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  1. Jaydog1976

    What's so great about the Great Commission?

    The gospel the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and we are to go into the world and share that good news. That is why the Great Commission is so great!
  2. Jaydog1976

    Did Jesus Die 'Spiritually' on the Cross

    I leave it at this. The scripture used is taken out of context completely to try and fit a heretical doctrine that Jesus can and did sin. When He became sin as @ Corinthians 5:23 says, "God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.", it didn't mean that as God he sinned and thus died a spiritual death. What it means is that he was our substitute and took the death penalty for sin that you and I so very much deserve. It never changed him being God nor does it meant that the sin placed upon him meant that somehow now he became a sinner for us. Not even close. Because if at any moment Christ sinned then the whole subsitutationary process would become null and void. It was a judicial act saying that Jesus took our place and he was the one who atoned for our sin.
  3. Jaydog1976

    Fathers Of Modern Versions

    I always get a kick out of the whole translation debate. For some reason people can't look past the fact that it is a translation and a translation only. The KJV isn't the original text but only a translation based upon the knowledge of the person or people translating the text. The NIV is a translation based upon the original text found that was used for this translation and it was translated based upon the knowledge of the people who translated it. The other thing is how do you know the Textus Receptus was the correct version or the Westcott and Hort version is the correct version? You only have two texts to compare to. What you really need is a third text which will lean to one or the other. Once that text is found then one can say one is more correct than the other. Otherwise it comes down to personal preference as to which translation you use. Now that doesn't mean there are some translations that are not good but that can be discussed in another forum.
  4. Jaydog1976

    Did Jesus Die 'Spiritually' on the Cross

    So if Jesus sinned, as you suggest, then he was not the perfect sacrifice and therefore my salvation is null and void. Jesus did not sin, never sinned and never could sin because He is God. Adam was never our savior to begin with. Thank goodness for that. Jesus is considered the second Adam because He is gives us eternal life. The first Adam God breathed life into him and he had life, Christ is our savior and give us eternal life. This is what 1 Corinthians 15:45 is talking about "And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. But Adam was never and could never be our savior. This is a false statement and makes Christ out to be a sinner just like you and me. I would agree that the word 'death' is a bad choice of terms to try and understand the whole salvation process. It believe it is a process the we cannot understand since we are not God. This is where faith comes into play. This is really wrong and please support teaching from scripture. Again to say that Jesus was sinful and if he had any blemish His work would have absolutely no meaning or redeeming value. 1 Peter 1:18-19 "For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, 19 but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.(NIV)" I would agree that it is a mystery to us since we are not God and it is something that is really beyond our understanding. We can speculate for sure but if we just take scripture and read it as is we know that Christ was sinless and that in order to be sinless He had to be God. And God cannot sin period thus Jesus Christ did not die spiritually as some people have come up with.
  5. Jaydog1976

    Did Jesus Die 'Spiritually' on the Cross

    I agree with Shiloh on this point and it seems that the point has been made pretty clear: Jesus did not die spiritually. He is God and if He was to die spiritually then that would negate his being God and our salvation would then be a wash since God is now sinful. The issue here that I see is Jesus Christ is being equated as a normal human being who was born sinful. Man spiritually dies because of sin since we were born into sin. Christ wasn't born into sin. Now I am not sure who the guy is that said the things the OP put into their post. But from this statement I would probably not listen to him. This is how false doctrines and teaching come into play: Someone hears something that sounds like it makes sense, they get excited about it, and then run with it even if it isn't true. I think I will stick with the scriptures and put my trust in the fact that it teaches that Jesus was 100% God and he was 100% man. I don't understand how that all works but I don't need to. My responsibility is to put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior knowing he never sinned and was the perfect sacrifice for my sin. And I have to believe that He rose again to complete the work He came to do so that I can have life in His name.
  6. Jaydog1976

    Did Jesus Die 'Spiritually' on the Cross

    There is fancy word for it called plagiarism. You cannot take someone else's intellectual property without their permission or if you do use their material you make sure you use quotes and then make sure you associate the quote with the person who actually said it.
  7. Jaydog1976

    All these kids walking out

    Maybe some parents do but not all parents so we need to make sure that we clarify this fact. Personal opinion isn't always right nor does it apply to everyone. We have kids so that we can raise up kids who will caring on our legacy of following the Lord and living for Him. We raise our kids to love the Lord and to serve Him by sharing the gospel with others. If we were to wait until we were financially ready no one would ever have kids. So the argument that people need to wait until they are financially able is a false one and one based upon selfishness. Also homeschooling isn't for everyone and it is a true calling. The best way to exercise love toward your children is to teach them godly principles, teach them who God is and share the gospel with them. The best way to exercise love toward your children isn't homeschooling or private schooling or whatever but to live a life that is godly and one that serves the Lord and Him alone. So both your statements are not entirely correct. Both are based upon personal opinion which again isn't for everyone nor does it apply to everyone. Is homeschooling good? Yes but not everyone is called to homeschool nor do they always have the capability to do so.
  8. Jaydog1976

    All these kids walking out

    Yes you are right these kids are not idiots. Kids minds however are easily molded and the liberal type thinking and agendas are feeding their developing minds. It doesn't help that the parents of these kids think the exact same way. At this point it isn't about gun control. It is about controlling the minds of the youth and using them to push agendas that are either not godly or are against what this country stands up or should be standing up. Again the kids are not idiots they are just mimicking what their parents believe and what government is teaching them through their teachers. I just know that my kids are being taught godly principles and are being taught that we need to make sure that we think before we do something and that includes when to or when not to protest over something.
  9. Jaydog1976

    All these kids walking out

    We can only hope. But unless parents step in and teach them how to really think for themselves I highly doubt it. It is scary that the generation coming up is so caught up in liberal thinking and ideologies without even knowing what it means and the ramifications this type of thinking will do to this country.
  10. Jaydog1976

    All these kids walking out

    So the problem is two-fold really. First the problem lies with parents who do not teach their kids right from wrong or that the choices you make will result in good consequences or bad consequences. These parents teach that we need to blame the action not the person doing the action. This is why parents seem to think that their kids can do no wrong and that it is everyone else's fault if the child does something wrong and it hurts another. We live in a society that refuses to see sin as the root problem and that human nature is extremely wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). Instead right is not wrong and wrong is now right. So these kids are growing up not to think through problems and situations because they are being taught, in their own homes mind you, that if someone in authority is teaching something it must be right and not to question the though process. The issue again is that parents are not being parents and they themselves are allowing government and society dictate their beliefs verses God's Word. The second issue is that society puts a lot of pressure on teens and has a huge influence in how they think, act and talk. Government is a huge problem since they want to control the population and what better way to begin to do that than with minds that haven't developed enough yet to make sound, reasonable decisions. So these 'walkout' protest were nothing more than a ploy to affect the emotions of society so that the knee jerk reaction to a horrific incident continues. These kids have absolutely no idea what the second amendment is nor do they have idea of what the gun laws are yet they are protesting? The majority of them just followed mob mentality and were just happy to have a few minutes of not being in class. They could care less what the issues really are. I asked my kids today what the second amendment was and they didn't know. So I explained to them what it is. I also explained to them that if I put my shotgun on the table and left it there and no one touched it it would sit their indefinitely without doing anything. Then I explained that when we protest about something we make sure that we know what is going on on both sides, look and understand the laws and how they affect us and then once you know these things then make a decision on whether a protest is actually necessary. My kids are taught that man is sinful and that they need a savior. They understand that humans make evil choices and will do evil things because the heart of man is evil. I teach them that God is God and that we are to be obedient to him. I teach them that our actions have consequences and that we need to think before we act. But sadly this is not the norm in our society. We live in a society that blames the action on everything except for what it is sin.
  11. Jaydog1976

    pulling the plug on a loved one

    That is probably one of the hardest decisions that humans may have to make. Praying for you and your family. I don't know how I would deal with the situation since I have not had to be there. But I know it would be really tough either way.
  12. Jaydog1976

    King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    So then the point has to be made that what is the difference between let's say a Spanish translation of God's Word versus the KJV? They are both translations. So if those that hold to the KJV as the most accurate translation would have say that in order to read God's Word you would have to learn English since the KJV is, in their opinion, the best and most accurate translation.
  13. Jaydog1976

    King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    I've always ask this question but no King James only person can answer the question honestly. Here is the question, "In order to get the official Word of God, do people who speak different languages have to learn English in order to get the true Word of God (aka KJV Bible)?"
  14. Jaydog1976

    King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    So what you are saying is that the translators where inspired by the Holy Spirit, just like the original authors, when they translated the Textus Receptus. This is what we call dual inspiration and it is not scriptural.
  15. Jaydog1976

    What's your favorite movie about Jesus?

    Most of the passion if the Christ was his crucifixion. Nothing wrong with that but I like The Jesus Film because it went through his earthly ministry as well.