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  1. I would suggest that you rely on their interpretation as it is their rules and their responsibility and cease in your insistence of impugning the integrity of those who know far better the definition of that word than either one of us. I've talked to many of them personally and I assure you they are as highly enthused about following their own rules as they are of not hearing an arrogant, condescending and impudent person trying to say if anyone dares to not follow his interpretation of the rules, then they are somehow false. . If you have something to say about a staff member then be mature enough to contact them through a pm and not broadcast how disrespectful you can get when things don't go your way. By the way, you can report this as well, if you wish and one other thing. Stop invoking the name of the Lord after casting persuasions on the very people who've stepped up to provide us a place to speak our minds, just because they might not agree with you. I doubt very much after that he would believe in your sincerity.
  2. I've already discussed my opinions of your assessing abilities. I'm not afraid of messing up and if I do I will pay the price for it. I am more afraid of being intimidated by people who mix sentiment with idealism and wrap it around them as a facade of dignity they condemn others from. If you wish to follow that mindset in here, you are welcome to it. You are entitled to own your own opinions, as I am, but neither of us are entitled to own our own truth. The truth is that those who are following this thread can read for themselves what is being said here and providing they care about our little Drama, as well. Something tells me many here are as unimpressed with it as I am. Now getting back to the issue of my supposed breaking the rules, I will tell you what I've told everyone else who have thrown that at me and that is to report me or if you are too shy to do so tell me the posts you find illegal and I will report myself. I think it's quite telling that you haven't. Now if you will, the the phase is, Defecate or get off the pot. You are wasting broadband here.
  3. Not much experience with trolls have we. We've had three here, since I've been here. Two have constructed their posts the same way as this person and his responses to the members here are similar. Please don't call into question my understanding of God when I understand all so well about the Idea of free will and when I think that free will is dedicated to playing cat and mouse with my fellow Christians I will warn them of that and that is what I did. You can take that warning with as much grain of sand as you wish, but If I were you, I'd go to an atheist web site to hone understand how those who mook us think and operate. i would not have seen what I did here, without that experience.
  4. Being that much, that is apparent to you has been discounted so many times within the confines of this forum, I would say that this post quite as typical. Including the comment about attacking someone.
  5. There is none perfect except God. There is that little driving need for mockery of those they've failed so many times to best that so satiates the liberal pallet. You are dismissed! bye.
  6. Hi, why didn't you P.M. me with whatever you had in mind to speak to me about instead of making things personal. I spoke from my heart here about something near and dear to me, which is seeing members of my Christian family being played a fool of. If anyone had a problem with that they could have reported me to the staff or went off on me in a PM, so we could take care of this privately. That was not done and the results that were received from me is not something I began, so please don't come at me with this start another thread in such a condescending way, if you don't want to extend this little drama. Respecting one another is not a one way street.
  7. Have your fun. You can add this to the laughter you get from leading everybody else around in a fruitless attempt at helping you. It's all a game in the first place to you so please have all the entertainment you can garnish here. Be my guest. What I've said about you is spot on and the both of us know it. So does God!
  8. You know, You can be as snotty and cynical as you wish. I've heard worse by better, but what I am talking about is serious and no one seems to even be trying to understand. I've spoken about this before, but there seems to be far more people in the Christian community that embrace every aspect of Christianity that gives them authority to do our duties to the Lord than there are that even ponders any limitation set forth by the same God that places restrictions on that authority. If you want to discuss that and why I posted my original post here I am game. If you wish to just snipe at my then please collect your brownie point and carry on with whatever strikes your fancy.
  9. I just love those who emote over people and situations they aren't equip to handle because they have no understanding those they speak of. There is a reason that God spoke about removing the dust from your sandals and that is the very issue you are ignoring in your self-righteous attempts chastise me.
  10. I was born and raised a Jehovah's Witness, but thankfully removed myself from them when I was a tenager. Being that I am 59 now, you pretty much imagine how little I remember about their beliefs. I am a person who is relatively open minded about others, not about my beliefs, because they are well founded, but I also try and research just exactly what people do believe as that is, to me apart of the ground truth we all have to deal with, when we walk through this world. Listening to others speak about another is not exactly fair to anyone, since any one of us could bump into them and part of evangelizing, i think is trying to understand where they are coming from. A person who starts relating to ideals that person supposedly believes in is going to turn that person away, as the first thing that goes through their mind is that we are talking about something that we don't know. We, if that is the case would anyone listen to anyone who doesn't know what they are tlking about. Especially when it comes to the idea of religion.? If I were given this letter I would try and research just what was in that Watchtower, to begin with.[]=w&pg=7
  11. He's a front man.
  12. Mr. Assange will never be more dangerous than he is to the country he resides in and the quicker these countries understand that he has no loyalty other than to himself and the mental imagery of himself he carried, that they are just as vulnerable to him as any other country. All this talk about what he is and what motivates him is simply conjecture. What he does is real and I don't think we would even be talking about this, if he concentrated on individual people, instead of different countries. The country whose embassy he was in had some reason to grant him protection, but if, during his stay there, he were to have stolen some of their documents, would they still have the same attitude towards him? I think not. Their seems to be a break in peoples thinly veiled renditions of morality, when it changes form governments that are being targeted and individual people, especially when the possibility of one of those people targeted may include yourself.
  13. You know, I always liked the idea God came upp with about the sanctuary cities and the avenger of blood. I think it should be handled in the same manner as with these people who run and hide in these embassies. The only thing is that when the crime is less than killing someone, the person should be put on trial following the laws of the country whose embassy he is seeking refuge in, for the crime he is supposed to have committed elsewhere. If the person is found guilty by that trial, then they are to be given over to the country which his crime was perpetrated in, unless he can prove his life would be in danger. If that would be the case, then he should be taken to the country of the embassy he is in and serve time in their jails, according to their laws and guidelines. This could be monitored by the Red Cross, UN or whatever to confirm that this persons, if found gulty, crimes are left unpunished and the victims of those crimes are victimized, once again, by the embassy system. They have rights, as well.
  14. Put together the need to be relative and the need for revenue and you don't have mental illness, you have motive.all you need to do is look at the status of the Clinton Foundation after in the light of her activities dealing with them while being the Secretary of State. This is not about her loosing the election, because winning the election was not about being president. This is about influence and what greater influence do you think she will have in the middle of a feeding frenzy where donations are pouring in from all sides. Powerful people like George Soros doesn't just give money away to anyone. He gives it away to those who can give him results and what better people to offer him that is there other than those who run organizations dedicated to the destruction of they who he wishes destroyed. Do you think those who control are on food stamps? lol.
  15. I have followed you. I've read your posts. You don't depart far from the same overall narrative. You want attention without placing any effort into approaching any further than you were when you came here. Thus the comment on your agenda. As far as knowing you, what there is to know about a person in these sites is to read, not only what they post, but how they post, since everyone has their own style of posting and the most important information there is to be gleaned from a person is how they respond to the responses of others. your responses are almost never positive, being at their best, noncommittal. I don't have to know you to see you.