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  1. In heaven during 1,000 year reign?

    The bible is not about picking a single text and explaining your thoughts. It does not work that way; we try to make it work OUR ways and that is where we find many questions and come up with many answers that leads us to many questions and those question then builds up and grow when more answers are giving which then leads to asking more and THE CYCLE REPEAT OVER AND OVER and as a result we come up with OUR own believe and those believes leads us to form many new Church which the Bible says no, Jude 1:19. For all the Christians, who those who break away or form new church brake the first bible text which is judge 1:19; their actions contradicted Jude 1:19, BUT that is not the first, the first begins when all the apostles died. But the questions what lead us to do such things if we have already receive the holy spirit as the holy spirit teaches us of every things that we are not sure of and lead us. what leads them understand bible differently and come up with new thoughts and form new church. why so many questions and breaking of Bible texts???????????????????why, can we ask ourselves whats wrong with us? Everyone want to either teach others or add on the discussion about what they already know and NO ONE WANTS TO LEARN. good but ask the above question. See you all next time if i come back, if not BYE.
  2. 3d model of Ezekiel's Temple

    In the past during the time do Jesus, the people knew there will be a king from the family of David who will come to build the temple and when Solomon was born and became king he and the people thought the king is Solomon when Solomon saw the texts 1 king 8: 25 , 1 king 2:4, Isaiah 16:5, and build the temple. When Solomon become king and build the temple people thought that was the end of the promise. Some waited to see the king from the eastern sky and they are still waiting today. When the true and real king was born, people questions him killed him. People prepared the temple physically for 46 yes and build the temple the we see with our eyes while God did not work the way people think and plan and build the spiritual temple according to his plan and will. People in the past were confused and we are also confused . What is in the bible is Spirit and is invisible to human eyes but visible to spiritual eye as the words have been written in Spirit by those who were in spirit. Only Simian and the man from the east saw the texts and waited and see the son of God while others went blind and confused. We are repeating the same things.
  3. We try to explain but we used most of our own words and interepration and as a result switch the truth meaning. We collect texts that do not have the beginning and it's end. We just quote what is in the bible and support it with our explanation. If we have received the Holy Spirit then why are we having many answers to a question and why do we come up with many questions and why are we confuse which Jesus said the Holy Spirit will not make you confuse John 14:26.
  4. In heaven during 1,000 year reign?

    The man can be Jesus but are you really sure. Please study well this part and try dig deep to find
  5. In heaven during 1,000 year reign?

    I do not agree with that.
  6. 3d model of Ezekiel's Temple

    This obviously indicated that you are trying to build another temple apart from the one Jesus build. John 2: 19-20. And please read this texts Matthew 21:23-43 and Matthew 23:37-39.
  7. What is the "First Resurrection" in your view?

    Can we ask ourselves "why am I having many questions? And why I do not understand some of things in the Bible? "
  8. What is the "First Resurrection" in your view?

    Can we ask this questions also, why the Jewish of Israel confused and did not see the son of God, and even when the the son of God perform miracles,why they did not see and believe him, or why they never went back to bible to find out and confirm with what Jesus was saying (when he say he is the son of God). Now the world say they know better. So who will learn the new things???
  9. What is the "First Resurrection" in your view?

    What the body see is body and what the spirit see is Spirit we must not mix the two different things together and try to explain or find a answer to a question. The world can not see their image on the mirror to identify themselves to know instead pretending to know better which is very bad for them but the time is near.
  10. What is the "First Resurrection" in your view?

    If there was map in front you, and you try to show it to others, you should have broke the map and take the middle part (piece) out and hold it up for the people to see but when people look at it, it will be a broken piece of the whole map. So you need to join it again and take the whole map to show the people so that they can see and must not be confused again.
  11. What is the "First Resurrection" in your view?

    Dear Bob, What you wrote especially the text in revelation are Spirit AND they are invisible and the ones who wrote the bible or the one who wrote revelation was in Spirit. Inoreder to understand the text we have to see what is invisible with human eye but visible in Spirit eye. Non one understand every text in revelation and connect every text together to come up with one long text which will show a path to the father. The world can not see in spirit and that is the big problem we have today.
  12. The Sabbath and Sunday Worship.

    When we go back to find out about the history of all the churches we attend, they have went through several rebirth and reformation, which we supposed not to do that, Jude 1:19 says those who reform or break way are not following the will of Holy Spirit. Several rebirth of the churches and reformation indicated confusions. If we already received holy spirit then why are we confused here? Can we understand that someone is wrong? We try to defend and yes the Jewish of Jerusalem and Israel try to defend the 10 commandments and and they did not want to lisen to Jesus. What they know lead them to confused as they did not know what will happen next? So our questions and answers indicated confusion, why?
  13. The Sabbath and Sunday Worship.

    Our questions and answers indicated confusions amongst us. Why are we confused? Jesus said I will give you an helper and he will teach you of everything I teach you and you will not be confused? So why many confusion in our questions and answers? Can we understand that there is something wrong with us please. Why are we so stubborn?