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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I want to make a thread where friends can share photos we've taken and exchange ideas about software, cameras, and equipment; even pics you've taken with your phone. I don't know how many if any will want to participate but I'm giving it a shot. ( Haha get it - shot ) I'll start by sharing a few photos I took today at a zoo we visited. Update: Editing this post after we've reached around 150 pages to say PLEASE try to limit reposting of others' photos when you comment. I am going back and shrinking all my reposts in hopes that people won't have to scroll endlessly and others won't get lost in the shuffle. Thank you everyone, I am really enjoying this! Edit #2 added 6/24/2017: apologies if this thread seems to derail at times. To me the fellowship with each other and the holy spirit is the main goal. Staying "on topic" is secondary. Edit #3 added 7/22/17: please have fun and feel free to post what you want. Party poopers are likely to be beaten with a frying pan .
  2. Shalom to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ! I have been ministering for 4 years online as well as in Federal Prisons along with a few churches between Canada and France. I have been called to an online vocation to be accessible to all, worldwide. While some curious struggling unbelievers may never find courage to enter a traditional church, strong believers at times also cannot attend for various reasons. Using online platforms ,I make myself available to people whom fall in such category. In essence, I am open minded and open my door for anyone in need whether its for one on one prayers, bible studies, Christian counselling, support, encouragement, fellowship or simply to have Christian oriented guidance, I am here on this forum to do my part in Jesus's Kingdom. Looking forward to meeting you all. Best.
  3. My fellowship preference is for mutually comforting faith among those who have "a yearning to fellowship with those of like faith, in order to liberally share something given freely by the Holy Spirit to reinforce them." Rom 1:11-12 (11) For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established; (12) That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me. This preference for mutually comforting faith is both a deal maker and a deal breaker when it comes to my fellowshipping decisions. For something to be mutual there must be some reciprocity, or beneficial exchange between those concerned. If there is no comforting cooperation and participation from those I am assembling with for edification I soon part company with them, as Paul did with those who refuted his preaching in the synagogue at Corinth. Act 18:4-7 (4) And he reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath, and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks. (5) And when Silas and Timotheus were come from Macedonia, Paul was pressed in the spirit, and testified to the Jews that Jesus was Christ. (6) And when they opposed him, and blasphemed, he shook his raiment, and said unto them, Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean: from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles. (7) And he departed thence, and entered into a certain man's house, named Justus, one that worshipped God, whose house joined hard to the synagogue. Rather than forsake assembling anywhere with anyone because of a Scripture-based fellowship preference mature Christians prayerfully seek out like-minded companions who encourage one another and form supportive relationships. Heb 10:23-25 (23) Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. (24) And let us consider one another for the stirring up of love and of good works, (25) not forsaking the assembling of ourselves, just as is the custom for some, but exhorting one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. I hope your fellowship preference is among those who share mutually comforting faith in Christ.
  4. Act 2:42 And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. Sometimes people ask "Where do you fellowship?" Also they ask "Who do you fellowship with?" But it would be a rare thing for someone to ask "What is your fellowship for?" An unbeliever might ask "What do you do at your meetings?", not knowing how the term "fellowship" is applied among Christians. I sometimes mention who I am in fellowship with and comment on what matters we discuss, and occasionally describe someone as being "out of fellowship", but still the question remains, "Ideally As Christians What Is Our Fellowship For?"
  5. HELLO! My name is Matt Downey and I am new here. I am from Columbus, Ohio and I love God ever since I was a little boy. I am a true Christian and have suffered through many hard trials and tribulations including homelessness, hunger, fasting, sleeplessness, beatings, travels, witnessing, closeness to God, separation from God, spiritual victories and spiritual failures. I guess I have grown to the place where I sort of just want to get back into the ministry of believer to believer strength and courage, because I spent most of my childhood healing and casting out devils. Then I met God and He told me to have some fun, so I ended up retiring and settling in at everything was about Me and nobody else really mattered anymore. But as time has progressed, I have decided that I would like to get back into common ministry and help strengthen and encourage individuals in the Body of Christ to never give up on the highest blessings and to always go forth in God. So that is a little about me. More is that I love web design, travel, spirituality including godliness and angelic hosting, Spirit travels through fasting and prayer, sleeping in, music, praise and worship, church, and pets. I love a lot of other things like art and museums too, but it's too much to list. I have a great family and I look forward to being a part of the online community here. Well, thanks! Matty
  6. When the word worship is mentioned in a Christian context I wonder if playing music and singing are the only things that come to mind. Of course there is a lot more to worship than music and singing. In addition to doxa referring to honour in Luke 14:10, five other Greek words used in the Bible variously translate into the English word worship as follows:
  7. Guest


    Stumbled upon this site looking for Christian fellowship. One of my favorite things! “However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, HE WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH …” (JOHN 16:13)
  8. God be praised! In loneliness and despair, feeling trapped in a sinful world, I know there is a remnant to be comforted by; I know there is a God that did not hold back His only Son. Thank you Lord for you are faithful and true.
  9. Guest

    New here

    Blessings brothers and sisters, i'm new and would like to learn how to properly use this site.
  10. Check this pins for spiritual growth...... https://in.pinterest.com/rahulxlohra/pins/
  11. Blessings Brother & Sisters,,,, We all have been lead to this Blessed Place by God,surely He deserves ALL the Glory and ALL our thanksgiving,Praise Jesus! But I am sure,though God has a Purpose & a Plan for each & every one of us,,,,we must all have a different story to share about how,when & why we came here,Here at Worthy Christian Forums,,,,,,,,, I'll begin around the time I was having chemo/radiation,,,,,,I was pretty sick at that time and prior to the cancer diagnosis I was fit as a fiddle ,very energetic,athletic and also very active in my local church and other community outreach programs,,,,,,,,It was very gratifying to teach kids about Jesus,facilitate a prayer line,Bible Studies & anything else where someone would ask "any volunteers?" So I had a busy life,always talking to someone,always going here or there and I am happiest when I am "doing",,,,,,,,,,anything to serve the Lord gives me Joy, So when I was so suddenly debilitated it was extremely difficult for me to accept the fact that "I can't",,,,,,,my mind & heart were very willing but my body was preventing me from doing just about EVERYTHING,,,,,,Everything that meant the most to me & for ,what I thought,was the very reason I was alive,,,,,,,to Spread the Gospel & be an Ambassador for Christ,,,, Okay,so now what? God is sparing my life but why? What good am I ? Am I just left to "exist" & be unproductive,ineffective?Surely when I am at the hospital there are dozens of opportunities to meet people,sick people,lost people,hopeless people & God is using me to encourage them & point to Jesus,,,,,,,,but that time is now ending & I am seeing less & less people,,,,,,Well,before you knew it I had a pet scan that read "No evidence of cancer",,,,,,,Glory to God,I am HEALED!!! You would think that was a time for great celebration when in fact it was the most difficult time I was going to face,,,,Here I was,HEALED but it worse physical shape than I started out in,,,,,the chemo radiation had wreaked havoc in it's wake & I will make a long story short,,,,,,there I was,a physical mess,alone(no people,always God),I only saw people on Sunday at church,(& I have lots of Christian friends but that's different),I needed,desired ministry moments,,,,,,,I couldn't do a thing except crawl to church on Sundays,,,,,,okay,a few times you testify of God's Miracle & you are basically preaching to the choir,,,,,,,& don't get me wrong,it is a good thing but I didn't need "fellowship",,,,,,I wasn't lonely I simply felt I was missing something,I wanted to meet people,like "before" I read the Bible all day long,prayed & talked with God,,,,,for many months,I was filled with Peace,Joy & Comfort everyday without skipping a beat but there was a big empty hole in my heart,,,,,,"uneffective",,,,,,,,,,I prayed & prayed & said"Please Lord,where is my restoration,how can I do your kingdom work like this?"You have to get me going,I see no one,I'm unproductive,ineffective,,,,,,,,what is Your Will for me?',,,,,,,, I knew I was His Living Testimony & yet,"How does that work now that I am stuchk in the house?I keep asking He remove the "thorn from my flesh" & I keep hearing"No,my Grace is sufficient" Huh? I loved the library but I could no longer get there so on my birthday I decided I would get myself a present,2nd hand,a computer(never used one in my life) & I did,,,,,,& a friend,a dear friend introduced me to Worthy & George because I didn't even know how to join due to my computer savvy and George had to register for me-lol From the moment I got here I knew that this was where God would have me to be,,,,,,my prayers were answered only I was expecting a different way,I never had to physically go anywhere to be where He had Planned for me to serve Him,,,,,,,,,Here,at Worthy,,,I Received the opportunity to meet people from all over the world,the empty spot was Filled & I believe I Receive far more than I am ever able to give,all I ever wanted to do was LOVE as I am LOVED & give what I have been Given and let others see Jesus in me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I was looking to go out into all the nations & spread the Gospel to every creature,,,,,,well,that is how & why I came to Worthy Thank you Jesus! With love-in Christ,Kwik
  12. Blessings Brothers & Sisters..... Lately I have been hearing a lot about the desire to be "top poster",I have had a couple of private conversations where one member is actually taking a little "time off" from posting because he/she got so caught up in trying to accumulate posts that their purpose for being here at Worthy ,in the first place,became blurred,,,,,,I have not heard this from just one member but this particular one prompted me to begin this Thread,,,,,,,as we are always happy to see that Worthy Christian Forums is a very active and lively place,we must always be mindful of the True Purpose of our Calling,,,,,,,, As a new member it is always exciting to see our number of posts increase,we start out a "newbie" & soon a junior,senior,diamond etc,,,, I remember I was just thrilled to become a "Royal Member" but at that time I barely understood how it all worked,BTW,,,,I'm still just as excited to be here & very grateful to God for leading us all here,,,,,,,Praise the Lord,may we always be excited going about our Fathers Business & fellowshipping with one another! How many "posts" we have is not what is important but our motives are and the substance of what we are posting,,,,,,,, There are many Forums here ,outside of the Inner Court,where we can have some fun,let our hair down & just chit chat,,,,,,,, we enjoy the time we spend together and & that is fantastic.,,,,there is a time & place for everything & it is fine for Christians to take time out to just relax,,,,,,but are you just relaxing or trying to "post"?Your goal should not be "I want to have more posts than this one or that one" It is not a competition,it is a Blessed Place that God has Provided for us,,,,,He should ALWAYS be our number ONE priority,it is not about us,it is ALL about Him,,,, There is nothing wrong with having the desire to be productive,to give as much as you can,to do as much as you can but sometimes it is a good idea to re-think your position,your motives,the desires of your heart I hope to encourage everyone to keep on striving to be the very best you can be and continue to participate,getting to know one another & doing what we came here to do,,,,,,just don't lose focus or get distracted by the things that are not important,I know some people that say very little (like my husband) but when they do speak ,they speak volumes The speak volumes because they are grounded & rooted in the Word of God,mindful of their words,prayerful and in Relationship with the One they love,the One they rely on to give them the Words,,,,,,,,,don't get side tracked,keep your eyes on Jesus,not your posts,,,,,,,,,,,,,, When I first came to Worthy so did Oakwood,we became friends & we were both here a lot in the wee hours of the morning when very few people were on,one day he brought to my attention that he was trying to catch up to me and it almost became a race for points,I had to pause for a moment & remember why I was here,,,,,,,,I never again looked at how many posts I had,I don't care,I want to say what the Holy Spirit prompts me to say,,,,,,,& then there is also my time to goof around but never to be anything more than the humble servant I am,let us boast for CHRIST,,,,,,,,,To God be the Glory With love-in Christ,Kwik
  13. Can some one please explain -Church Home Groups- a few friends from 3 different Churches invited me to thier "Home Group" I ask whats it about? and all my replies are come to find out. I want to check them out ut don't want to walk into something I am spiritually unprepared for, is that a true reason to stay away?
  14. The purpose of this poll is to get a general idea of what you would be interested in doing. Please stick to the 3 poll choices, as I will be posting later polls for activity choices etc. I just need to get an idea of how many people we could expect. This would be in 2016
  15. Hi. I recently stopped attending the church I used to go to due to some unfortunate sin issues involving the pastor that recently came to light. I am praying for direction to a genuinely godly fellowship with godly leaders where I can be planted and grow. Please pray with me. Thanks.
  16. Dear beloved Worthy family, My opinion of myself is that I'm a flop at fellowshiping...that perhaps I don't fit in here and some would prefer that I leave. I seem to have a knack for rubbing people the wrong way. And I need to know why... My purpose for this post? I desperately seek the truth! This is the only site that I have sought to socialize with folks on. I am an invalid with time on my hands. Handicapped & lonely, ever since I became homebound...Worthy has been my church interaction for 8 years. Please tell me how I strike you. Do I come across as abrasive or offensive? Turn people off in the way I word things? Too boring? Do my medical conditions repel people? Or am I seen as a phony? I've noticed that some here do seem to view me as negative by their responses. But is it really God's will I conform to others personalities or beliefs or their judgings of me? Am I to people-please? Some may dislike that I'm straight out & 'tell it like it is.' But is that such a sin? I have read others here pouring their hearts out, too... In negative ways. Yet they seem to be better accepted when they vent or present their prayer requests. I'm sure you agree there ought not to be any favoritism in the family of God. Not accusing. Just saying cliques do form easily. We must beware of Satan's devices to divide. Please do help me out, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Tell me your honest perspective on this issue, so I won't keep on analyzing what wards people away from me. I really DO need outsider's opinions. For my peace of mind and our unity here at Worthy. Thanks so much. GBU. I love you all in Jesus. P.S. When you reply ( I'm praying you will!), please do keep in mind "Speaking the truth in love", as Scripture puts it. Or as I'd say: your opinions of me stated in gentle, respectful ways.
  17. Howdy. New to forum. My topic question is rhetorical, yet vitally important. Can we, as believers, be confident in the doctrinal truth to which we adhere, or must we resign ourselves to waiting until we are face to face with Christ to be sure? Asking the question to stimulate discussion, sharpen iron and God willing, build others up. If the answer to my topic question is affirmative, what action should follow & why? Blessings, Crakdpot
  18. Hi, Looking to have fellowship with Christians. Love Gods word.
  19. I've been busy and haven't had a chance to "visit" lately. I attended my 35th high school reunion this last weekend and reconnected with a lot of old friends. It's amazing how people change in 35 years. Some I would never have recognized, other's haven't changed a bit. I wonder why that happens? Anyone else gone to a high school reunion lately?
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