of power failure. Can you agree and pray that God bless our house with inverter battery , so that we can store some electricity in the Onverter Battery, when there is electricity supply at home, and use the electricity, from the Inverter battery, when there is power failure. Please pray God bless!
  11. Friends i am travelling now leaving them both at home. i may return after a day you can pray that God take care and bless them both and also bless my travelling. God bless!
  12. Friends, Today, in the morning a dear Pastor of us from another state & village, came to us. He gave us a leaflet, & shared, that he need financial help to construct a Church hall. The leaflet says , it is going to be his 32 years as a Pastor and he now is breaking the old Church hall and constructing a little bigger one to accomodate more believers, as his believers has grown. He quotes luke 6:38, 2nd cor 9:6-7, and says he needed RS 10,00,000($ 15,000). Let us pray, that to whomever the Pastor is sharing, let them come forward to help, as a brother or sister or co-worker in the Lord. Let the good, God supernaturally bless, and RS 10,00,000( $ 15,000) be raised, and one more Church stand here in India, for His Glory & Kingdom.I attached the Pastor's leaflet, here. God bless!
  13. Friends, my skin is itching. and i see it may be prickly heat/Heat rashes over my body. Please pray the itching stop, and skin be healed. God bless!
  14. Friends, my younger sister's Cell phone, & Scooter needs repair, she has not repaired as she have zero money in her bank account. Due to march month, citing financial year ending her, the madam is not processing her documents to get money this month, it will take time, also parents have already paid some money to her. Please pray that God bless her with finances, and meet her needs. Let her financial problems be solved. God bless!
  15. Friends, there are some Pastor's seeking Travel allowances to attend the conferences. These Pastors, are real needy Pastor's working for the Lord in difficulties. So lets pray, God will bless these real needy Pastors with Travel allowances or help them with finances, so that they attend this conference. Let all those Pastors attend this 2 day conference, whom God wants. God bless!
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