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  1. Newbie post - Just looking for fellowship

    Nope, you are not the only one. Every christian must go through this. That's the way our personalty split in half and left what is sinful behind. If you were not experiencing this it's means you are not christian and you are not in the right way. But no worries, that's just the birth pains and you are about to reborn. Just push it harder Be ready for mood changes and all kind of mental stuff....that's completely normal. In my case it was really bad....It was like giving birth for two big cat with claws who tried to rip me apart...Hahaha. I am laughing now. But that time I wasn't laughing. But no worries if you need a prayer let us know. In the meantime don't be worried too much. I know it's hard but remember God will not put too much burden on you to collapse. Everything is in His hand even though you don't see it. And when you all went though this you will have the relationship with God that you never dreamed of.
  2. Newbie post - Just looking for fellowship

    Hi Michelle, Nice to meet you here. We are all schizophrenic no worries. All christian hear and see things that we don't want to hear or see. That's a part of our tackle. But the good news is it will go away eventually. Just stay strong and be able to separate it from your heart. I personally had some bitter fight too. Very bitter. Just remember, when Eve was tempted by the satan, he used the body of a snake to hide from her and to deceive her. It's the same tactic of the devil ever since. He is hiding behind your thoughts and emotions and making you feel like that you want it. Making you think like you said it. But don't be fooled. Be determined in your heart as you said it. You know what you want ...so...who can stop you from that? Just stay strong and and don't loose hope. have a nice day.
  3. Goulash

    I was joking. But once.....maybe I shouldn't write it here.....I was eating some food with a fresh hot pepper on the sofa watching telly with my family. When I finished my food needless to say I did as every men would do during watching movie.....put my hands down just to check if everything is okay there. Gosh....2 minutes later I was in the shower room cooling things down. Ha-ha. The lesson: DO NOT TOUCH anything sensitive after you ate hot pepper.
  4. Goulash

    Mushrooooom. I love it.
  5. America and the great prostitute

    No. Absolutely not. We have built a fence against the "refugees" and we still stand not to let anyone in. But Hungary as a small country in EU really struggling to keep everything as it is. That's why I said we prefer Trump whatever how good or bad he is in some other way. Maybe some American didn't see it this way but I personally believe he was put in this position by God to give encourage to eastern Europe to tackle against invasion.
  6. America and the great prostitute

    What do you mean? At this point we didn't accept any muslims as refugees and our society is not multicultural. Angela Merkel and EU is really upset with us. But at least they have America to tackle with. That's why I (and majority of Hungry) prefer Trump than Hilary.
  7. Goulash

    I am glad that you like goulash. I don't know how other eastern European call it. We call it pörkölt. But I know from my personal experience the food is very similar in all eastern Europe. But for me even if it looks similar tastes different. Actually, I have just tried a homemade stuffed cabbage from my Albanian friend and even though it looked similar tasted very different. But probably many wouldn't notice it. In polish it's called kapusta we call it káposzta. You look very familiar with the eastern European food. Have you been there often? I haven't tried to put paprika in my eye. Is it that good?
  8. Goulash

    That was the recipe that I learned from my father. But every household has it's own recipe. I was moving all over Hungary until I was 28 and tasted many goulash by many family but it was all based on the recipe that I described. Only minor changes. I have tasted goulash here in London in an Italian restaurant funny. Yeah, it was similar but as for me who grew up on it, it tasted different and not what I used to.
  9. America and the great prostitute

    I wasn't pointing at individuals but at America as a nation who led astray many. What I meant is most of the country were following america in their life style and they all became unclean. Very few who kept themselves clean. That's way I said I can associate the great prostitute with america more than the Vatican.
  10. Goulash

    Sorry I forgot the egg. For the nokedli you need flour+salt+water+ egg. 1 or 2.
  11. Goulash

    That's called nokedli. It's like noodle but we have many dishes based on it. It's very very simply to make it. Flour+water+salt mixed together but keep it runny. You need something like a cheese grater (we have special stuff for that see picture 1) and you pour the stuff through it over a boiling water. When it comes back to the surface - about 3 min - it's ready. And should look like Picture 2. About your american recipe of goulash I feel like I am betrayed and my country dishonoured. It's a blasphemy.
  12. America and the great prostitute

    Well., there were two option....Hillary vs Trump. I think you got the right one even though is not perfect. As a Hungarian I am quite happy as we are pushed from every side to take muslims and be a multicultural country as rest of the Europe and america. At least we can point to Trump as long as he is there.
  13. Goulash

    Yeah, after 7 years I still remember the taste of the stuff cabbage. It's lovely. Made of mince meat (pork) mixed with rice and with some spices. I don't know the recipe though as my dad couldn't pass it on before he left. But he was the best cook ever. About the sauerkraut. We don't just serve it as a side dish but we have food made of it. It's called székelykáposzta. See picture 1. I used to work in a Greek restaurant but i noticed their food tastes completely different as their spices are different. They use a lot of cinnamon and mint and all kind of spices of the devil :).......just kidding. But they have a special roll in vine leaves....that's lovely. And their meatballs....it's not as lovely as the hungarian meatballs though. By the way we have many dishes apart from sauerkraut that we served with the main course together. See picture 2-5. I don't think we are going to meet in this life but if you can remind me in the kingdom of God I would love to make some of the Hungarian food for you there. Probably I would ask my dad to help me
  14. Goulash

    Please don't torture me.... ha-ha It's spelled töltött káposzta. Easier to say stuffed cabbage. Have you tried it yet? I use paprika even on my sandwich. If you have seen a Hungarian dining table it contains salt pepper and paprika. The rest is optional.
  15. Goulash

    First of all, choose what meat you would like to eat. The main options are pork, chicken, beef, lamb. Or if you like liver, kidney, gizzard, heart....or if you vegetarian mushroom. My personal favourite is chicken. But you can even mix them like pork and beef. Our traditional dish is made of pork so I'll stick to it. One thing to memorise: DO NOT CHOOSE LEAN MEAT!!! You need fat for the taste. The best part is the shoulder.....if it's pork. If it's chicken is the tight. Ingredient for 4 portion: 1 lbs pork shoulder 2 Red pepper 2 Tomato 4 Clove of garlic 1 Onion 1 Bunch of parsley 3 spoon full of paprika 2 bay leaf 0.5L water Some oil or fat creme fraiche or sour cream Pepper and salt according to your taste I like to cut everything first. So cut the meat into large chunks. Also cut the pepper, tomato into larger dice....they will melt away no worries. Cut the onion and garlic and the parsley into smaller dice. 1. Heat oil in a large pot over medium then add the onion and then about 2 min later the garlic. 2. Add the paprika and cook it for a little bit. Not too much. Otherwise you over cook it it will have a very bitter taste and the whole food ends up in the bin. I would say 1 minute. 3. Add the meat and cook it until it becomes white. 4. Then add the pepper, tomato, bay leaf and parsley together with some water. Just to cover the meat. No too much water!!! It's a stew not a soup. 5. Add some pepper and salt as you like and let it cook for an hour (about) 6. Don't use too much heat just enough to see the water is bubbling. Stir it time. to time and if it is needed add some water. When the meat is soft then it's ready. When you serve it on a plate put a spoon full of creme fraiche (or sour cream....maybe single/double cream) on the top. For side we have a special dish (third picture) called nokedli but you can use cooked potato. Or even with bread is still lovely. That's the receipt of goulash that I got from my father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father and he got it from his father in the year when Jesus was resurrected.