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  1. How do I start over

    Faith, don't be afraid. This world is full of people who had to find a new beginning, they made it and you will make it too. The first step is to accept that we must find a new way. Marriage is a partnership, you have the right to your financial share, but before that you also have the right to be given the opportunity to work on your marriage before any decision is made. This is serious, he made a commitment with you before God. What is he expecting to find outside your marriage? I see my Father who divorced my Mother, married another lady, then time went by and he has the exact same problems but with a completely different woman with who he as no history, no past, no children. These questions should be answered and both should pay attention to their answers: What is he expecting to find after your divorce? Why does he need you out of his life so he can find what he is seeking? In what way is this divorce righteous? (I'm counting that the divorce won't be righteous —Mark 10:2-12) Why is not important that this divorce isn't righteous? A spiritual root will be found and for that God has a remedy. The excuse "I don't love you the way I used to" is good enough to end a teenage relationship, but not a marriage, a holy bond, that can bring so much more than the illusion of "love" this world has been inventing. God has plenty of trustworthy Love to share with your husband. That excuse is just a shallow way to make an imprudent choice pass quicker. I'll be praying for you. May you feel loved by all who surround you and by your brothers/sisters in Christ, who read your words and feel for you. May you both seek for God's insight together. May you, Faith, have the strength to hold your husband in this time of weakness, may he accept your help so together you can work things out.
  2. Hello

    Hello Maybethien, your profile picture is so cute. Welcome to Worthy!
  3. Another noob is here lol

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  4. MMMM

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  5. Hi New member Sandra here

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  7. Need MASSIVE Prayers to stay on God's Path

    Daughter of God, how is everything? For a couple of months now I've been looking for a place for myself. Seems like I wasn't having any answers nor progress. I was looking for a house on some specific locations, from the center to the north of my country. I found nothing, absolutely nothing; when I found, no answer came from the landlords, nothing. I've never been in a situation like this, and I do move often. I kept praying and asking that someone would contact me back. Happens that last Sunday every single place where I was looking for a home had serious fires. Miles and miles of terrifying fires, from Center to North. More than thirty people died, some small villages almost disappeared, some people lost everything. One example of our losses: 80% of a pinewood with 42.7 square miles was destroyed, and this is just one place. We are all inconsolable. I wonder what would have happened to me if I got a place where I wanted, in the middle of that pinewood, because I don't drive, I don't like cellphones and I would be living in a remote place surrounded by trees. I don't know if this helps, but i just want to show you a proof of God's care. He is taking care of us, sometimes we don't know in what way, but He is. I hope you are doing better now. Will be praying for you.
  8. Saturday or Sunday?

    shiloh357, You push your own views and doctrines, then call them "Jesus". I won't call the Sabbath "Jesus", but when I speak "God" I'm including Jesus. Almost no one here is speaking about SDA. You are talking about the Sabbath and how people are idolizing a day. That's not right. Thank you for reading and answering me, I do appreciate it, but I'll just keep myself outside of this, as I already said what I needed.
  9. Saturday or Sunday?

    Sabbath is more than a commandment. Sabbath is another undeserved gift God graciously gave us because we do need it. The Sabbath is a celebration of God's creation. Adam and Eve celebrated it. Now we can't be in person with God, we can't be in the same space physically, but God built a temple in time, a space in time, a weekly invitation to culminate our daily devotion, where we can all meet with Him. God didn't ban us from His Holy day, this is another beautiful gesture from a God of tenderness, a God who wants to be remembered by us. Even if you think the Sunday is the right day, even if you think God doesn't expect anything from you, it's wrong to attack the Sabbath. When I see people in Fatima walking on their knees in pain to fulfill a promise they made, I feel compassion and pray that such faith can be directed to keep searching God's truth. I don't pray for them to find my truth. No one here is pushing the Sabbath on anyone. We are not responsible for each-other's choices, but under no circumstance I want to be someone who points anyone in the wrong direction. You people who are against Sabbath believers keeping their Sabbath, what if you are wrong, do you want to risk to be before God after pointing someone in the wrong direction? We should just be glad that we still have a place where we can meet people who look for God, no matter their stage of spiritual growth. There are much we can enjoy here with each other, without pointing out their religious faults. This world would put us all in the same bag. We would fight together for the rights of unborn babies, we would fight together for family values, we all represent God's righteousness and love in this rotten world. We see us go in different directions; all we can do is pray for each-other and our sincerity, our humbleness and willingness to seek for the truth, so we could all, no matter what, one day meet in a place where at last no one is a prey. We all know each-other's arguments, we've been hearing them since ever; it's like the weekly new atheist telling us God isn't omnipotent because He can't create a rock he can't lift. Let God be our judge and live the freedom this gives to us. Discussing interpretations can be very positive, but to direct arguments to a personal level isn't right. Non-believers, before they are open to know God, look for us to see His reflection. Above all, we must represent Him properly to those who search Him and end up in forums seeing how we interact with each other. «says Adonai: “I will put my Torah within them and write it on their hearts; I will be their God, and they will be my people. 33 (34) No longer will any of them teach his fellow community member or his brother, ‘Know Adonai’; for all will know me, from the least of them to the greatest; because I will forgive their wickednesses and remember their sins no more.”» Jeremiah 31
  10. Hello, Dennis! Welcome to Worthy.
  11. I wouldn't dance with another man, unless it was in a "sporty" thing (ballet, for instance). For fun, I don't see why I would enjoy being close to another person, specially if my man were upset by it. Many years ago, in a Christian boarding school, I gave a Happy Birthday card to a lonely man who went to our church; I never had talked to him, yet, two days later that man asked the Pastor if I could marry him. We never know how our innocent gestures will be interpreted by others, so I wouldn't dance with a stranger even now that I'm single. But I must add an anecdote to illustrate what I see too often: I have a friend who started dating a girl because they had two things in common: she liked to travel and she liked to party. He met her in a place dancing to anyone in a sensual manner, she made him pay for every bill, she flirted a lot. He entered in a relationship with her anyway, because they both liked to travel. Then months passed and he complained to me: "What should I do? She dances with other men, she is flirtatious, she made me pay for all her clothes and makeup. Am I being too stingy?". I answered him: "Does she still like to travel? Does she like to party?", "Yes", he said. I told him: "Then what are you complaining about? She is now exactly what she was before." My friend was in a rush to get intimate with someone, he accepted the quickest thing he found and then expected a diamond in an honest charcoal. I don't know if you are in a case like this, but if you are, if she already did those things (dancing closely with random guys) before you started dating, then your expectation that she would be different with you it's a little bit naif and possibly unfair to her.
  12. The most welcoming thing in a home, to me, is a piano. My mother had one and we always ended up sitting with our visits singing new hymns she found. We used to have a full house, so i guess people liked this too. At one of my best friend's place, we also had the same ritual. When i read your post, these were the first things that came to mind: a piano, board games, tea, sandwiches and cookies. Your kettle made me feel so comfortable just by reading your post. This topic was a great idea.
  13. I'm not able to give you any advice, but your family will be in my prayers. May the process of solving this problem bring you and your husband close together in the end. Welcome to the forum, Nkdjpd.
  14. Hello world

    «My sheep listen to my voice, I recognize them, they follow me, and I give them eternal life. They will absolutely never be destroyed, and no one will snatch them from my hands.» John 10:27, 28 Hello and welcome, Claudia!
  15. Is prayer effective?

    You seem to be a believer, after all. I don't dwell on Santa Claus's character. (3)God doesn't care about these world's priorities. (1)God is not moved by prayers, He is moved by Faith. God is not the ruler of this world, so yes, He "paused" His almightiness, He is almighty to choose when (2)not to be almighty for the sake of a higher plan. And this is all you get in your right to be away from Him, however, because God cares for those who look for Him, in His almightiness He gives us the gift of Faith, hears us in our prayers and builds a relationship with each one. It's not about survival, it's not about living many healthy, wealthy years. It's not about fearing hell and longing for a compensation. It's about closeness to God, wisdom, righteousness, fraternity, choosing the right path no matter what its hardships, living under God's relief, even when from the outside a nonbeliever can only see reasons to doubt.