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  1. mel85

    Finance to hire a car

    Friends, today i tried to book the train ticket, but no seats are available and it says waiting list. If i were alone i could travel in the train alone without a seat, but now i have to travel with wife and 1yr daughter. I am confused now, how to reach, sometimes it s coming to mind, to make a gold loan and hire a car and return by train, and sometimes it s coming to mind, to keep changing bus and reach, but not good for baby and wife. Can you agree and pray that God find a solution to the problem of travelling, and make us reach the village on 21th, safely so that wife can attend classes and have her water baptism Thank you!
  2. Can only Pastor's or every believers have the right to give water baptism to other?
  3. mel85

    wife's water baptism

    Friends, got a call from wife's home that there is a water baptism program in their church on 24th. We have to travel before 2-3 days , so that wife could attend the class and prepare herself and take water baptism on 24th. Its a long journey we have not booked our tickets. Can you agree and pray that God solve all the problems arising so that Wife take water baptism and return home safely, also for God's guidance and blessings upon my wife and other's who are going to take water baptism. God bless!
  4. mel85

    my parents

    Friends, can you pray that God bless my parents with good health, peace and strength. Because of their age, they have some health issues, they suffer and keep visiting doctor. Please pray God bless my parents God bless!
  5. mel85

    Prayers for Salome

    Today, Salome was crying bitterly and passed her stool. We noticed the stool became strong. Can you pray and agree that God heal her stomach, stool be soft to pass out easily without problem and crying. Thank you!
  6. mel85

    My mom in hospital

    Father God, we pray for Debp's mom, please heal her of all these health issues, and bless with a good health. Lord let your healing, peace and strength be upon her. take care of her, remove her suffering, Lord. Bless the test and treatment and help Debp's mom to regain her good health soon, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
  7. Friends, in India, male child is given more priority, than female child. So government launched Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account is opened in Government authorised bank only for girl child where we can deposit monthly amount of RS 10,000 and the government give interest rate of 8% , and this money can only be withdrawn when the girl child attains an age of 18yrs. One year have passed and not yet able to open Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account for Salome , can you agree and pray that i will be able to open Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account for my daughter and will also be able to make a monthly deposit in Salome's Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account Thank you!
  8. mel85

    Salome is coughing

    Salome is coughing , you can pray for her healing. We brought medicines from a general doctor, but if she donot stop coughing we will have to take her to a child specialist. Today is sunday, so have to take her tomorrow. Can you pray God heal her from coughing and suffering in her body and bless with good health , peace and joy. God bless!
  9. mel85

    Feeling tired

    Friends i am feeling little tired and uncomfortable because during the day time, it was hot and i climbed the tree and cut some branches. Can you pray God refresh me and bless with good health. Thank you!
  10. mel85

    Pain in Buttock

    Friends, i am unable to walk or sit properly because of pain in my buttock. I got pain yesterday, thought its a minor one but now it seems its effecting me so much that not able to sit, or walk properly. Can you agree and pray for healing upon my body, so that i be free from this pain in my buttock
  11. mel85

    Feeling unwell

    Friends, its very hot outside and for 4-5 days i am going here and there. Please pray i feel relaxed and well God bless!
  12. mel85

    Travelling Tomorrow

    No, no they use air cooler
  13. mel85

    Travelling Tomorrow

    Friends on 9th morning we 3 are travelling by car for 1 hour and than by train for 4 and half hours to my elder sister's house. Its very hot here, we have no A/C at home, but tomorrow will travel by A/C berths in train. Please pray for our good health and safety in going and returning home. God bless!
  14. Friends, now i am feeling unwell, as during the day time, i was exposed to the heat waves. The temperature remaininhmg around 44 degree. Can you agree and pray, that i feel better and let the hot weather come day by few degree and we all enjoy the holiday God bless!
  15. Friends, yesterday Salome was in walker suddenly she fall down with her face hitting the ground, there was blood and injury to the skin and muscles near the front to teeth, her mouth was filled with little mud, wife removed the mud with her finger Doctor gave medicine and asked to give her liquid food so that her teeth remain as it is for 4-5 days. Please pray for her healing and also for Lord's protection for her to remain safe and away from injury God bless!