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  1. other one

    What should I do?

    so this person you are speaking of is not yourself?
  2. other one

    What should I do?

    the first thing you should do is have a vasectomy....
  3. I can't say that I heard the voice in my ear, but it was in my head so strong it seemed to be his voice..... just a note: I am assuming that it was the Holy Spirit that was speaking not the Father... ..... and I was not looking for a wife at the time. I have heard his voice since then, but there is a very long story about how that all came about.
  4. Is there someone for each of us.... I think so if we are tuned into him and give him the leeway to make things happen. In 1969 I got the real need for a hot fudge sunday…. so as anyone would do I stopped and walked into one of our Dairy Queen stores and walked up to order..... out of the corner of my eye there was a young lady standing there looking like a goddess with a smile that simply melted my heart..... Then the oddest thing..... God physically tapped me on the shoulder and whispered into my ear, "There she is..." well since I had always had a pretty good imagination I kind of assumed it was my own self falling over some lovely young lady, but as it turned out I am totally convinced it was the Lord for he moved heaven and earth to bring us together.... that would have been a bit less than 50 years ago... in July we will have been married 49 years....
  5. other one

    Jeanne Robertson

    I've got a lot of her video's marked on youtube... I've listened to hours of her work...
  6. My wife and I have traveled the entire country for the past 15 years on very long driving vacations to see the whole country.... I have met many more Christians all over than unbelievers. While our government has been dark from the very beginning I don't personally believe the general citizenship of the country is nearly as bad as the main stream media would have us believe... There are physical areas that need God's intervention but I don't see the whole country being judged and destroyed... I know a lot of Christians in the Blue counties of California and all along the west coast and in most of the State of New York.... If the rapture happened tonight I think people will be shocked as to the low number of Americans left behind
  7. other one

    Valentine week treat - is he/she the one?(part 2)

    best thing about valentines day comes on the 15th..... all that unsold chocolate goes on sale... Welcome to Worthy.... I enjoyed both parts...
  8. other one

    United Methodists to Vote on LGBTQ Issues

    *****shakes head and walks away from conversation*****
  9. other one

    United Methodists to Vote on LGBTQ Issues

    the united Methodist church has instructed it's retirement program and other parts of the church to not do business with the top 5 Israeli banks... that's such common knowledge you should know about it.
  10. I do believe that chances are that both will happen... a bit if judgement may well open some eyes. Christianity seems to grow more when it's being persecuted.
  11. other one

    different ways to pray

    different ways to pray