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  1. This is not the thread about the last one who posts wins is it? k...I win!
  2. A few years back, a friend and I were taking a group of young people to the movies in the city. While we were there, we thought we'd do some site seeing and pick them up afterward. On our way home, we came across a young man who had broken down on the side of the road. My friend felt sorry for him so we stopped and offered our help. His car would not start and we tried everything that we could think of including jumper leads but nothing seemed to work... so I got this brilliant idea! and said to the young man that I'll pray for his car so I did...Now I've prayed for mechanical and electrical things like this before and they have always come back to life....but his car still did not start. After praying a second time, I asked him to crank the engine up again...and still nothing... Finally he asked if he could get a lift to his friends place who lived in the direction that we were going so we did. He noticed the young people in the van and asked a few questions and I was telling him how awesome our God is....and he said " Well if your God is so great, then why didn't he heal my car? I said [because I could feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit by this time] " well perhaps God did not want to heal your car. Maybe he wanted you in this van right now so that I could ask you a question" he remarked, " and what question is that?" I said to him..."If you died tonight, where would you go to?" Well this young man was shocked [and a little scared I think] and he replied, " I don't know, maybe Hell?" and I said to him that he did not need to go to hell. "The bible says that those who call upon the Lord, shall be saved." We talked a little more and as we dropped him at his friends place I said to him as we left "remember what I have said." Now I was acutely aware of the young people in the back and we were silent as we traveled home....I never thought about this incident again. Two weeks later, I was feeling a little down so another friend of mine suggested that we go to another church perhaps in the city, just for a change. So we did. When we got there the place was packed out and we realized that a well known evangelist/healer was speaking there that night. We went down the back and listened to his awesome preaching....he did something unusual that night and asked for anyone who had not publicly confessed their salvation to come up and form a line at the front of the service...as I sat with my friend, I noticed a young man walking towards the front and recognized him as the one we tried to help who had broken down on the side of the road...so I jumped out of my seat and pursued him. Finally managing to stand next to him at the front. He glanced my way but did not recognize me, so I tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hi, do you remember me?" I watched as his face changed from looking at a complete stranger to full on recognition and he replied rather loudly "You!...It's you!" Then we both started hugging and jumping up and down with joy. I asked him what had happened after we left him at his friends house and he later told me this story...After you left me at my friends place, everything went wrong...[looking at me accusingly] I am a student making my way through university. I was kicked out of my flat and had to live in my car...then I broke up with my girlfriend... during all this time, I could not get your voice out of my head [if you died tonight, where would you go to] and my life was completely destroyed, thanks!. I remembered what you had said so I got on my knees one day and said "Lord, if you are real, then come into my life and help me." From there he had joined a Church and made some great friends and life was looking good. He introduced me to them as "The one that I told you all about in my testimony!" They looked at me and said "Wow" and I looked at them and said "Wow" because he had led them to Jesus through that testimony. All this in two weeks...thank you Jesus! Yes God can divinely heal mechanical and electrical things but sometimes he does not because he has a greater plan! Awesomeness!
  3. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" Thought to have been originated by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux's quote "hell is full of good wishes or desires" An earlier rendition~ "the descent to hell is easy" Virgils Aenied
  4. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable about your mom knowing your going to church because she met your Father at church and you are unconsciously trying to save her any further hurt or unwanted memories of her past. IDK but I think you should get over that hurdle by just telling her that you are going to church and that she is more than welcome to join you if she wants to...
  5. I will be praying for you and your family. Blessings...
  6. praying for you...blessings!
  7. miracles

    Favorite drink/drinks

    I like diet lemonade with a berry tea bag. Nice and refreshing on a hot day...I also like Cuppachino and Latte and sometimes a good flat white.
  8. You've got it! The fall and break were five, after that, I came alive ~ night fall - day break = 5 + 1 after that = 6 I found a friend in me, by my side for eternity ~ Eve I was not born, yet I had 3, who looked pretty much like me. Who am I? ~ He was not born but created ~ Cain, Abel and Seth were his sons.
  9. no...here's a clue. It's someone in the bible...
  10. The fall and break were five, after that, I came alive I found a friend in me, by my side for eternity I was not born, yet I had 3, who looked pretty much like me. Who am I?
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