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  1. Could you maybe give an example of what you mean when you say "What is 'right' in one culture is 'wrong' in another."?
  2. Forgive me if I am wrong but doesn't God set the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong? We know what is right or wrong based on His word and his word alone. Right and wrong becomes subjective when man makes it subjective like it is today. In today's world the philosophy is what is right in my own eyes is what right instead of what God says. A perfect example would be the LTGB movement and their beliefs. Then you have churches siding with this belief system. They have made sin subjective instead of objective when God clearly says this lifestyle is wicked. So I have to disagree that right and wrong is subjective. Maybe I am not completely understanding what you mean by subjective. Maybe a little more light could be shed into what you are saying.
  3. From my observations from other posts the OP has done the OP is not really trying to discuss anything. All the posts I have seen them post are just scripture passages and that is about it. I don't think they are trying to post a discussion. Just my observations.
  4. I just want to make sure everyone knows that my responses were not in anger in anyway, shape or form. I do not claim to know everything in God's Word and I do not claim I have the answers to everything. I have tried to make sure that everything that I have said is supported with God's Word. I am not here to try and win an argument or debate or anything. All I can do is follow what God's Word says and I truly believe that what God says in Romans 1 is true. I also appreciate OneLight bringing out Romans 2:12-16 which I also believe to be true I just didn't think about that verse. I don't claim to be right all the time. As a matter of fact I am willing to be corrected when I am wrong. That is how we grow. I really hope in my responses you didn't get that impression. With all that being said I am trying to understand why the Devil would want anyone reading Romans 1. I would think he would want people to stay away from that chapter because it teaches that man needs a savior and that man is sinful. I do agree that as believers we are to go out and preach the gospel Mark 16:15, and Matthews 28:16-20. We are commanded to. But I can assure you that the Devil does not want us to trust in Christ or the Lord. I was wondering if you might be able to support your point through some scripture. This way I might be able to see your point of view more clearly. The message of the AntiChrist is to deceive those that are lost as well as those that claim to be saved. Jesus says in Matthew 24:24 that "For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect." While this verse may not allude to the final antichrist described in Revelation I do believe that those that are truly saved will not be deceived based upon this verse. I am not well versed in end times theology but this statement Jesus makes seems to be pretty significant. However I think this particular point goes off topic from the original posters question. So I digress. I totally agree with you that when I state an opinion I clarify that it is my opinion. However when God's Word has an opinion that trumps my opinion and I will just state when God's opinion is. That is why I have been very good about provided references for what I have said. I am not trying to prove any point or try to win an argument. I just believe that God's Word is right on the topic of Hell being a very real place and those that do not know Christ, with the exception of what OneLight pointed out in Romans 2:12-16, will spend an eternity apart from God in Hell.
  5. For sure!
  6. You know as much as I think I know God's Word the more I come to the realization that I know it as well as I should. It amazes me even after all these years of being a Christian and reading His word there is always something to learn. Even if you have read the same passage over and over. Again thanks OneLight for the verse and I will remember this the next time.
  7. Thanks for the verse. I hadn't considered this one.
  8. As I said my thoughts were just opinion my friend nothing more. I haven't studied the act of fasting and won't claim to know everything on it. Definitely something to look further into and there are good, godly people that believe the way you do OneLight and the way I look at fasting.
  9. I don't think I am supporting any message of this sort. As a matter of fact I will stand by my interpretation of Romans 1:20 as is. Man is without excuse even though they see the power of God all around them. And yeah why would I say a message otherwise? Wouldn't you agree that we are to believe that God exists and He is the Creator? And for sure we are to let go of anything that stands between us in the Lord. I am not sure where you are going with this. Maybe you could clarify your statement a little more to help me understand. Second I am not taking Romans 1:20 out of context. As a matter of fact this verse is a pretty good stand alone verse. On top of that the context of Romans 1 is that man has disobeyed God and would rather do their own thing so God gives them over to themselves. Not even sure how to respond to this except to say I would recommend rereading my post and then look at Romans 1 again and read through that as well. Not sure where you were going with this. On top of that I haven't seen an real use of scripture so I will accept what you have said as opinion instead of something built on scripture. The theme of Romans is the salvation message to all mankind including idolaters. While the gospel is preached for sure and it has spread throughout the world there will be those that will not have heard gospel. Even if they have not heard the gospel they will still die and go to hell because of wages of sin Romans 6:23. What I think I hear in what you say is that all men will be saved which is not the case at all. But if I am wrong on that please let me know.
  10. Just some thought I don't think fasting is just excluded to fasting. Fasting is the idea that we are sacrificing something that we would normally do so that we can focus on God and really seek Him and then grow in Him. Fasting is beneficial for our spiritual maturity not get God to do what we want. Not that is what you are doing just something I was thinking about when writing this. Fasting can be any number of things like giving up TV, radio, video games or pretty much anything that tends to keep us from truly spending time with God. There are people that can't fast from food because it would extremely dangerous for them to do so. So my opinion is that food isn't the only thing we can fast from. Remember again fasting shouldn't be for God to do what we ask but so that God can take us and form us more into more mature Christians.
  11. As far as answering the OP's question in the post Is Hell Even Real? The answer is a resounding Yes!. As a matter of fact Jesus talked more about Hell than He did about Heaven. Enoob57 uses a fantastic scriptural passage that Jesus uses to illustrate this very fact. There are so many passages in scripture that teach Hell is real and that it is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth Luke 13:28, Matthew 13:42 and others. It is a place of torment like no other. God's Word says it is the blackest of darkness Jude 1:13 and it is a place that is extremely hot and the fire is not quenched Mark 9:48. I have searched through this whole post by the OP and I haven't seen any use of scripture except for Luke 17:12 which I don't understand how it answers the OP's question. I think it is more of just throwing a verse out there and hoping that it somehow fits the discussion. As one poster said here in this post that most of us know scripture and have been studying it for quite sometime. I would say the answer to the OP's question has been answered very adequately and there really isn't any need for more discussion. Looks to me that the OP needs to dig into his Bible a bit more instead of looking up some videos on the internet and say, "Look here is proof!". A video is just an opinion in visual form and quite honestly isn't a valid source for our understanding. Sure videos can aid in understanding but unless we are actually grounded in God's Word we will be blown about by every wind of doctrine Ephesians 4;14. As others have said here already I believe that the OP needs to dig into scripture and learn from it instead of just posting and opinion and saying it is truth.
  12. While the gospel may not be preached to someone that it can't reach (which could be the case but more and more people are being reached) man is still without an excuse. Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." So regardless just creation alone shows that God exists yet people, including those that have not heard the gospel message, choose not to believe that He is real or that He exists. They would rather worship something else, man, wood, stone, etc. So yes man has the evidence of God all around them yet choose to believe something else.
  13. I hope you didn't think that I was saying it was. Attending church has nothing to do with salvation. I was just saying it is good to meet with other Christians regardless of the function. Church is only one way to be with other Christians.
  14. Well I for one am not one of those people. As a matter of fact I have to work on Sundays. Do try and make it a point to be in church when I can but there are times I am not able to be there. But I do know we need to fellowship with other believers if at all possible.
  15. No worries. I was just and some fuel for thought. That was all