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  1. Emotionally Tired of Being a Black Woman

    Racism is not something that can go away, as it's an extension of tribalism; if a family harbors preference for their own, that will reflect in a race, because a race is an extension of a family, people are nicer to those that remind them of family, blacks are also guilty of this, as is every other race as it is perfectly natural. The sad truth of the matter is that to destroy racism is to destroy the blood-tie that binds a people together, meaning that it will never go away for as long as we're on earth. The truth of the matter is that humans are creating another tower of babel in globalism and that is riling racial tensions up, you know as they say, a good fence makes a good neighbor, that is being done away with to turn man against man. Borders are being destroyed in order to bring about the destruction of civilized humanity. There is a saying Diversity + Proximity = War, which is manifesting, racial tensions are not getting better they are getting worse, this is a product of the evil one, people are happier when they are with their own kind, when they're allowed to assert beauty standards based on their own kind. Additionally -- here is some tough love -- but you are lamenting that the world is not changing for you. You're not God, you're not going to be able to undo paradise lost out of this condemned world. If you're going to act like a victim you will be a victim, he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. The serenity prayer should help you let go of trying to pull paradise out of this world: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. You need to let go of the things you cannot change, you will be happier. There is no saving this world beyond Christ, it is doomed, we're aiming for the next one. The best any one of us can do is put a band-aid on the gaping wound that this planet has, and that will certainly not amount to much. Only Christ can do anything to fix it, and he most certainly is not you or I. My advice is to not to get sucked into the "social justice" farce, who continuously seek the opposite of the serenity prayer in an age of affluence and opulence, in no era in all of time has there been an age where it's better to be black than in the modern west, this is the trap of Egalitarianism. Satan tried to assert true equality with God, knowing that it will end in defeat, if you seek true equality with the other races, you will fail, for once you stamp out one hill, 100 more pop up. This is a sinister trap that Satan has laid out for the foolish ones who think it prudent to follow him on that angry spiral into hell. You have to let go of some things.
  2. Stress and sin

    I know exactly what you're talking about, i've been in this cycle before, this 'stress -- sin -- stress -- sin' cycle. Instead of doing that, try to take a relaxing bath, people often recommend "cold showers" to take those urges away, if not that, walk around the house/neighborhood, talk to friends, do not give in to the urge -- find other avenues to 'decompress', when the sinful nature becomes a frequent habit, that is when it will become extremely hard to break and it took me 1.5 years of constant struggle to shake it off. There are two communities that can help deal with your response to stress, frequent them and keep in mind their suggestions: Both offer great insights in learning how to deal with stress and manage the urges to do what is wrong.
  3. Christmas

    Pagans built altars to their gods and sacrificed to their gods. The ancient Israelites built altars to God and sacrificed to God. Who knew the ancient Israelites were doing such evil in the sight of the lord? /s All that really matters in the end is that our rituals and customs glorify God in an appropriate and dignified manner. The most important thing that sets us apart from the pagans isn't the fluff that surrounds tradition, but rather the whole purpose of the tradition. Our festivities honor God, theirs does not.
  4. The New Animal thread

    Puppy uses skillful dance moves to convince vets not to neuter him. "You don't want these sick moves to die with me... do you?"
  5. How do you view Autism?

    Yup, aspergers usually has other comorbid mental conditions, personally i have a huge history with insomnia, chronic depression, and bipolar disorder. Relationships are out of the question for me (in addition to other reasons I needn't get into). Though from what I've seen, aspie girls do a lot better relationship-wise as their peculiar interests oftentimes leads them to become involved in very male-dominated fields, making them highly coveted. There's also the fact that appearing shy as a girl is not a negative, for a male that is a death blow of enormous proportions. Aspie males have it rough, especially if they don't have very involved parents, specifically a father to carefully guide them into manhood. A father needs to be very aware of how important developing an autistic boy's confidence is, it's just far too important in intersexual relationships.
  6. any truth to the stereotype mommies boys and daddies girls?

    I'd say it's a recent development thanks to the feminization of men. Throughout human history, most families preferred boys, as girls were not so useful for labor around the house, furthermore they were liability if they got pregnant before they got married, which is why they married girls off ASAP. which was also healthy for the girls as it suits them with a provider for the rest of their life. It's a huge risk and burden to the family if girls got pregnant before they acquired a provider. Truthfully, any worthwhile parent should not have any preferences, but we're going towards the other way now, as men get more and yet more effeminate, they tend to prefer girls over boys. You see this now in the movies with women taking over the action roles of men. These are effeminate men writing these movies and they show their preference for girls all too vividly. This is part of Satan's plan to turn the natural order upside down -- boys into girls and girls into boys, and it is working.
  7. How do you view Autism?

    They also say it correlates with old sperm, my father had me in his mid-forties and I'm the last of 4 siblings, none of them have it except for me. Yes it's a spectrum, aspergers is on the lighter side of it, we can be pretty functional if raised properly, but people with more severe forms of autism have it a lot worse.
  8. How do you view Autism?

    I have aspergers (my doctor suggested I might have it when I was around 25), which explained a lot of things as I used to be very confused as to why I couldn't engaged in group conversations when I was younger, that was explained by the sensory overload you cite, my brain basically shuts down when too many things start happening at once. I actually don't mind having aspergers, but I would say nearly all social experiences growing up were negative, this world is not very nice for aspie males, though the girls fare much better as they retain a childlike quality that men find endearing in women. I do hope that God does not take away my autism if/when i enter heaven, it's a part of me and I've come to like it.
  9. Christian views on Trump

    “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you." -- John 15:18-19 An artist's most used asset is his eraser. If you can do better in a spot, you don't settle with mediocrity, you upgrade. Same can be said with any sporting franchise, nobody settles with a mediocre player when they can do better. Trump is a strongman with the heart of a lion, spiritually weak men despise strength, but strong men look up to him with respect because he represents the monarchy, which is hierarchy, a love for family, meritocracy, all the life-giving things of heaven. I am by no means a strongman but I know men like Trump are protectors, that is why he enforces the border just as a father protects and enforces the walls of his home, the weak take refuge in his abode. That is why this world hates him. This world preys and exploits the weak, but God sent a man to put a hole in that, one day God is going to send the ultimate redeemer, but for now we must settle for the Golden Lion that is Trump.
  10. Christian views on Trump

    I earnestly believe that providence is guiding Trump, as I don't think this civilization is capable of producing men like him anymore, men who don't sugarcoat the truth or speak in a 'politically correct' manner as to obfuscate the truth. Those features aren't manly, being a friend of this world is not manly, being taken advantage of by other nations is not manly, not respecting your countries own borders is not manly. Trump is a strongman that the Satanic globalist cabal despises, they got rid of the old monarchies because the old monarchies were adept at producing strongmen, so now we get, instead, republics and democracies that are very suggestible to corruption, and so now the society no longer producing strongmen, funny how we function so much better in a monarchy, that is what heaven is after all. Trump cannot be controlled and for that reason they despise him. The creature wants to enslave this world and destroy humanity, Trump is a roadblock to that, the less centralized this world becomes the more difficult it gets for the Creature to enslave humanity. That is why Brexit was so devastating to it, that is why Trump's victory was perhaps the biggest blow to its plan in decades. The creature wants to create another tower of babel, to put humanity under one rule, the more that Christians can decentralize power structures and enforce borders, the harder it gets for Satan to corral this world Frankly, when I see that Trump is hated by the world, that fact alone tells me that he has more truth and goodness on his side than you can possibly imagine. You can't serve two masters, either you are a friend of this world and loved, or you are a friend of Christ and despised, earning the contempt of the world should rather be a badge of honor for Christians. The world loved Obama, the world hated Trump, in this division I can see whose side God is on, God will never side with the abortionists, the homosexual-peddlers, the modernists, the relativists; these things are loved by this world, and so Obama was loved by this world. Trump is not perfect, but he is setting the stage for something better and I am very grateful that we've managed to put him in the white house, on the election night I prayed for about 8 hours straight. It wasn't progressives doing that, but the handful of decent Christians still left in this world.
  11. Fascinating, this brings to mind of an excerpt from a very old book i skimmed through once 'The Young Lady's Book': Source (Page 125)
  12. now is the worst time to have kids?

    Isn't that pretty much God's relationship with us though? We're his children, and he see's that it's good when we lay down our lives for him, just as he did for us. Imagine having a child with that kind of strength and integrity, then imagine having God witness it. All the angels in heaven will smile upon such a person.
  13. Christian fellowship on Worthy

    In my short time on worthy, missmuffet, you seem to add a lot of character to this website. But it's just the way the world is, you can hide yourself from it but you can't really escape the world, not until you've moved on to the next life. I don't think you should quit, and it would be a loss for the site if you did. Humans are flawed and we have to deal with a flawed world, anticipate that you will be attacked, as Christ warned us if they persecuted him they will persecute us, and there a lot of infiltrators who hope to pass on false doctrines. In my opinion, a good way to cope with attacks is to lower yourself through humility, say to God, "While I might not be the brightest person, everything I say and do is done with the purest intention and that is good enough for me, if other people don't like it, that is their problem". That is how I deal with personal attacks and accusations, the lower I make myself the higher I can stand on God's shoulders. IF someone calls me an idiot, that's fine, as I would agree with them -- i am an idiot -- but I'm not arguing from my own brain and failing human understanding, but through Gods. "But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly inmy weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest on me." 2 Corinthians 12:9 "That is why, for the sake of Christ, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, inhardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:10
  14. I am 37 and still not married

    I share what missmuffet just said. I know for certain that I was never meant to be paired. God plans this for some people because he knows we would be much more useful and happier that way, if we really want something and God takes it away from us, just know that he HAS A GOOD REASON for doing so. And like Justin Adams has said, we're very much like children. Sometimes we desire things that are not good for us, children want cake everyday, parents acting with higher wisdom know that it's bad for children, so God, acting on an even higher wisdom, often understands that our own desires act against us in the end. I say just be content in your friends, and if you cannot have a relationship and get married, that's okay -- life can still be good for you.
  15. What is your reason for believing in Christianity?

    Had a mental breakdown around age 23, when I began to realize that "everything was vanity" -- essentially the wisdom of Ecclesiastes. Ultimately i understood that existence in this way -- the secular way -- was meaningless, for you already lose all that you had built as soon as you gain it, how can I say that I love a person whom I know is destined to go away? Nobody can escape death, therefor, if you love someone, as an atheist, you don't really love them, as you never looked for a means to preserve that love beyond this life, and if you know you're destined to lose them anyways, then what's the point? Therefor there HAD to be a blueprint to preserve love, for love to have any meaning it NEEDS to have lasting eternal appeal. God had set the blueprint for this, and I had to undue a lot of secular reasoning that I grew up with. Christianity is the only religion that focuses on Love, Christianity is the only religion that understands that knowledge, discipline, wisdom, are all meaningless without love, anything that we build is meaningless without love, for we lose the things we build/gain just as soon as we gain them, but when we live in love, then those things lose their value in favor of what truly mattered, and the love will endure beyond this life. In turn, existence becomes much more meaningful as this philosophy can let us save and preserve those for the next life, so then our "works" no longer lose their value as soon as we gain them, for they will carry on into the next life. So now, "Everything is vanity" gets thrown away, through Christ, who gave his life so that we can access the next one.