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  1. SimonB

    Word Game 1

    drizzle well it is raining right now
  2. It is an interesting subject. I've read dozens of books on the subject of varying quality. I started with the one by Usher. Do they state their source for their timeline? Or did they come up with the info themselves? I even started doing a timeline myself using html and javascript but there are still some questions that are unclear.
  3. Nice response FresnoJoe, straight to the point!
  4. SimonB

    Not buying....

    I watched that C-SPAN video, long and dry but very interesting in parts. I have to say Jim Jordan gave a good account of himself in this video. Don't know how he is otherwise but said some good things here. It is hard to comprehend how they could get away for so long with such obvious breaches? Corruption?
  5. SimonB

    Not buying....

    When exactly did that meeting take place? The page says 13th Dec 2018 but I could swear I've seen part of it before!
  6. SimonB

    Not buying....

    If the water was rising I'd tend to think that God had sent the boat.
  7. SimonB

    Not buying....

    I watched that video and inevitably ended up finding more from others. The common threads are this: -they do use a lot of truths which leads to the viewer feeling a sense of trust -they then spin a few more things that they don't necessarily support and which are not so clear -if not in the first video I inevitably find their other videos that propose things I can't agree with In conclusion I would say I have to go with what Freinduff and Cletus are saying... Trust in GOD! However, we are made with an inquisitive nature so its not surprising that we want to know more, so we go looking. Thats okay provided we retain our priorities.
  8. SimonB

    Q as in Question

    History shows us that many things don't get reported for years after
  9. SimonB

    Not buying....

    or more directly to you tube