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  1. Keep it up dear! Good work by you.
  2. Is "Son of God" a really best Christian Movie of 2018? that describes the life of Jesus Christ according to The Bible and the principles of Christianity.
  3. Christian Movies or documentaries are the good source of inspiration or motivation in an entertainment way. Enjoy Christian inspired movies on Crossflix Channel. You can watch latest movie Christian based movies "God’s Compass: Finding the North of a Life’s Purpose". This inspirational film depicts a walk of faith among the characters who explored God’s direction in their lives.
  4. I saw in my god in my parents that describe me the lesson of love, respect, humanity and honesty. They inspire me through true stories of Bible based christian movies and videos.
  5. Father God, we thank you that your amazing unfathomable love has been poured out for us at the cross and poured into us by the Holy Spirit. We want to taste and experience more of the depth and breadth and length and height of your amazing love. Help us to walk by faith. Help us to endure in suffering. Help us to own our need of you. Help us to fully embrace your Son, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. So, pour out your love into our hearts, in increasing measure by the power of your Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is in his name that we pray, Amen.
  6. Hello https://i.pinimg.com/originals/74/d7/f9/74d7f96bc0bded59731e3bf365ec817f.jpg
  7. michaelcla


    We are just part of Nature life cycle means journey of birth to death. Everything is just happen with us in this time period on the earth. Don't forget, we take birth or death on same earth, means start to end we live on this earth.
  8. michaelcla


    Hell or Heaven are just in our imaginations. Everything is present on this earth so don't be confused about these things because your karma is everything. If you understand the spirit of love, truth and honesty you can feel like heaven atmosphere on the earth. Its totally depends upon your Karma and will power. Most of the people said god is everywhere so according to this theory heaven or hell aren't particular place where you can meet to the GOD after die.
  9. My favorite things are: Sunset view Christian Movies Music
  10. Thanks for sharing this blog with us! very helpful!
  11. On crossflix.com you will get free plans also and amazing offers.
  12. Hi, I saw "the Prince of Egypt" on Crossflix. This movie recommended by one friend. Fantastic movie. Amazing characters and music, emotional dear to characters, realistic, and let alone a great story line inspired by a true Bible story.
  13. Thanks for sharing your views. Can you suggest me any platform where i can watch new release movies with affordable plans?
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