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  1. According to Detective Woof, "All dogs go to heaven" is indeed a biblical concept referenced in Doggyronomy 14:15, go look it up!
  2. Christians for one. One group is persecuted for the wickedness that they promote. Another group is persecuted for the virtue that they promote. One group calls Christ a liar. Another group calls Christ a King. One group operates through covert means to hide their wickedness. Another group operates through overt means in promoting the true words of Christ. The prince of peace died in one of these groups. When the wicked group is persecuted it's because of the poison they spew, but when Christians are persecuted it's because of the TRUTH. God plans a final solution for counterfeit Jews, this he says in Jeremiah 9:25 “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when I will punish all who are circumcised yet uncircumcised " Christians are the ones whom are persecuted, Just as Christ was -- No servant is greater than his master. They are trying to replace us, just as they tried to replace Christ with their own gods of stone.
  3. This first sentence is rather telling don't you think? Communists only warmed up to them when they become useful, it wasn't a spiritual awakening, they merely saw a useful tool at the time and then used it when they became desperate, and only after much of the church was already plundered and brought to its heels.
  4. You are not Jesus. What you do bears absolutely no resemblance to what Jesus did with the Pharisees. There is no parallel. Jesus' reference is only that they were teaching a false doctrine, not that they were not actual Jews. This bad parallel you continually use to prop up your Antisemitism is false. There is absolutely nothing in your above post that is true. Jews do not "run the world." No, what Jesus did and will do to the pharisees WILL be much worse than what I'm doing right now (rebuking them over the internet), he is going to bring vengeance itself upon their heads. Matthew 23 is an entire chapter where Christ himself rebuked these pretender Jews, likening them to "white washed tombs": 27 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. Matthew 23:27 Revelation 3:9 disputes this as God is very well aware of pretender jews whom are "outwardly circumcized" instead of the inward circumcision of the heart. The heart is what matters when it comes to faith. (Romans 2:28) 25 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. 26 Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean. Matthew 25-26 Which connects to Jeremiah 9:25: “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when I will punish all who are circumcised yet uncircumcised " Which connects Revelation 3:9: "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee". There is a clear cabal of counterfeit Jews that the bible repeatedly warns us about, "Jews" as they call themselves today, do not accept Christ, they hate him which is why they corrode Christian civilization through the pornography and wares that they peddle, and Christians drink it all up, much more willingly then they would drink the gospel itself, and then they wonder why things are so bad. You drink Satan's poison, get sick, and then you wonder why you are sick? The lord has promised vengeance upon these counterfeit Jews, I would stay far away from them, stay away from their wars, stay away from the porn and culture that they promote. All that they touch turns to poison, ergo that region see's nothing but wars, thereby confirming the prophecy of Ezekiel 21:27: I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him. Christians need to become aware that this is why fake Israel see's nothing but war, fake Israel is a blemish, therefor it is war that they get. The Pharisees are not "Jews" to begin with. I am not calling you a fake Jew or a Neocon, but I am warning about them. Just observe them and you'll see how they promote endless wars, and then go about waging them through falsehoods and deceit, we don't need another Iraq, we don't need another Libya. I don't care how wrong muslims are, if Muslims are wrong, we can prove they're wrong through words, but counterfeit Jews want to create another power vacuum in that region to prop up their fake nation that does not have God's endorsement (the proof being all the wars that they see). Then they are going to use the refugees they created to assault Europe with another migrant train. I am warning you to stay away from them and their bloody ways.
  5. Hide behind your accusations, as the left do because the truth has no bearing in you, so you hide behind "hate speech" accusations, just as the left do. Calling out fake Jews As Jesus Christ often did is not antisemitism, you folks corrupt the term "jew" to mean something that is outwardly, hence your defense for Babylon and the Whore of Babylon that peddles its wars. Christ called out fake Jews all the time and Christians are not allowed to do that anymore for it is the fake Jews whom murdered Christ that leverage power of us now. Christians need to be wary of bloodthirsty warhawk neocons that peddle endless middle-eastern wars for Babylon.
  6. Germany freed itself from international banks and relied more of a haggle-based economy, this is among the things that fake "Jewish" internationalists do not allow as it was through Rothschild leverage that fake Israel came into existence through the Balfour deceleration. The west is a whore to the banks, which then corrupts politicians and effeminate democracies that are unable to prevent corruption from within. These banks pushed the U.S into WW1, which then led to the stranglehold of Germany that you describe, which was among the things that led to the rise of the Nazis. Berlin was also a whorehore before the Nazis got into power and cleaned that place up. Now the entire west is a whorehouse, which is not a coincicence, it only took 20 years after WW2 to turn the west into a cesspit after their "victory", if you are going to play pretty little games with the devil's own sons, expect to lose your civilization as we are losing it right now. World war 2 was nothing short of a Luciferan victory of the purest sense. Germany tried to free itself from internationalist banks and the fake counterfeit Jews that govern this world and so they used their banks to leverage power over Germany. Hitler was defeated and yet you're still losing your country, that brings to light to which side you actually were on. Source please.
  7. Islam is vile, but this is little more than transparent Neocon propaganda meant to prop up more middle-eastern wars for Babylon (Fake Israel). People should look into what gave rise to Nazi Germany, and why counterfeit Jews stir up so much trouble: Oh look counterfeit Jews trying to stir up a communist revolution in Germany, do you think that might have something to do with the rise of the Nazis? Hmm! Big questions. I mean it's not like they murdered God (spoiler alert: they did). It's not like they murdered Millions of Russian Christians through Artificial Famines and the Holodomor (spoiler alert: they did). Today Russia is so screwed up in the head because counterfeit-Jew partisans ripped the spiritual soul out of Russia through the communist revolution just as they ripped it out of Israel numerous times throughout the bible: this is what they hope to bring to the west, but the west is still too smart, thus they hope to demographically warp western civilization by importing the third world. This is why they murdered Gaddafi, this is why fake Israel propts up endless Neocon wars, to destabilize that region through false flag attacks, so that the whore of Babylon (the U.S) might have reason to enter into a another bloody conflict to prop up Babylon (Fake Israel). That conflict then creates refugees, which the beast then sends into Europe to rape and murder. Their wars of deception are so transparent nowadays, first it was IRAQ and WMD's, which was proven FALSE. So they lied and murdered, now its Syria and Gas attacks, which is ridiculously transparent, as Assad clearly has the advantage and would have NO reason to gas his own people. But as soon as Trump announced that they were going to pull troops out of Syria, guess what happens? Another false flag gas attack! Fake Israel is Babylon for that is where the counterfeit Jews refined their Satanic Occultic traditions. They make war by deception, thus they depend on fake wars to survive. I warn Christians just as Revelation warns you of the fake Jews that govern this world, Islam is easily defeated for it brings its heresies out into the open, but Satan is a snake and he is not going to reveal himself so easily, he hides now among counterfeit Jews just as he hid behind them when they murdered Christ, don't fall into their trap to send more Christians to die for their meaningless wars. Islam is a red-herring propt up by Satan -- Look into Revelation to find the true foe. Islam has some of the markings of the true foe, but not quite all of them. Look for the Synagogue of Satan and the ones that claim to be Jews (Revelation 3:9). When you learn these these things then you can understand perfectly well why the Nazis were angry at counterfeit Jews. For it was the same reason that Christ was angry with them in Matthew 23. But it's easy to make war against Nazis, they lost after all, but Christ won by losing, which is how Satan fell into his trap. But the real mind-bender is this: if the Nazis lost, why are things so bad? Communism was the true foe of WW2, but they were allowed to plunder much of the world for they were derived from the same school that the counterfeit Jews came from, the Bolsheviks were largely a counterfeit-jew movement. The church actually thrived under Nazi Germany, but Stalin plundered the Russian orthodox Church, this is what they plan to bring to the west once the demographics change.
  8. First of all they're not Jews, as Revelation warned (Revelation 2:9), and as Christ in the NT showed (John 8:39, John 5:46 ). Now after we established that they're not Jews, look at this graphic to see just how overrepresented they are in Hollywood: That is NOT a coincidence, and you would have to be very gullible to think that's a coincidence. They erode Christ from every facet of our culture and then they give each other trophies for it. These are the things that Christians ignore to "feel good" and to go without offending the gatekeepers. Christ butted head with the pharisees because they were luciferans, Christians think that they can avoid the same fate by ignoring counterfeit Jews who are in truth luciferans. Here is a well-known quote from "Jewish" pornography Al Goldstein exposing the luciferan plot to spread the poison of porn to Christians: SOURCE: Protocols of the Elders of Zanuck: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies https://books.google.com/books?id=LV5QDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA576 These are the things that Christians ignore, which are akin to them ignoring a dope-peddler giving drugs to their children, they ignore these things because they refuse to die for the truth as Christ had, instead preferring the comfortable lie as they ease into "feel good Christianity". Abortion is a metaphor for the battles they ignore, battles that should have been fought several generations ago, because in ignoring this battle they cannibalize future generations. So yes, modern Christians have become cowards by giving this burden to the next generation and then that generation will give it to the next one, until the Christ himself returns to fix the mess we created by refusing to confront the Evil just because it took on a label. Want to make a Christian believe every word you say? Just call yourself a Jew. Which is why Revelation warned us, yet we refuse to confront the evil preferring instead the comfortable lie. But as is written, he who saves his life shall lose it.
  9. Hollywood is overwhelmingly governed and controlled by fake Jews who hate Christ, but this is the group Christians are not allowed to criticize, that is how you know that they are the gate keepers to the culture. In the above comments you will see Christians do mental gymnastics to avoid -they who must not be named-, and Satan who hides amongst them, who teaches them personally how to feed poison to the youth. They also overwhelmingly control the pornography industry and especially subvert the youth through that. Want to fool a Christian? Just call yourself a "Jew", and we will worship you over Christ. That is how bad things have gotten and how much control they have over us. When Satan decided to take on that label, Christians then allowed him, through his lips and actions, to slowly subvert and cannibalize their own posterity, and then they turn around and wonder why things have gotten so bad? We refuse to name culprits, we refuse to call out the evil, just because he took on a fake name even when Revelation plainly warned us about them. Christians have become gullible and cowardly, that is why they tolerate Hollywood. There is barely anything left of Christianity and we've allowed it to get this bad because we are cowards, there are no more men, it's every man for himself.
  10. They say if you search the enchanted forest for long enough, you'll find sitting on his throne, Cloud Kitty, who holds the secret wisdom of the ancient kings. All hail Cloud Kitty!
  11. Doggy consoles grieving friend after its stuffed llama doll squeaked its last. RIP llama doll.
  12. Because it's a related, If people don't think there is an active conspiracy for population replacement, this is the recent "refugee" ship "The Aquarius", that was refused entry by Italy and dumped its cargohold of humans off in Spain. Now it's going back to Libya to traffic even more people in an on-going population replacement. Why are governments allowing human trafficking to go on? Why did they kill Gaddafi? Why do Liberals hate borders so much? Satan's plan is just all too obvious at this point and very few governments care because they've been compromised by him. He needs to weaken the first world by importing the third world in order to gain a global stranglehold, which will eventually lead to nobody questioning the mark of the beast.
  13. Gratitude and thankfulness towards God each morning does wonders for depression. The bible often states that "The most shall become the least; the least shall become the most". People who eat for themselves lose their reason for eating, meaning that depressed people should do what they can to serve others instead of hoping to be served, then combining this with a sense of gratitude for the opportunity of serving others. Everyone needs to serve others in being in the body of God, anything less is rebellion and ultimately self-serving. Thus people lose their ability to take pleasure in the joys which were ALWAYS meant to be shared, and when the joys are stripped it further compounds the problem as it becomes nigh impossible to have a sense of thankfulness. Thus the complaint in my signature. Therefor, when you serve God you will serve others, and he will restore your desire in things. Food tastes good once again, and you realize, well... Food never really tasted good by itself, but when combined with Godly indignation, then it tastes wonderful, it preserves its flavor, but is it really the food that you're tasting then? You can apply this with pretty much all other joys, we don't live for the joy itself -- the most shall become the least -- but to share and spread the joy -- the least shall become the most, as stewards to that joy, which is the truth, which is Christ. A dispute also arose among the disciples as to which of them would be considered the greatest. So Jesus declared, “The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those in authority over them call themselves benefactors. But you shall not be like them. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who leads like the one who serves. For who is greater, the one who reclines at the table or the one who serves? Is not the one who reclines? But I am among you as the One who serves." Luke 22:24-27
  14. Apostles being sent to preach to the nations isn't the same as non-stop immigration. The bible tells us to treat the alien with compassion, but the alien isn't there to demographically replace the Israelites, otherwise God would have burned against Israel (See the scriptures I previously quoted). Even Solomon made the mistake of marrying foreign wives which taught him their Pagan ways, which angered God greatly as to punish Israel once more. Babel was a failed world, so we shouldn't repeat their same mistakes in the intermingling of the nations. It's ONLY through Christ that humans can be united in any meaningful way, this doesn't mean the destruction of borders but the preservation of them, our bodies failed, but Christ's perfect body succeeds, therefor unity doesn't come through us, but through him. For instance if we mix all colors together then we can no longer have any vibrancy and colors in our paintings..., of if a word meant everything then it would mean nothing and an author would no longer be able to employ them. In all of this you can see why God values borders and why The Creature HATES borders.
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