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  1. Sorry but this is false. I'm not for a false religion or anything that comes out of it, but we have to really do some research to keep away from giving the MSM the ammo to shoot us with.
  2. I see, once again another thread has become off topic. You know what gets me, is not the presence of a website by a 17 yo, but that there are adults out there who would make an issue of such a thing. It's not like the site depicts someone putting a crosshair on the president. Also, I be remiss if I weren't to bring up the posibility of adults who would gladly promote such a ridiculous idea as to build a site like this. Such stuff may just keep this little girl from getting a job, one day, if her antics were to be revealed to those who may think her exploits could damage the firm she would be working with. Stupidity seems to have fertile soil when mixed with politics.
  3. i think If i hear the term unsure much more in this I will pull my hair out.
  4. He didn't use old testament sensitivity to promote Christianity.
  5. We all interpret what is in the Bible. It's all we can do. I don't look back in the Old Testament for anything that I would place against anything in the new testament. David lived 800+ years previous to Christ and did things which would have gotten him stoned if he were any other person in Israel.
  6. To love someone who you feel has wronged you, you must first get over yourself, which we do be both forgiving them for what they did and forgiving us, for being taken advantage of. People talk all day long about forgiving the other persn and then continue to carry around the anger within ourselves for being, quote/unquote stupid. If you don't forgive yourself you will be constantly on guard and carry this baggage with you through life and treat others as a potential manipulator instead of a potential friend. That doesn't work out, since people will sense your reluctance and wonder why. It is beneficial to be cautious, but also to be measured in ones interactions with others. Loving them does not mean being a pawn or a mark. It is to show them kindness and consideration for who they are and their situation, in order for them to realize they are being acknowledged positively by you.
  7. Google windows 7 narrator using firefox
  8. What I see here is there are some people who think it is stylish to aid someone breaking the law because they aren't seeing these people as criminals. The left paints these illegal aliens as victims instead of criminals and people buying into this narrative are placing themselves in jeopardy by doing such things. She's luck she didn't end up in a ditch after after he was done with her. I wonder if she has learned any lessons from this?
  9. The same type of people were at the Brexit ralleys. They are anarchist that wear black masks so they can't get identified. They are paid thugs. What they need is for those Bikers for Trump to come along and give them some of their own medicine.
  10. It's like listening to people celebrate a football teams victory when they weren't even a player.
  11. The trouble with justice and one of it's greatest traits is it is blind or it's supposed to be. You don't do something wrong and then expect it to pass you by when justice comes around, which is the reason we make amends before it seeks you out. That way when it finds you, you will be prepared and standing in good grace upon it's arrival. Personal responsibility is anyone's greatest armor when dealing with reality, because it prepares you for just about anything. The idea that someone assumed that they would be shielded from justice by virtue of being good in every other way accept that which the they began their presence here is to ignore the fact that everything they did here was illegal, because they began it, being illegal. No one has the right to be wrong and no amount of right can erase a wrong. Only God can do that. We can forgive others and people can forgive themselves, but until they make it right by taking the responsibility to make things right, they are still wrong. PERIOD!
  12. What happened is the Republicans tried the same tactic of making a law behind closed doors, putting it out and then pressuring everybody to pass it. I don't really think they wanted to pass anything, they just wanted to look like they were doing it for the consumption of their constituents. I hardly think that the Republicans, after seeing how many seats the Democrats lost in the House during President Obama's first midterms, would try the same thing. for real. I think they are looking at their Supreme Court nominee to win and take away the self induced black mark they took on the chin for not having a health care bill after 7 years of talking about one.
  13. I will pray for you, but If you are really anxious, your mind will be running at 3000mph and going through a revertible laundry list of things What you need to do is go off in a quite space, where you can relax and calm your mind. If God is talking to you he will do it in a time which your mind is passive and not hyperactive.
  14. The schools are already doing that and they are sending kids out with the view of entitlement that they take to college with, which is magnified into these special snowflakes that can't handle any type of anxiety. The parents have failed because the schools failed them before. We need to jump start rational thought and critical thinking in our schools and let that generation be a new beginning. These last few generations haven't exactly been the standard bearers for anything other than complacency, which is why we have President Trump for a president. People let the country to go heck and their kids with it because they were too interested in Facebook and who is going to win at American Idol, than where the country is going.
  15. Would it not be better to introduce programs into schools where kids of a certain age were given artificial babies that would simulate a real child in that alarms would go off intermittent in the sound of a baby crying and a readout texted to the kids phone would tell them, wither they should feed it, change it's diaper or just hold it. Sensors on the baby would record the responses that the holder of this baby would do and if the right thing happened, the crying would cease after a short time. This would show teenagers what it is like to have a baby out of wedlock. You could add this program with a study on abortion, where these pictures could be submitted in studbooks, complete with a study on the process of having an abortion. They could also have videos of women and girls who have had abortion and would relate to the girls just what thy went through and how it changed their lives to go through the anxiety of knowing that you killed your child and could never take that decision back. They could then study what it takes to go through an adoption operation and the complications involved and hear recordings of a babies heart beat. Then, they could also talk about how to make all this irrelevant and be abstinent.