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  1. Hey! :)

    As long as you bring a banana to the party, welcome to Worthy!
  2. Too late.

    Grendal74, Your first post is posted where not everyone can answer; I can only read the questions and the answers, rate them, nothing more. Plus, this forum doesn't have as much member as other forums, so answers won't come as quick as you would like, specially if posted where not everyone can answer. You could introduce yourself in the "Worthy Welcome", maybe you could help us helping you by introducing yourself. Give it a little more time, because Fridays are a busy day for most people. But if you allow me to say, when we are lost (and even found!) some amount of patience will be needed.
  3. Hello, I'm a new member

    Starsong4, «...the testing of your trust produces perseverance. But let perseverance do its complete work; so that you may be complete and whole, lacking in nothing. Now if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all generously and without reproach; and it will be given to him.» (James 1:3-5) Welcome to the forum!
  4. Limiting God

    I agree with this. I think we spend our time limiting God. But don't know if I agree with what you explained here: I think vulgarity is something that entered Church, specially through music. I don't think you face the problem of limiting God here, instead, this asks for a reflection on how we address to an almighty God in praise, how we present Him to others and how to be a light to this world. (But this is another topic, right? ) I agree with your first statement when we say things like this: How will God save people from tribes who never heard about Jesus? And find no good answer, or a too complicated one, more human-like than God like. Reading some forums, I keep finding people trying to fit God inside their minds. I completely agree with you in this way: We have trouble accepting that somethings won't fit our minds, or it's not the right time to understand them. That's how everything started: we were told that by eating the fruit we would be like God. We keep eating it often.
  5. High fives are good enough. Believe me. Don't try to find the borderline between what you should or shoudn't do with him, as that often just leads people to the wrong side. Just keep away from it. Don't do nothing that you wouldn't like your parents to be watching. Keep in mind that you are taking care of the place of the father of your children. Your boyfriend is much less important than that man. If he ends up being that man, he will be honored and proud of you. If he isn't, you will be so relieved in the end. Don't engage in romance (it blinds people), be friends with a common view in knowing each other and nothing more.
  6. After seeing how well addressed your question already is, I need to ask something, out of pure enthusiasm, also out of worry for you: How can someone be bored? I have trouble choosing just a couple of things to do. I want to sail, to be better at English, to learn Hebrew (Aramaic, Greek? Which should I choose?), I'm learning calligraphy and to sketch the buildings I find beautiful; clouds are so interesting (there's even a society for cloud spotters), I go out just to find lichens, I look at the stars and aim at learning their names, to know how to navigate through the stars; I plan travels I don't know if I'll be able to do; near my bed I have 8 books I wish I could read all at once. I see people around me excited about bird watching; I have a colleague who can identify the number of any train of his city, just by its sound, with his eyes closed; another friend builds little airplanes and makes them fly; all these amateur swimmers, sailors, herb collectors, photographers, Sudoku players, musicians, leather workers, dog trainers, volunteers in shelters, wood craftsmen, video editors, stamp collectors, coffee lovers, letter writers — people who have so many interests, agree with one thing: Not even the ceiling is boring when you have something in your mind. I have trouble to understand how can someone be mandatorily bored if not by their own choice. If indeed your problem is just a boring life, why do you turn to the occult as if it were the only resource of amusement? Is that because you think you will gain power over yourself/things? You know that's not you who are being amused; you are merely a marionette stringed to the adversary's hands, going down into a well and only stopping when buried in despair. That power you think you'll have is an illusion. Isn't a tulpa multiplying your ego, in a way? Why do you trust that, when Jesus advice was to surrender ourselves to Him? We aim at what Galatians 2:20 and for that we do not need altered states of mind. When you write "I can't relate to other people", you seem to be looking for someone who is into those things, I may have interpreted this wrongly, however, If you are choosing something bad, be happy for not finding someone next to you, for whom you could be hold responsible in the final judgment. You are not alone, here you have been finding people willing to hear you and share their wisdom, who pray for you; you have Jesus Christ as a way, you have the Holy Spirit to help you, you are not left alone when you want to follow the righteous way. Friend, feed your spirit with God's Word, pray for the flesh to be strengthened, find a nice hobby, memorize scriptures to hold on to in times of struggle. I'm not giving you any advice, I'm lending it to you, because I need it too. We all have our struggles.
  7. Hello new user here

    Thank you, Annette!
  8. Hello new user here

    Unwavering Faith, I'm thirty two and in the past 10 months, after years or wandering around, I sincerely turned to God and started to read the Bible again. When I was about to consider myself merely Agnostic, God blessed me with life events that made me recognize He Is our Father, our Creator. There are knowledgeable people here, I always leave with something to think about. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Hello all!

    Hello, SkilletFan! I think Worthy lives up to its name. I used to visit another forum and I regret the shallow search I made that led me to that place. Finding Worthy was great, no need to search anymore. Welcome!
  10. Need help on forgiveness

    What is holding you from forgiving? Sometimes people think that by forgiving others they are saying "What you did to me was right"; other people think "who dares to fail with me?"; some people don't forgive out of revenge; other times people are so obstinate, wishing things had been different, that they simply can't move forward, forgive and move on. There are other reasons but I can only see all these as excuses of an ego who needs tempering. I think it's always good to spend sometime reflecting on my own guilt and how easy it is for me to fall; to think about how pure and innocent Jesus was, yet he carried my faults, died for me, for my loved ones, for everyone. God's sacrifice, grace and mercy always put things in perspective. What is important? What is more important than being in peace with God? I have an acquaintance who I offended; Ihave been asking for forgiveness since August, no answer at all, zero. This has been eating me alive. I would love to understand why some people simply don't forgive. If you could elucidate me with your insight, I would be very grateful.
  11. How do I start over

    Faith, don't be afraid. This world is full of people who had to find a new beginning, they made it and you will make it too. The first step is to accept that we must find a new way. Marriage is a partnership, you have the right to your financial share, but before that you also have the right to be given the opportunity to work on your marriage before any decision is made. This is serious, he made a commitment with you before God. What is he expecting to find outside your marriage? I see my Father who divorced my Mother, married another lady, then time went by and he has the exact same problems but with a completely different woman with who he as no history, no past, no children. These questions should be answered and both should pay attention to their answers: What is he expecting to find after your divorce? Why does he need you out of his life so he can find what he is seeking? In what way is this divorce righteous? (I'm counting that the divorce won't be righteous —Mark 10:2-12) Why is not important that this divorce isn't righteous? A spiritual root will be found and for that God has a remedy. The excuse "I don't love you the way I used to" is good enough to end a teenage relationship, but not a marriage, a holy bond, that can bring so much more than the illusion of "love" this world has been inventing. God has plenty of trustworthy Love to share with your husband. That excuse is just a shallow way to make an imprudent choice pass quicker. I'll be praying for you. May you feel loved by all who surround you and by your brothers/sisters in Christ, who read your words and feel for you. May you both seek for God's insight together. May you, Faith, have the strength to hold your husband in this time of weakness, may he accept your help so together you can work things out.
  12. Hello

    Hello Maybethien, your profile picture is so cute. Welcome to Worthy!
  13. Another noob is here lol

    Hello, pman! Welcome to Worthy.
  14. MMMM

    Hello, MMMM! Welcome to Worthy.