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  1. Compatability lists gleaned from hands on experience are always most welcome
  2. I know what a city state is but I have found nothing to indicate that such a thing exists in London. As I understand it, London is a part of the UK. So again where did you get anything to support your contention?
  3. Just as an aside, speaking of ports whose crippling would have devastating effects. I think the EU would be brought to its knees if you hit Rotterdam. A huge percentage of the continents trade goods go through the ports there. Also the city is infamous for its shop-front prostitution and wide availability of drugs.
  4. I'm wondering where you get this from? My understanding is that The City of London is a county in its own right whereas long ago it was not. There are a number of others too. I know that there is at least one organisation promoting the idea of either increased autonomy or even possibly independent status but as far as I know it is as yet only their proposal.
  5. Yeah, its true that sounds small but I would like something in print. They have a larger print version but it doesn't include all the notes just some. Maybe I should do a version to print somehow
  6. Do we have any follow up on this bible Is the printed version any good?
  7. As it happens I was considering a particular book Nice to see it is on that list, thanks
  8. A bit off topic but given the mention of bible related collections. What do people think is the best / a very good bible atlas?
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