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  1. Please continue to pray

    Praying for you. Be strong and keep the faith.
  2. Prayer for husband

    Praying for the salvation of your hubby. God bless!
  3. Sick with flu again

    Praying now, Wayne. Keep the faith and be strong.
  4. tigger398

    Praying for you, tigger. Just keep the faith. We are all behind you, praying for you to get well very, very soon. God bless!
  5. missing of my dog

    I join you all in prayer. Praying for the safe return of your doggie.
  6. Please pray

    Praying for the purplish spot to totally disappear and be painless. Amen.
  7. Pray For Healing

    Praying for your immediate relief from pain. Following the suggestion of simplejeff is a great idea.
  8. health and attitude

    Praying for your intentions.
  9. Pray for the folks in Florida

    I join you in prayer, ejected. God bless.
  10. Please pray for Bill

    Praying for Bill's quick recovery.
  11. Toe injury

    I join you in prayer. I pray that the soreness in your toe would completely disappear, and quickly. Amen.
  12. Update on My Eyes

    Praying for your intention, mea. May all your eye troubles go away. Amen.
  13. lord shiva

    I join you in prayer, Mel. It's hard to believe that a lot of Indians still worship an idol like this.
  14. Pray for boss.

    I pray for the family of your dead boss, Wayne. I pray also for the eternal repose of the soul of your boss.
  15. Satan is attack me really hard right now

    I join you in prayer. Lord, please strengthen and protect Unwavering Faith from satanic attacks and give him peace. Amen.