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  1. mel85

    For mom

    Friends, just now, in the mid-night dad called us. We ran and saw mom shivering due to cold, and she was unable to talk , i think she was getting choked. we lit fire, put oil on her feet, and wrapped her in warm clothes, with prayer. she is well now. can you pray God take care of her and heal her body, and let this not happen to mom and she enjoy a good health even in this winter season. in Jesus name, she enjoy a good health. Thank you!
  2. mel85

    God's help & Blessings

    Friends, parents are weak and old, wife in kitchen most of the time, i am with daughter but she is running here and there, i am not able to do anything, or no time to do anything but have to remain busy with daughter. sometimes, i feeling like hiring someone for daughter , so that i can do other work but no finance for this. Need finance for family, but i spend my time with daughter. Please pray God bless me and family.
  3. mel85

    Bones displaced

    Friends, mom was taking pain relief medicine, but it didnot work. Mom asked to go to the doctor . They did X-ray and came to know a bones are displaced. she is asked not to go upstairs, or work and take rest for 1-2 months with medicines. please pray that the bones, be healed and in their right place, let the medicines and rest bring a quick healing upon the displaced bones and mom. Let their be no pain and sufferings. Thank you!
  4. mel85

    For me

    Friends, feeling low in spirit, pray that God bless me. Thank you!
  5. mel85

    mom got back pain

    Friends, mom finished washing clothes and complained of back pain. Let God touch my mom, and give strength and healing to her body, so that back pain leave her, also her health issues be solved including her eye problems. God bless!
  6. Friends, it was in news that a man sexually abused the minors in the Good news shelter home. there is protest in some places and the christians and missionaries in orissa are scared. you can pray for protection for every believers in orissa
  7. mel85

    Marriage & Finances

    Friends, sis. mercy's marriage is fixed on 10th January. Can you pray that God prepare the heart, mind and body of my sister and her going to be husband, for marriage, so that they become good wife and husband to one another from 10th January Secondly,lot of things to do, so worried about, finances. you can pray that the marriage expenses remains within the finances we have with us now. Let God bless !
  8. mel85

    sis. mercy's marriage

    Friends, today in the evening, the guy, Pastor and 2-3 persons will come to our house to fix the marriage date. The marriage date will be fixed, either in this month or next month, but most propbably very soon, and few days remaining, i can say. Can you agree and pray that the Lord bless,everything related to sis. mercy's marriage and her family and future life. Also for our family, as we will make all the arrangements, guest, buying things for sis. mercy and the guy , to start their family. Let everything be smooth and fine, and God take care of everything related to sis. mercy's marriage. God bless, you all friends, for the prays you offer here. Thank you!
  9. Friends, just now salome got up during her sleep and is crying. she is not even going to the arms of her mom, but going to the arms of her aunt. for some nights, i can see she used to get up, and cry bitterly. donot know what is happening. can you agree and pray that God bless baby salome to sleep without disturbance, and peacefully without any crying. Let her have a beautiful sleep and rest everyday. God bless!
  10. mel85

    Loan to be cleared soon

    Friends, its going to be a month now. i had taken a loan, by giving wife's jewellery. i was sure to redeem the jewellery, soon but you see its going to be one month now, and not able to pay back the loan amount, and bring back the jewellery Can you pray that God bless me to pay back the loan amount and bring back the Jewellery. Thanks & God bless!
  11. Friends 1st December, is my Birthday. Lets thanks the Lord, for blessing my life you can also pray that God continue to bless me, and always have His favour upon me. Thank you & God bless!
  12. mel85

    Feeling low in spirit

    Friends, i am feeling low in spirit now. can you agree and pray that God touch me, and i feel better in spirit God bless!
  13. mel85

    For younger sister

    Friends, can you agree and pray that my younger sister get her travel grant soon without delay. Also she has been receiving a scholarship , where she is getting less money , whereas her friends are getting scholarship, with good amount of money, she seems little sad. Pray that God bless her
  14. mel85

    salome is coughing

    Salome got some cold and is coughing sometimes. can you agree and pray God heal and bless her. Let the cold be gone and God protect from cold and winter and bless with Good health. God bless!
  15. Friends on 25th, Nov, in Ayodha , there is a Dharam Sansad( Hindu Religious Parliament) where 2 lakhs of hardcore hindu's will gather( Hindu politician, Hindu religious leaders, Hindu Priest Hindu Baba & Hindu sadhus). 1992, this same gathering happened and the climbed and destroyed the Babri Masjid, a muslim mosque. The case is still pending in supreme court after 25yrs. These gatherings is demanding a grand temple of Lord Ram in Ayodha, in place of Babri Masjid mosque, saying , Lord Ram was born there and Hindu's are majority, they also want India to be declared a hindu nation. Can you agree and pray that God control these gatherings, let these all people know Lord Jesus and try to live in peace in others. God bless!