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The Cross


What role does the Cross play in your walk with Christ?  Have you ever found yourself worshipping the Cross instead of Christ?

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Christ's dying on the cross for my sins means everything to me.  It represents His love for me, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.  It represents G0d's grace in granting me His righteousness that I may come boldly to the throne of grace.  I will be admitted into His presence.  He has adopted me as His own and given me His Spirit as the down payment on my inheritance.  He has given me love, joy and peace in this life that were make possible by His death and resurrection.  We love because He first loved us.  

I have never worshipped the cross.  I worship the Christ Who died there and arose to forgive the world of its sin.

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3 hours ago, Kirk341345 said:

What role does the Cross play in your walk with Christ?  Have you ever found yourself worshipping the Cross instead of Christ?

The work of the Cross is dead center in my walk with Christ, if for anything else we all have a natural tendency to revert to our works as a basis of approval before God. The cross does away with that pride, as well as exalts the mercy,love, justice and holiness of God.

Yes, it is so important I have been guilty of exalting it more than Jesus even though the Person and Work of Christ are inseparable (except in Worship).

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Posted (edited)
On 6/12/2018 at 12:31 PM, Kirk341345 said:

What role does the Cross play in your walk with Christ?  Have you ever found yourself worshipping the Cross instead of Christ?

There is no "walk with Christ" without the Cross being the reason for the walk..

The Cross, with Christ on it, is why a believer is a believer, and is the sole reason that God accepts them into His Kingdom family.

On Christian forums, you'll hear a lot of deceived self righteous immature religious people talking a good game about "living holy" and  "working for the Lord", but in fact, if there was no Cross, then Living for the Lord would not be available, much less working for Him, and in both cases they are useless with regards to what the CROSS does for you, by itself.

Without the Cross, there is no such thing as Christianity, as its the CROSS ALONE that gives it its power, its truth, its meaning, and its Hope.

This is why the Apostle Paul said that...."Jesus didnt send me to water baptize, but He sent me to PREACH THE CROSS", AS the "preaching OF THE CROSS is THE Power of GOD unto salvation"....and nothing else.

The "gospel" is not about "letting Jesus into your life" and its not about "making Him the Lord of it"......The Gospel is Preaching the REASON FOR THE CROSS.....

And you might consider that, oh ye reader.

The Cross is WHY Jesus came here...........He came to die on it.......He was both sent and born for this purpose.





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      And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross. - Colossians 2:15
      A sad occourence in some circles is the diminishing of the cross of Jesus Christ. We see in many Churches the cross being taken down in sanctuaries, other symbols being used in its stead. There are other more extreme cases where believers start to think of the cross as pagan, unbiblical and even not a cross but a pole as Jehovah Witnesses teach. This should not surprise us that there is enmity and division over the cross as a symbol as it bears the very message and death of the Person of God for a lost humanity. The enemy of our souls knows this and has and continues to oppose or pervert and mis-use its symbol.
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      When I was in a certain city, the Holy Spirit bore witness in my heart to wear a medium size cross around my neck with large rope. I was actively evangelizing unreached Punjabi peoples in the area with the Good News of Jesus. When I obeyed God and wore the cross an amazing thing happened, everywhere I went the Punjabi people seemed to see me very clearly and where drawn to me. I remember countless times in daily life where they would just stare and after I finished what I was doing, I would go and hand a scripture booklet to them. What that experience spoke to me was that bearing the cross of Christ in reference in a physical way had a spiritual impact. Whether they looked at me with my long beard and cross as a holy man or devoutly religious, I am not sure. But I could not deny the difference it made. It also made me councious that I was a bearer of this message of the Cross to the people daily.
      Another way the symbol of the cross was used in the early Church was by tracing it on the forehead and other ways. This practice began with water baptism and later became an accepted way of acknowledging the Lord and the death of Christ. Cyril an early church leader in AD. 310 wrote: "Let us not then be ashamed to confess the Crucified. Be the Cross our seal made with boldness by our fingers on our brow, and on everything; over the bread we eat, and the cups we drink; in our comings in, and goings out; before our sleep, when we lie down and when we rise up; when we are in the way, and when we are still." Martin Luther as other protestants carried on this tradition of the sign of the cross. Luther said, "In the morning, when you rise, you shall make the sign of the holy cross, and you shall say: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Then, kneeling or standing, you shall say the Apostles’ Creed and the Lord’s Prayer." This way of doing the sign of cross was to touch the fore-head, then the belly, then left shoulder, then right. This motion made a cross and it signified many things including, (1) acknowledging the Lord (2) declaring triumph over the enemy (3) testifying that our body, spirit and soul belong to God (4) putting in remembrance the death of Christ.
      Should all believers wear crosses, have cross symbols in their home or church, or make the visible sign of the cross daily? This question should make us ask another question first, Do I daily remember, praise and thank God for the Cross of Christ? Is it always in my remembrance? All of these traditions of the symbol of the cross are servants to the greater reality of the very death of Christ for each of us personally. Life, time, work, vocations distract us at times from the very purpose and person that everything is all about. M. Basilea Schlink says, "You were created and redeemed to focus on Jesus – on Him alone." St. Paul the apostle said that the cross was everything to him, it was his focus and boast (Galatians 6:14).
      Let us remember daily that it is this powerful cross that frees us from sin, satan and our own very self. Let it be in our gaze daily in all the motions of life. And hear the voice of your Lord saying "Remember Me", "Remember what I did for you." Yes, Lord we will remember you, let us not lose the wonder and holiness of your Cross.

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      Jesus said of his body: “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” (John 2:19). “But He was speaking of the temple of his body.” (John 2:21). So in the light of this I would believe that God the Father raised Jesus from the dead (1st Thessalonians 1:10), but then I’d also believe that Jesus raised himself from the dead (John 2:19-21 and also 10:17-18), and finally I’d also believe that the Holy Spirit (together with the Father and Son) also raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 8:11).
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      “Now Thomas (called Didymus), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, "We have seen the Lord!" But he said to them, "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it.” (John 20:34-35, NIV).
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