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  1. It seems the OP post is a classic example of reading more into a scripture verse than what it actually says. I get that we can apply a spiritual meaning to everything with a scripture passage but most times if we would just read the passage of scripture at face value we will have our answer as to what the verse is saying and implying.
  2. I am a bit curious as to the spiritual battle that this "Grey Alien" caused. Was it asking you to sin in some way or cause you to doubt your salvation (I don't know if your saved or not just making an assumption that you are.) My next question is how do you know that it is a demon or something similar? We can't see demons because they are in the spirit realm. I do believe our minds are amazing things and can make us visualize something that has no form because of movies or tv or other media that we have seen that imagines what a "demon" would or might look like. As far as aliens and experimenting this is stuff of hollywood. While it's fun and makes great movies it is all a way for the world to imagine other human type life exists elsewhere in the universe. And there are some that actually worship or have worshipped these alien beings. I think my issue is that aliens are being used to describe demons and from what I have seen of aliens, grey or green or blue or even black (remember Ridley Scotts Alien film?) are not demons. We don't know what they look like except that they exist and are very real and they do interact with this world.
  3. Remember that journalism is all about bias. It doesn't matter if it is US media or an independent source. I don't necessarily jump on the bandwagon of US mainstream outlets being propaganda though I would say that it is opinion based more than fact based. However, I can muddle through it and get the facts that I need. Yes I agree that news needs to get back to being news but I think those times are long gone. What I think needs to happen is that Christians need to stop watching the talk shows on those new channels. They are such a waste of time. All they are doing is preaching to the choir and accomplishing what?
  4. Hmmm I tend to linger around FOX and CNN quite a bit but I sure don't seem to remember there being porno on those new sites. Also while I agree there is strife in our lives living blindly to whats going on around us is not the answer. How do you know what to pray for when praying for a leaders? How do you know what is going on in your community and how you can best serve the community if you don't know what is going on? To me as Christians we should be very aware what is going on around us. Just some thoughts. Everyone reacts to the news differently. I just know for me I would rather know what is going on in the world so that I can make better decisions and know how to pray more specifically.
  5. While this a noble answer it isn't quite the response we should give as Christians. We should care about what is going on because we as Christians should be informed of what is going on around us. God never asked us to walk around blindly to the world. He did say not to conform to the world but we are still in this world. We are called to be good citizens. How can I be a good citizen if I don't even know what is going on as a citizen? I used to think this way too until one day I realized that as a Christian I still can play a part in world events. Yes God will ultimately win but in the meantime we also can't just take the easy road and ignore what is going on around us.
  6. Fox news is as far right as CNN is as far left. Both are full of opinions. I can't hack either of them. But then again I can't handle a lot of news sites because they are more opinion than fact. So I have to take them with a grain of salt and pick out what is actual fact and not what the new sources wants you to side with.
  7. Ok as a Christian I am confused here. You say you are a servant of the Lord yet you are not a Christian. You can't be both. You cannot truly be a servant of the Lord until you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of your life. The other thing that confuses me to is that you state you want to better defend God's Word when you haven't truly accepted that all of it is true. If you accept that all of it is true then you should have no issues trusting in Christ as your Savior and thus you would be a Christian. You can't truly defend God's Word unless you fully accept it 100% and you strive to live by it. Part of that living by it is stepping in obedience and trusting Christ as your Savior. I think unless this has taken place it is difficult to truly help you defend God's Word. I think that is the consensus of most of us here on this post trying to answer your question(s).
  8. One thing some Christians do is they want a church that satisfies them. What they forget is that a church isn't a place for people to show up, hear a sermon, feel good about themselves then go on their merry ways until next Sunday where they do the whole process over again. No church is perfect and eventually this gets old so they go and find a new church. The answer is to go to a church where you are being fed the word of God and then take what you learn and apply it as you serve others. Get involved. Serve others. It will change the whole perspective of what church really is supposed to be. Christian need to be in church because it is your church family that will come by your side when you have a need.
  9. Quite honestly while it is fun to thing about what Jesus wrote it really isn't important. If it was God would have had it put into His word. The important part of the event is the lesson we can learn from what took place. That is the focus not so much on what was said in the sand.
  10. This passage does not give the answer it just Jesus stooped down and wrote in the sand. They kept questioning and he stood back up and then said those that are without sin cast the first stone. Then he stooped down to write more. So no the passage does not give the answer thus the debate as to what Jesus wrote still continues.
  11. My pastor does a great job presenting the word. I may not agree with everything he teaches but then again I am not going to agree with everyone. We have to make sure that we don't generalize and put every pastor under the same label. There are some great pastors out there the love the Lord and teach the word as best they know how . As someone above said in the end it isn't going to be the pastor held responsible for your decisions it will be each one of us held accountable before Christ.
  12. I like how one church we are looking to attend does it. They sing one verse of a song at the end and if no one comes up to the alter then we stop singing and pray to close out the service. He does let everyone know that he is always available to talk even though the service is over. I have been to services were the alter call is drawn out for 10 minutes as though the pastor is the one who is working on behalf of the holy spirit. There is no guidance concerning altar calls since they are not really in scripture. However I think a pastor should have wisdom as to how an altar call is done and for how long.
  13. not only is their doctrine super warped so is the music that comes out of the church as well. It is meaningless repetitions that cause a chanting like experience affecting the emotions of those singing and listening. When you feed on the emotions of people you can make them do just about anything you want them to.
  14. The gospel the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and we are to go into the world and share that good news. That is why the Great Commission is so great!
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