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  1. mel85

    Let God solve dowry problem

    yes bro. satan is using this dowry to ruin peace, and joy in family
  2. Friends, sis. is saying her husband is getting angry and everyday speaking that, our family has not given any dowry to siz. we should give dowry to sis. and her husband. dad is an independent pastor and not at very old age and mom a retired from her job. no money to give dowry( gold, car, refrigerator, bed kitchen items and other things) Donot know how to solve this dowry problem. Please pray God speak to sis. her husband and her husband family and provide them their needy things and let not satan use their minds.
  3. Friends, on march first week there is a conference in USA, i would like to go, and attend the conference. secondly, i know some brothers and sisters here, if they invite me, as a brother in the Lord, i will try to go and meet them, give them a pamplet of some prayer request, children work , also will pray for them, and return. Please pray God, bless this matter.
  4. mel85

    Baby's dandruff problem

    On April she will be 2 yrs
  5. mel85

    Baby's dandruff problem

    Friends, daughter's head is not saved once, from her birth. She is getting irritated may be due to dandruff, on her hair and head.Please pray that she be free from dandruff and enjoy a dandruff free hair and head. Thank you!
  6. mel85

    Not able to walk freely

    Thanks turtletwo, i am well no , walking normally no pain also not gone to doctor or medicine, anyhow pain left, Praise God!
  7. mel85

    Not able to walk freely

    Thanks Frances, no more pain, i am walking normally, Praise God!
  8. Friends, from July , last year to till today, my younger sister's travel grant is not deposited in her account. she has gone many times, to clerks and table to desk. today they say this file is missing, tomorrow sis. will go to the clerk, again. please pray that tomorrow the file, is found and money is transferred to her account. Any thing holding back the money be broken and sister receive the money in her account soon. sis.faced interview for scholarship/sponsorship, but was rejected before few days, also pray that she receive a scholarship and her financial problems be gone, in Jesus name, Let Lord God bless sis. Thank you!
  9. mel85

    Not able to walk freely

    Friends, i am not able to walk freely, there is some pain near to hip. You can pray that God touch and heal the muscle or nerve and heal, so that i walk freely and there be no pain. Thank you!
  10. mel85

    I need a Scooter

    Friends, dad has a scooter, and everytime he goes out with his scooter, it becomes difficult for me to go out, i have to wait for dad, so that i can go out with his scooter. Can you agree and pray that, God bless me with a scooter, so that i can ride the scooter, as needed and even give my daughter and wife ride, sometimes. Thank you!
  11. mel85

    Galatians 5: 22 - 23

    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
  12. Friend, wife is taking care of baby so she eats late , sleeps late and adjust herself in baby's timing, i see her strugglings and challenges She is having body ache, and fever. She is feeling unwell and just lying down on bed. Please pray that God touch and heal her quickly, and restore her good health. Also for strength and wisdom , as she is taking the responsibility of baby and entire family. God bless!
  13. Friends, crores of hindu people are taking dip in a holy river, thinking they will get salvation. this mass gathering dates is decided on astrological signs. Lets pray these people come to know the creator and saviour of the world, Lord Jesus. God bless!
  14. mel85

    Another Gold loan

    Friends, yesterday once again i put an earring and finger ring on loan, and brought some money and gave a gift to nephew, and used some. Now i have to pay interest rates for both the gold loan , the gold loan i made yesterday and the gold loan which i made on November. Please agree and pray that, God bless me financially to clear the gold loan soon and get back all the gold ornaments, also Let making gold loans and paying interest, stop in my life. Thank you!
  15. around 6hrs a bro. kept driving. thanks