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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I'm Kay from London Just checking this out.
  2. Hello, everyone. I am extremely new to this site. I've searched around for various Christian forums just hoping somebody can help me. I don't mean to offend anybody or bring any type of discomfort to this forum. I especially hope I get no violations. This is a really heavy issue on my heart. I am extremely at the end of my rope with depression and anxiety, but what makes it all worse is how the world views me in this dark body God gave me. I have asked God why this color? Why not make me Asian or Native American? I tried telling myself that He made me black because it pleased him. Why should he care what the world thinks, or form me in the matter what would fit society's standards? I've tried convincing myself that God does not cater to how poorly we human beings view each other. Racism wasn't His fault. He is a supreme being over the created. I've tried convincing myself that only his thoughts about me matter. I've tried looking at the big picture that one day, all of us will unite with him and experience the real TRUTH about EVERYTHING. But none of this convincing is working. Deep down, I know there is nothing wrong with my skin color, or the hair texture that I have, or the physical features. If there was no racism or the harsh systems against my people, I would be able to walk down the street proudly. However, when you live in a world where DAILY, somebody is reminding you that your skin color is a problem, it starts to get to you...for years and years and years and years. It's like beating up a dog everyday where the dog will eventually think it did something wrong. Social Media is a terrible and evil tool for people to manifest their true feelings about me and my race. I have seen so many cruel things, such as: 1. African't (word CAN'T) as if we can't do anything. As if it's in our DNA to fail, or that we need extra help, or that we're born to suffer. 2. It is believed we aren't civilized. No matter how nice I am, or how wide of a smile I put on my face, I will always be regarded as another black animal. I know I tend to fool people once they hear me speak or experience my personality. I always hope that the mugshots shown on the daily news about a murder or robbery isn't of my race because what one black person does, the rest of the black people are also at fault for it. We are not individually judged, but judged as a whole. 3. We have dirt and less developed countries 4. Slavery was our fault (and even if we were handed over by our brothers and sisters, that still does not excuse the terrible unspeakable things that happened to us.) And even when it was 400 years ago, traces of it are still affecting us today. My ancestors didn't get to own businesses or have land passed down through their generation of future families. I was never able to relate to white folks who talk about the family lineage or how far down the they count their family ancestry. I can't. My history is silent, yet it screams of blood. 5. I am guaranteed at least once a month to see somebody say I'm ugly (not directly), or black women are the least desired all over the world, that their own men don't want them, whether it's to an Indian man, Asian man, White man, or even African man. Men of various races always obsess and desire a White woman. it is NEVER ever ever ever ever anybody that looks like me. And I'm not saying I need their approval, but, it will just feel nice to know that I may look beautiful to somebody every once and a while. I will never or hardly ever in my life see a man of any race say something decent about me. We're not on billboards. We're not on TV with commercials glorifying our skin or looks. When I was a kid white Barbie dolls were heavily emphasized in commercials. The other minority dolls only showed up right at the end of the commercial. I broke my mother's heart when I told her to take back the black doll she gave me. We're never even in video games where we can enjoy cool characters. And if we are in video games, we have very insignificant roles. In movies, we're always portrayed in a very stereotypical ways. 6. Other black people make it harder to be black. Like the Mugshot I just spoke of. I can name so many problems, like falling into gang relations, or having an obnoxious loud attitude, or have terrible customer service in various employment. Some stereotypes are unfortunately true, but it affects m as well. 7. We have the worst health issues. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, mental illness, Sickle Cell, Lupus, and STD crisis; one of the least healthiest people on the planet. 8. We are regarded as less worthy. 9. Everything a black person does is a big deal. While I get that our names may sound funny, we can't even create our own names without ridiculing. No one ever questions why Asian people have the names the have, or the Arabs, and Indians, and other races of people, but if it's a black person, we need to just have white names. What about owning a business. Black businesses are perceived as low quality. Mexicans and Asians can whip up a business and people will flock to them like crazy. We're not allowed to have a bad day or express anger because if we do, we're being violent, or it's the 'uh-oh, and angry black man/woman!' 10. We are not welcomed anywhere on the planet. 11. We are a totally misunderstood race of people. 12. Racial tensions drive me crazy. Just the insensitive and lack of willingness to even understand a black person's place or their situations. We're told to 'get over it' or 'it's your fault', or 'stop playing the victim', or 'you're looking at things at a wrong perspective'. I am going mad. Nobody understands us, nor do they want to. We are the loneliness race on planet earth. No matter how much we shout and cry and plead, nobody hears us. Nothing changes. Not even God will do anything. Black people fill up the churches like crazy and can be some of the most God-fearing people, yet we're still severely oppressed I am emotionally tired. I feel like I just want to go sleep and never wake up. My depression and anxiety have gotten so bad that my body doesn't feel the same anymore. Sunday night I cried to God so hard that I could barely breathe. What was He thinking to even create me? I feel so terrible because I grew up with a wonderful childhood to two of the most amazing parents and a high-spirited family, but they have no idea I'm saying these things. Suicide feels really nice, but it will crush the people around me. I'm 31 years old, and suicide has been chasing me for years and it is constantly getting closer and closer. I read the bible and I pray, and it doesn't work, or the healing isn't coming fast enough. What can I do in this impossible world where everyday somebody or something lets me know that my skin color will always be an issue? How can anybody or even God expect me to be sane? What can I do? How can I get out of this struggle? Somebody please help me. How can the bible speak to me with this impossible struggle? A throb is in my throat right now...
  3. My Pins

    Check this pins for spiritual growth...... https://in.pinterest.com/rahulxlohra/pins/
  4. Bible and the world

    Well just wanted to post some things that i find wierd with church today, compare to 100 years after Jesus death. Im still learning bible and it goes well. getting help from a prophet now Well some of the issues that i find in the bible that todays church people some of them wont acceppt is. Bible says 99% that Jesus is lord and not God clearly, there is only one God and thats Jesus father. Bible says that the kingdom is on Jesus shoulders, and he are called father, but it dosent say that he is the father. I find that intresting, since there is so much division on who has the true faith today. Year 350 people desided that against the bible that Jesus where God and not Lord. its bin a tradition after that. Check history like wikipedia... Other thing is that some seam to belive that just couse people a christian makes it safe to enter heaven. No, its a mather of what you do in life for Jesus chosen, those that gave their lives to help us weak sick people. To be a chosen with gifts you need to stop sin, clearly says so. So our goal is stop sin as christians to help each other with difrent things, perhaps logical sickness, perhaps boddy sickness. Our goal is to aprove that these chosen by God, is doin the right thing to not to sin, and in a nice way try to help each other find life without sin, so they can help us others that sin alot. Since it says, no unrightious shall inherrit kingdom of God. If chosen are sinning we dont get help... Also says that we shuld cheer up the chosen. I find it strange that people say Jesus where God on earth, when he says hes a human, and become lord of universe and heaven after he died on the cross doin Gods will. Many are sick today bible says couse people aint... making a difrence on Lords body. He where chosen but he become lord when he went up to Gods throne. Well since im nice and people have many questions and myself aint fully learned in the bible im sharing a wery good prophet that does everything to help us, shes fully educated in the bible by god, and not state. Shes not effected by man forcing her to belive things that causes division on this planet, i find that intressting how far you can get alone with God and Jesus, holy spirit only. Eva virginius on facebook Have fun with the truth Hope i helped some, and might have awaken an intrest to explore what is the truth of bible, by trying to reach it for yourself truw God, than reach it from words of tradition, that clearly fails in the end, since we have such an division as christians. Hope its ok if i dont show where in the bible i talk about, just google it... Only problem can be to find old testament that Jesus is said to be called God or father, he aint, but he owns the kingdom Im of the one that bible says that is happy with the truth, hope you guys reach and try to reach that happyness to. Hope this post will make it possible for me to post in the normal forums, thats why i chose some of the most complex things in the bible. God bless, take care and have a nice day
  5. So after reading about I decided to dig a little deeper into this subject. What I found is quite appalling and disturbing. I’d be particularly interested in hearing both women and men’s views on this matter from people who live in N. America, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. So what would it be like to a woman living in Saudi Arabia? I’ll eventually present highlights of the majority of points from the wiki article. But here are the first 3. These people need Jesus Christ. Pleas pray for the women of Saudi Arabia. Thoughts? God bless, GE
  6. The power of a praying women

    Hello everyone! I started to read the book by Stormie Omartian called The power of a praying women. I got with it also the study book. This is made so we read it over a period of 30 weeks. I did the first week study yesterday, it took me about 2 hours to read, answer questions that i keep in a book note for myself. This is really helpful since I was looking to find a way to be able to pray more often and grow stronger in my relationship with God. that's it! I wanted to share this with you. Also if you have read her book, let me know what you think!
  7. First of all hello lady's... A good friend of mine has a young adult daughter who is having a birthday coming up soon. From what I understand she loves to read romance novels (the steamy kind) but I would like to know is there a Christian type series of books that isn't so rated "R" but would still be interesting to her? If anyone knows of any could you list me a few? If there is more than one book in a series let me know the name of the first book of the series so I don't buy her a book in the middle of the story line. Thank you for any help, I'm so lost on this one and don't know even where to begin.
  8. A Woman of Influence: Prov. 31

    Proverbs 31 gets a lot of attention on Mothers Day worldwide possibly more than any time of the year. However, we were teaching about virtue today and I decided to present this to others. The majority of the proverb describes a virtuous woman who leads her home with integrity, discipline, and giftedness. This wife and mother in the last proverbs is a leader not because she tries to be one, but because of who she is. A. Her Assets: She is trustworthy (v. 11) She is a positive influence (v. 12) She is a hard worker (v. 13, 14, 19, 24-27) She is a planner (v. 21, 22) She is protective (v. 27) B. Her Achievements She meets the needs of her home (v. 15) She invests for her household (v. 16) She keeps herself in shape (v. 17) She helps her husband become successful. (v. 23) C. Her Attitudes Delightful (v. 13) Healthy (v. 18) Compassionate (v. 20) Unselfish (v. 20) Public (v. 25) D. Her Applause From her family (v. 28) From her husband (v. 28, 29) From God's Word (v. 30) From her works (v. 31) Your thoughts? Anything I missed or you'd like to add/comment on? God bless, GE Source: Leadership material from John C. Maxwell