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  1. Friends, Bharat's wife gave birth toa baby boy yesterday it was normal delivery and doctor was surprised it happened within 10 minutes and his wife was singing songs and praising God, and today she may be discharged. She is still in hospital. You can pray God bless this baby boy, mom and dad, and they see more of His grace. He sent me a prayer to request to pray for their medical bills to be cleared Thanks for praying God bless!
  2. mel85


    Friends, i got a call , saying can i give 5 Bibles , to 5 new person who took water baptism yesterday i said yes. After 2-3 hrs from now i will go and give them Bibles Pray that God bless the one who provided these Bibles and for these 5 new entrants in the kingdom of God. God bless!
  3. mel85


    Friends, can you agree and pray God bless me with sponsors for needy Children, to buy Bibles, & for independent Pastors. God bless!
  4. Friends, dad is having fever and lying on bed. Before a month he was hospitalised for a dad, and doctor told dad's prostate problem and his urine infection is there. He is refusing to go to doctor citing medical bills to be paid if he visits to those doctor now.he has taken a fever medicine Please pray God take care of him also bless financially to take care of him. Let God's healing, peace and strength be upon my dad now Thanks!!
  5. Friends today is my birthday, you can pray that God bless, every area of my life, and let His face always shine upon me. God bless!
  6. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
  7. Friends, pray that God will keep providing me Bibles, to give to others. The enemy doesnot want i get Bibles, and give, Bibles to others. Also the enemy want people be away from Bibles( The word of God). Lets together pray that God bless Bibles4India, and people get Bibles, and read and meditate the word of God. God bless!
  8. mel85

    for me

    Friends, please pray that God will bless with good health and peace of mind. God bless!
  9. mel85


    Thanks bro. She took these kind of medicines but before some days she was admitted in hospital and given antibiotics in iv for 5 days, and got discharged, she is well but a worriness for her health is still there in mind, anyways thanks!
  10. mel85


    Joel 2:25 " And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you" Friends within 2-3 months have taken salome to 3-4 doctors, may be around or more than 20 times. Given lot of medicines, i have thrown some bottles but here is a pic of those medicines which salome had and the bottles are with us now. Salome had 5-7 types of tests. You can imagine the mental, physcial and financial suffering. By God's grace she was discharged from hospital and now at home. I want salome's sound health. I want God restore what locusts have eaten( finances, mental, physical spiritual). Finances like, doctor charges , medicines costs test charges, our auto rickshaw charges and other charges we have suffered. Thank you! & God bless!
  11. Friends, thank you for your prayers, Salome is now at home, hope God will continue to bless her with a good health throughout the winter days. I have paid the medical Bills, it was around RS 30,000. God knows how, but i want prayers so that God bless and restore the money that has been spent on the hospital & medical I want God bless me from His treasure. Please pray that God pay all my medical Bills now. God bless!
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