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  1. SimonB

    Need some advice for my site

    Well you could always Ebay it but that comes with its own set of headaches. I ended up with some of those beanies since my daughter really liked them, oh and her Sylvanians of course. I don't even want to admit the numbers of some things but we're talking in the hundreds and not just in one category
  2. Constantine I think I'm doing a historical theme
  3. SimonB

    Need some advice for my site

    So sojourner you're just going to go around oy veying anything I post? Man you need to grow up!
  4. SimonB

    Tubi TV...watch movies for free

    IF you enjoy Morse I strongly suggest trying Lewis after you've seen them all. For me I think I enjoyed it more. The main character is the newly promoted Lewis who is Morse's assistant in Inspector Morse. So its also set in Oxfordshire
  5. SimonB

    Q as in Question

    Yeah, I found that guy really annoying too. Sort of a put off for the show really.
  6. This is true, a lie is still a lie. I haven't yet reached that point of getting tired, but I'm sure I will in time.
  7. SimonB

    Not buying....

    So again you can only resort to insults. Nothing you've said is based on anything I said or did. Oh, and by the way I haven't reported anything, but hey, don't let facts get in your way. Unlike you I'm okay to let your words remain and let people decide for themselves. Funny how you know nothing about me and yet you have decided to label me and by proxy anything I say. You advise me to look at what I believe, I always do. Perhaps you should first look at your own behaviour first. So go on attacking anyone who says something you don't agree with, it kind of makes the point doesn't it?