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  1. Friends my sis. Mercy, who is elder to me, is having continuous diarrhoea, she is now rushed to the hospital. Please pray she get good treatment and heal her .Remove her diarrhoea. , suffering bless with strength and good health. Thank you!
  2. 3 of us

    Friends, my daughter, wife and me feeling unwell due to our trip and travel. Can you pray that God touch 3 of us and heal us, and bless with good health. Thank you!
  3. Complete darkness!

    Friends right now the electric department came and cut our electricity, its complete dark here. They are asking RS 40,000 to be paid. we here use to pay RS 500-800 to a person every month so they did not cut the electricity, but the Electric Squad is asking RS 40,000 to be paid, donot have this big amount. Please pray that we get back the electricity now, its very hard to stay in dark without electricity and Salome is crying, please pray within few minutes we get our electricity and Lord pay the amount. Thank you!
  4. Friends, my wife's Church is celebrating 100yrs from 11th march-14th march. We are invited to be a part of this Celebration. Please pray for safe trip for salome, wife and me, also pray that God bless this Church financially for the 100yrs celebration. Protection of everyone , who will be part of this celebration and presence of God throughout the 100yrs Church celebration. God bless!
  5. Friends in India people worshipping Idols and statues, and celebrating holi. they are putting colorss upon one another , worshipping idols and enjoying today. Please pray these people will meet Jesus and worship Him. Thank you!
  6. For Bharat

    When I was in Delhi, i was sharing and talking to Bharat about Lord Jesus and he is still growing in the Lord. Now i am away from him and he is talking to me over phone and saying yesterday his parents and brothers tore the Bible song books and forcing him to go to Hindu temples with parents and brothers. They have warned him not to read Bible and not to go to Church or any fellowship. Please pray for Bharat , that God bless him in this situation God bless!
  7. Salome, wife and me

    Friends on monday evening we will catch the train and reach the destination in the morning. we have some work we will finish and in the same day evening we will ride the train and the next day morning we will reach home. can you pray God take care of us during the travel, and give us safe place for Salome, wife and me. Also bless with good rest, good health and no problem, during the journey, and success of work and returning home, safely , Please pray God bless!
  8. lord shiva

    Friends , today people in India are worshipping lord shiva. please pray that they know and worship Lord Jesus
  9. For me

    Friends can you pray that i feel well in body and spirit.
  10. My dad

    Thanks bro. its sad to see dad's poor health
  11. My dad

    Friends, my dad is complaining of his right hand and feet, getting weak. He is taking medicines from 2015 as he was tested to have prostate. i feel like money is wasted, and dad's health is not improving. can you agree and pray with me that , God heal my dad's body and specially he be free from prostate, worriness. God bless him with complete healing, peace and strength at this old age. Let him enjoy a good health and glorify the Lord. Thank you!
  12. My parents

    Friends my parents are sick, dad is having prostate problem and undergoing medical treatment. mom is complaining weakness on her body. Please pray at this old age God will heal them give them peace and strength. Pray that God care them and bless them everyday. Thank you!
  13. Friends my wife's home Church is celebrating 100yrs on march , 2018. you can pray that God protect, bless the believers and Church and let this Church continue to Shine for God's glory. Let God meet all the needs of this Church and believers. secondly we both are invited with baby to witness the celebration. The place is far way from my place, i need to hire a car to go there , and return also to make an offering. you can also pray for us that God bless us financially and take us to this Church's 100yrs Celebration and keep us in good health and protect from the attacks of devil. Thank you!
  14. In the name of Jesus

    In the name of Jesus, In the name of Jesus We have the victory, In the name of Jesus, In the name of Jesus Demons will have to flee, When we stand on the name of Jesus Tell me who can stand before, In the mighty name of Jesus, We have the victory.
  15. For Bro. Dambaru

    Friends, bro. Dambaru, is a Hindu guy but he provided the space in front of his house to run the Day Care centre. He invited the Childrens from the village to this centre. Bro. Dambaru invites other villager's for fellowship and infact encouraging us to do more work for the Lord. Please pray for bro. Dambaru and his family's Salvation. God's grace be upon him and his family. The villagers are against him , please pray that God redeem him and be glorified in his life.