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  1. Many thanks for all the support. So far she appears to be co-operating with the plan even though she says she feels strange about it. I guess thats to be expected. She is a very smart cookie so I'm trying to use that "sense" to get her "on board". IF that makes sense.
  2. MY daughter seems to be struggling with the issue so popular amongst smart young people. She simply won't eat enough and it has become serious. Part of it is the stress of A levels and I suspect she is too worried about other people's expectations. Myself and a few doctors have now got her on a plan but she still has to keep to it. I don't really care too much about most things in life in this world except that she should have a healthy and happy life. Thanks for any help.
  3. Lead Its the only L I could think of that didn't put us back to M again
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