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  1. Race is not important in most places mixed race couples are readily accepted. I suppose there are some backward areas where they still have an attitude, but I haven't seen it especially not in California. If you're brave enough to get involved with a person outside of your race you must be strong enough to counter any resistance you might get. The people that have attitude problems are not Godly because it's not Godly to have an attitude like that. As far as where to live as concerned, I'm with you of course, I am from California so I understand how you feel 100%. You have to be comfortable and he has to be comfortable too. So in my opinion, this is your biggest stumbling block. You will have to work it out between the two if you. I've never been to Iowa maybe it's not as bad as you think?
  2. There is great suffering in the world, and we've all experienced some of it just by virtue of being on this planet. But it wasn't always so... God created the Earth to be a Paradise and put his creation.. man.. in a beautiful and perfect garden with only one rule.... do not eat of One Tree. Adam who represents mankind did it anyway and suffered the penalty of losing his place in the garden handing over the authority of the earth to Satan and having to toil for his maintenance. Satan comes only to kill steal and destroy so if that's what you're seeing is all him and not God
  3. Well,if you break the law, is the ticket fair? The ticket is the penalty for the crime. Romans 6:23 the wages for sin is death... but the gift of God is that he freely gives us everlasting life in Christ Jesus.
  4. In my opinion no, the devil cannot read your mind but he's a student of observing your behavior and planning his attacks based on your behavior and your words.
  5. I do believe in microevolution and I believe it's something that God put into all of nature so that it could adapt to its environment. I do not believe however, that a monkey became a human, or fish became an elephant or species changed radically.( macro-evolution) Not only do I believe the Bible is true.... I believe the Bible is the Living Word of God and is truth. Truth itself! I don't think much about guns I don't own one, I've only shot one once . I do believe American citizen should have the right to carry them as long as they are licensed. Guns only have one use and I'd rather avoid that. Unsaved people, no matter what they are involved in, are all the same, just people who don't know God yet, as we all were at one time. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Jesus came for sinners!!
  6. I obviously don't agree I obviously don't agree with this advice. I don't agree that this individual is a coward, selfish, nor do I think getting further involved in the destruction, of this marriage is the right thing to do. I would most definitely not delve further into a marriage in which you have no part. There should be no guilt, Jesus carried our guilt and our shame. The guilty party here is the husband and the responsibility for speaking is his. If the marriage is to be restored it's between that husband and that wife.
  7. It's very unfortunate you have gotten into the situation like this, but I don't see how it's your fault since you were deceived by this man. This is likely a pattern of his and I'm sure that he's done it over and over again. I understand how you feel guilty and want to share this information with his wife but honestly, I don't believe it is your place to do any further damage in this wreck of a marriage. Who knows what's really going on there ? It's very hard for a woman not to have some kind of idea that something like this is going on with her husband. Since you've already broken it all off, and I'm sure you've repented for your part in this, I would stay as far away from this person as you possibly can.
  8. Yes I do believe the children go directly to Heaven if they die below the age of accountability when they really know the difference between right and wrong and able to make a choice. For those who have intellectual disabilities and not able to make choices for themselves their comprehension remains that of a child, and they are included in this group. I'm quite sure there are many thousands of children and babies who died for whatever reason and are being cared for in heaven. it's clear that children were precious to the Lord when he said suffer little children to come unto me and do not hinder them, for such is the kingdom of heaven. if such is the kingdom of heaven then we know there are children there! Luke 18:16
  9. The tattoo question has come up quite a bit. I did not allow my children to get them, and I would not get one myself. It seems to me that clear clean and beautiful skin is very rare indeed that much rather drive to that goal then to have what I consider to be very ugly dark blue/ purplish markings on my skin. Some of the tattoos that I have seen identify the wearer with certain types of religions or beliefs. ones that I don't agree with so of course I wouldn't have something like that on my skin. Some of my feelings maybe generational . Tattoos were only worn by criminals bikers and drug addicts when I grew up. The Bible has some things to say about marking your skin and tattooing yourself as it was a common practice with the Egyptians and other Pagan religions. the Bible does tell us to come out from among them (meaning the world and its practices), and be separate which I think we should do
  10. Hi everyone I'm very happy to have found this chat where I can enjoy conversation with like-minded believers.

    I've been involved intercession for a number of years which is why I called myself intercessor Ginger.( Ginger is a high school nickname of mine)

    I am recently widowed to a wonderful man who's now relocated to his Heavenly reward with our beautiful Jesus.

    I have two grown children and I'm planning to join a well-known Ministry for their Nationwide healing Crusades I'm very excited about that.