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  1. ~~~Favorite quotes~~~

    "Tell me where your attention lies, and I will tell you who you are." Jose Ortega Y Gasset
  2. ~~~Favorite quotes~~~

    "Goodness is a special kind of truth and beauty in human nature." H. A. Overstreet
  3. the dangers of compromise

    Some people are more dumb and confused than they are malignant in contrast with those who want to build a Trojan inside of Christianity and destroy it from within. It requires discernment to deal with the two types. This topic reminds me of the passage in Proverbs 25: 26 -- "A righteous man falling down before the wicked is a troubled fountain, a corrupt spring." Some want to promote the bad idea that sexual revolution is progress and that Christianity is an obstacle to progress and for that reason would tend to do whatever they can to break the back of Christian religion and spirituality.
  4. Nowadays, many people are becoming caught up in sex addictions, love addictions, and power addictions. It is the power addicts that can best be seen as wolves in sheep's clothing. They use the exploitation mechanisms of love, peace, and understanding; the age of Aquarius package that sounds so good and it is attractive to so many people. But love, peace, and understanding that not grounded in the deep Christian rootedness makes people vulnerable to those who are caught up in a power agenda.
  5. I have a yard garden this year and I am glad that you have started this thread. I am pretty much a novice at gardening. I made mistakes this year that I intend to correct next season. I planted a number of different things: bulb onions, carrots, a type of hybrid corn, tomatoes, and peppers. I planted some red potatoes that came out well, but I believe that I did not break up the soil deep enough and with this and the other things that I planted, I figure that I planted them too close together. I planted so many sugar baby watermelons that I could not eat them or give them away fast enough. I didn't plant enough potatoes; after I harvested them they only lasted for a few days. I didn't organize my plants well; I could not cut the grass around them and I could not get to the sections in order to weed them.
  6. No one is hardwired to sin

    There has been contention in academic circles as to whether human corruption is a result of genetics or character rooted passions. I side with the character rooted passions notion. The book of Ecclesiastes says that God created man upright, but men have gone in search of schemes. The schemes that men become involved in using such things as money as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, and a store of value can be productive yielding good fruit or malignant yielding bad fruit depending on the character and competence of those who are doing the scheming or who are engaging in projects of one kind or another.
  7. Thinking

    I believe that the two rational functions: thinking and feeling need to be synthesized and work together in order to be on target with what we say.
  8. ~~~Favorite quotes~~~

    "God says the Christian, has three natures, and we come to him by three separate paths: when we worship him as transcendental law giver; when we encounter him incarnate; and when the Holy Spirit moves through us in its work of concord. It follows that there are three modes of rebellion against God: the repudiation of law; the assault on the sanctity of the human person; and the desecration of the work of the Spirit." Quoted from the book "Modern Philosophy" by Roger Scruton
  9. What is Love?

    No, that was not my intention, maybe I did not make myself clear. I am talking about our culture here and now on the Earth. And to add to what I am saying "It is easy to be nice, even to an enemy -- from lack of character." quote by Dag Hammarskold
  10. What is Love?

    I think that a person who shows his integrity would likely be respected by most people; integrity refers to the disinclination of being corrupted in compliance or being masochistic: flattering with the tongue. And on the other side of the coin of being corrupted in assertiveness which is sadism. "The way to life is straight and narrow."
  11. Analyze why Trump won and Hillary lost

    I wrote the following post on face book two days ago and I though that it would relevant to this topic. The Shaking of the Foundations: The conservatives are taking charge of national politics after years of liberal control. This should be no surprise. There is a compensatory mechanism at work. The decline of the religious orientation along with the strengthing of the secular-reductionist orientation has caused an imbalance which is undergoing remedy at this time. Although the form or structure of life has been changing, the dynamics of life has not been changing. Christian fu...ndamentalists have been held in derision, but the secualar-reductions have there own legalistic styles of thinking and their own particular taboos. The secular-reductionists have their own pastoral agents and priesthood under different names; PHD's, psychologists, etc. It has been said that the more things change the more they remain the same. And there is quite an amount of truth in this idea.
  12. tradition vs scripture

    When you talk about the different types of evil, I am reminded of the verse in Ecclesiastes; Chapter 7 - "This only have I found; God made mankind upright, but men have gone in search of schemes." The keyword is schemes and schemes are often fueled by money as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a measure of value and for that reason can easily be used for exploitation purposes. But schemes can also be used in different ways to gain dominance as in abuse, rape, etc. without the involvement of money. Schemes fueled by money can be used to promote progress which is good as well as for evil purposes.
  13. tradition vs scripture

    As far as getting into the meaning of scripture. I think that using "The Comparative Study Bible" is a good idea. "A Parallel Bible presenting: New International Version - New American Bible - Amplified Bible - King James version."
  14. tradition vs scripture

    In the midst of cultural Christianity or Christiandom is Christianity; In the midst of cultural Christians is convictional Christians. It can be difficult at times in distinguishing one from the other.
  15. On another Christian site that I used to spend time on. I argued against the "love wins" movement, but maybe if the phrase is qualified by saying "grounded Love wins" it might be more on target. Love should be grounded in temperance, prudence, justice as fairness, and fortitude. These four are the elements of what C. S. Lewis called the natural law. Ungrounded love becomes corrupted into merely pampering and creates an unreal perspective of reality.