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  1. The Wolf in Sheep's clothing

    I am not trying to teach hate. I am talking about awareness. The times are changing rapidly. The wolf is a symbol and the sheep is a symbol. I can love any person's inner most being, but I am talking about resistance to those who are attempting to use ignoble ends disguised as noble ends for purpose of deception, manipulation, and exploitation. Most people do in fact have respect for integrity, even bad people who would merely laugh at people who are naïve.
  2. The Wolf in Sheep's clothing

    I was just about to elaborate further on the meaning on what I am trying to communicate and your comment is pretty much in line with what I was going to say. I have spent a lot of time on philosophy and psychology forums and the meaning of the word love is frequently discussed. ................. It is true that some people have the idea that love means pampering or telling others that whatever they do is ok. Love considered as pampering is a factor of corruption along with abuse and indifference. Those who are subjected to such things lose their common sense ability and end up living in unreal worlds. ..... The best of people and the worst of people frequently use the word love. The best of people use the word to communicate meaning; the worst of people use the term for manipulation and exploitation purposes. I believe that it is good that we should understand these things so as to be able to discern the one from the other. ... I have more to say on this topic and will get back to it soon.
  3. It is true that many males are become unbalanced and getting on the Pollyanna track, but that is only half the story. ....Just as many males are becoming unbalanced in the opposite direction and are becoming misogynistic and sadistic toward females. This is especially true in the parallel world of the sexual exploitation industries. ........ The book of Ecclesiastes says that God hates all extremes and it is better to take hold of the one thing without letting go of the other. Shakespeare's Henry the fifth expresses the golden standard: "He was as full of valor as of kindness princely in both."
  4. What on earth is going on with the weather???

    The high today in Atlanta, Georgia near where I live was in the twenties and in Anchorage, Alaska it was 40 degrees. The experts say that the polar vortex or the jet stream that circles the north pole has been dropping south in the winter months into the lower 48 states east of the rocky mountains and this phenomena is caused by global warming.
  5. Turning the other cheek

    There are basically three ways of responding in any interpersonal encounter: moving toward, moving against, and moving away from. Moving toward a bully might result in an undesirable sadomasochistic situation; moving against might result in a useless contention; and simply moving away from is useless and solves nothing. but the perfect response would come from the Holy Spirit. There is no perfect formula for responding.
  6. When the wolf in sheep's clothing comes up to you and says: "If you don't fall in line with all of the good things that I am teaching you about love, peace, and understanding that would prove that you are not a real Christian." What would your response be? If you have not encountered him yet, you will soon enough. It is a sign of the times.
  7. Legalism

    Many people who are without the possibility of choosing the best option, fall back on choosing the lesser evil. It can difficult for some people to determine whether the arrogance of power or wimpyness is the lesser evil. I figure that the best that can be done is to pray for potus and for ourselves in these trying times.
  8. Legalism

    The term for that is bias confirmation.
  9. It is true that stereotyping or constellatory thinking has a partial blinding effect on people. I have been guilty of that myself. When I was younger decades ago, a person walked up to me and said: "here is mud in your eye, you only see human beings as trees and not as the unique individual persons which they are." It is certainly true that every person should claim responsibility for their own lives without attempting to justify their unbalanced and corrupted behavior through the way that they were raised.
  10. Legalism

    Legalism is a corruption of religion or sound doctrine without the balancing effect of spirituality; license is a corruption of spirituality without sound doctrine; and carnality without good boundaries results in the corruption of destructive obsessiveness. but as the bible says; "The way to life is straight and narrow." May the grace of God be with you.
  11. In situations where the husband is abusive toward the wife physically and/or psychologically, the maturing young male might tend to identify with the father and consider the mother as an exploitation object and generalize this to all other women and become a gender chauvinist. Ironically this is associated with a fixation on the mother. It is the mommy's boy that tends to be abusive toward females as if he is trying to break away from the fixation. ....... It is written in Genesis that "A man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife and the two shall be as one," but this is difficult to do for a person with a strong fixation for the mother or father. A person can leave his father and mother physically without being able to break loose from the psychological fixation.
  12. ~~~Favorite quotes~~~

    "Freedom must be loving, and loving must be free." Nicholas Berdyaev
  13. Men & Women, why are we different?

    What interests me is the attitudes people have concerning the differences between males and females. We live in an increasingly polarized nation. Radical feminists want to level out the differences between the sexes. But on the other hand the misogynists; the woman haters want to "other" or accentuate the differences. Some males likely feel that they have been de-throned from what they consider to be their rightful "task oriented" position in contrast to the emotional-affective orientation of females. I think that females tend more to sociality values and males more to power values and that there is no getting around it.
  14. ~~~Favorite quotes~~~

    "Tell me where your attention lies, and I will tell you who you are." Jose Ortega Y Gasset
  15. ~~~Favorite quotes~~~

    "Goodness is a special kind of truth and beauty in human nature." H. A. Overstreet