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  1. To be like Jesus in every way is the goal of a True Believer and disciple of Jesus Christ. To see others Through The Eyes Of Love the Way That Jesus does would be a wonderful goal to have,I know it's one of mine.
  2. It's very easy to form a theology based on personal experience but it's not wise to do so. In the spirit realm there is neither male nor female Satan is a spirit and more evil and anything you've ever known. Matthew 22:30
  3. Do you think your family would agree to go to church with you? You need a very strong church that believes the word of God and believes in prayer and deliverance. More than anything else your family needs Jesus. I was able to get some unruly family members to come to church with me by offering to make lunch for everyone afterwards. If you can get them there and they're exposed to the love of God they will change!
  4. I will assume your question as innocent and you post without knowledge but it is borderline blasphemous. The identity of the comforter is clearly explained in the scriptures as being the Holy Spirit who is God or the third person of the Trinity. (John 14:16) No mere man could possibly be the comforter, as this entity is with every believer who has received Jesus Christ as their lord and savior and lives inside of us.
  5. Oh, that's nice Steve. I'm happy for you!
  6. Ha!
  7. Hi Annette!
  8. Right on Steve!
  9. I understand what you're saying Steve and I agree with you. We do have numerous earthquakes here, and they recommend that you keep a small supply of water, flashlights, and first aid kit and that I do have, but as far as hoarding up for future Calamity no.
  10. You sound depressed. Do you think that might be the problem ?
  11. There is one reason why a person goes to hell. That is for rejection of the free gift of salvation,offered through Jesus Christ. It has nothing you do to with being good enough, Jesus did it all. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth and you shall be saved.
  12. Beautiful comment Angels! You are in our prayers brother Steve.
  13. I believe very strongly in education and a good education a very important foundation for your future. The subjects you are being taught are good to learn and very beneficial to you. I would even consider going on to higher education and refining your skills with a college education. I don't see any downside to an education whatsoever .
  14. Satan did not want to worship or obey God. In his cortuption and pride, he wanted to "take over" and BE GOD. (Isiah 14:12 Revelation 12:4). He wanted the worship and praise that belongs only to God. Isiah 42:8 I am the Lord,I will not yield my glory to another. So you can understand why God could not allow that to remain in heaven. The bible says iniquity was found in Satan. Iniquity is premeditated,progresses and increases. It is the type of repetative sin that it hardens your heart, and you become identified with that sin. People that live a sinful lifestyle have given themselves over to iniquity. Iniquity can become so pervasive, that it hardens your heart until you are reprobate unable to tell right from wrong.
  15. Satan had the keys of death and hell before Jesus took the keys of death hell and the grave away from him.Revelation 1:18 If Satan had the authority to kill us at will, we would all be gone because he hates us that much. The sicknesses and diseases in the world are caused by many different things. Some sickness can be are environmentally caused, some poor practices can cause sickness. Such as poor hygiene or exposure to carcinogens. Remember there was no sickness when God created the Earth it wasn't until Adam fell that those evil things entered the Earth.