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  1. NO you DON'T understand!

    I think this is very good advice. Unless you have experienced exactly what the person is going through you probably don't know how they feel. Most of the time when we are hurting, we need someone to sit next to us, and just be there ....you don't have to say a lot of deep things, just your presence and physical touch is very healing and supportive to someone hurting. I think this is one of the reasons that people gain such support from their pets . The pet will just sit there and be a loving presence.
  2. Sex talk: Christian Dating Advice

    The questions that you say he is asking you are shocking to say the least. No your physical measurements should not be part of the equation.I wouldn't expect that from somebody in the world either. He doesn't sound like he actually "walks the walk," which makes him no better than an unbeliever, and I would get away from this guy. Count your blessings that you noticed these things in the beginning, there's a lot less chance of being hurt this way. A Real believer doesn't just talk but he behaves in a decent and honorable way.
  3. Serious Relationship Godly dating

    All our Behavior should be honorable as Christians , this includes our personal relationships. If you have made a commitment to this person I don't see how you are now asking about "shopping around." It sounds to me like you are not sure about this relationship and it would be the correct thing to do to end it, rather than create heartache, should you find another person more desirable.
  4. I think i'm falling in love with another member!

    Actually I know couple of people that met online and are happily married so I guess it's possible. for young people online dating is like talking on the phone something they do all the time and they're comfortable with. they're very sharp too they seem to figure out phonies immediately.
  5. Pathetically funny - snowflakes and doorbells

    It's a sign of the times.
  6. Saved from what exactly?

    The Bible says the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. When you break the law and get a speeding ticket the results of your speeding is the ticket. The result for your sins is death. But Jesus Christ in his great Mercy, paid the price for your sins, so that you might have eternal life with God. Jesus is saving you from Eternal death and Damnation which is the penalty for sin.
  7. I don't smoke or drink, but I did make an attempt to learn both as a teenager. My efforts at smoking made me nauseous and dizzy plus I never had the money for that so I gave it up quickly. I understand once you start smoking though, it's a very very hard to quit, so I would classify it as an addiction. Drinking is a little bit of a different matter,unless you've gone so far as to become an alcoholic in that case it's also a type of addiction. personally the taste of alcohol doesn't really appeal to me so it's not that much of a temptation. In both above scenarios I would say the person is in bondage to addictions and needs deliverance. As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ it would be a terrible witness for me to be walking around with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigarette in the other. How could I tell them about the delivering power of Christ, when I'm doing exactly the same thing an unsaved person would be doing? I don't believe it's God's best for us to be addicted to anything. Or to be in any kind of bondage physical or spiritual. he who the son sets free is free indeed! John 8:36
  8. Solar Eclipse

    I think the solar eclipse is a rare occurrence however, it's is a natural event. God has worked through the natural environment with signs before but I think it would be more noteworthy if we had an eclipse when none was expected.
  9. New

    Hi Ken, Welcome to Worthy...hope you enjoy it.
  10. Still here

    Good to know! Hope we see you soon!
  11. lucid dreams of shadow people

    This is a very demonic experience that you're having,and I'm wondering if you have dabbled in the occult at all prior to becoming a Christian or if you are involved in it now. Or if family members are involved in these things? If so I recommend that you remove everything having to do with the occult and Witchcraft from your home... get rid of it now . Renounce your involvement with it and ask the Lord to forgive you for the sin of witchcraft. If you still feel an oppressive presence, get an elder from the church in to pray. You can be free and God wants you to be free of fear and torment.
  12. Transgender Gave His life to the Lord at Street Church

    Amen Josh...Amen!
  13. cliquish people

    Hi Pearl, If you can practice forgiveness with people, you will find such freedom for your emotions, that you can go through this life loving everyone you meet and very rarely being hurt. Since you have so many opportunities to develop in this gift of forgiveness, why not talk to the Lord about it and start as an act of your will, saying , "Lord, I forgive them!?" You will find that eventually, the feelings will follow, and it will be very easy to let go of every offense,and walk in love. God bless you as you journey towards the power of forgiveness!
  14. Broken but trying to put together the pieces of my husband's life

    Hi Kelly, I know from personal experience that when life has a lot of complications my tendency has been to try to take them all on. it's impossible for one human being to handle every issue of Life on their own. Jesus addressed this by telling us, Let each day's trouble be sufficient for that day. Matthew 6:34. This is the first place I would start with your situation only look at what that day has brought to you,that will help tremendously for a start. Another thing to consider, is that Jesus told us to cast all of our cares on him not to solve them ourselves, or try to figure them all out, or correct them. 1 Peter 5:7. The way I do this is to imagine that there is a cart with a donkey pulling it. I take all the problems I can think of that at that moment, and put them in the back of the cart and send them off in my imagination( his yoke is easy and his burden is light.) In this way I give them to Jesus to handle. Through the years I have been amazed at how impossible situations have work themselves out, and people have changed in only ways that a miracle-working God could perform. I've learned to trust him more, worry less and enjoy life! God bless you as you walk with him.
  15. first time church

    My dear,if you give your heart to Jesus...you are family to all who love him!