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  1. There are buy it nows but you won't get as many bargains as bid sales. But I rarely buy other than buy it nows myself. I always suspect a lot of shilling occurs.
  2. Seems to be the way now with TV and the media Worse still when they lull you into a series then spring it on you later like so many new series.
  3. That makes a lot of sense to me,
  4. That sounds like something from Douglas Adams
  5. That is a terrible mistake to make, we should aspire to do better. Perhaps then we would understand better.
  6. Maybe they will come back again some time. These things sometimes go in cycles.
  7. I recently watched some episodes of Bless This House (UK version) from the 70's. Totally dated and so on, but somehow quaintly amusing.
  8. Jack Ryan is pretty good viewing, both seasons. If you liked that you might also like Treadstone. The Expanse is one of those shows I'm not sure if I like or not or perhaps both I will say its sometimes difficult to hear what they say. It seems the mumbles are the big trend with shows nowadays Father Ted, as mentioned above, I've seen a few episodes and it seems quite funny.
  9. An irrelevant point but I have to make it. The proof is not in the pudding that is a misnomer. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  10. Oh no you've reminded me of the 39-fingered Neptunians I mentioned on another board long ago. It was a hint that no-one seemed to get about using base-39 counting but thats another long story
  11. You know this actually make more sense to me than the other posters random list of numbers. Should I be concerned?
  12. Nostradamus was just another occultist. All his quatrains or whatever they were called were written vaguely enough so that people could subsequently "interpret" them to fit the events. Sounds like class con artistry. The best use of Nostradamus was by Australian comedian Paul Hogan. Everbody at the time was talking about the one about the 3 brothers obtaining the highest office in the land..etc All the pundits thought that would mean Ed Kennedy would become president as, at the time, he was still active in politics. However, Hoges pointed out that the pundits had got it all wrong. The "highest office in the land" was obviously not the American presidency, it was in fact the Captaincy of the Australian national cricket team. You see Ian Chappel had been the previous captain and now brother Greg was the captain and younger brother Trevor had recently joined the national squad. So obviously once Trevor became captain the world would be doomed. As a post script, like Ed Kennedy, he never did get the job!
  13. SimonB


    I suppose they could but rather would they be allowed to? As a long Tim follower of the NFL I am increasingly disappointed with the decline in almost everything in the sport. I will still watch the rest of this season since I want to know what happens but I probably won't be bothered next year. I can't say just how disappointing the very poor officiating has been this year and I am so sick of the biased commentary it isn't worth watching anymore.
  14. All the recent shenanigans have gotten me curious about political history so I've been reading a few things on political history.
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