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  1. Well ALL FALSE RELIGION means she been around since the beginning basically. She has the blood of the Saints and Martyrs on her hands. It's basically the Spirit of THE WORLD that hates God vs. the Spirit of God.
  2. I have a thread up in this very forum (Eschatology) called Babylon the Harlot and the Seven Headed Beast I will not go into great detail, as it is below or on the second page, but in short the Harlot is ALL FALSE RELIGION and Babylon is ALL FALSE GOVERNMENT. The Harlot (False Religion) rides the Seven Headed Beast (False Gov.) and they are co-mingled until the KINGS kill the Harlot in Rev. 17:16 which really happens in Rev. ch. 6.........Rev. 16:19 is the End of Babylon. Rev. 17 and 18 are enhanced retellings of things that have past. The Holy Spirit was seen as NEW WINE, so the Harlot making the Kings drunk with her Fornication means she is filling them with the spirit of false gods or demon spirits....She made them drunk with EVIL. EDIT: The Kings kill the Harlot because Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism can not co-exist with the Anti-Christ/BEAST because he demands to be worshiped as the ONLY GOD !! He also kills Christians and all who will not bow down unto him.
  3. I don't know if you are a Christian or what....God warns Christians and at times even non Christians. I don't know if you are a male or Female, you said you were sitting next to a man while he was driving, just a Dream and odd things happen during dreams, just wanted to point it out, a girl sitting next to a man might have a different meaning then a guy sitting next to a man, the man could be an Angel or a boyfriend (Its irrelevant, just pointing it out) But I see an obvious theme here in these four dreams. God even warns non Christians at times. Tigers = Danger of course White might imply deception as in PURE but Dangerous. White Rose you said = Funerals so in your mind that means Funeral. I never heard it, but that's irrelevant. Funeral = Death A Scooter = Danger on the road, if an accident occurs.............Of course. Dad gives you something to PROTECT YOU = From Danger. I would take these Dreams as serious because they all four have one thing in common. Danger or results of Danger (Funeral). I think God is warning you to be very careful, with these dreams. I kept dreaming about a friend I had not seen in 30 years, we got in touch, and I kept dreaming about him. He was killed on a motorcycle when some kid ran a red light. I stopped dreaming about him. Just be careful. Don't do anything risky, and make sure you are right with God. AMEN.
  4. Jesus of Course is our Savoir. But they have ZERO CLUES, how God works nor do they probably even understand everything that is going on in the world which is happening right before our eyes. God can choose anyone he desires to help bring His blessings to His peoples, if that meant choosing a crude person like Trump to defeat Hillary and 17 RINOS in order to get 4 or 5 Supreme Court Justices that aren't left leaning kooks on the court, so be it.
  5. Well you aren't assuming the 10 percent can overtake the 90 percent are you? What you are going to get is the exact opposite of what you might be thinking, a BACKLASH. The right leaning peoples are gaining favor over much of Europe because of these idiotic policies, Le Pen would not even be in the race if not for this Backlash. Brexit was a Backlash. Thus Europe will be shaken and eventually it will be a 10 Nation Confederation, who pushes back against these tyrant Muslims. This is how the Anti-Christ gains THE TRUST OF EVERYONE...Think about it. Satan is very crafty, set up an intolerable situation, then have a man who solves this problem. Who will trust a man that comes against these Muslims? Israel, of course. Europeans of Course. Most of the World who hate their evil ways OF COURSE. What are the Alinsky tactics? One of them is to create problems then you can step and and offer a PRE-PLANNED SOLUTION to the problem you created. Alinsky tactics are basically from Satan, that guy was a devil worshiper. This Anti-Christ is going to subjugate all Muslims and destroy Islam.
  6. I was referring to Kim Jong-un as the mad man, I love Donald Trump. I believe God placed him in the presidency to expose liberalism foe what it is, commie light. For the first time we have a man that really cares for the average joe. Hes not perfect, but none of us are.
  7. The First Beast is the Little Horn of Daniel 7 and 8. The Second Religious Beast is not specifically mentioned in Daniel, to my knowledge. He only becomes a Beast when he conquers Israel. Just like all the Seven Heads of the Beast do (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and the Little Horn/Anti-Christ who in turn becomes a BEAST. The Harlot is All False Religion of all time. She is JUDGED (Destroyed) in Rev. 17:16. The Anti-Christ/Little Horn is the MAN who is destined to be Ruler/Dictator at the END, and Conquers Israel, to become the LAST BEAST of the Seven Headed Beast. The Final Kingdom is told to us in Daniel 7. The Little Horn arises out of the Fourth Beasts Head (so its a European Power). In Daniel 8 we are told he arises out of one of the four Generals who stood up for Alexander the Great. Thus Macedonia is in Europe so he is a Macedonian who arises to power in the E.U. Islam and all Religions will be destroyed. Islam is FALSE RELIGION, a big part of the Harlot. It will be DESTROYED. Babylon is the Government side of the Harlot who rides the Beast. Babylon is Destroyed By Gods Plagues and finally by Jesus Christ at Armageddon. Jesus does away with the Nations that come against Israel Rev. 16:19. The Harlot = False Religion.........She rides the Seven Headed Beast.....which is False Governance....God destroys these Governments we are told in Daniel 2, the Rock (Jesus) that was cut out of the Mountain crushes/smashes the Statue of Governments.
  8. We know the prince to come rises to power via Europe because of Daniel 7 and 8, but he is Assyrian in heritage. The Gog and Magog war is confusing because of Revelation, which says it is during the 1000 year reign of Christ, just after Satan is released from the bottomless pit. Some say that was just John using the Old Testament to encode the end time war and Gog Magog happens just before the Tribulation. So it can be rather confusing. Whereas the Seal/Trumpets and Vials are straight forward so most people stick with those. I do need to study Ezekiel 38-39 again in depth. Yes, I agree it is not Islam. It is the equivalent of NATO or the USA in Japan, its a Peace/Security Deal. The USA could turn their Troops and Weapons against Japan and conquer them much quicker than an external invasion would take. This imho, is what this DEAL is about. Its a Peace/Security deal where Israel trusts this European power to keep the Peace and thus allows their Security to be handled by him, and Arab nations are forced to do the same. This may happen after a Gog/Magog like war before the Rapture, which sets up a VACUUM or a needed PEACE director, and this man might step in with fresh ideas that seem very wise. As per North Korea, it looks like China and Trump has come up with some sort of understanding against NK. China turned away the NK's coal the other day, and Trump is said to be readying a Military operation to take him out. And this must have been agreed to with China. A mad man like that can not be allowed Long Range Nukes.
  9. I know you think differently........But the bible says differently then what you think.
  10. Yea. its a bad governance unit, no doubt, but they basically are a toothless tiger. Islam will be destroyed by the Anti-Christ. The Little Horn arises out of the Fourth Beast in the End Times.
  11. I don't think it has anything to do with the U.N. to be honest.
  12. Thanks.....I am just pointing out the story in this vision is past tense. People so want these things to be true because they get excited, because they of course love God. But Satan is sneaky, hes always throwing us curve balls. We really have to use logic on everything, start with a blank slate, and let God give us revelation, after all we are in the last days, when God stated He was going to give us revelation. Since I started doing this things have come alive. With preconceived ideas, the Holy Spirit has problems doing His work in us that he so desires. Remember Jesus told the disciples, think not what you will say before these people before time, for I will give it to you. We have to stop trusting MEN'S IDEAS, unless we are 100 percent sure its of God. God is bringing much to light in these days.
  13. ERROR....Quoted instead of EDIT....LOL Jesus is Lord AMEN
  14. Which means you can't see that which is plainly apparent. Of course if it means Israel, Jesus and Satan, there is nothing left to talk about.
  15. Rev. 12:1-5 is Jesus birth. This is why I asked you to read the other post, it explained everything in detail. Israel (The Woman) brought forth Jesus the male-child, then Satan (The Dragon) via King Herod tried to kill him by killing all children under 2 years old. A third of Angels followed Satan when he rebelled. The male-child was caught up to God and his Throne just after his Crucifixion. Rev. 12:1-5 is events that have happened already. Now I will inform you why Jesus/John had to tell the story this way. Rome had destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple by this time. Any reference to Israel being protected by God when Rome felt they had utterly subjugated them and carried them off as slaves or killed them etc. etc. could have been detrimental to John or any Churches caught with these Epistles, so Revelation was ENCODED. Israel was the Woman garnished with the Sun, Moon and 12 Stars (Gen 37:9) Rome was a Beast or one of he Seven Heads of the Beast. Angels were Stars, Demons were Locusts etc. etc. In 90-95 AD Rome did not want to hear about Israel being helped by God nor did they want to see Rome called a BEAST. God being ALL WISE knew this would imperil his Church, so he ENCODED the book of Revelation. So now we can see that the Story of Israel (Gen 37:9/Sun/Moon/Stars) giving birth to Jesus, who avoided Herod's efforts to kill him via Satan's beck and call (Dragon) then ascended to Heaven was only placed int the vision to give us UNDERSTANDING for the rest of the Chapter, 12:6-17. Because once we understand the ILLUSTRATED STORY about the Woman and the Dragon, we understand who the Woman and Dragon is. (Romans no doubt thought it was babble) Then we can understand the End Time Events which this Chapter was designed to show us.