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  1. Many lawyers try to talk people out of getting a divorce, despite the financial hit they know they will take.They know the misery these clients are going to face.My brother did listen......he spent many years and many dollars in a hate- fueled war with his ex.The lawyer,of course got rich.It is obvious that you got no pleasure from doing what you had to do at times.I am sure you were a good lawyer
  2. Hebrews chapter 4......if you do not rest in the Gospel you are living in disobedience....you do not rest because of your disbelief.....God says you are like the Israelites who failed to go into the Promised Land because of unbelief.....God was VERY displeased and He gives a clear warning here.....squirm out of it at your own risk....daily sins that are already on the Cross are one thing—- unbelief is at another level altogether .....I think we all know what happens to unbelievers .This is scary ground to find oneself on.All those Judaizers that put their faith in “ lucky repentance” to the point that they nullify the Grace thAt saves us, be sure to put the sin of not resting in the Gospel at the top of your repentance ledger lest you die tonight and go to Hell .Newbies take note .This is why you see all those sour- faced, judgemental religious people in the church .Trusting yourself to keep yourself saved is one heck of a burden to carry around.How could you ever have any joy? That explains all the phony smiles.REST in the finished work of the Cross and find the true peace and joy that God wants you to have—- the abundant life .Legalists never get it.They never live it.They don’t know what they are missing.
  3. “ I write these things so that you KNOW you have Eternal life”. Anybody that does not understand what had been written to them has a serious problem.The problem is not believing the first half of Paul’s Gospel given to him by Jesus. The part where it says “Christ died for your sins” The sin problem was taken care of 2000 years ago.Every sin has been paid for .All that is left for us to do is to “ cash-in” on this fact with our faith.All these modern day Judaizers had better be less concerned with sins that have been paid for and pay attention to their lack of faith which REALY makes God angry.God warns that if you are not RESTING in His Gospel, you are guilty of the same unbelief that forbade the Ancient Jews from entering the PromisedLand.God says you should be “ fearful” If you have heard the “ good news” and do not rest in it, you are in a state of disobedience.You have a false fear that is not Biblical- If you leave an unrepentant sin on your ledger when you die you are damned— and ignore the fear that God actually warns about in Hebrews.Unbelief.Much more dangerous than our day- to - day Sins that are under the Blood.I hope Newbies understand that not resting in the Gospel is unbelief- please don’t listen to Judaizers who never want to discuss this.They are stuck in the baby-world of “ Don’t do this and do do that”.Its all don’t and dodo.True Christianity is sooooo much more— don’t miss out on it!
  4. That is the Gospel thAt saves.....all we have to do is believe it .......flee from anybody that nullifies it by adding to it.......
  5. Those figures are very encouraging.......at the same time, they are humbling and sobering......I can only pray that my posts can be a blessing to somebody..... I always pray that God blesses my one finger that does all my “ typing”..... lol.....
  6. Once there was a guy who was miserable.I knew him and worked with him.He was constantly irritable .Quick to argue.Never smiled, never laughed at anything.Smoked heavily.Drank to excess.There was nothing to like about him.Because of our schedules, there were times I never saw him for weeks or months .We were not close friends or anything, but somehow I discovered that he had been going to Church—Bornean Baptist, I think.I seldom talked to this guy, but I kept an eye on him.The reason I watched him because every time there was an extended period where we did not work together,I could notice this guy was turning into a different fellow .If I did not see him for, say a month, when I was around him again, he had always changed again for the better.His visits to the Church must have accomplished something— he slowly turned into the sweetest, most likable person you would ever want to be around.He had repented from being an unbeliever to a man that trusted Jesus to save him.The Holy Spirit had changed this man from a miserable wretch to a man full of joy— no desire to smoke or drink again.It was a change from the inside out, a true work of God. Another guy at the plant where I worked got some bad news.His Son was diagnosed with a very serious illness.This got him scared real bad.So scared he decided it was time to bite the bullet, resign himself to a life of misery, and start to live the Christian life in a deal he made with God.I’ll straighten out my life if you will heal my son.To straighten out his life, he knew the other worker had “ got religion” so he figured he’d do what the other guy did .He quit smoking and drinking even though he still had the same desires to do both.He worked on his cussing , but slipped up when he wasn’t careful.He tried to control his temper, tried to be joyful or at least act it .He had become a miserable man.A religious man— thinking that if he copied the outside behavior of a true Christian that was what mattered. ACTING like a Christian without the indwelling Spirit to MAKE him a Christian.When his son recovered, he reverted back to his old self. The first guy continues to grow in faith and joy— he is being transformed continually.He trusts God as opposed to the guy who tried to use will- power to accomplish what only God could do.The first man smiles often and laughs easily.The second guy? You never met anybody so glum.Anybody that claims to be a Christian is suspect in my book if he does not have a ready smile. It is 700 am here and I have been up all night.....I got this feeling that I am starting to ramble ......lol. This story was meant to go somewhere but I am too sleepy to continue, so I’ll try to sum it up ——Christianity is real , it leads to joy and that scowling Religionist you see at many churches is merely imitating the real thing—- that’s all they CAN do.All religious people suffer from the same thing.They lack the Power Of God.They practice “ Spiritual Imitation” when God wants “ Spiritual Fruition”.That was my point , I think.......zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
  7. Methinks what you are describing is the Repentance that God requires for Salvation.EVERY Soul that entered or WILL enter Heaven had a contrite heart.Pride will be nonexistent.The proud were the ones that heard “ depart from me, I never knew you.” The ONLY excuse for us ever uttering the word “ I “ when we stand before a Holy God that did ALL that was necessary for our Salvation will be using it in this context: “ I “ believed the Gospel and that alone as my only means of Salvation.
  8. A person may be saved if his good works are not quite to the high standard but I think only in case he admits that. The standard for Salvation is perfection.If one is not perfect for the entirety of their lives, they will never enter Heaven. The Religionists will not admit that they can’t reach God’s standard so their remedy is to lower the unattainable standard to a level they “ think” they can fulfill.The self- made standard they devise can be counted on to never include things that they may struggle with—- the man who has no temptation to drink alcohol will always have drinking near the top of their watered- down list of no- no’s . For those who hate religion and understand the futility of trying to keep an impossible “ standard” there is a big loophole.Its name is “Grace” .You have to have undergone a heart transplant to qualify though.When the Holy Spirit reveals to you that the Law was given to show you that you can’t keep it and it shows you your need to “ turn to God with faith in Christ” , the heart transplant has occurred .With this new heart in place, you are now a candidate to receive the Gospel of Grace that will save you.Simply believe that Jesus died and paid the price for your inability to reach God’s Standard.Believe also that He rose from the dead and God will slap a tag on you that says “ perfect”, even though you ain’t nowhere close to that in reality.Perfection has been IMPUTED to you.As an added bonus you get the Holy Spirit that will change you from the inside out— a work only GOD can do and the only work that will account for anything come Judgement Day.Trusting God to finish the work He started will allow you to “ Sabbath” the way God always intended it.Rest from the struggle and anxiety of trying to keep a Standard you will NEVER meet.
  9. Poor Hitler........he just can’t seem to catch a break.Lets not neglect Pol Pot when setting up examples of History’s biggest jerks.Stalin was an excellent choice.He does not need to take a back seat to Hitler.I think good ol’ “ Uncle” Joe was far worse.
  10. Howdy Marilyn..... Could that be a part of the “ break me” section? The painful acknowledgement that one is a sinner that needs forgiveness.
  11. Oliver Greene used to say this......I had not thought about it for years.....I think this little prayer encompasses a lot in regard to Christianity.Perhaps EVERYthing.Could this prayer ,said with sincerely , be enough to get one saved? If not, what is it leaving out?
  12. If this person who “ walks away” is a Child Of God, a member of the Body of Christ, there comes with all that good news a little bit of bad news......GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN and He has promised to chastise them if they do such things .Even to the point of death.God knows how to set His Children straight , far short of having to go back on His Word and damning them.If this person did not get saved by seeing himself as a sinner who saw the absolute need for a savior and then asked with a contrite heart to be saved, his “ walking away” would be a moot point— he was never saved to begin with.Walking away as a Believer is not even possible.Jesus has you in His hand and He said “ nothing in the future” can change that. If you were saved and were in the hand of Jesus on the day you were saved, walking away would have been something that happened AFTER that —- IN THE FUTURE. So if by “ walking away” one means to commit sins—- we are covered, chastisement will take care of that. If by “ walking away” from belief to unbelief that could be construed as leaving His hands. We are covered there also. It would be a future event after Salvation and Jesus said He would not let that happen.You either believe His Promises or you don’t.
  13. It is implied in this, that we call upon him with right feelings; that is, with a humble sense of our sinfulness and our need of pardon, and with a willingness to receive eternal life as it is offered us in the gospel. And if this be done, this passage teaches us that all may be saved who will do it. He will cast none away who come in this manner. The invitation and the assurance extend to all nations and to people of all times. “ all it proves is God is faithful to save those who call upon Him” Isn’t that exactly what I am claiming ? Please tell me what I am “ reading into” this Scripture. The only thing I am reading into this is that God will keep His Promise.If one turns to God in sincere repentance , seeing his lost position and needling ASavior as his ONLY hope of Salvation and God rejects that person , God would be a liar.Highly unlikely. It is much more likely that people who do not see this promise as a guarantee of Salvation May trust God ......but only to a certain extent.This promise is just too good to be true.They probably don’t really believe that part of the Gopel in 1cor15:1-4 that states that Christ died for our sins— ALL of them.THAT “ good news” is too good to be true also.The Shed Blood is great—- but not THAT great!Just another sad version of “ Jesus Saves—- BUT!”
  14. “ examine yourselves”. It may be disturbing and sad, yet it is the right question to ask.We either judge ourselves or God will be forced to do it.The first way is wisest.
  15. Romans 10:13............. is that crickets I hear?
  16. I have always believed that “ light is the best disinfectant”. There is a part of me that wishes every weird-o on the planet could come in here and show his or her rear end and be exposed for the fool that they are, if indeed, they happen to be fools.That being said, I have surely seen much in my first year here at Worthy, but George has been here a lot longer than me and so have the Moderators.I’ve seen enough that I trust their judgement when it comes to running this place.Knowing full-well That they have prayed about the issues that concern this site and being certain that they are not blind to the gravity that God attaches to a place that deals with Eternal subjects that we routinely find here—— let’s support those that will answer to God for this site and pray that God continue to grant them Wisdom.
  17. Please explain how it does not.......Just making a claim does not count for much in a debate.....the verse says that if I or anybody else asks to be saved, that person will be saved.....no qualifications except for the faith to ask for it.....even if I “ could” give it back or “ lose” it, it is up to Jesus to get me back again to being saved before I die.......it was HIS promise, not mine, and we all know it is impossible for God to lie......The monkey, to put it crudely, is squarely on His back and HE put it there.......exactly where He wants it ......that way, He gets ALL of the Glory— you get none.Is that what really scares your crowd?
  18. It seems nobody has an explanation of Rom10:13...you are throwing out other stuff which I can refute later.....but why continue if my verse proves my point and you can’t defend your position ......right or wrong, all of your verses can be argued with —- there is room for intelligent people to disagree.I really don’t see how people can disagree with “ Anybody that asks to be saved WILL be saved” Newbies need to start their faith walk with a solid base.Now is your chance to show a large, on- looking crowd the error in thinking that Rom10:13 proves OSAS .The stage is yours.Show the world my error or admit your doctrine is wrong.For the sake of new believers, if for no other reason......
  19. Cletus has to refute Rom10:13 first........THEN it will be his turn to throw any verses he chooses my way.....I can tell you in advance that they will be out of context verses, or verses not addressed to Born-Again Believers.....
  20. You will not be winning the pot or anything else until you explain Rom10:13 as I asked.Then it will be your turn. I can’t find the PM you are referring to, but I think I remember it.You provided many different verses.Too many to take all at once — especially for just one person . I am too lazy and it is a waste of time to go through all those verses when the answer to all of your examples will be the same—— all out of context or not being addressed to the Body of Christ All I need is Rom10:13to blow you out of the water.You nor anyone else can get around it.It proves my point about OSAS being true.So why spend time going through 200 or so verses when my point has been proven? Having said that, I’ll take all your verses one at a time- AFTER you show me how you get around “ anybody that asks to be saved W I L L be saved” Here’s another one to chew on— Jesus said if one believes in Him he ALREADY HAS eternal life and will NEVER face condemnation.For all you guys who know that Jesus said He will never let go of you, who say that You can let go of HIM....Jesus said “ nothing in the future” could take you from His hand.YOU leaving HIM would be a future event.Any fool could see the point Jesus was trying to make.At least one would think that was true.
  21. lots of people on this forum tried to hash it out with me, but one at a time they stopped responding when scripture was in their face, and study was applied. all I heard in responseafter so long was crickets wanna bet? I will be happy to refute any and all out of context verses or verses that do no pertain the Body Of Christ......when all the smoke settles from these debates, that is what you are left with......“ ANYBODY that asks to be saved WILL be saved”.......notice it does NOT say “ has a chance to be saved” or “ anybody that asks to be saved will be put on probation”. Show me how this simple verse does not GUARANTEE Salvation and then we can proceed......don’t bother me with anything else ......explain this to me and then you can have your turn.Ive been this road too many times......if you hear crickets, they will be chirping from boredom — not fear of erroneous doctrine.
  22. God speaking in regard to the Children of Israel: “ I will bless those that bless you, and curse thos that curse you”.Most Americans are unaware of this promise of God. If they were made aware of it, it would mean nothing.God help this Nation when we refuse to support Israel.Sadly, That day will come.In the Tribulation, It us said that “ every nation” will be opposed to Israel.That would include the United States.I am happy to know that I should be gone before that time.
  23. Works do matter. Obedience does matter. Many may scream "I've saved by the blood and in grace and mercy, all my sins are nailed to the cross!!!". Fine, and now what are you going to do with your freedom?  I would be one of those “ screamers”.I would take my freedom and do whatever I want to do.What do I want to do? I want to rest in the finished work at the Cross and watch Him change me from the inside out and be His willing Slave.Christianity must really look crazy to those not in the Body of Christ.Being set free only to choose to become a slave—— who woulda thunk it?
  24. “ Grace”. A word never seen in anti-OSAS rants.I find that quite strange .Grace is what saved every person that was ever saved, yet it is never mentioned.Keeping a perfect Repentance ledger has replaced it as the means of staying saved.God have mercy on that poor soul who bumps his head, says a bad word, and then suffers a heart attack before he has a chance to repent . He’s bound for Hell. NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD..... “ AND” last - second lucky repentance . “ by luck you are saved......” Pray for a slow death so you can strive to repent from all sins......especially those one is not aware of.....I guess we should pray for a superb memory also while we are at it.Or perhaps do it God’s way— utilize the Grace His Son payed a terrible price for ......
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