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  1. Spiritual Condition - Churches

    That story is disheartening and quite frankly not surprising considering the age we're living in. I live in New England and if I bothered with the churches, I'd expect much of the same, the nearest church to me was a pro-LGBT church, which recently got converted into a daycare. Christianity is getting so unpopular that we're turning a lot of our churches into condos. I figure that Rural churches are much better than the ones in the cities, as cities tend to be very liberal throughout the west, but I don't have easy access to those.
  2. Stars are beautiful because of the night, why would God not create the darkness? It makes the righteous stand out more, and gives him a clear method to separate the wheat from the chaff. Nice little analogy that God placed there by the way, there is much more darkness in this universe than light, but that makes the light all the more precious, this I think reflects upon earthly life. We are each as shining stars surrounded by an endless deep darkness, and it may seem very lonely as the stars are few when compared to the darkness, but do they ever pierce the veil despite being utterly surrounded. Satan has numbers but he doesn't have holy conviction. But perhaps a better analogy is that we are as moons that reflect the light of God (the sun). Also...while we revolve around the earth, our true movement is bound to the sun, so while we are bound to this earth, when earth is no more, we default to the sun. God is very clever as he places a lot of these hidden analogies throughout the universe and nature, it's like an Easter egg hunt.
  3. What is your circadin biological clock?

    I suffered from Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder for most of my life. Meaning my sleeping schedule constantly rotated. Recently someone recommended keto to me, and with this diet I've been managing to go to sleep at around 10pm -- 1am and wake up at 8am-10am with no problems. Keto is incredible because I don't need much sleep anymore, I could function all day on like 5-7 hours of sleep so if I go to sleep later I can still wake up in the morning. Whereas before a small amount of sleep would take me to about 6 hours before hitting a crash and taking a nap, thereby messing up my sleeping schedule as I wouldn't be able to sleep that night if I take a nap. I started Keto in the middle of last month, and this is the most consistent i've ever had a normal sleeping schedule since around 12. I love it as there is now more consistent routine to my life and schedule.
  4. The New Animal thread

    *gasp* Did you just confuse Opossums with Possums? I've never been hurt in all my years... Possums don't even know how to tip garbage bins, the only think they know how to do is hang from trees. They like to pretend that they're more graceful than Opossums, but i assure you these are devious lies. We opossums are very graceful creatures, who can say no to a face like this?
  5. The New Animal thread

    Hey now you're speaking my language, we opossums are graceful creatures. Sure we eat garbage and get run over a lot, but even you'd lose a fight trying to dodge cars every now and then, but dodging cars is how we stay fit. How dare you. May a heard of angry opossums eat all your garbage and may you go without delicious garbage for an entire year.
  6. Music 🎶 what type is you preferred

    I grew up with power metal and it remains my favorite genre. Early 2010 to now, I've listened to a lot of Early music -- my favorite song is a renaissance piece titled Est hett ein Biedermann ein Weib by Ludwig Senfl, to this day I have no idea what this song is about but the melody is incredible, and it remains my favorite song because of the melodies retention, it's very timeless.
  7. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    Christmas is the only holiday i still care about as the very pessimistic, disillusioned, and depressed Opossum that I am. Bring out the Christmas folk songs and the cozy lights!
  8. The Only Hope For Turning America Back To God

    Unless we can go back to traditional gender roles, revoke female suffage (Sorry ladies but as Eve you gal's always seem to fall for the devil's tricks), gender segregated schools (boys and girls constantly distract each other and have different ways of learning), and once again champion masculinity, as women desire men to be men, not boys, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. The really difficult part, however, is precisely where Adam failed. Most women make things very difficult for men because as Eve they are very suggestible to the devil's seductive power. Pitting a few righteous men against swarms of deceived women, which one of these is going to triumph in this world? The women will cry victim and cry fowl and the society will remove the dignity from the men, then men decide to go their own way, which you already in movements such as MGTOW, I.E "Men Going Their Own way" -- men are saying 'Forgot that, I'm out, this society has nothing left for me', and descending into a world of porn and videogames. The Founding Fathers, as most of Europe, had a strong and powerful patriarchal society which emphasized motherhood in women and manhood in men -- it's all gone. The more masculine men are, the more feminine women become, and both are happy when things are like that, when men are in charge and women take care of the house and kids. There is no turning back, America will die, but our true nation will live on. And to the women, sorry I'm not trying to be hard on you gals, but carrying on the Eve-like nature, women are just too suggestible to subversion, the men must protect the women which is what Adam failed to do, and we will likely fail again as the devil has ensured that the full weight of society is entirely behind Eve, we can't do much but save individuals at this point, but the nation is toast, few will get in, just count our blessings that we can still hear the holy spirit knocking on our door.
  9. What is the condition of your heart?

    I've said it before but parable of the sower always terrifies me, when I struggle to bring forth fruit, my mind immediately thinks that I landed in the thorny places, and as someone who has a history of major depression, that passage is an icy shock and brings to mind all that is at stake. The war against sin is a scary, body-ridden, bloody battlefield and sometimes guys escape it by crawling to safety with half their limbs blown off. Sorry for the crazy description but that is what it feels like to me.
  10. Pardon if this is the wrong forum section but I figured since people who post here might be struggling with sin, I'd thought I put this here (mods feel free to find a more appropriate forum if you find it necessary). This image has helped me recognize and fix a few bad habits. You could apply these things to so many bad habits, recognize what stage you are in when you decide that you have a problem, and do whatever you can not to fall into the next stage, as it will only get more difficult to resist the impulse towards sin. May it serve you folks well! Get it printed on your wall if you have to. Sin must not be allowed to flourish and claim you.
  11. Say What's On Your Mind

    I busted my pinky finger yesterday on my guitar strings...ow. Apparenly you're supposed to change them MUCH sooner than once every 3 years, and mines were degrading. RIP pinky finger, you served me well. I'll see you in the next life.
  12. Say What's On Your Mind

    It's rough but...remember Job...lost everything, kept faith in God until the very very end. It's not a comforting trial, but right now though we see through a glass dimly, then we shall see face to face. it will be worth it in the end, just have to keep fighting. For though we love both the truth and our friends, piety requires us to honor the truth first. – Aristotle
  13. The World Is A Garbage Dump

    Here is a nice write-up from G.K. Chesterton which I think pertains to God's perspective here. In short, God is coming to do some spring cleaning for this Garbage dump. Beneath all the filth there's not such a bad world, it was we who made it into such a dump, like children who really made a bad mess of our room and anticipating the parent's discipline which we lament, but if we give in to that discipline we're much better off for it, as we show how much we really don't want to hurt our parents. God will clean up our mess and sternly tell us, "Don't do that again".
  14. why do people give up on life?

    When humans act no different than animals that then lends itself to nihilism which informs us that existence in meaningless, that we're no better than animals and like the animals we're going to lose it all anyways, so why bother? People give up, because they stopped tuning in to the holy spirit, which tells us there is something more to life, but we have to want it, pursue it, and lay down our lives for it.
  15. Can't I just be broken?

    Speaking as someone who has been depressed for most of his life, the best line in all the psalms imo, is "The lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those that are crushed in spirit". It was in the lowest parts of my life that I realized that there had to be something more to this planet besides human vanity; God was that answer. When I was at my lowest, I saw him who was at the highest. The spirit came to me because this world left me brokenhearted. Through your weakness he will come to you, rely on his strength to carry you through your ambitions. He didn't place you here with utter indifference, even Jobs utterly ruined life served a purpose and inspiration. Remember that Christ's power is made perfect in weakness. The afflictions of the righteous are many. Self improvement is important, God doesn't want us to be lazy. He wants us to create, just as he creates. He knows that there is satisfaction in good work. Ecclesiastes tells us that it is good that a man should be pleased with his work, for that is his lot. Don't hasten yourself and expect to build Rome in a day. Even throughout my depression, I look back at my previous drawings and realize that not at one moment did I ever stop improving. I struggle a lot with completing pictures, but even if I can't build the entire building yet, I've got the framework down, and one day it will flower for me, one day it will all make perfect sense. Be patient with yourself, small improvements are very very good, but standing still is never the answer, he who sows the wind reaps the storm.